Peter And My Ass Part 1

Hello people. This is my first story (a fiction) please provide me feedback so can write better next time. Let me start:

At the age of 29 I stood 5 foot 10 inch tall with fair complexion and athletic build, being another Indian who became quite influential CEO in USA with my own house, car and driver named peter. He was one year younger, kind of hunk and smart with fair complexion with height of 6 foot. He liked Indian asses and I liked big dicks.

How we started is another story, this story is about my 29th birthday. Our regular routine was that I suck his big fat 8 inch dick every morning in my garage and we did foreplay in car back seat which included him sucking my nipples and teasing them, spanking, 69 style blow-jobs and him dominating me in every way he could which he did but we never fucked.

When we met on my birthday morning, he grabbed my hair and kissed me hard spitting on my face and said, “i hope you are ready for your gift doggy” and shoved his big fat 8 inch cock in my mouth, throat fucking me and choking me with his dick till he came all over my suit thrice before being satisfied. I had to go back and change but I liked what he did and how he did. When I came back he gave me small vibrator to shove it up my indian ass and keep it there all day. I did it for the whole day and thanked god that my precum stains came only to my underwear and not my pants.

After my work when I sat in the car in office I asked him, “can I remove it now peter?” and he said,”if u remove it, I will fuck that cute ass of yours raw right here.” and right there I had an idea. I told him,”when we reach home, I will give u a return gift peter.” and winked at him. He smiled and we drove home.

As we reached garage, he came to back seat, removed my pants and wet underwear and looked at my hard cock leaking precum as his vibrator vibrated at full power in my ass. He looked happy. He smiled and asked,”where is my return gift you boy whore?”. I liked when he abused me and he knew I liked it. I laid in front of him, put up my legs to my shoulders and told him,”right here sir, fuck me all you want all night.”.

He smiled like he had won in strip poker and pulled out vibrator slowly from my ass and spanked me hard. He was treating me like a sissy slut and I liked it.

Then he told me,”in your bedroom you sissy ass, right now.” as we walked out of car and entered home, he put a finger up my ass and kept finger fucking me till we got to my bedroom. There we got undressed and he pushed me to the bed, coming on top of me and sucking my right nipple and biting it as he grabbed my ass with right hand and yanked my hair with left hand. He pushed his cock on mine hard and rubbed them which drove me over the edge and I oozed more precum and moaned. He knew all my spots. He turned me and rubbed his precum covered 8 inch cock on my ass.

Next thing I knew was that his whole cock was in my ass and I was grunting due to pain and pleasure,”uuggghhh” and he liked it. He slowly took out his cock and drove it in with all thrust again while yanking my hair. “aahhh”, was all I could manage to say as it hurt and I squeezed my ass which led to more pleasure.

He continued slowly but increased his pace still yanking my hair and now he started spanking my ass. “aah ahh ahhh aahhh”, I continued moaning as I tried to stop my self from cumming but failed and came all over my bed sheet. I thought he will stop but I knew he had not cum yet. He yanked my hair more and said”night has just started u twink slut.” and started back on his humping.

He told me to get on all fours and fucked me in doggy style for 5 minutes and his spanking got harder. And my ass got redder.

Then he told me to lie down and started pounding my ass hard and fast. My ass and his cock were now well lubricated with his precum and I was loving his every abuse and every fucking thrust in my brown Indian asshole. He grabbed my chest with both hands like it was breast of a woman and started massaging it roughly and tease my nipples as he licked my neck and humped my ass wildly. Then he suddenly pressed my chest hard, groaned and came in my tight ass. It was a huge load and it filled my ass to the brim. But he was still hard and night was still young.

He turned me around, I could feel my ass leaking cum and he put tip of his cock on my asshole and put his whole cock inside feeling my ass to the core while holding my legs in the air.

He slowly increased his pace and kept spitting on me and making me dirty and covered in his spit. Then he stopped came near my face with his 8 inch shaft still inside my ass and told me to open my mouth. He spit in my mouth and ordered me to swallow it which I did quickly. Then he went back to ramming my ass hard. I could feel 2 things, my precum continuously dropping on my stomach and that he was going to make my ass a loose hole by the morning.

(To be continued)

Thank u for reading this part. For feedback please mail me on “/ /” and write in comments. Please look forward to next part as peter said, “night has just started.” ;)i look forward to your mails and feed back as I prepare for next part of the story. Also tell me what kind of story you wanna read even in other sections so I can write a good story. Thank you.

Peter And My Ass Part 1