Stories Got Me A Boyfriend Part 1

Another fiction. All names and details are imaginative.

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I wrote a lot of imaginative stories and received a lot feedbacks and thats how I met him. He first emailed me saying the story I wrote was good but not true. I said its true. But he kept on saying thats a fake story. After sometime, I agreed with him and said thats a story of pure imagination. He said that he got horny reading the stories. I thanked him for his feedbacks and asked for his details.

He said he is 24 yrs old and his name is Deepak. He is from Cochin as well, but currently pursuing MBA in Australia. His parents are settled in Australia itself, but he is now here for his vacation.

After that he started asking me for a meet. Although I have written my fantasies into stories, I was in not in a mental position to reveal my girlish side to anyone. So I frankly refused his offer. He said its okay and stopped messaging. I checked for his Facebook account using the name he gave me. I found it and he was quite handsome and stylish. I checked all his photos and he had a beautiful masculine body as well. Plus he was so rich and I blame myself for refusing a hot rich boyfriend who needed a boy like me. I tgen masturbated thinking of giving him a juicy blowjob.

Two days passed and I forgot about him. But then I received another email with him saying he need me badly. He said he will treat me as his precious girlfriend and begged to accept him. I got interested and asked for his mobile number and we started chatting through WhatsApp.

He sent me pics of his dick. It was 7 inch when turned on completely and had medium brown complexion. I send him pics of my cross dressing. I shaved all hair from my body and wore a blue panty and blue push up bra. I posed seducingly for the pics with thick lipstick and kajal. He got horny and asked for a meet.

I said we will go for a drive together and then will decide whether we can be in a relationship. He agreed to it. So that friday after my college, we set for the drive. I went to Cochin town asked for him to meet at a certain place. He came there in his car and asked to get in. He was quite good looking. He asked me where to go.

I said just drive. He was in T-shirt and shorts. I was in my shirt and jeans. After the vehicle, we started talking about our interests and fantasies. We were quite matching in everything. Deepak spoke about his girlfriend. Her name is Sreya and she is also from Kerala. She is his classmate in Australia and they fuck every time they get a chance. But he said he wanted girlish boys more. It gives him another experience.

I heard it all and it was 7 oclock by then. We have been driving around the town for almost 2 hrs. So we went into a cafe and had coffee and snacks. When we get inside the car. I unbuttoned two buttons of my shirt and he saw the red bra I was wearing. He smiled mischievously and drove.

We reached my hostel around 7.45. We parked a 200m away from hostel in order to avoid suspicion. He bid me good bye. I reached my room and kept on thinking about him. I know his flat was just 5 or 6 km away from my hostel. I compelled my mind to call him.

So I called him and asked him to come and get me. He said “Really, did you mean it?” In a very happy voice. I said yes in a typical girly voice.

I asked him to get me from the place he dropped me and he came there fast. I entered the car and asked him to drive into a secluded place. He drove out of town and parked at a deserted place. I removed my shirt and showed my red push up bra showing my cleavage and my soft smooth hairless body.

He came near me and kissed me. He was damn horny and was literally eating my lips. He kept on sucking me and pressing my boobs. He has a well toned body and his strong hands here pulling my soft body into him. We kissed for god knows how long and he slowly released me. I slid my soft hands into his hard tool. It was pressing against his shorts.

He asked me to kiss it. I smilingly refused it and hold it. Then I unbuttoned his shorts and slid his trousers down so that I could feel the naked dick. His dick was iron hard and hot.

I completely closed my soft hands around it and started giving him a handjob. “Thats all for now”. I teased him with slow strokes when he was high. And whenever I felt he was reaching ejaculation. I stopped the handjob and kissed him, while he kissed back with more spirit.

After 15 minutes he came. And his hot juice sprayed all over my palm. He smiled satisfying and I licked off his cum from my hand. He enjoyed that too.

While driving again, to his home, he stopped near a beauty shop and went inside. He came with some cosmetics. I asked him what it is. He said, its for making me more beautiful. He also stopped at a ladys lingerie store and bought some clothes as well.

We reached his place. His flat was in 7th floor and while in elevator, he caught me tightly and kissed me. He kissed me so long that I forgot to breath. The we entered his flat and he started biting me. I stopped him and said, let me get ready first. I asked him to watch TV and went inside to get ready.

To be continued

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Stories Got Me A Boyfriend Part 1