The Unexpected Real Incident – Part 2

Yes!! I had shot the entire load of my warm cum deep down his throat. And without wasting even a single drop of my burning lava, Parth drank all of it. He seemed to be thirsty for the cum and thankfully I had made him lucky with my hot droplets of heavy off-white cum.

He sucked me 1-2 minutes more even after drinking the entire cum. He looked at me with a wicked smile and I could see the lust in his eyes. He asked me turn back and I was happily following his order. He gave a small bite on both my bum. Ouch! That was sensational.

He used his tongue to care my ass crack. He licked my bums all over and then by both his hands he separated my butts to check out my ass-hole. He kissed right at the position. It was heavenly. He used his tongue to make his way deeper. His tongue was going deeper and deeper; and my pleasure was going higher and higher.

It did not take him more than 10 minutes to make my slept cock wake up. I was hard again. He was rimming me so nicely. What an amazing rimmer he was! Wow! I loved the way he was eating my ass. He rimmed for about half an hour. That’s the longest rimming I have ever received from my guys. After the wild rimming, he stood up and licked my arm pits. I was sweating and of course that pungent smell of armpits was there. But he was still licking it with all his dedication. He licked both my armpits very well. I was, kind of, getting royal treatment that day.

So by now, I had been blew & sucked deeply. My cum had been drunk. I had been rimmed for half an hour and tongue fucked very well. My underarms which were sweating like anything had been properly licked and wet. Wow!! What else could I asked for?

Parth asked me, “So what do you want now?”

O M G !! I had been already treated so well, what else do I ask of now.

I was so happy at his service that I said, “Let me serve you now. You tell me Parth, what do you want?”

He had a wicked smile on his face and he said, “Fuck me”

I knew what I had to do now. It was the time to return the favor now.

Although I don’t like rimming, but that day was special. I wanted to eat his ass like I would never ever get any ass to eat. I kissed his butthole and tongue fucked him passionately. I rimmed him for 15-20 minutes.

I fingered his ass hole very well. He was moaning with pleasure now. He was enjoying every bit of it. I was also excited to return the favour.

I fingered him constantly and at a very high pace. First with one finger, then two, then three and then even tried four fingers to make him feel out of the world. He stopped me when it were four fingers fucking him. Now, he was begging to get fucked.

He sucked my cock again for 4-5 minutes and said “Please fuck me now”

I rubbed my cock against his asshole for next 5-6 minutes so that he just wants it very very veryy badly. And that only happened, now he was shouting that I should fuck him now.

I inserted my hot rod in his ass hole. It had gone in very easily without much efforts. He moaned.

I started fucking him like crazy. There were lot of aah ouchh umm more deeper kind of sound in that small room. That fucking session was quite hot and passionate. It was bareback also, I was fucking him without condoms and lubricants. I fucked him continuously for 35-40 minutes. I was sweating and exhausted. Now, I wanted to cum and load my heavy burning cum in his ass.

I warned him with my intentions.

But it came to me as a shock when he said, “ NO! Don’t cum inside my ass”

I was shattered and I asked why?

He requested me to cum in his mouth again since he wants to drink the cum.

OMG!! He seemed really a cum-lover. He wanted to drink my cum again.

Alright !! I took out my cock from his ass.

But this time, my cock was stinking like shit. It was because of the bareback fucking. Trust me, it was smelling so shitty that if you smell it from close, you will puke in seconds.

But Parth behaved exceptional. Forget about smelling, he just took it in mouth and started sucking it. He was doing it greatly. He was amazing at sucking. He sucked me so well and again drank the entire off-white juice which came in his mouth from my black big cock.

I was exhausted now, but he was still all the more active. He was licking my body. He licked my feet, took my feet fingers in his mouth and was really enjoying what he was doing. Of course! I was in cloud 9 to receive such pleasurable treatment.

While he was licking my body, I could not control myself from complimenting him and I told, “You are absolutely amazing at everything you did, Parth”

He did not say anything, he just smiled and came closer to my ears and whispered, “I like it dirty”

I looked at him with curiosity and asked, “What do you want”

And he had his answer ready on plate and he said, “Your piss”

I was shocked at it. What a crazy guy have I met.

But I was so happy to know his desires and I replied, “Sure”

He opened his mouth and I started peeing in his mouth. He was a player, he drank the entire piss without any hesitation.

It was like a dream to me. Just 2 hours back, I had no courage to touch this guy. I was feeling deadly with my dick, I was so horny, I just wanted to take this guy in my arms, and now this guys is drinking my piss. What a night it was !!

We had a pleasurable night of course. It was 3am already and we had so many competitions in the morning to participate in. So we decided to sleep and we slept naked that night.

But do you think the story ends here?

If you wish to know what happened next, I would like to tell you that.

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