Watchman And Me Part 2

Im Rahul, an 18 year old boy narrating the second part of my experience with my watchman and lover.

After my watchman gave me a brilliant orgasm and a final kiss and went down to finish his shift, I realised the pain on my nipples and the pain of love bites all over my slender body. I stayed mostly naked for the rest of the evening, wearing only a thong and watched TV. More than anything I wanted to get more of what had started.

I kept looking out of my window and noticed the watchman staring back and smiling often, he even blew me a kiss a couple of times. His moustache covered his upper lip, and his beardless face was angled with a strong jaw. He was a tall guy and really muscular too. He noticed me staring at him and removed two of his upper buttons and signalled me to open the door. I went to the door in just my thong, unafraid of anything and waited for him to come. He hadnt taken my number, nor I his, so the only way we could communicate was by actually meeting.

He sneaked up and I opened the door, noticing him through the peeking hole. He quickly entered and closed the door. As soon as he closed the door he grabbed my free butt and pulled my paining nipple and pulled my entire frame towards his massive torso. He instructed me holding me completely in his arms and power, “Raat ko 10.30 baje aaunga, chamiya taiyar rehana aur tel bhi rakhna. Tujhe jannat ki sair karaunga” (Ill come at 10.30, keep yourself ready, slut and keep oil too. Im going to take you to heaven).

He kissed me on my lips again, longer and with both his lips, no tongue, no teeth, only lips. It wasnt the best kiss Ive had, but he was trying and I could tell. He turned me around, laughed loudly and left again. I didnt know what to do, I stood there naked, completely awestruck and surprised to find such tender romances in a hunky watchman. I loved the feeling of being this desired and satisfied.

Well, not completely satisfied, my ass still had a giant itch that needed to be scratched and rubbed and fucked. I wasted away my time till 10.30, not in a mood to masturbate, or to even watch porn (I was sexually content because of the evening orgasm) and just roamed around my house in my thong, my penis hidden, and my butt free to be seen and explored. I didnt want to eat dinner because I wanted to get fucked, but I ate a fruit anyway and called my parents around 9.45, so they wouldnt disturb me throughout the night. I made sure I was clean all over and cleaned up my house and room, getting bored of waiting.

At 10.15, I had an erection, without him even being present, around 10.20 the bell rang and I ran to check who it was. I peeped through the hole and I could only see the chest area of a man in a blue shirt. I picked up a towel and opened the door to find my watchman in fresh clothes and smelling of soap and a bath. He smiled at me and didnt say a word, only walked inside pulling my towel away. I quickly and quietly closed and locked the door. I offered the watchman food and water, both of which he refused and instead called me to him. He was sitting on the sofa and just commanded me to come to him. He made me sit on his lap and said, “Shyamm ko mazaa aaya?” (Did you enjoy the evening?). I could only blush feeling small and little in his lap and arms.

“Bolo, mazaa aaya?” (Tell me, did you enjoy?)

“Bohut” (A lot) I sheepishly replied.

He hugged me tight and started with my neck again. I stopped him and asked him to remove his clothes too. He raised his finger to his lips and basically made me shut up saying “Mein jo kahu, waise. Thik hai?” (The way I say it has to be, okay?) I silently nodded, frightened and excited about what he meant. He was biting my neck and sucking it, and I wanted to please him. I was aroused again and wanted to be fucked real hard.

In a swipe, I was naked and being fondled in his lap, whereas he was still completely dressed, and smelling nice. I tried unbuttoning his shirt and he allowed me to. He let me rub my hands on his muscular back as he squeezed my body and boobs. He moved my head towards him and started to kiss my lips. I hugged him tight and he hugged me back and we progressed with our kiss. Slowly I started giving my tongue and so did he and in a matter of seconds, we were passionately making out and I managed to arouse him and make him really wild.

He picked me up and pushed me on my back on the sofa and went wild. He bit my lower lip, licked it with his tongue and went on a biting rampage across my naked body. His shirt was almost off by now and I could feel his erection rubbing against me. He kept mauling my ass and boobs, he kept squeezing every part and sucking and biting whatever he liked. He went down to my thighs and kissed me. I was tickled and started to giggle. The thigh is where i cant bear being kissed or licked. He pushed my hands down and continued tickling me with his mouth. I couldnt bear it and begged him to stop, he eventually did and came back up to my lips, panting.

I tried to pull down his pants, which he himself removed and threw aside. He lifted me off the sofa and asked me, “kaha?” (where?) I directed him to my bedroom and he put me down on my bed and got completely naked. The orange light of my room made him look like a hero, with his big body and his hairy chest and pubes. His muscular arms fell on either side of me and I could see his long thick penis, completely erect and free and eventually rubbing against my penis and belly. He continued to kiss me for the longest time, but it felt like seconds and I wanted more.

