Fucked On Terrace By Brother-In-Law Part 2

Hi This is Rahul back with the next story. However this is not a continuation of the last sex story (https://www.indiansexstories.net/gay-male/fucked-terrace-brother-law/) This is infact the story about how I lost my virginity. So getting back to the main story.

After getting humiliated and fucked by my brother-law, my wife and myself left for our home. I was quiet the whole time. My wife inquired,”What happened? Why are you so silent?”.

I just said,”Nothing, a bit tired. Need some sleep”. She smiled, held my hands, and said,”Ok,Dear”. I smiled back, and continued to drive.

After a while we reached home. I quickly went to the bathroom, and had a quick shower. I was just thinking of the events with my brother-in-law, and had a hard on. I slowly started to stroke myself, and started to think about the forced sex which I experience few hours ago.

I also felt my asshole, and it was paining due to the rough fuck I got. I was about to cum, when my wife knocked on the door, and asked,”Honey, anything wrong?” I replied,”No. Do you want anything?”. She said,”Yes, Sukesh has called, and he wanted to talk to you”. On hearing Sukeshs name, my asshole twitched a little, and the scene of him fucking me in a doggy position few hours back, came back to my mind. I hurriedly dressed myself, and came out of the bathroom.

“Hello”,I spoked slowly on the phone. “Hi Sexy”, came from the other end. He continued,”Is sister near you?”. I looked around, and said,”No”. He said,”Good.So how is my slut doing?” I remained silent. He asked me again in a stern voice,”SPEAK MOTHER FUCKER”. I got scared and said,”I am doing good”. He got angry and shouted, “SAY. DOING GOOD MASTER”. I hurriedly spoke,”I am doing good master”.

He said,”Good. Now listen what you will do. Tomorrow, you will be wearing your wifes bra and panties under your dress, and come over to my place in the evening. I have arranged a group of men to fuck your sissy ass. It will be better than today, and more painful than your first time with Anirban. Ok?” I was weeping, but composed myself and said,”Ok Master”. He said, “Good sissy”, and disconnected the phone.

“What was he saying?” queried my wife. I was taken aback by her presence. I composed myself and said,”Nothing. He wants me to come to his home tomorrow, and help him out with some of his personal stuff. Is it ok I I stay there overnight?”. My wife nodded yes, and said,”Dinner is ready.” I replied,”Not hungry tonight. You have your dinner. I will go to sleep”. She smiled, gave me a kiss on the lip, and said,”Ok. Good Night”. I also smiled, and went to the bedroom.

At around midnight I woke up. I was tossing all over the bed trying to sleep. But could not do so. Only 2 images were coming to my mind. First my virginity taken away by 3 college/office juniors in a gang rape, Second my manhood taken away by my brother-in-law in a doggy position. Slowly I realized that I was getting horny with an erected dick. I got up, and went to the bathroom, and started to masturbate imagining where it all started 6 years ago.

6 years ago

I was working in a reputed IT company as a software engineer, and was loving my life. I used to stay alone in Kolkata, and used to spend a lot of time watching porn as I was lonely with no girl friend. I always like rape like porn, and used to watch bondage, forced porn.

Slowly slowly in the porn sites, I got to see gay porn, cross dress porn.

Sometimes they were forced, but normally they were normal porn. Gradually when I was extremely horny, I used to fantasize being a bottom guy, and imaged scenarios where I am getting gang fucked. One day I opened a fake gmail,facebook account only to chat with people as a gay bottom. I did not have any intension of having sex with anyone. But fate had other intensions.

Slowly and slowly I started to get addicted to this gay chats, and gave my personal number to couple of guys who were not from Kolkata(so that I don’t have to meet them). This went for around 6 months, and I was loving this other side of my life. Most of the chats were on the topic of crossdressing, gangrape. I would fantasize getting gangraped, and used to masturbate. I used to do dirty chats in office also. That one fateful day everything changed.

I was doing some work in office, when a office junior(also college junior) named Anirban Bhattacharya came and asked me for my phone, as his phone was not working. Without thinking much, I gave my phone to him, and resumed my work. Meanwhile he went away with my phone.

After a while, around 15 mins later, he came, and handed over the phone to me. He had a mischievous smile on his face, and said,”Call me when you go for tea.” I nodded yes, and he left. I did not think anything of his wicked smile, and went about doing my task. After some time I got a notification ringtone in my mobile.

I checked and there was a new message from a guy called “Vikram Top”, which read,”What happened? Why are you not answering my messages?”. I was having regular dirty gay chats with this guy. I quickly checked his other messages, which were already read, but I did not read it.

Suddenly my heart skipped as I recalled the wicked smile of my junior. I instantly understood that he read my messages. I was really worried, as I could loose my job, and respect in the society. I was deep in the thoughts when Anirban pinged my in gtalk.

