Experience With Neighbor Teen Guy

This is another real incident happened in my life a year ago with neighbor teen guy who almost seduced me and stayed with me whole night. I am 34 male good looking guy living in my own house in Chennai. I have shared my exp with my lovely brother in law Ravi in another story (https://www.indiansexstories.net/gay-male/best-buddies-enjoyed-blows/). After that incident me and Ravi used to enjoy when ever we get time. Some times we have very soft sex like kissing, sucking in our terrace when ever he comes to our home.

My house is a 2 floor building we live in ground floor and rented 1st floor. Two families lives in first floor, Sridhar is from one of the family who live near steps to terrace. Sri was studying 12th standard that time.

He is very good guy, used to mingle with every one very easily. He used to come our home asking some doubts in his studies or some info to get it from Net. He always looks very naughty doing something here and there and I heard he is good in studies as well. He looks very thin with very cute face (boyish look).

This incident happened last year during half yearly school holidays.

Due to holiday, my wife wants to go to her native place to stay with her parents. On Saturday, I dropped my families in inlaws house and returned back to home sunday. Since I work in IT, every day it goes as planned very busy and first 3 days went very fast. On Wednesday night I felt very bored, called wife and she talked about Ravi and told that he is in Bangalore for a week official trip.

It was around 10pm, I called Ravi and he said was staying in some office guest house since we both are alone we started talking about sex. I told him that, I wants to have sex with him then we decided to have cam sex.

I went inside we logged into Skype and become nude and shagging. Suddenly somebody knocked my door, informed Ravi and I put on my dress went and opened the door. Sri was standing outside asking help to complete his project work. We both came inside, Ravi was still in cam(by the time he was in shorts in tshirt) and told him that Sri wants some project help. Said bye to Ravi and closed cam then asked Sri about what help he wants.

Sri was asking why are you having cam call with Ravi, looks strange. I told him since alone getting bored I saw Ravi online in skype and just called.

Then I started asking him about his project, but he is not showing any interest to that and asking about skype call again. He said something fishy uncle I know why people do cam to cam, I am not a kid anymore.

I told him you are not a kid but not mature enough to know all, now concentrate only on your studies. He didnt listen to me and said, I am already 18 will be joining college next year. The conversation was going like this finally he asked some flower images for his project. I searched and gave him in his pen drive and he left.

Thursday was very busy I came home by 9.30 pm. While coming saw Sri standing in their balcony which is just above where I was talking to Ravi previous day. Then only I realised that he might have heard our conversation, but I behaved very normal and talked about his school and went inside my home. After about 20 mins he knocked my door. By the time, I just took bath and was in towel

He came inside and praised about my body and told that he wants to join with me to gym for workout. While talking he came very close and said how hot you look if you remove your towel as well. I got shocked and told him that dont talk rubbish let me change my dress and come.

I went inside and he followed me and told dont worry uncle I already saw you nude when you and Ravi Anna(bro) were smooching in our terrace. This was big shock to me and told him that Sri you are not mature enough to talk about this and asked him to go home. I want to stay away from this conversation so changed the topics, but he is talking about this only. Some how I managed to send him back and closed the doors.

Most of the time when Ravi comes to our home, we go to terrace in night time and talk about our work.

Some times if both are horny we enjoy like kiss, smooch and little bit suck. But I was thinking that nobody knows that because we have small shelter in our terrace with 2 chairs which should hide us from away. I was tired and slept after that.

Friday I came home early and had next day plan to visit in-laws home to see my wife and kids. Since alone and thinking of having sex next day with my wife made me little horny. Watching some programs in TV, Sri came to our home and started watching TV with me.

Then he asked shall we watch some English movies but I dont have any so he went home and brought his pen drive. He played some movies but it was not interesting and time was about 10 pm so I told him it is boring and I m feeling sleepy.

Then he said shall we watch some adult movies, I said no and asked him to go home and sleep. He was begging me that he get very less chance to watch those movies, he has few movies in his pen drive. Then somehow I convinced and said yes because usually at that age boys likes to watch but place is very big problem for them.

He played some movie, I was sitting in Sofa and watching and I was wearing only Lungi and my cock is in full mood because didnt have sex for almost a week now. I kept pillow and hiding it, Sri was sitting on the floor and leaning on other side of Sofa.

He was wearing track pant and tshirt. I saw his cock also in full form looks very big to me. I know few lean guys will have very big cock, thought might be same with Sri. My legs were very near to Sri head so he kept one hand on my legs like casual, Though I am in full mood I dont want to do with this guy due to his age.

So I removed my leg and sit straight, still i am hiding my boner with pillow. One movie got over in 10 mins, so he went and played next movie. I was watching him, his cock is fully erect looks he did not wear underwear. When he came back he sat on other side of Sofa. Then only I realized he played some gay movies.

