Hotel Sex With Schoolmate Part 1

Hey there. My name is John and this is the story of how my friend seduced me to fuck him.

This incident happened last year when I was studying in 12th grade in UAE.

Mark and I were really good friends since high school and we used to do everything together. After 10th grade, we lost touch as we were in different classes. It all started when the school announced that there was going to be a boys only night stay over at a hotel. We both decided to go for the hotel stay over as everybody was going.

Now about myself, I am 6 ft tall with a lean body, school team swimmer, 6″ dick and brown.

Mark was shorter than me but had curves at the right places. He had man boobs, the size of my fist and the juiciest ass that Ive ever seen. He has a curved 7″ dick and was the yummiest thing that Ive ever tasted.

Now coming back to the story, I didnt know that Mark was going to be there as I had lost touch with him.

Later at the hotel, me and my friends were drinking, smoking and playing while I get a call on my phone.

I decided to answer the call and got to know that it was Mark. He told me that he wanted to meet me since it has been a long time. So I decided to go to his room since it really had been a fucking long time since I met him. I go down to his floor and knocked on his door, waiting for him to open.

He later opens the door and to my surprise he was only in his underwear with a huge bulge.

I stare at his horny dick hiding in his underwear, shocked to see the long, curved dick staring at me.

He pulls me in his room and I could smell the stench of vodka from him and i knew that he had been drinking. I asked him where his roommate was and he replied that he was sick and went to someone elses room, so now hes all alone.

I tried to make it less awkward and started asking him about how his previous years went by and what his future plans are etc. We spent some time laughing and talking about our hilarious adventures while playing a card game. After all the jokes, he asked me if I am dating someone. I said that Im currently not dating anyone and he was shocked to hear it. He said, ‘How can any girl not love you? You are the guy who everybody wants to fantasize about.

I started laughing and asked him, Do you fantasize about me, chutiya? He then looks down and says, ‘since, the first time I met you. Ive always wanted to get fucked by you. Please fuck me tonight. This is the only chance we have.

I was stumped. I had no words to say. I didnt know if he was joking or if it was because of all the vodka but he was starting to make me horny after looking at his boobs and curved boner.

I get up and start to walk away but then, from nowhere he comes and hugs me from behind, kisses me on my neck and tells me to stay with him for one night.

I said that I am not gay and that Ive never looked at him in a sexual way.

He grabs my boner and says ‘But your dick wants you to stay, hun

At that fucking moment, I dont know what came over me but I wanted to fuck him so bad for persuading me to stay with him. I said, ‘Alright, Ill fuck you but no one should know about this except us.

Mark: I fucking love you baby.

Me: What are we waiting for then. Get on your knees and start sucking my dick, bitch.

Mark: ok master. Your wish is my command.

He kneels down on his knees and started to feel my dick under my pants. He kept rubbing and I started to enjoy it. He then pulled down my pyjamas and boxers together to reveal my hard 6″ dick springing into action. His eyes glittered when he saw my dick spring out of pjs and looked at me with the cutest smile ever, like how a baby feels when he receives his favorite toy.

He took my fat cock in his right hand and licked the top of my penis. I gave a small moan as this was the best fucking sensation Ive ever felt and I wanted more of it.

I then pushed his head making him swallow my whole dick and kept it inside his mouth for a good 30secs. I took my dick out as he was starting to gag and didnt want to hurt him that much as he was still a good friend. I asked him if he was alright and he smiled at me and said that he loved it and to not stop him ever again. I was glad to hear that and pushed his mouth onto my dick again and again. I was fucking loving the heat and the feeling of my dick so wet with someone elses saliva. He rubbed my cock with his right hand and felt my abs with his left hand trying to reach higher.

I then pulled him up and started kissing him on his lips with our tongues meeting each other. Our lips were locked onto each other for quite a long time. My tongue was wrestling with his tongue trying to take advantage of him. I then push him onto the bed and started to remove the only piece of clothing he had on that was his underwear. I was amazed to see his 7 inch dick come out of action and my oh my was I in love with it. I couldnt stop myself and started sucking it right away. From the top till the bottom i was going at it really fast.

Haha. Did I get your dicks horny? Ill post the second part in 5 days guys. Please give me your feedback and send them to / /