“Hi, Anirban”, I responded.
“Have something to discuss. Lets go for a smoke”. Having no way out, I agreed, and we went to the top of the building for smoke.

There were a few silent minutes when we reached for smoke. I was unable to look into his eyes.

After what looked like eternity, he said,”So how long have you been doing this?” I looked at him, and gave a blank look. This infuriated him, and he punched me on the stomach. I fell on the floor in pain. He picked me up by the collar, and spoke in a stern voice.”How many times have you been fucked”. I was still feeling the pain and did not answer his question.

This infuriated him even more, and he gave me one hard slap. I started crying due to the immense pain. He raised his hand again to slap me. I stopped him, and said while crying,”I am a virgin”. He had a wicked smile on his face.”Good, tonight we break your virginity and manhood”. On hearing the word ‘we, I got scared and started begging him for mercy.

He scoffed at me, and said,”Remember during college, I also begged during ragging, but you forced me to suck dick and drink cum. Tonight is my revenge.” I was speechless by what I heard, and instantly started to beg him. Even after a lot of begging, he was not interested. He again slapped and said,”Come tonight, or else forget about your dignity”. Saying this he left. I was standing there still trying to come to terms what was happening.

After some time, I gave up to what faith had in store for me, and went to my desk. As soon as I opened my laptop, I saw a series of chats from him. They were instruction for me for the night.

1. Have full body wax. Not a single hair should be there on the body.
2. Buy a wig.
3. Buy a baby doll lingerie.
4. Come sharply at 8 PM.

I knew I had a lot of work to do, so I left office immediately. I cursed myself to be in this position. I was just wanted innocent chat fun, but now my manhood and virginity were to be broken. There was a shop near my locality where they sold lingerie. It was a all female store.

It was new store, and chance that they knew me were 0. I nervously went there, and asked for a baby doll night dress. The sales girl looked at me and asked,”What size?” I looked confused, and said,”It is for my girlfriend. I dont know her size”. She smiled. I then saw another girl outside the store whose figure resembles me, only that she had boobs.

I quickly turned to the sales girl, and said,”Maybe like her”, and pointed to the outside girl. She smiled and showed 3 sexy baby doll dresses. On seeing them, my dick hardened immediately. I started imagining the sales girl in those dresses, and banging her on the table. I was in deep thought when my phone rang. I picked it up and said,”Hello”.

“Ready bitch?”. I immediately remembered my position, and my dick limped instantly.

“Answer, bitch.” came a stern voice from the other side. I composed myself, and replied,”Yes”.

“Good. Be ready for tonight”, and he disconnected it.

I then looked at the dresses, and imagined myself in them. I was in deep thought, when the sales girl asked me,”Which dress Sir?” I looked at her in a puzzled way, then re-composed myself, and asked her to pack the bright red transparent one. She packed it, and I paid for it. Took the bag, and went outside the store.

Next in my list was waxing.

So I went to a gents salon. It was empty. I went in, and asked for a full body wax. The guy there looked at me in suspicion. To avoid his suspicion, I said,”I am doing a play in office. It’s a role of a villager, and I need to be fully hairless. He seemed convinced, and asked to me to go to a room, and get completely naked. I was a bit reluctant, but had no option, and went in there, and got naked.

After a while he came with all the cream, and instruments, and proceeded with the work. He made me lie on a bed, and applied all the gels and creams, and very efficiently started removing all hairs. Then he came near my asshole, and asked,”From here also?” I nodded yes. He proceeded, and started to remove the hair near my ass hole.

After around an hour I was hairless, and then I paid him too and left from there.

Next in my list was buying a wig. This was the easiest, and I bought it from a cosmetic shop. After all was bought and ready for the night, I went to my home and went straight to shower. It was nearing 8, so I was getting ready for the night. It felt odd knowing that As I was getting ready, Anirban called me.

Anirban : “Ready?”

Me : “Yes”

Anirban : “Good. Wear the dress, the wig, and wear lipstick, and come here in 30 mins”. He disconnected the call immediately.

I kept thinking what he meant by wearing them and come in 30 mins? Does he want me to wear them, and then go to his place? I thought it impossible to do so, and went ahead wearing tshirt,jeans, and took the girly ingredients in a bag.

On the way I bought a red lipstick, and put it on the bag. I knew his place, and went to his stop by bus. His house was at the corner of a narrow lane. As I was nearing his house, and walking in the lane, my heart started pumping heavily. I did not know what to expect, except that I will be humiliated. I also saw most of the lights in the lane were not working, and it was pretty dark.

I rang the door bell, and was waiting anxiously.

