My First Time Sex With Uncle Part 1

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My name is Sagar and I am 28 yrs old now. I am bisexual. This is true story about me and my neighbor. When i was 19 yrs old we had one neighbor Shailesh Ji. He was 45 yrs old. He was living alone on rent near my home. He was unmarried and came to our area for some temporary work. At that time I was interested in movies a lot but we do not have cable so I was not able to watch movies more.

When uncle came to live near my home I just loved it because he has a TV and DVD player. He also has small collection of movies so I started spending a lot time at uncles home. He was very friendly to me compare to other guys. He told me that if you want to watch movies at my home you need to come alone as I don’t like crowd. I like his idea because it gave me more freedom in selecting movies to watch.

Shailesh uncle started collecting more movies so every time we can see new movies. Normally doors are closed when we were watching movies together. He told me that if we see movies with closed doors than no one else will disturb. One day he said me that I bought special movie. I said which movie. He said you will love it. I checked cover but there was no cover. He inserted disc in player. When movies started it has one couple talking in English.

I told uncle that movie is in English so we will not understand it properly. He told me that dont worry when you will see some more you will understand it. We were both sitting close to each other while watching that. Slowly the couple in the movie started kissing each other. Later they started removing each other’s cloths and finally they were naked. Now I understood that this movie is porn.

I have never seen porn before but I was aware about it. I was feeling very good but at the same time I was also uncomfortable because uncle was next to me. Uncle told me dont worry you are not child now, enjoy it. Later when I looked at uncle he put his hand under his pajama. He was rubbing his cock under the pajama. He looked at me and smiled. Even my cock was also erected and it was hard for me to control it.

Later in the movie girl started sucking the guys cock. Now I was feeling really uncomfortable because my cock was fully erect. I looked at uncle he was still rubbing his hand on cock under the pajama. He lowered his pajama and now his cock was visible to me. It was dark 5 inch long and uncle was stroking back and forth. He told me to open my pant and masturbate like him. I was shy but I opened my pant and took my cock in my hand. Uncle asked to use cloth (which was near me) when I cum.

Earlier I had masturbated but this was amazing while watching porn. Now the guy in the movie was fucking girl in doggy style. Within few minutes I was done with cum on cloth. Uncle was still busy but he told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself. When I came back uncle was still masturbating. Within a few minutes he finished. He moaned little bit while Cumming.

Later uncle washed himself in bathroom and came back to room. Movie was still running and the guy was fucking the girl in various positions. Uncle asked me if I want to watch more in that movie but I said no I am fine. Later we watched some other movie. Uncle was behaving very normal like nothing happened. I was also ok that even after watching porn movie and masturbating together uncle was comfortable with me. When I was going home uncle told me that I should not tell this thing to anyone. I said ok.

Next 2 days was complete normal just watching normal movies. Third day when I reached uncles home he asked me if I wanted to see the other scenes from that porn dvd. I was shy but still feeling exited so I said yes. A few minutes later uncle started masturbating while watching movie. I also followed him. He came closer to me and told me that you are not properly masturbating. Let me show you. Then he took my cock in his hand and started masturbating. It was my first time when someone touched my cock so I became super exited and moaned little bit.

Uncle put cloth on my cock and once again started stroking. I cum in cloth within few minutes. Now uncle cleaned my cock with cloth. Later he started masturbating. When I looked at his face he told me to took his cock in my hand and help him in masturbating. I was clueless but I know he helped me so I need to help him. I took is cock in my hand and started stroking it back and forth. It was warm and tight. After a few strokes he cum in the cloth (which he used at the last moment).

Now we both were relaxed. Movie was still on and the guy was fucking the girl in various positions one by one. After watching it more I was once again in mood. I put my hand on my cock over my pants and try to keep it down. Uncle saw me and told me to unzip my pant and do it again. I thought it will look awkward to masturbate again so I said no I am fine. We both started watching movie again. The guy removed his cock from the girls vagina and the girl took his cock in her mouth. The guy was moaning loud. I think he was enjoying a lot. Uncle asked me if I want to enjoy like him. I asked how. He told me that he will suck my cock but I also need to suck his cock.

I said I can’t do this. He said ok I will suck your cock first and later you will suck mine. He also told me that if I don’t like than he will not force me. I looked at the guy and girl in movie and I though let’s try it. I said ok to uncle. Uncle came closer to me and opened my pant. He took my cock in his hand started stroking it. Soon I got erection and he took my cock in his mouth. I was feeling a good warm feeling when my cock was inside his mouth.

I was in seventh heaven. He was sucking it amazingly. Whenever my cock was deep inside his mouth the top of my cock was touching somewhere inside his mouth and whenever it happened I was feeling super good. I started pushing my cock deeper and deeper in his mouth so I can have that amazing touch top of my cock. I don’t know how much time I took but when I cum he removed his head and put cloth on my cock so cum remained in that cloth. I was feeling amazing when I finished.

The next moment I saw uncle opened his pant released his cock. It was already tight. Uncle asked me to start. I lowered myself and opened my mouth. I tried to take it as deep as I can take. Uncle’s cock was not very thick. Even his cock was thin and small compare to my cock. So I took easily his whole cock in my mouth. It was salty in taste and I was smelling uncles sweat. Uncle has light pubic hair but some of them were now inside my mouth. Uncle told me to go up and down to his cock.

I started moving my head over his cock back and forth. Uncle was also pushing my head so it went all inside. Even some time I feel that it went all over in my neck. I removed his cock for a while to relax and started masturbating him with hand.

Uncle asked me did you like it. I don’t know what to say. Uncle understood my situation and asked me to suck it again. His cock was once again in my mouth. This time he was little faster while pushing his dick back and forth in my mouth. After some time I feel that uncle will come soon so I removed my mouth and took his cock in my hand. Uncle gave me cloth and asked me to use my hand and stroke it. I put cloth on his cock and started stroking it. Uncle moaned little loud and cum.

After finishing uncle asked once again how was it? I said it was ok. Later I came back to home. Next day I was busy so I was not able to go to uncles home but later he saw me in evening and asked me to come to his home. I said ok I am coming. When I entered uncles house uncle asked if I did not like the thing we did together.

He told me that if I don’t like it he will stop doing it. I thought for while that it was exciting thing. I told uncle I am fine with it. Uncle smiled at me. That day we just watched normal movie together but uncle was sitting very close to me all the time. He was also touching me and caressing me sometime. I was having mixed feelings. Later I went home.

This is first part of the story i will add second part asap. You can email me on / /

My First Time Sex With Uncle Part 1