Theory Of Relativity Part 1

This is one of the few incidents of awesomeness that I had experienced with my relatives over the last so many years. Having sex or exploring with relatives I a quite tricky business. You do not know what is going to happen and how people are going to react to it. More so because you wont be able to run away from them unlike other men you meet otherwise. im a 26 yr old now. 511” average built, drinking beer and staying away from home and eating out has had its toll on me now with a small cute belly. i was 21 when i had this incident with my uncle. i was more lanky that time, with little hair on my chest and more down the waist with a 7″ dick.

This incident had happened during my 2nd yr summer break. I was in college and we had been given summer assignment of certain case studies to be done for the next year classes. I chose to take up the case study from my native state. This would give me the opportunity to travel from home in delhi and spend some time with relatives and traveling. It so happened that my dad booked a office guest house for me which was little away from the city centre, so that I am not dependent on any of my relatives for food or anything and I can go out and come in at my own free time.

One evening, I think it was Friday or Saturday. I decided to visit my aunts place. She was my mothers sister. Married with a 8 yr old son. Her husband ran a small shop nearby and were living comfortably in a 1bhk house. I had gone there in the evening and spent chatting with my aunt and playing with my cousin. My uncle came early that evening and had got snacks for us. We spent a nice evening and had dinner later. My uncle was insisting me to stay back in the night but I said I’d take an auto and go back and its alright for me. Hoever my aunt then urged him to drop me on his bike instead.

My uncle. He is little short probably 5’6” little stout with belly, hairy with mustache. Good looking but in a traditional way. With age and stress he had lost his charms. He mustve been around 40 at that time. From his house it mustve been a half hour ride on bike and the traffic. On the bike I sat behind him and I placed my hands on my things just away from his. With all the speed breakers, potholes and rickety streets of twists and turns I was literally bouncing on the pillion seat and took the opportunity to let my hands freely bounce and reach his thighs and towards the centre. I had placed my hands loosely over his crotch and it would fly off and bounce with every time the bike went over the obstructions.

He didn’t seem to say or mind it. And even my mind drifted away from it as we were talking about my education and other things in general. After sometime I did feel some hardness over his crotch and was liking it and rubbed my thumb deliberately over it. I was enjoying what I had. I wasn’t expecting or intending to take it forward anyways so I was just twirling my fingers over his manhood.

At last my guest house came and I got off and thanked him and said bye. When I knelt to touch his feet as mark of respect. He asked me. “ should I come upstairs with you?” I for a split of second didn’t understand what he said or what he meant. I just blabbered yeah ok. Maybe he had to use the rest room or have water. He parked his bike on the side and adjusted his crotch. The typical Indian lemon squeeze of the crotch. We didn’t speak anything till we went upstairs. I asked him to sit on the bed and switched on the tv and went inside to get water for him. When I returned I saw him at the window looking outside and smoking. I didn’t knew he smoked. His back was towards me.

When I went to the window to give him water, he had unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt and to my surprise had unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zip midway. I didn’t comment or say anything just gave him the water and stared at his manly chest and the hair coming out of it. I could see his nipples too at times when he raised his hands for a drag. He saw me staring at his chest and asked ‘do you want it?’ I was caught off guard and murmured what? He clarified whether I wanted a smoke. I hadn’t smoked before. I wanted to try but and said okay.

I took the first drag and started coughing. He patted my back with his right hand and kept it there on my shoulder. I took the second drag. More coughing and I kept my left hand on the window sill for support. But slowly towards the end, my coughing subsided and I was enjoying it. And that’s when I realized that my uncle was pressing his hard-on on my left hand and twirling his right hand over my shoulders. He then asked, “want more?” and instead of replying I turned towards him and squeezed his dick. WOW!!!!

We moved towards the bed and sat and he started licking my face and ears and neck. He was murmuring something and said that him and my aunt don’t get to have much of sex these days as the son is there and since she was having her periods, they haven’t managed to do smaller things while the kid is gone to school. I found this little too much of information. So I just shut him off by squeezing his balls even harder and he groaned. He was fast enough in removing my clothes and his. His undies were starched with his semen. I can understand. With no sex he must be all frustrated and shagging his seeds in to his undies.

Well, his crotch was an attraction. Neatly manicured pubes, a thick dick slightly bent towards the right and gentle curve to it. Must be 7 or 8 inches long. But his most prized possession were his balls. Really mazingly huge like that of a horse or donkey. BIG! And dark. And full of cum. He didn’t believe in foreplay. No fondling or kissing. He laid on his back and lifted me on top and pushed my head near the crotch and asked me to suck. There was the stench of sweat and cum and talcum powder!! Nevertheless I was enjoying the suck and I played with his nipples and chest. This went on for a while and he lifted me and plonked me on bed. And lifted my legs. He asked if I had any cream or oil. The guest house I provided the small oil sachets f bajaj almond oil.

I got up and got it. I was cared wt what im doing and about to do next. When I returned, I saw he had put on a dotted condom. I was surprised he had one. He said he had bought and kept the packet for aunt, but her periods started. He opened the ol sachet and poured over his dick and near my hole and started inserting one finger in and oiled the entrance.

And then suddenly without warning placed his dick head on my hole and thrust in! I was like WTF! Its not a pussy that you can just wham in! I scream in pain! But he hushed me by placing his hand on my mouth and started ramming me! What a stud was he! Even at 40 he had the prowess of a 20 year old like me. I wondered why my aunt didn’t have sex with a rampaging bull like him. He fucked me first in missionary and then turned me and fucked in doggy style. I will never forget this one night. His hairy chest was rubbing on my back his armpits and strong arms were all sweaty and I could feel the perspiration drop on me. We must have fucked for like 20 mins in different positions.

Then he asked me to get on top of him and sit on his dick. I was like a woman in heat! Enjoying the pain in my asshole and enjoying every moment with the beast. I was playing with myself and and lifted his hands and placed it on my chest he started squeezing me hard. I got angry and started pulling on his chest hair and biting his nipples and he asks me to slap him on his face. I didn’t question his age or relation to me. And slapped him across his face to my surprise, he was enjoying it. I slapped him even harder. As I bounced on his dick, I bent forward and licked his underarms! What masculinity!

He suddenly froze and opened his eyes and said he was going to get it. And turned me around in a swoosh and he dropped me on the bed. Lifted my legs and re-adjusted his position. He then lifted my back and bit and thrust into me. I think he had left his best moves till the end. What an animal he was! Of all the very few men I have indulged anally he was probably one of the best. (the best is yet to come.. the uncle was lust.. the best was pure love and submission). He bent and bit my nipples kissed me on my face and pressed my dick. His speed was increasing and I was moaning on top of my voice. His belly was rubbing over my dick and giving me the pleasure and make me want to cum too.

He increase his speed so fast that I felt as if he was fucking a pussy and would tear open my ass with the vigour. He suddenly got out of my hole and took off the condom and sprayed over me. Literally sprayed. He was cumming for full one minute. His thick cum fell over my face and my chest hair lips.. almost every part of my upper torso! Some shots were thick blobs while some more fluid and started trickling off my body. He surely hadn’t had sex in ages! Haha

He laid over me and spread his semen all over me and licked it off my face. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. He looks at me and winks and says, “its your turn after the smoke”.

To be continued..

Theory Of Relativity Part 1