First Time With My Hostel Mate Part 1

This is Part one of the story. Its just the beginning. I joined a boarding school . Until this incident, i never thought I would be attracted to guys. This happened when I was in my 12th standard. Whenever we had chance, we used to sneak and read these story books. I and my friend Bharath were luckily in dormitory of seniors.

So one fine day, I was feeling sick and told my friend Bharath to stay back in Hostel with me after getting permission from the Class teacher. Bharath stayed back in hostel to look after me as I was down with fever. Ok, Let me explain how Bharath was, He was 5.7 , fair , slim and smooth body. His body was completely hairless. He was very cute and was like a chocolate boy. Too cute to be a boy. I was slim, fair 5.7. I was into sports, so my body was toned and in good shape for boys of my age.

So, we both were in the hostel and after an hour, I was sleeping. Bharath came to my bed and asked ‘ Dude, do you want to read sex book of our seniors? . I got up instantly, this was our best chance as no one was in the hostel. All my fever went up in air. I was jumping in joy.

I told Bharath to search our seniors bed , their pillow etc. Finally after 10 minutes he found a sex book. We were happy and he told ‘ You sleep for now, I will read it and give it to you. I did not agree. We both started quarreling on who should read the book first. Bharath told ‘ Lets both read the book together?’ I didn’t find anything wrong in it. I never knew about gay thing back then.

Bharath came and sat on my bed and got into my blanket. Two guys sleeping in one bed was completely normal in hostels. We both faced each other and started to read the story book.We both were wearing shorts and t shirts and our legs were touching. His smooth legs were touching my bare legs. His legs were bit cold and I thought he could feel my hot legs. While reading the story, we both got hard. Obviously!

To read the story, we were both facing each other. Slowly I could feel Bharath’s dick on my thighs. I felt like a current passing my whole body. I froze. I was worried if I move Bharath would think bad. I was skeptic what to do.. But this feeling was nice. This situation made me even more horny. Bharath was busy reading the book.But, my interest was on Bharath’s dick and his sexy soft legs. He was pretty excited and he is moving his legs in pleasure. I was pretending that I am also enjoying the story and I started moving my legs. Now, my dick touched his thighs. I could feel that Bharath has noticed this. He didn’t tell.

He kept on reading the book. I was pretty nervous and my breath was increasing. My heart beat increased. Bharath came closer to me. He put one of his legs on my leg. I was feeling awesome and whole body was feeling with pleasure. I could tell Bharath was also enjoying it. Now, both our dicks were hard in our shorts and were touching each other.

I slowly took all my fear aside and pushed my hips and thrust my hard on dick towards his hard on. While our eyes were on the book, both our minds were below our waist. Replying for my thrust, Bharath rubbed his dick to mine. Excited, we both started to rub our dicks. Bharath dropped the sex book. His sexy eyes looking my thirsty eyes. He hugged me. He started kissing my neck. He came to my lips. He lip kissed me. I was feeling like I was in heaven. Bharath came on top of me. We continued rubbing our dicks from our shorts.

Bharath then started biting my ears. It was like a lightning. I started moaning ‘Ahhh’, Wooow’ He started putting his tongue in my ears. I wriggled on my bed. I couldn’t control myself. I started calling his name in moan ‘ Bhaarathh….Plllease..’

He started kissing and licking my neck and He removed my T shirt. I was ready to do whatever he did as I was feeling so much pleasure in whatever he did.

He started pressing my chest part and he started licking my other chest. He bit my nipples. It was awesome and never before experience for me. I was holding his head and pulling his hairs in excitement. He came to my navel area and started kissing it. He licked it. My stomach was shivering in pleasure. My hard on in my shorts was about to burst out and rip my shorts and underwear. Bharath removed my shorts.

Now, he removed all of his clothes. He slept on my top and started rubbing his whole body. My hard dick and his dick were rubbing each other with full heat. We were sweating. I could not control as he started kissing me on top of that. My load came off. He still on my top rubbing his dick to my thighs. Bharath told me to sleep on my chest. I obeyed him. He slept above me. He started rubbing his dick to my butt cheeks. He held my hands tightly as if he is raping me. His speed increased.

In the meantime he started kissing on my back also. Even after cumming, felt my dick grow. I was shocked. I thought Bharath reached his orgasm. He unloaded his load between my but cheeks and slept on me, fully tired.

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First Time With My Hostel Mate Part 1

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