My Sex Encounter With My Uncle Part 2

This is the second part of my gay sex in India. Please read the first part posted in Indian sex stories first if you havent read it first.

After the marriage was over I had little lunch and started packing my bag to go back to home. Suddenly Murali came behind and asked what happened why are not good. Me “you know what happened then why are you asking”.

Murali “Sanjay… its nothing wrong I was just kidding”. When we were talking my dad came into the room and asking ” Whats my son telling”.

Immediately Murali replied “Uncle I am asking Sanjay to stay here for 3 or 4 days, so that I can take him to ooty with my friends. But he is is telling he wants to study so he wants to go back to home. Tell him uncle” My dad “Dai Sanjay, be with Murali get the details how to get good marks and to score good cut off. Ask him which college are good for life science, electronic, computers. Why you want to come home… its holiday for you till next Tuesday right”.

Me “No dad I have some record work and I need to finish it” Murali “Sanjay if you have record not I will do it for you, dont worry” my dad “Dai, why are you so adamant be here with Murali. Myself and mom are going to home. Murali take care of him.” Murali “No worries uncle I will take care” me “Appa, please try to understand”. My dad ” I know whats good for you. Be with Murali he will take care of you. I dont any other words from you”. My dad left the room. Murali came near me huge me and said “Machi 4 days we are going have full fun. Super body da machi”.

I was really worried about Murali. I dont know what he is going to do. I was simply sitting in the room. After some time Murali friends came. My dad and mom said bye and left. Me, Murali and his 3 friends started to ooty in a car. In some time we reached Valparai…. Murali stopped the car before a wine shop. They took 3 case of beer, snacks, food etc etc. Murali “Dai Nirmal you drive the car I take rest”. Journey started again. By 10.45 we reach ooty. Since they already booked a room we went there directly.

It was a big room with 2 queen sized bed with room heater. Immediately after coming to room they throw their bags and opened beers. Till that time I was keeping quite. I didnt talked to anyone. Murali “Dai, Sanjay you want beer” me “no thanks”. Oops I forgot to tell Muralis friends name. Nirmal, Jeeva, Jitu.

Jeeva asked Murali why I am upset all way to ooty. I didnt even expect that Murali will tell what happened in the bathroom today morning. Murali “Nothing machi, today morning me and Sanjay took bath in the same bathroom because of the crowd. Because I liked his body I kissed him da.” Nirmal “Dai why da, he is a kid, you should have not done it in the bathroom” Me “Yes Anna tell him. Give him some advice anna”. Nirmal “Yes machi you should not done in the bathroom, you should have done it here in ooty da machi. Haha haha haha”. All are laughing.

Murali “See da this is very common da. Dont be afraid.” Me “Oh is it so, then you kiss Jeeva Anna before me. Let me can you do it or not”. Murali “Hey Sanjay me and Jeeva kissed many times. If you want see that I am ready. Machi Jeeva come here I will kiss you”. Jeeva “Coming”. Jeeva came near to Murali both kissed in their lips like a lovers I am shocked and surprised to see that. Next Murali pulled Nirmal and Jitu and kissed them too.

I was totally shocked. Murali told “Sanjay in collage days these are all very common da. You are going to go to college in a year and you should know all these things da. Still if you have doubt see what we do now. Machi everyone remove your dress.” Nirmal and Jitu took the second beers and removed their cloths. Where else Murali was removing Jeeva dress and Jeeva was removing Murali dress. Now all are in their jettis only.

Taking his beer Murali went near Nirmal huge him tightly and kissed him in his lips and Nirmal started rubbing Muralis cock with jetti. Murali started pressing Nirmals cock. Seeing this Jeeva and Jitu also started doing the same.

Now I got little confident and relaxed and thought its common in college life and asked Murali “Murali is it really common in collage, is it not wrong?”. Everyone turned to me and said loudly “Yes da”. I noticed that all of their cock are erected and trying to come out. I said “Ok I will also join with you all”. For that Murali told ‘For that first remove your dress and take a beer”.

I removed my dress and standing only with my jetti. Murali saw me and to his friends “Machi see is cock, its rock hardWow'”. Murali gave a beer I tasted it I was not good, but he forced to take it in a single sip. I tried but I cant.

After one beer I was feeling dizzy. Murali gave me another beer. I had half of it my head was painful… in that pain I asked them why you guys not having beer. Nirmal said you have da first. I finished 2nd beer I was feeling sleepy I said I go to sleep. But Murali forced me to drink one more… some how I had half of that and went to bed. Next to me Murali came and lied.

He started kissing my lips and pressing my boobs in half sleep I was telling him “Dai leave me da I want to sleep.” I dont know he heard or not. He was licking my body. He put my hands below my hand and licking my nipples. I can feel his saliva in my body… slowly he went down near my tights my cock was half erect . He spread my legs and licking my whole tights and playing with my cock in one hand. He slowly removed my jetti.

Suddenly I got concise and turned my to next bed where I can see 3 nude bodies paying with each other. Suddenly I felt cold in my cock I saw below My cock is inside Murali mouth…Oh my god I was in heaven. He sucked me with full speak I cannot control my self I am moving my body this and that side. I was about to cum. “Murali… Murali..” he understood and took his mouth out and started sucking my balls… oh no what a feeling… in one hand he is stoking my cock and same time sucking my balls. In 2 min “Murali.. Speed speed…”

He started to stork in full speed… yes yes yes I cum out one drop hit my neck…I felt he heat of it. Then Murali lied next to me and started stroking his cock. He pulled me and asked to suck his nipples. I was sucking and biting his nipples. “Sanjay nalla kadida.” Hearing that I bit his nipples like anything. He cum out on his chest. We both slept by hugging each other.

Next part is about the remaining 3 days in ooty.