A Lab Rat For My Friends Part 1

Hi Indian sex stories readers. I am here again to share with you my second sexual experience as a cross dresser. If you wish to know more about esha and rohan, do read my first story “Friends with benefits”. Also write up to me at / / Enjoy the story.

So after my night with rohan, I used to visit eshas place often, dress up like a girl and enjoy with rohan. I didnt let him enter my glory hole again but he was happy in playing with my body.Slowly esha also started to open up a bit and started giving rohan the sexual fantasies he longed for. I used to be with him when esha was upto something else and I used to record them when they used to have sex.

One day, rohan came to eshas house more excited than usual. Esha asked him what’s the matter? He replied,” I just watched a porn video.” esha said,”Whats the big deal in that?” he replied,” listen bitch, I just saw a threesome with one boy and two girls in it. And I think its time we start experimenting with our sexual life.” esha seemed excited but said,” where would we bring in the second girl from?” he said,” we will use yashika for that.”

I was scared and aroused at the same moment. I said,” theres no way I am bleeding from my anus for one more time.” rohan replied,” shut up you filthy sissy or I’ll tell your secret to everyone.” I simply shut my mouth up. He then told esha to convince me or hell leave her forever. He then just said,” next saturday night. Understood?” and went away.

Esha came up to me and asked me to cooperate. I refused straightaway.

She then went inside her room and got her phone from inside. She handed it to me and asked me to see it. I was shocked when I looked at the screen.

She has recorded my wedding night with rohan. She then said in a naughty tone,” lets select our clothes for the threesome yashika.” we both then went to the wardrobe. It was rohans place where we would be spending the night after two days. She said I had to dress up like a girl and well go there. I was very scared but couldnt do anything about it. She asked me what will iwear? I said,” I don’t know. You tell me.”

She then fetched a pair of bra panty she ordered from zivame. It was a cute laced purple bra panty set. The panty was a thong and it barely covered anything when I tried it. The good thing was that my short dick fitted in it completely and wasn’t hanging out. Then she showed me the dress that I had to wear. I was sure that I would be caught if I go out in this but I could do nothing about it. She then asked me to come at her house by 6 on saturday and then I left.

It was saturday and though I didn’t wish to get my ass rimmed once again, I was aroused by the fact that rohan will touch me and kiss me.

I reached eshas house around 6 and she straightaway took me to her room. She told me that her mom was upstairs. I asked,” howll we go out then?” she said,” well go out. Remember that youre yashika and not aman.” I reluctantly agreed.

She asked me to dress up while she also gets ready. So I stripped of my clothes and wore the bra panty that I was shown some days back. Then I tucked in my dick as perfectly as possible.

I then put on the stocking lying there. I then put on the crop top and was amazed that it fitted so perfectly. It showed my navel and my waist so arousingly. I then put on the mini skirt which barely reached the mid of my thighs.

I then put on the black velvet high heels and tried best to practice to walk in them. By the time, esha was already ready. She was wearing a gown with no straps and purple heels. S

he then did my make up and put on my wig and looking in the mirror, I couldnt recognize myself. She then said lets go and we came out of her room. I was glad I didn’t meet her mom on our way out. She had called a cab for us and then we sat in the cab.

It was around 8 when we reached rohans house. I had never been here before. It was a very big house. The guys in the street were checking me out and this was making me feel horny. We quickly went in the house.

After seeing us both, rohan exclaimed,” I am one lucky man today.” he then picked me up in his arms and told esha to follow. We then entered the room with an erotic smell and cool environment. He put me on the bed and then carried esha to the bed.

He then asked us both to kiss. We started kissing and he started stroking his dick. After 15 minutes, he climbed up on the bed and asked me to suck his cock. I did as instructed and he strated kissing esha. I slowly started fingering eshas clit and they both started kissing more passionately. After about 10 minutes, rohan said,” now lets begin the real action.”

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