After couple of more rings, Anirban opened the door. He smiled looking me, and called his 2 other friends Sujit and Sarathi, and said,”Look the slut has come. Get ready to ride boys” They all started laughing, and I was just simply humiliated. I stood there silently waiting for their order, when I got a slap on my face. I looked up, and saw Anirban in a raging mood.

He screamed,”MOTHERFUCKER!! I told you to come fully ready. And you are here in your male clothes?”

“I have them in this bag”, I showed him the bag.

Somehow he controlled his temper, and asked me to strip naked of my male clothes. I quickly undressed, and stood there naked. I was afraid of getting caught, so I asked him to allow me to enter. He said,”After you are ready, knock on the door”, and closed the door. In the process he took my clothes too.

So I was standing in an alley all naked with only baby doll dress to hide my manhood. I had no option, so I took the dress out, and wore it. It seemed strange as the smooth cloth was touching my dick it turned hard instantly.

Not wasting time, I wore the wig and the lipstick also. And as soon I was done with the girly makeup, I knocked 3 times on the door. I was waiting impatiently for the door to open as I was afraid someone might see me.

After some anxious moments, the door opened, and I rushed inside as quickly as possible. On the way in, I tripped and fell on the floor. They all started laughing at my plight. I regained my composure, and stood up.

As I stood up, I saw my three juniors, all having a wicked smile. I watched around the room, and it was dimly lit with erotic bollywood songs running in the background. There was a banner on a wall which read, “WELCOME SLUT. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WALK FOR A FEW DAYS!!!”. I stood there waiting for everything to end as quickly as possible.

Anirban then asked me,”Remember the night in college when you forced us to suck each other dicks as part of your ragging?” I was just looking downward.

He continued, “Tonight we will shame you like no one does”, and then asked me to come toward him. I slowly walked towards him. All there circled around me and were touching my ass, legs, chest,penis and making lewd comments like what a cheap whore I looked.

I was so ashamed that I wanted to die at that moment. Sarathi at that time said,”Lets capture every moment tonight”. On hearing this, I was wondering that they will now record my humiliation. I tried to talk with them but only got couple of slaps. Meanwhile sarathi came with his camera, and started taking pictures. I was helpless, and resigned to my fate.

They all now sat on the bed, and ran an erotic bollywood song, and asked me to dance on it. I knew all was in my fate, and started moving my hips on the song. Slowly and slowly I was enjoying the dance, and danced like a whore infront of my juniors for 15-20 mins. All the while, they were recording it.

Suddenly the music stopped, and I saw them taking their clothes off. I knew what was about to happen. They all wore mask so that they are not recognized in the video. They came near me, and asked me to kneel down. Sarathi was handling the camera. Sujit came with a rope, and tied my hand backward.

So I was on my knees with my hands tied backward infront of 3 guys in their underwear. Anirban said,”Remove our underwear wih your mouth. Do this while looking into the camera.” I started with my first gay act, and started removing the underwear. I was struggling in the beginning, but was able to succeed after few tries.

Within couple of minutes, they were nude with their hard cocks hanging in front of me. I knew what would be the next order, and it came from Sarathi. I took my mouth near Anirbans dick. It smelt awefully bad, and I felt like vomitting. But nonetheless, I kissed the tip of his dick.

As soon as I did it, my dick also started to harden.

I then wrapped my lips around his thick dick, and started giving him blowjob. They all started cheering, and Anirban was making ‘ooh-aah sound. I had barely sucked him for 10-15 second, when Sujit held me by my hair, and pulled me out of Anirbans dick, and inserted his dick in my mouth, and started giving me mouth fuck. I almost gagged on his dick. He was really rough.

After a minute, I felt his dick stiffening, and he is making ‘uuunggh sound. I realized what he meant, and tried to move away. Anriban held it back, and said,”Not so easy bitch. You will eat our cum”.

Soon Sujit cummed buckets in my mouth, and kept it there. I had no other option, apart from drinking it. It was disgusting. I was having no respite, as other two Anirban and Sarathi pushed their dick in my mouth at once. I was now giving blowjob to two dicks at a time. I thought to myself that if they cum quickly, my ass will be saved, as it will difficult for them to get hard again. So I started sucking them quickly, and slowly and slowly they were getting rock hard.

After a while, they both took their dick out, and started splashing their cum on my face just like they do in porn. I just sat on the floor with my hands tied on the back, and taking their cum on my face.

Anirban and Sarathi collapsed on the bed, and Sujit came forward with his camera, and ordered me,”Smile for the camera, and take those cum in your hand, and lick them”. I did as ordered, and all 3 were laughing at my plight. I was also tired with all the mouth fuck, and lied on the floor.

