Fucked On Terrace By Brother-In-Law

Hi All, this is Rahul. I am 32 yrs old, residing in kolkata. I married 2 yrs back. Before marraige I was a bottom bitch of many guys. During my bachelor life, I was drawn into gay sex, and always wanted dominitating sex(like rape), and used to cross dress on my parters insistence. However it started as casual chats, until one fateful day, I was gang banged by 3 juniors in office. I should rather say, that it was a gang rape. Anyway this story is about what happened a couple of weeks back.

It was sunday, and I went to my inlaws place along with my wife to attend some function. I sometimes shave my body hair, and that day I shaved. My wife doesnot have a problem with that. After we reached there, we saw lot of my wifes relatives.We were enjoying our time, and at around 1 Oclock had the lunch. After lunch, myself, my wife, and her cousin brother settled in a room, and we started having fun time. I have not thought much about gay sex after marriage. However from time to time, I used to dream about my sexapades and used to masterbate.

After a whil, my wife went to sleep, and I was there chatting with my brother in law.It was hot, and both of us were only in shorts, and we were sweating heavily. Dark clouds gathered outside, and we were releived as shortly it started to rain heavily. I was standing by the window viewing the rain, when suddenly my brother in law, slapped my ass and said “lets go to the terrace. I have something to discuss with you.” I was a bit taken back by the slap, but still didnot say anything, and nodded my head and said,”Ok”.

We went to the terrace, and lit a ciggarate and asked him,”Tell me”. He asked me to complete the smoke, as he needed to focus on what the was saying. I nodded and continued smoking. When I finished, I asked him whether he has any chewing gum to get rid of the smoking smell. He smiled and said,”No. But I have someting better to go into your mouth”, and started rubbing his dick over his pant. I was shocked and was about to ask him what the hell is he talking about.

He stopped me, and asked me,”Do you know to dance on item numbers like ‘Chikni Chameli?”. I was stunned by his question, and said angrily,”What the hell are you talking about? Why will I dance on a item number?” He started laughing, and the what he said was not expected. He said,”Remember Anirban Bhattacharya? He said, that I looked like a whore dancing infront of him, Sujit, and Sarathi, wearing a night dress.” I was taken aback by his openness.

And then it all came flashing in front my eyes about that fatefull night where I was gang raped as a crossdressed sissy, and virginity broken. I had tears in my eyes, and was ashamed. I pleaded with him, not to tell anyone. He smiled, and said,”What do I get?”. I knew what would he want, so I said,”Anything you say”. He looked as me with lustfull eys, and unzipped his pant, and out came his dick. I stood there not knowing what to do. He held my shoulder and pushed it down, and said,”START!!! You know what needs to be done”

With no other option, I kneeled down, and started to stroke it my hand. He got angry and slapped me, and said,”With your mouth, WHORE”, and pushed his dick in my mouth. It had been a long time since I took a dick in my mouth, so I was having difficulty sucking it. Slowly and slowly I got hold of it, and started giving him blowjob. It was utterly humiliating, and tears were coming out. He kept on moaning,”AH AH AH. YES BITCH, JUST LIKE THAT. DOES DIDI TAKE YOUR DICK IN HER MOUTH. I BET SHE DOESNOT. YOU SHOULD SHOW HER HOW TO DO IT.” , and started laughing at my state. I was humiliated at all this, and kept of thinking that I am sucking my brother in laws dick at my inlaws houses terrace. I kept telling myself that I should finish this quickly, and started to stroke his dick vigourously in hope that he cums quickly.

Suddenly, he took his dick out, and said,”WANT ME TO CUM QUICKLY? NOT GONNA HAPPEN”. He then asked my to strip naked. I had no other options, so I dropped my pant. He order me to show his my ass. I turned back and showed him my ass. He asked me to part my ass cheeks, as he wants to see the ass hole. I bend down a bit and showed him my ass hole. He came near me, and was slapping my ass cheeks, and suddenly inserted one finger in my ass hole. I let out a scream, he hold my mouth with his hand to stop the sound, and countinuing fucking my ass hole with his finger. Then he asked me,”JIJA JI, HAD ANAL SEX DURING YOUR MARRIAGE?” I nooded ‘No. He smiled and then said, “WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY”. With this he took his finger out, and spit on my hole, and in one go inserted his dick.

I tried to shout, but his hand in my mouth stopped me. I was standing in a doggy position with with my brother in law fucking me like an animal. I just waited for it to get over, and took his pounding with tears coming out of my eyes. He kept on abusing me verbally, and was slapping my ass cheeks.

Finally after 10 mins of brutla fucking, he hold my hips tighly. I knew he was about to cum. I told him, not to cum in my ass. He agreed and took it out, and poured all his cum in my mouth. Then aksed me to drink it. I did as told by him. He asked me to dress up. While dressing up himself, he laughed and said,”SEE I TOLD YOU. I HAD BETTER OPTION THAN CHEWING GUM.” Then we started to return back. He asked me,”How many dicks have you served in one session”. I looked down and said,”3″. He smiled and said, “Good, that record will be broken when next time we fuck”. He then again slapped my ass, and left laughing. I folowed him, and saw my wife was ready to leave. I quicky went to washroom, cried a bit, wore my dress, and then we left from there.

To be continued…

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