I asked, hey what are you playing change it, he said I know you like this and also told that he got introduced to gay sex during his 10th std by his class mates. He is enjoying this for almost 2 years now and he knows everything about gay sex like chat rooms, groups etc.. also 2/3 months before one day when he came to terrace saw me and Ravi smooching and he came back immediately without disturbing us. But he started watching us from steps when ever we go to terrace.

Further he said wants to suck my cock, I didnt say anything to him because I already was in full mood and this guy knows everything.

He came very close and kept his hand on my thighs since I didnt refuse he moved further and caught my cock. Took my cock out of my lungi and started sucking it. wow what a good sucker he is, he sucked like really good pro sucker. Nobody sucked me like that, while he is sucking i hold his cock it was really huge and thick and I was stroking his cock.

He came on floor between my legs and started sucking, I was caressing his head. He is really good at what he does. Time is around 10.45 pm so I told him that will finish fast and asked him to go home because his parent may call him. But he said already informed their parents that he will sleep in my home. Since I am in full mood accepted him and we moved to bed room.

I was already nude and removed his tshirt, wow what a flawless body he has. No hair, smooth silky body. His body is very smooth. I brought his face near to me and was looking his eyes, it was full of lust and started kissing his lower lips.

He responded very well. I like kissing much, looks this guy is pro in all aspects. He is good kisser to, while kissing I removed his track pant and hold our cocks. While holding my cock with his cock, mine was looks very small though I have very good 7 inches. We both were kissing very passionate and stroking our cock, my one hand is busy in his cock, and other hand on his very soft buns massaging.

Then I asked him to lay on bed and I came on top of him and started kissing again, slowly I went down from his face to body, nice flat hairless chest. Bite his tiny nipples, looks he liked that and asked me to continue that and went down his novel and it is so sexy and I was licking it for a while and went further to his cock looks like monster, his cock and body does not match at all. I licked on top of his cock and try to suck it. I was not able to take it fully and he asked me to come on 69 position.

We were sucking in 69, all suckers should learn from this guy how to suck, he increased the speed. I was nearing climax and told him that I am going to cum. He asked me to cum inside his mouth. I came lot due to one week load, he drank fully. I never had such a great sucking experience. I am almost exhausted and lay on the bed, he laid near to me in cuddle position still his cock fully hard. I was stroking it.

He asked me to stop stroking. About 5 mins he went back to my cock and took it inside his mouth, in no time he brought my cock in full mood. He asked me to fuck him, but I said fucking will hurt him. He said had experience before and now he likes fucking lot and he cums lot only if somebody fucks him.

So he was massaging by body here and there and started sucking again.. I became full mood now, he bend and asked me to fuck. saw very smooth nice ass. Looks very tight and told him again that it will hurt because it looks very tight and mine is big but he wants it.

So I saw lotion on the side table and lubricated little bit on his ass, then slowly inserted my cock. What a surprise he is able to take my full cock without any pain. Slowly I started fucking him and was stroking his cock. We were in doggy style and slowly increasing rhythm.

After 5 mins we changed the position, he laid on back and lift his leg to my shoulder and inserted my cock again. Started fucking in this position slowly, He was stroking his cock very fast and he cum lot. I increased the speed and was was almost nearing climax. I was banging him like hell and came inside. Both were very tired and slept like that, during night many time he woke up and sucked mine. i dont know whether I cum or not during night time. But morning around 8 am, he was sucking and I cum then realized that whole night often he was playing with my cock.

We woke up & fresh-up and advised him not to do this with anyone. Looks he does this only with people whom he like very much. He has a friend from school only with him he does this from beginning. I asked him to reduce this and concentrate on his studies. He agreed and left to home, I also went to my inlaws home. After that incident, we had around 5/6 times sucking session in my terrace. Sri got medical seat and moved to hostel, so not having often now. But when ever he come back to home he tries to meet me in terrace.

During last visit we both were talking in terrace and asked him whether continuing this with anyone in hostel. He said no and he is not getting time to do this because he is very busy in studies also he had a girl friend. When ever he get time, he is roaming with her in-fact he had sex with her.

Then I asked him to be careful but he said we are Doctors we know the issues. Also after having sex with her, he likes to fuck girls. So I advised him lot and asked him to concentrate on studies also divert sexual feelings towards girls. He agreed with one condition that when ever he comes home, he should suck my cock. We both agreed and asked him to go down, He first left after 5 mins I was about to leave saw his Dad coming to terrace.

He hold my hand and said thanks then started crying like hell. I asked him any issue or any help needed. After almost 5 mins he calm down and started speaking that around 2 years before he saw Sri having sex with his friend. From that day he had fear that his son will go in different direction and so hesitant to speak this with him. He didnt even share this with his wife and almost crying everyday.

Today he listened our conversation, like big brother which I advised him made him so happy. One side i was shocked that he knows our relation and the other side he accepted and agreed. Then I told him, Sri is so smart guy and he knows what is right /wrong and he wont let you down. He said thank again and left. If you like this sex story please feel free to send your feedback to / /