True Story Of An Ugly Guy With The Hot Guy Part 2

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Thank you for those who shared feedback about the part 1 and I have come back with the second part of my story.

For those who have not read the first part please go through the Part 1

As I already specified we were kissing and suddenly I stopped him and pushed him back, because i was feeling guilty on this. I was interested in girls and had thought of hot guy and this i was not expecting this from a guy.

Then he went to his room and i was constantly thinking about the incident between us. Then the day passed by thinking all whether i should have let him go, if so what would this world think about me. But my inner heart says that Im loosing a worlds hottest guy.

Next day i was going out suddenly he was standing near my door and when i saw him he was asking sorry for the incident happened between us yesterday. then i said “its ok, you did not do anything with a purpose”

Abhi: “If you have forgiven me then you should accept the treat from me”

Me: “Treat for what. Nothing is required. You please dont mind for such things. I have not got angry on you indeed”

Abhi: “If so pls accept my treat.. Pls pls pls”

He was begging like anything and finally i accepted it. He was happy after my acceptance and he hugged me immediately which i was not even expected to happen.

Then i asked “where and what time we shall have the treat?”

Abhi: “Today at night club rear by around 8. Pls do come.”

Me: “Night club???. Pls organise at some hotel. That is more than enough and moreover i dont drink too.

Abhi: “Actually today is my bday. so my friends will also be joining there. i wish you should also be there with me. You dont have to drink and you pls stay as you like. No one will force you on anything”

Me: “Oh!! Your bday. Happy bday. Then i will join you around 9 because i have some work at 8” with the gentle hug i did.

Abhi: “Oh my pleasure. Will meet you at party.” and he left. That time my mind was totally in a confused state and thinking of who is this guy and why does he wants me with him since we have never been together.

i did not have any answer and at noon i went to get some gift for him for his bday

I went to get some good clothes for party wear because i came official tour and i did not know tat i will be going for the party. then i went to parlour for make up so that i could look at least somewhat ok.

After completing of all the work i reached the party place around 9. My sweetheart was waiting for me by keeping his eyes on the road. Once he saw he was happy like a kid who got its chocolate.

He welcomed me with a gentle hug and he took me inside to the party place and it was a pub where parties were going on all the places. I have never been to any pubs or places like these and i was my first experience to enter in the places like these.

There were a dozen on people waiting at a place and they all are the friends of Abhi who has come there to attend the party like me. Abhi introduced each and everyone to me. we had a bunch of girls too.

Few guys were enjoying with girls and few were staring at some guys(Hoping them are gays). In sometime they all started cutting cake for the bday boy and then he fed cake to his close friends and all fed in turn to him. He came to me with a piece of cake and he fed me. i was about to take cake and feed him but he stopped me.

He asked me to feed the cake which was in my mouth. i was shocked about his behavior. Then i said it wont be good Ill feed you from the plate pls.

But he rejected and said tat it is his bday wish. I could not neglect. then i took a piece from plate, bitten it and was about to feed him, this time also he stopped me. i was confused. he pulled me near him and took the piece from my mouth by placing his lips on my lips.

I was stunned at a moment of his brave act in front of everyone. I pushed him back and moved away from that place and luckily no one noticed the incident happened between us.

He was following me by convincing me.

Abhi: “Arey yaar!! Mujhe maaf kardo na!! pls forgive me. Im sorry”

Me: “Every time you do like this and ask sorry!!” I was keep on moving.

No one has seen anything since everyone over there are busy in boozing and flirting with the person they are interested.Then he pulled my hand and stopped me. I could not go as i like the way he held me. Then he hugged and said sorry, by the time our eyes met.

I could feel his breathe and he could mine. we were close to each other. i forgot the world at that moment. I was under his control that time.

Abhi: “Why do you go?? Dont you like these? Dont you like me?”

Me(At the time of his eye control): “Yeah why do you do all these in front of everyone”

Abhi: “So you liked it??”

Me(Suddenly realized that some could see us) : “please leave me i have to go. I have come only as your bday wish. Here is your gift. Leave me Ill go”. and was trying to loosen his grip on me.

Think about the situation a hottest guy that too a person looks like a Greek god was begging to a worlds ugliest guy. A person like him, coming and talking itself like a dream but for me he has planted a warm kiss and longing for me but i was not ready to accept him at that situation.

what will happen next will I accept him or go on by my way?? Stay tuned..

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