Stanger On The Bus To Lover Part 1

Hi guys this is Ravi (name changed).. But you can call me Akhila..Im a bi sexual and I love to cross dress..Im 24 currently living in chennai..This is a story on how I became a cute girl with the help of a stanger

Lets get to my stats..Im a fair chubby guy with cute 32 b boobs, luscious lips and cute eyes with a nice big ass with a 4-inch cock..I love to wear tight pants or skirts and sway my ass infront of guys..Once I transfrom into akhila no one can tell im a guy..I love to wear western female clothes but I can wear traditional ones if any of my men want me to
Now coming to the story…This is completely true story before this incident I never knew that I was gay or that I liked to crossdress but this incident changed that .It was one morning when I was doing my 3rd year in an engineering college when I woke up late and missed the college bus..

So I decided to take a govt. Bus to my college..I got in and kept my bag on my lap started listening to music on my phone..After a couple of stops the bus got crowded and a middle aged man,skinny, dark in complexion with a nice thick moushtache sat next to me..I dint think anything of him till after sometime I felt something on my crotch underneath my bag..When I lifted my bag I saw this man ‘s hand on my penis..I felt excited and really horny..But I dint do anything as I was naive and thought he kept it there by accident…Seeing no resistance he squeezed my penis..Now the gay in me finally arose and knew he was attracted to me..

I myself removed my zip and button..The man whispered in my ears..Thank you chellam and licked my earlobe..The bus was crowded so no one saw it..The man reached down and peeled away my underwear to feel my 4 inch cock rock hard..He elegantly played with the tip of my cock..Using his finger to trace circles on my tip..I was sweating profusely and leaking pre cum….The man took some and tasted it..

Again he whispered in my ear that it was tasty and that he loved it..It was there I uttered my first words..A simple thank you came out from my mouth..Now he was getting into the groove and started pulling my foreskin up and down while going back to my tip..And he started rubbing it harder and harder till I came all over his hand waves of pleasure surged througout my body..I was in 7th heaven..He licked every single last drop of it….

While I was regaining my senses he kissed me on my cheeks when no one was looking and squeezed my thighs..Then I found out his name was krishnan an it engineerafter that he told me that I was so cute and that I looked like a cute girl and that he would get down at the next stop and he begged me to skip college and go with him to his home..He told me he wanted to enjoy the rest of my juicy body for the day..

After a few minutes I dont know why but I agreed..We got down from the bus and we went to his home…He locked the front door and came up to me and gave me the best kiss I have ever had in my life he was using his tounge to lick my lips and I melted in his hands and then I knew something was happening to me..I think he realised tat I was a girl on the inside and he was kissing me as such..His tounge entered my mouth and he was playing with my tounge..We were exchanging our saliva for 5 minutes..Then he did the deal sealer..He started squeezing my boobs..He then told me that I have the boobs of a female.And he thinks I would be better off as a girl..

I smiled and blushed and said the words that I never thought I would say… ” I am all yours darling..Use me in whatever way you want ‘…Hearing this he got out of control and banged me against the wall..And was kissing me like a mad man..He was biting my upper and lower lips and I loved it..A moan escaped my mouth “Ooooohhhhh baby.. ” “Aaaahhh my darling its sooo good “He told me he never tasted any girl as sweet as me…

I blushed like a wife on her first night then he started licking my face..My rosy cheeks..My eyes..My nose..And then he came to my neck..And I was in ecstasy..He was covering my face with his saliva..And I was becoming a bitch and wanted his saliva in my mouth…I was surrendering to him and I loved it..He then stopped and took me to his bedroom..It was there that I found out he was married…

He told me his wife left him for his neighbour 6 months ago and since then he hasnt had sex with anyone and asked me if I was willing to become a girl for a day to be with him..I smiled and gave him a gentle kiss on forehead and told him I will be anything you want..He then said from now onwards my name will be akhila..And thats when I was liberated..Liberated from my male form..And it felt so good..Good to be akhila..I then asked him if his wife had left ay of her clothes at home..

He told me she left some sarees in the cupboard and then I told him to wait in the hall and give me a few minutes..

