Bang Bang In Lonavala Part 1

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It had been a long time since I had got any action. I had gone off from the dating sites and was quite busy with my routine. However I and my friends decided to go to Lonavala for a night out since it is so close by to Mumbai and since it was a Saturday night.

We left for lonavala at around 10 and bought some alcohol on the way. I started drinking since i was too stressed with my routine work life. I was feeling much relaxed with alcohol in my system, soft music and cold breeze. We reached tiger point at around 12. There were many many people as usual. We ordered a hukkah, some food, bought cigarettes and sat near the car. Music from the nearby car was entertaining us as well. Since i was down with 2 beers, I had this instant urge to pee. I got off and started looking for a secluded place to be done with it. I finally found a spot and was getting done with it. While i was still getting my business done, i heard footstep of a person. He came and stood next to me and started peeing. He was wearing black leather jacket. Thats all that i could see. Before i could pull up my zip he started a conversation.

He said its crazy to see so many people coming here at night in such a climate. I winked and told him that this is normal on a Saturday. He smiled back. I asked him where did he come from. He replied that he has just shifted to Pune for studies and has come here with his friends. Meanwhile he zipped his jeans and we started walking. After a few steps he asked me to stop. I asked if he was fine. He told me that he absolutely was.

He told me that I was forgetting something. I was confused, i checked my pockets for wallet and phone. Both were in place. I asked him what is it? He told he wont tell that easily so i asked him what is it that i should do to know it. He winked and handed me a cigarette. I could not recognize the brand, however i agreed to smoke with him. We lit up the cigarettes and started talking about studies, my job, friends etc. The cigarette was about to end and before that I asked him what made him offer that cigarette. He told me that he was observing me for a while and he liked me a lot.

Under normal condition I should have freaked out, however the cigarette was working its way on my brains and i smiled. I replied thanks and asked what is it that he wanted to say. I walked extremely close to me. I had lost consciousness and was smelling his breath when he was in front of me. I thought he is about to kiss me, so i leaned in and initiated the kiss but instead he held my crotch and zipped my jeans. I went back and apologized for the kiss. He winked and said that he enjoyed it. I couldnt understand what he was saying but the next thing i remember is that we kissing each other for a pretty long time.

Both of us had a pretty big erection but i dint want to get further since our friends could come looking for us. He agreed to stop as well. As we again started walking i grabbed his ass and pressed it. He loved it. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet again at either of the cities. I said bye and returned back to my seat with my friends.

After a few minutes, my phone started ringing. It was my recently met friend. I asked him wassup and he told me to meet at the same spot. I agreed, got off my place and started walking to the same spot giving the same pee excuse to my friends. I was getting goosebumps in excitement because honestly even i wanted him bad. I wanted to kiss him again and wanted him to suck me dry. As i reached there, he had another cigarette in his hand. I got closer to him, bit his ear and asked if everything was ok. He turned and kissed me. I could taste the cigarette off his mouth. As we separated, i took the cigarette and started smoking, waiting for him to explain the reason for calling me again so soon.

He stayed quite for a while and i continued with my cigarette. After a while, he said, life is too short to postpone happiness. I smiled and asked him what happened. He looked at me and told lets hook up tonight. What if we never meet again, what if none of us is available to travel to other city, we would always regret this decision in our life. I was all erect. I smiled and kissed him gently. I told him that we can borrow my friends car and can go to someplace else. He pressed my erect dick and told me not to worry about anything.

I agreed and started following him. I was getting more and more excited. He had arranged keys for his friends ertiga. We drove off from the tiger point and started looking for secluded place. He already knew some place a few kms away and we went there. Meanwhile he was constantly shifting his hands between the gear and my dick. We reached the destination. It was silent and dark. No1 passing by the road could notice us. We started kissing immediately and i dint want to stop. I dont think i have ever enjoyed a kiss so much before. He removed his jacket and pulled my t shirt off, he started playing with my nipples and i started moaning. I removed his shirt and admired his hairless body.

He told me hates to be hairless and loves hairy guys. We were quite perfect for each other. We moved to the back seat and i started sucking his nipples and bit them hard. I couldnt stop moaning. I could feel his dick wanting to tear apart those jeans so i unbuttoned him and he himself removed his jeans. Now it was my turn. He pushed me back towards the door and threw my hands in the air and started sniffing and licking my left armpit. It felt heavenly. He moved down to my nipples and sucked them one by one like a pro. I was moaning all this while and my dick had gone mad.

He directly pulled down my jeans and underwear and started sucking my dick. I was taken aback but i loved it. I stopped him when i was about to cum. I pulled him to my face and he was over me and we were engrossed in a delicious kiss. I dint give him a blowjob but helped him masturbate. He had an equally big cock. He came in a few minutes on my body while i was kissing him and playing with his nipples. He sucked the cum off my body and got back to my dick. He started sucking vigorously. I warned him that i was about to cum and he increased his pace and put one hand on my left nipple. I came immediately and he drank every bit of it. I was very turned on by this. I pulled him and kissed him.

I opened his mouth using my tongue and were sharing my cum. It was heavenly. I thanked him for this wonderful experience. He thanked me for trusting him and promised that he would be coming soon to Mumbai since his asshole is twitching already. I laughed and teased his hole by my finger and i sucked my finger. He again kissed me and we started dressing. I drove back to tiger hill since he was too tired. I gave him a quick kiss and he patted my dick before i got off his car

I am waiting to meet him soon now.

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