He was on top of me, rubbing his hard thick tool against my body, kissing my lips, neck, and then nipples. And then he started eating them again, but he was gentler this time, because I couldnt stop moaning and pushing him away. The foreplay lasted for I dont know how long, but I was itching to blow him and have him fuck me. I pushed him on the bed and bent down over his cock.

Licking it at first, feeling its thickness inside my wet mouth. I rubbed my lips all over his penis and licked the entire length with my tongue. Slowly I put his throbbing cock in my mouth. Only the tip at first, sucking it, going deeper and deeper, with my lips and tongue moving for a good time. I took all of it, and then started increasing my speed, up and down, all the way up and all the way in. I rubbed my tongue around his shaft, feeling horny as fuck myself. I was trying hard to please him and take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and I felt horny while doing it.

I was trying to do new things, but he pulled me off and said, “bas, ab mein jaisa chahun” (enough, now what I want) and pushed me on my back again. He lifted my ass and started fingering me. I was moaning, he put his lips on mine and whispered, “dard hoga” (its going to hurt).

He started rubbing his dick over my asshole. Kissing me and licking my nipples every now and then. Pinching my tits and rubbing his dick.

“Taiyaar?” (Ready?)

“Condom hai?”

“Nahi” (No)

“To kaise?” (Then how?)

“Shhhh” and he kissed me again and tried inserting. It hurt a lot and wouldnt go in.

I pushed him away and got up and got some lube, I looked around my drawer for a condom and luckily found one. I asked him to wear it before fucking me. Confused he just kept staring at me. I rolled up the condom onto his penis and played with the dick and sucked the balls. He pulled my hair hard and pulled my head away from his balls and looked like he didnt like it at all. He pushed me on my back again and pulled my leg towards him.

He started fingering me while tormenting my nipples. He licked and slurped and bit hard. He started rubbing his dick against my hole and tried to enter again. It wouldnt go in, it would slip out and my hole was too tight.

Eventually he turned me around and said, “Ab Zabarasti karna hoga. Taiyaar hoja” (Now itll be forceful, get ready) and pushed it inside. He was slow at first, because it was so tight, but he went inside and I couldnt help the pain. The thickness was hard to handle. He slowly started his movement. I couldnt handle the pain and started crying.

He kissed my eyes and lips from behind and stopped moving till I settled down. “Phir se?” (Again?) he asked me. I slowly nodded my head. He stroked my back a couple of times and started again. He went in and out, in and out. Slowly fucking me and I could feel myself expanding and relaxing. And just then he gave a big push and went even deeper.

I whelped and he slowed down again, without pulling out. I tried to wriggle out, but he put his weight on me and pushed his entire penis inside and kissed the nape of my neck. “Do minute, raani” (2 minutes my queen). Whatever he was saying or doing, helped me. His movement started again and slowly I got used to it. He fucked me in the missionary position for some time. As he started increasing his pace, i started getting comfortable and started moaning. I moaned and screamed and enjoyed the fucking I was getting. I loved and deserved the pain I had gotten and his fucking was getting better and better.

He raised my hips up and pulled my nipples into his hands. Holding my nipples he fucked me, pulling and squeezing his playthings. He then held my waist and fucked me for a good long time in doggy. My bubble butt was in his groin and his palms were holding onto my hips and nipples and his penis was jumping in and out of my clean shaved boypussy. I could feel his throb all the way up, touching parts and still causing pain but I could tolerate and enjoy the pain.

He took his tool all the way out and then pushed all the way back in again. I moaned loudly, almost asking him to stop, but it felt good. His cock was deep inside me and it was showing me its full length. In and out.

My watchman pulled his cock out, turned me around, kissed me on my lips and raised my legs at the same time. He didnt stop kissing me as he adjusted my hole in front of his cock and my legs around his torso. He tried pushing it in, he had to stop kissing me and look where he was pushing. He inserted again and this time it went deeper. As he became wilder and wilder, he would bend and suck my nipples or my lips sometimes stopping, sometimes fucking me even if he was biting my tits. It was truly heaven. His pumps became harder and his bites became more painful and he was fucking me ruthlessly now and in just 2 minutes he came inside the condom in my ass. He didnt stop chewing my perky tits.

Without removing himself from my ass, he started arousing me and fondling me. he licked my entire chest and neck. He sucked, squeezed, bit, licked, ate my nipples like it was everything and made me cum too with his expertise.

The time was already 1 am. and he had fucked me for over an hour and a half after an hour of foreplay. Exhausted we both slept in each others arms, almost in love with each other and the world. He woke me up in the morning to go through my lovemaking again, not allowing me to suck him at all the entire night but he fucked me twice that night and I was more than happy and satisfied and so was he. He is one of the best sex partners Ive had.

Let me know what you guys think about this story on / / Comments will really be appreciated. And I hope you enjoyed this story. The story is mostly true and only includes small extra details about the sexual process.

Watchman And Me Part 2