My Room Partner Full Night Entertainment

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I am back with my second story. Hope you will like it. I am 27 years old cute and chubby person. This is the story of my gay encounter with my room partner who gave me very much enjoy and fucked me wildly. My body contains minimum hairs and my lund is 5 inch long.

In Delhi i was living alone. After a couple of months, i realized if i live on sharing basis then my expense will be reduced. With some effort i found a man named Manish who was also in need of such sharing basis accommodation. One day he shifted with me. Soon we became good friend. He was a married person but his wife was working and lives elsewhere. Once in a month Manish go to meet his wife. He was a smart person with average height but with healthy and athletic body with weight more than 80 Kg. When he comes in the room after bathing, my eyes fixes on his sexy body with hairy chest and on his penis which feels very heavy behind his undies. I urge to remove his undy to see his penis, but i have to resist myself. He was not a gay and dont know or understand my feelings about him. Till then, i was not knowing that one day i will be fucked by him.

6 months later after his shifting with me, on one night i realized that his hands were moving on my body and were trying to insert into my t-shirt. Then i feel his hands were sqeezing my nipples. Then he suddenly come over me and start fucking. He was in deep sleep and was doing in his dreams. Suddenly i realized that he has released his cum in his underwear. Then he removed away from me. But his action gave me an idea to seduce him.

Next night, when we go to bed, i waited for him to sleep. Soon he was in deep sleep as his snoring started. I thought to go ahead and touch his dick. I was ready with excuse in case he wake up and resist. I slowly turn towards him and deliberately put my hand over his barmuda and feel his dick which was also in sleep mode. I started moving slowly my hand on his dick over barmuda. Slowly his dick started to harden.

As his his dick size and hardness were increasing, my heart beat was increasing. In few minutes, his penis was fully hard. I realised the size of his dick was not less than 8 inches. It was very thick beyond my imagination. His snoring was stopped so i understood he was not sleeping now. But he did not resist. I slowly insert my hand inside his barmuda and touch his hot and hard penis and i was feeling that i am in heaven. His penis was cut and its top was moist with pre-cum.

I gently started moving my fingers all over the penis. After some time, i removed his barmuda, his did not react, also he shifted his waist to help me in removing his barmuda. I removed his waist also. Now he was fully naked in front of me. In nights dim light i saw his fully erectile penis and could not control on myself. I sat between his legs and slowly touch my lips on his penis. I opened my mouth and took his top inside my mouth and started sucking very passionately. I know he was enjoying but he pretended to be sleep. I started taking more and more of his dick inside my mouth and finally my lips touched bottom of his penis. His penis was reached deep into my mouth.

Then i removed his penis from my mouth. I saw his face, he became restless and then he held my head and guided towards his dick. I resisted and lay down on bed. He wake up and came over my chest and put his dick on my lips. I saw his eyes were begging from me. I could not resist my smile and opened my mouth and he immediately insert his dick deep inside my throat. Now he laid on me in such a way to fuck my mouth. He started moving his waist very rapidly just like a bullet train. I was enjoying his large dick deep into my throat. Saliva was flowing from corner of my mouth and making his pubic hair wet. His speed was increasing, i put my hands on his ass and squeezed them. This was more than enough for him and he came into my mouth. All his liquid directly gone into my throat and i swallow it.

He fell on bed and said nobody have suck my penis before you even my wife never gave me this pleasure. He laid on his back naked and looked tired after this. He soon was in deep sleep. But i was in full excitement and my penis was fully erectile. Now i decided to wake him up for a fucking session. I removed all my clothes and stick to him. I again started playing with his non-erected penis and soon it was again in fully erection mode. He wake up and asked me what i want. I said please fuck my ass. He said i have never fucked an ass. I said try this today, you will enjoy it. He said ok. I said just wait, i am coming soon.

I went to kitchen and applied some oil inside my ass because i know without oil it will be more painful as his penis was very large thick and hard like rod. I came back and came over him. I set his penis on my asshole and slowly started sitting on his penis. The penis was going smoothly inside my asshole because of oil. I was feeling pain and i have to stop in mid. His half penis was inside my hole.

When he saw my painful face, he said if you are feeling pain then leave it. I said no dear, this pain is ultimate source of pleasure for me. Saying this i rapidly sat on his penis and his full penis reached deep into my asshole. I took a breath of relief and sat there for 3-4 minutes, waiting for reduction in pain. Then i slowly started jumping over his penis. The large dick was going in and coming out of my asshole. He was really enjoying and said fucking an ass is more pleasurable than fucking vagina as asshole is more tight.

After some time i laid down on bed, he came over me, put my legs on his shoulder and penetrated his penis inside my hole. Now he started rapidly pushing. He was also shouting..oh yes..dear Raj…your asshole is a heaven for my dick..Oh yes… i am coming…oh..oh….and finally after more than 20 minutes he ejaculated inside my ass and after 4-5 more pushes, he squeeze all his juice inside my asshole. In that moment my dick also left juice. We both were tired and satisfied and after this i cleaned myself and also clean his dick. After that i laid in his large arms. We both slept naked.

Next morning we wake up and remind last nights event. He saw me and smiled and said dear Raj you gave me splendid pleasure. I touched his dick which was fully erectile. I took it into mouth and sucked it till he ejaculated. After this i became his randi and in night he fucks my mouth and/or my asshole daily.. On weekend, when he dont go to meet his wife, he fucks me 5-7 times in a day. I have become slave for his dick..I like long pubic hairs because i love to move my fingers in those silky pubic hairs. So he do not clean his pubic hairs….

All this happened for more than 2 years But now he has been transferred to his wifes working city. So these are only sweet memories for me now a days.

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