And I Start Part 1

I am a 34 year old guy from Kerala who is currently way past his prime on all things good and bad. I am an avid fan of Indian sex stories and keep reading up on the gay section and see it evolving over the years. I always wanted to communicate to the whole community about my involvement and how I got it into the first place. I am planning to keep this up with the events in my life from my high school till few years back.

I started off young, very young due to two of the folks in my local community. My parents were a respected lot in the community and everyone knew our family in our village. I belonged to a typical middle class family with me always being urged to study and do good in academics.

The first exposure to any sexual content was seeing posters of A grade films on the walls of our village surroundings, which were either removed or stripped off the very next day they were put up. Moral obligations of some of the people kept those unveilings in check and sort of made me curious a lot about how those films went. Never really got to see one till I was out of school though.

Anyway, coming to the first experience: I got a new bike or cycle ; a BSA SLR as I was commuting a few kms to my school every day. And my parents believed it would help me getting healthier and be less dependent on the bus transport which was horrible those days.

We had one mechanic shop near our house who also took care of the cycle repairs. And I used to frequent the place especially with the way I rode it and roads I took daily. I started getting comfortable with the guy next door to the mechanics shop who used to manage a small grocery shop.

One of those days, I dropped my cycle of to the mechanic and went over to talk to my friend “ Vijayan Chettan” over the grocery store. I couldn’t find him in the store, but heard some voices on the side of the store which was part of his house also.

To my shock he was on his knees in front of a guy who looked older than him and dangerous, with his dhoti( mundu) on the ground.

He seemed to be moving his head to and fro with the old guy’s penis in his mouth. Since I didn’t know what was right and wrong and what he was doing ( I was pretty stupid in these matters); I called out his name. Both the guys looked scared and the older guy uttered something and went out quickly putting his how-many-ever incher in his undies. Vijayan chettan was scared from his looks and didn’t know what to say.

And I am pretty sure, he was surprised when I still stood there and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was helping the older guy out since his wife doesn’t like to. And I kept on asking him questions on what happens and how you do it. This was more of a cue for him to come over and pull me aside telling me not to mention this to anyone.

The mechanic called me and I went over to collect the bike and went home ignoring Vijayan Chettan. I kept thinking about the incident whole night and went over to meet him the next day over this.

While his store was free, he got me into his house and explained to me what he was doing. In his words, he was giving pleasure to someone who was deprived of it otherwise by his wife. I asked him if I could also. Another stupid question, right ?

I still like him and admire him since he didn’t ask me to do anything understanding how stupid I was. Instead he told me about the way people consider it bad and what will happen if anyone finds out.

I was persistent and wanted to try. Who else to try than Vijayan Chettan. I was thinking it would be like sucking on to a sweet piece of candy and the first smell of it made me sort of vomit. I licked his penis and I couldn’t continue.Vijayan Chettan pulled himself out of it and got some honey for me to eat. He applied some of it on his penis and let me try again. I remembered the to and fro strokes he was doing with the old guys’s. I tried to do the same.

I kept on for a bit and I heard him moan softly.

He slowly put his hands on my head and started pushing my head onto his penis violently. I didn’t understand it then .

He was such a soft hearted fellow, but in that instant , I saw his face change and go into a trance state where he wanted to shove it all in my mouth violently.I responded back without fighting even though the smell was making it difficult to continue. He pulled out after few minutes and jerked it off and I saw the first cum of my life from another man’s penis. The milk which drives many nuts.

It was the start and I ended up going to meet him daily to get the honey smeared penis in my mouth to give pleasure to Vijayan Chettan. Not that he was married and his wife didn’t blow him. Three weeks in , I started without the honey and ended up liking it.

He realized that he has struck gold with me and started teaching me ways to add more finesse to the art of sucking. He was at the receiving end of all changes he asked for; including my favorite one then “ keep ice in your mouth and give him a surprise”.

He was my first ever ; and I was 18 or so. Yes, it would have been viewed differently now ; but I initiated it asking for it.

The thing about this community is that everyone knows the new kid on the block from someone. And I was the newest one on the block which he refused to share details on . I was with him for 2 years – almost 3-4 days a week.  Things changed when I was in 12th or my pre-degree when I was going to a different college which was 23 kms from my house.

The second man in my life – Shareef Ikka; started off as someone annoying on a bus who kept hitting my shoulder everyday in the packed bus all morning. I saw him for 2 weeks and decided to confront him once. Worked out in my favor when the bus was quite empty.

He had a seat open next to me and couldn’t stand like he used to. He sat next to me and I asked him what he was upto. He told me that he had heard about me from Vijayan Chettan and wanted to see if I was interested to try him. I was surprised to hear it since I didn’t expect there would be anyone else knowing about my escapades with Vijayan Chettan.

More to come on this.. I will keep writing here as I get time and will respond to emails on / / I am currently not looking , but wouldn’t mind any chats coming my way.