After a while I got up while they were still lying on the bed. I asked,”Happy? Can I go now?”. On hearing this Anirban started laughing and came toward me and said,”Yes we are very happy. But it is not over yet. Your ass fucking is still left.”

On hearing the word ass-fuck, I was worried, and didnot knew what they were upto. Now all three got up, and each took one pill each, and ate it. I was wondering what they were, when they showed me the box. It was some sort of viagra. I was doomed.

Within couple of minutes they were rock hard again, and it seemed their dicks were bigger and thicker than the first time. On seeing that dicks I gulped out of fear. They were getting restless, and all three came and tore my dress apart. I was naked in front of them with my ass exposed. Anirban pushed me on the bed and said,”Get ready”, and started to rub his dick on my asshole.

I tried pleading for the last time. I knew it was futile but still wanted to try it. He untied my hand, and asked me to masturbate while sucking his dick. I started sucking his dick, and at the same time started masturbating. Slowly my dick hardened, and within a minute I cummed on my hand. Anirban took his dick out of my mouth. My dick limped back to almost 3inch. They all laughed at my condition.

Anirban now said,”Apply the cum in your asshole. It will smooth for our cock, otherwise the pain will be more.” He seemed to be compassionate this time, and I too agreed, and applied my own cum on my ass hole. I was waiting on the bed in doggy position. I didnt had to wait for long, as I felt Anirbans dick on my ass hole.

He held my hips tightly, and let a loud grunt as he pushed his dick tip inside. I felt a huge burning sensation as his dick pushed its way inside my hole, tearing the side of the wall as it went in. I cried out loudly,”OHHH FFFUUCKK. LEAVE ME. PLEASE TAKE IT OUT”. He got annoyed, and asked his friend to stuff my mouth with his dirty underwear.

I was now unable to shout, and all that was heard was my struggle. Anirban slapped on my ass, and pushed more, and half of his dick entered. Tears started coming out of eyes. Sujit and Sarathi saw it and commented, “Look the bitch is crying. Serves his right, like how we cried during our ragging.”

I hid my face in the bed out of shame and resigned to fate. Anirban asked me to loosen up and relax or else it will hurt even more. I listened and loosen up. He gave one more thrust and his whole dick went in. I could feel his ball touching my ass.

He then started pumping his dick in and out very roughly, and images of porn where the girls are fucked hard came to my mind. Only difference was that I was getting fucked hard. He was pumping his whole dick in, and taking all out, only to push it back in. I was feeling very strange. Humiliated at being raped, but also getting a weird sensation due to the fucking. My dick also became rock hard by all the fucking.

Sujit and Sarathi noticed it and said,”The bitch is enjoying”, and squuezed my balls creating more pain. My limped now limped back to 3 inch again. They all laughed as they saw and captured my ordeal in their camera. Anirban was fucking me now for full 15 mins and it seemed he will not cum soon. The viagra was doing the trick.

The other two were getting restless and asked him to hurry up. He obliged and picked up speed. But he was not cumming even after that. He took his dick out, and Sarathi took his place, and pushed his dick inside me at one go. It was now smooth by the rough fucking from Anirban.

Anirban came near face, took his underwear off my mouth, and shoved his dick in my mouth. Now I was being fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time. I could smell my ass hole scent on Anirbans dick, and wanted to vomit immediately. He still kept it in, and bot of them started fucking me furiously. After 10 mins of mouth fuck, Anirban cummed in my mouth and forced me drink it.

Meanwhile Sarathi kept on banging me. Sujit took Anirbans place, and now Sujit and Sarathi were fucking me together. After 15-20 mins like this, Sarathi cummed in my ass. My first bareback fucking, and my ass was filled with hot cum. As he took his dick out, cum began to drool out of my hole. I was having no respite as it was not Sujits turn.

He lied on his back on the bed, and asked me to ride him. I had no other option, so I slowly placed myself on his dick, and sat on it. It slipped in without any problem. The ass hole was very loose with all the fucking. I started to ride him, and all three were pressing chests, and pinching my nipples. I was in a bad mess. Tired, I wanted it get over, and was riding him harldy.

After another 15 mins, Sujit held me tightly on the hips, and released all his cum in me. I was tired, and collapsed on him. He pushed me aside and got up.

I might have dozed off due to all the fucking. When I woke up it was 2 in the night. They were still up, and watching my porn on their laptop. I requested them to let me go. They agreed but asked me to give one final blowjobs to them. I agreed and gave blowjobs to them.

Later I dressed up in my male clothes, and left for my home. I took a taxi as there were no vehicles at that time, and I was too tired to walk. When I reached home, I went straight to bed and went to sleep. My ass was sore, with cum oozing out of my ass.

Back to Current time

I finished masturbating, and went back to sleep thinking what all is in store for me the next day.

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