True Story Of An Ugly Guy With The Hot Guy – Final Part

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As you all would have read the previous part if not please go through the part 1 and 2 to know the complete details.

After giving the gift to him i was about to leave the place but he and his girl friend were requesting me to stay back there till party ends. Yes you are right he is a bisexual guy and his girlfriend was so hot and sexy.

Lets come to our story. After so much dramas i too accepted to stay back to enjoy as much as possible. Everyone started drinking but i do not booze as i insisted them, they arranged for the juice for me. Everyone was completely full and lost their control but to my surprise the juice which i drank was mixed with some alcohol which made me too to loose the control as i was Teetotaler. But i could manage somewhat to understand what is happening and i thrown the juice when i felt some difference in my stability.

Then Abhis girl friend came to me and asked me an help to leave Abhi along with her till the hotel we stay. I also said ok and we both took him till the hotel.

After reaching the hotel we dropped him on the bed and immediately he pulled her to the bed with him and they both were kissing each other as i thought not to disturb them i moved out of the room and went to my room.

In sometime i heard a noise and i went out and saw he was fallen near his room door. when i went and saw inside his girl friend also completely flat due to over booze then i lifted him to leave him in the room.

While i was lifting him he held my hip which made me so weak because that is the weakest part in my body. Then i somehow managed but he was slipping due to instability. As he is well gym toned body i dont have enough strength to hold him, so i held him in his hip and chest.

To my surprise his chest i felt like a breast and i was enjoying holding him. Then somehow we reached the bed. I dropped him in bed and made his girl friend to lie on sofa so that they would be sleeping comfortably. Suddenly he pulled me towards him and kissed me the same way he did to his girl friend. This time i could taste the alcohol which he consumed and i could not even tolerate it too.

He managed to get up and removed his clothes in single shot and pulled my dress too.. My god he has very soft and less hair and it was too soft. I was constantly looking at him and he was looking hot like anything in this position. He looks like a Greek god. I feel like to become a slave for him and tool was raised in full height.

He stared at me but i am not so hot so he started kissing me in my body. I felt like all the bloods running in my body very fast and i was completely enjoying it as it is my first sex..

Then he went down and he started sucking my cock and it was too small so it went completely inside his mouth. I felt some vibration in my body. I was with both pain and pleasure.

My heart wants it but my body could not bare this sort of feel, finally heart wins. I let him do whatever he wants. I was completely surrendered to him. Then i felt like tasting his cock. Then i pushed him on the bed and we both were in 69 position on the bed. His is tool is too big only half went in my mouth.

I took his 10 inch tool in a way a kid tastes the lollipop. Initially it wasnt tasting good. but with the continuous suck it became tasty like anything. This went for 15 to 20 mins.

Then pulled me and took my ass in his mouth and he took some lubricant which he had in his cup board. He started applying in my ass hole. as it is Virgin ass hole it was so tight for his fingers to go in. He somehow tried and inserted his first finger and then did till four fingers going inside.

Now he felt that my ass is ready to take his tool. He asked me whether to do without condom. I preferred to so without condom as i want to feel everything, Then slowly he inserted his tip of the dick. It went inside because he did fingering in such a way. I did not felt any pain or pleasure.

Slowly he started inserting the dick inside the ass hole. Now i started feeling the pain. I started shouting in the pain as every cm of dick inside my ass. In that i screamed and in that his girl friend woke up and i was in shock.

I could not know how to react either for pain or the embarrassment. But to my surprise she came and removed her dress and started sucking my dick. I was in pain and pleasure now. A hottest guy fucking me in my ass and a hottest girl sucking me in the same time to the ugliest guy.

Now his half dick went inside and he stopped for sometime. In meanwhile i can feel that my cock is in full enjoyment. Due to this my ass is becoming so tight. Then in sudden push he went completely inside me. I shouted in pain like anything. Then he slowly started fucking me.

Now Im enjoying the pleasure of being fucked. In this meantime suddenly his girl friend came on top of me and took my dick inside her vagina. Now its time for me to fuck her.

Whatever hit Im getting Im giving to her. She started moaning in the pleasure like

“Oh yeah Harish fuck me like that… ahhhhaa!!!”

Even i was shouting like “Yeah Abhi!!! Fuck me like that.. Oh my bitch take this!!! yeah hmm yeah hmm hmmm””

That room was completely with the noises from us. We all were enjoying the pleasure. Now the time for the climax for me. I completely loaded all the cum shots in her vagina. Then she came up and took all my cum in her mouth.

Now Abhi has reached his climax and he was about to come. He came on top of me and loaded all the cum shot on my face. After completed load he kissed me and licked all the cums on my face and kissed the same to his girl friend and gave her the cum to her.

Then we all slept off on that night and the next day when we woke up we all planted a kiss on each others lips..

Now me and Abhi are in touch and even though he is rich he used to come and see me in Chennai. His girl friend comes often and she also became a good friend…

This happens with the luck and even though Im ugly god has given me such a hottest guy and a girl as friend as well as bed partner.

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