First I went to the bathroom and shaved my legs and my armpit hair and all my chest hair I was looking so good in the mirror and was getting a hard on as I touched my smooth legs and hands..And I lifted my armpits and marvelled at how smooth they are ..I looked like tammannah bhatia..Then I put some lotion his wife left over and rubbed it all over my hands ands legs till I was so smooth..

Then I applied some girls perfume and went to the cupboard..I picked out a nice black bra with matching panties his wife left behind I tucked my small penis between my thighs as I put on the panty..Then I chose a nice blue sleeveless low cut blouse that showed my sexy armpits and cleavage..I then tied my pallu ..I knew how to do this because I watched my mom do it a millon times..After doing that I looked at myself in the mirror ..Oh god!! I was looking like a top heroine..

Then I went to the makeup drawer and saw all the beautiful makeup..First I put some dark red lipstick and the some eye shadow and the some foundation and the some powder I took some hair extensions and attached them on my hair to give me that long beautiful hair I dreamt of..I tied my hair in a bun and gave myself one last look in the mirror…I was in complete shock…I couldnt recognise myself..I was looking so beautiful..I lifted my arms exposing my armpitts and I was looking so damn hot..My sexy smooth armpitts and budding boobs would make any guy fuck me right now..I loved being akhila..

As I went to open the door I was nervous and excited I went to the hall and called out for him my heart was beating fast when he saw me..He looked at me and his jaw dropped..He told me.Akhila you ‘re so beautiful..I cant believe its you..I told him..Its all for you my darling..

Then I got little more confidence and lifted my arms pretending to do something with my hair and exposed my smooth armpitt glistening from the sweat and pushed my boobs together..And gave a sexy pose immediately he got a hard on..And thats when I realised how big his dick is…It was so big..My mouth watered and I smacked my lips in a slutty way…Seeing this he called me to sit on his lap..

I went and sat with my ass facing his penis..Slowly he was rubbing his penis in my ass crack I was enjoying it.As he was doing this he was squeezing my boobs hard..I loved the pain and pleasure..Then he turned me towards him..And smooched me passionately and tenderly..Transferring all his saliva into my mouth..And I was drinking it all..His tounge playing with my tounge sent shivers down my spine..

Then he lifted my arms and smelt my arpmitt..He told me it smelt so good..I told him to taste it..And he licked my arpitts..Oh god I was enjoying this moment he covered my armpitts with his saliva…And I enjoyed the tingling sensation he started to move his tounge in circles in my armpitts..I let out a huge moan.. “Ssss ” darling I love it..Its feels so good… While I was doing this I was rubbing myself against his penis.

It started becoming bigger and bigger..He then opened my blouse and bra and told me he wanted to drink my milk..I got excited and held his head closer and put it to my right boob..He kissed it first and I felt current throughout my body..He licked my nipple..He did this several times teasing me…Alternating between left and right boob I let out several moans “Ooohhh ” “Ssssshh “…I begged him “Please drink my milk darling I beg you..Dont do this its waiting for you “..Saying this he started sucking my milk bags like a baby…I was getting so wild..The way he was sucking it and biting it made me feel so good..I was holding his head like a baby as he tasted an sucked on my sweet flesh…I was enjoying it to the core..He told me that my milk tasted so good and he wanted to taste only my breasts from now on…

I told him, ” I am your whore darling..Do whatever you want with me ” while he was sucking I used one hand to rub his dick…Oh my god it was nearly 12 inches..I coud feel the warmth and the pulsations as it grew bigger..I really wanted to taste his juicy cock..I wanted to feel the throbbing in my mouth and ass…I wanted it to taste his thick creamy sperm…He asked me whether if I like his penis..I told him.. “Darling I cant wait any longer..Please let me taste your thick penis..I want it to fill my love holes..Please baby..Make me your bitch..I need you to fuck me and make me a woman ” he was getting wild…He then lifted me and carried me to the bedroom..And laid me gently on the bed..

I will continue the story in part 2..For any feedback and if you want to make friens please e-mail me at / / I would love to get in touch with you guys..

Hope you enjoyed this story love you all and masturbate for me 😉