My First Gay Experience

Hi All again. Myself an accountant by professional working in Hyderabad, Age 26 years, 5’8″ tall, good built, very fair. I met Shweta in 2006 in Hyderabad during college, and in course of time we developed intimate relationship and had sex n number of times.

Let me describe her. She is 5’4”. Good built, fair, voluptuous body having a figure of 36-28-36, a perfect figure, nice ass. Really loves to fuck her. Also my email id is / / You can search my other stories by clicking the below link:

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This is a Gay Story which i had with Mr. Cool (V…..)

Coming to the story

I have contacted Mr. Cool after reading one of his story on ISS. I have contacted him to share my GF with him and have swap (foursome) involving me, Mr Cool, Mr. Cool GF and My GF. We have also exchange nude photographs of our respective partners and ignited our feelings more and more. However, on one day,

Ayush – Are you also interested in Men

Mr. Cool – Not as such

Ayush – Have you ever done ??

Mr. Cool – I have once done in college

Ayush – What?

Mr. Cool – I have fucked one colleague in hostel during college days.

Ayush – Achcha theeke

Mr. Cool – Do u want to experience?

Ayush – Didn’t thought regarding it, but some day will try.

Mr. Cool – Ok

Ayush –Do you wanna do it again?

Mr. Cool – might be, depends.

Ayush – achcha theeke

After few months, one fine day, I was giving a thought about this and suddenly my manhood was erected and I decided to do this in real. I have contacted him again and our conversation:

Ayush – Hey what about meeting at my place

Mr. Cool – For?

Ayush – Some Fun

Mr. Cool – You mean Gay?

Ayush – Yes

Mr. Cool – Can you take my dick in your ass?

Ayush – Don’t know, but can try

Mr. Cool – Achcha, bring beer and have vaseline bottle ready

Ayush – ok. Will you also take in your ass.

Mr. Cool – probably no.

Ayush – achcha, c u tomorrow then.

Although his last reply was making me angry, but I was more into sexual mood to see his dick.

I don’t know how, but I am getting attracted towards dick more.

On the day of encounter, I guided him to my home and this is the first time we saw each other (although we saw each other FB ids earlier)

Coming to the stats – My height is 5-8’ish and he was around 5-11’ish. Physic was fair, well built.

We started out conversation as below having beer:

Mr.Cool – arey, show me your Gf-Shweta’s sexy photos

Ayush – I brought laptop and was showing him few of her sexy pics. Also I was showing him few videos which I have taken while having sex with her.

Mr. Cool He was watching with thirsty eyes and was passing comments like – kya randi mili hai tereko, mujhe ise de de, mazaa aa jayega.

Ayush – Uske liye pehle tumhe mujhe satisfy karna padega

We completed beer and moved to room.

He was sitting on left side and I on right side and in the middle we were watching porn. Blanket was covering till half. I was not able to control to see his dick but was afraid to approach. Porn movie started and I saw he was touching his dick

Mr. Cool – Hey Ayush – be free, play with your manhood

Ayush – ya ya sure.

Inside the blanket, I moved my jeans and was touching my dick and he was doing his. This continued for some more time and

Mr.Cool – hey ayush, see this and he took my hand and kept on his dick.

Wow, what a wonderful feeling that was, first time I was touching another dick and I was loving it, was completely out of the world.

His dick was so hard that I forgot everything and was getting attracted, must have been 8” in length and 3” thick. I was playing with his dick under the blanket and he was touching my dick, we were both giving hand job to each other under chill ac and blanket watching porn.

I was not able to control and wanted to take his dick in my mouth. I went completely inside the blanket and took his dick in my mouth.

Mr. Cool – suck it, you bastard

Ayush – haan chusta.

Mr. Cool – don’t be afraid, remove the blanket and suck. Suck more

And I was sucking his rock hard cock. The experience was driving me crazy and I was going mad over his dick. We removed each other’s the clothes and were completely nude. And then he applied some Vaseline in my ass and tried to insert the monster in the ass. It was paining like hell and not going inside due to thickness, it was paining and I was screaming, please remove, please remove, but he was not in a mood to remove the same and was trying again and again.

Finally it went inside, I think couple of inches but, it was paining like hell and I requested him to remove the same. after a while we tried again and soon he was pumping me with his monster dick strokes which was killing me.

After a while

Ayush – haan, aur jor se dal andar. Phod main meri gaand

Mr. cool – haan, bahut dino k baad, ladke ko chod raha hoon, mazaa aa raha hai, aaj toh teri gaand ko bhosda bana dunga.

Ayush – haan bana de, kiska wait kar raha hai, teri hi hai. Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck more you bastard

Mr. cool – haan sale harami, bulle k baal, yeh le andar tei gaand ke.

I am coming, shall I come inside

Ayush – no come on my face in my mouth, don’t waste the valuable sperms

Mr cool – chal apna muh la aur chus is bulle ko, and I was sucking his dick obediently like a kid sucking lollipop. And he was playing with my dick.

Mr. cool – I m cumming, suck more, cumming….. and he cummed on my face, I drank most of it.

It was nice experience and I will publish part 2 sooner.

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