Dream Come True Man Of My Life

I slowly forgot the pain of my last encounter I remembered only the good things. I was again ready for another encounter. But this time, I wanted to be sure whom I was meeting and what they liked.

So I put up another add. As usual I got lot of replies. Out of all I like one guy who seemed decent and respectful. He was ready to meet first on skype.

So I caught him on skype and we chatted about general things. He was a French man. That itself excited me as Frenchmen are known for a passionate sex. I asked him what he liked. Thankfully he said he likes to make love, slowly and he said he likes lot of foreplay. I said I love it too. He said he wants me to dress up like a girl completely with all make up. He specially wanted me to apply red nail paint. I said ok. I told him I was indian and if he would like me to wear saree. He did not know what it was.

So I sent him some pictures of our bollywood heroines. He immediately liked it and asked me to wear it for the night. I said ok. But he was not ready to leave me just yet. He asked me to dress up on cam. I said ok and wore all girly cloths.

He made me pose in different positions and asked me to change many cloths and try everything that I had. I got to know how much he likes watching me in girly dress. He asked if I had stockings. I said no and he asked if I could buy one for our night. I said let me see, if I can I would. So we fixed the appointment for the next day.

So I had one day to shop. I had to buy red nail paint and skockings. I had never bought girly cloths myself from a store.

I used to order it online. But since I did not had enough time. I had to buy it from a shop. So I went to a very big shop so no one could notice me. I went to girls section. There were so many bra and panties and all sexy cloths. I saw no one was there in that section, since it was a week day.

So I quickly picked red bra and panties and a black stockings and a corset which I wanted to wear from so long. I thought this was the perfect time. Oh yeah he also wanted me to wear high heels red colored. So I bought that as well. I was very shy to get it billed. But I did and left the shop. I reached home with all the stuff. I tried them on. It was a perfect fit and I was looking stunning in that dress.

I as usual waxed my whole body, took bath and applied nail polish, lipstick eye liner and kajal. I had put on my wig and combed it. I also got few makeup creams to apply on my face.

Finally when I was done. I was looking stunning. I had put on red colored newly bought padded bra and thong. It was looking really sexy. I was looking aroused by looking my own body. Then I had put on blouse which was black colored.

I then put on my long skirt and wore saree. I wore it very low exposing my navel. I was ready but not just yet. I had put on bindi, earlings and rose. I loved myself in the mirror. I had put on nice jasmine perfume and I was waiting for him. He was a little late. I thought he wouldn’t come. He rang the bell and I ran downstairs and opened the door. He gave me a nice smile and complemented me immediately that I was looking very hot.

I closed the door. He hugged me and gave a kiss. I felt shy but I was more comfortable with him since I chatted with him the previous day. I had decorated the room a little with flowers and nice smelling candles. He was very impressed. I had turned off the lights. He said I really put on lot of effort to make him happy. He was a really nice guy. He saw I had put on red nail paint as he asked. He was very happy and asked if I was getting ready for him all evening. That made me very shy.

I smiled and said yes. He asked if he could turn on the lights so he could get a better view of me. I said ok and I turned on the lights. He kept on complementing me. He said no one could say I am a guy and I had very curvy figure. He had not seen saree before.

So he was really excited to see it. He said it is very sexy. I had a very deep cut at the back showing a lot of my back and since I worn it very low he could see my waist from back and catch a glimpse of my navel from saree. He sat in a chair and asked me to show him my assets. I felt really shy. I said no. But he was like don’t be shy. He said he likes to watch me.

He asked me to put on a song and may be dance a little. I finally agreed and I put on a nice romantic song and I started to dance very slowly by making curves in my body. I was moving like a gal. He asked me to show him more of my navel.

So I adjusted my saree so that he could see my navel. He was in love with my navel. He said it’s very deep and shakes a lot when I dance. He asked me to open my pallu and I did. He had a hard on. I could see a bulge on his pants. He got up and came behind me.

I started to feel his bulge on my back. He was smelling my neck and playing with my hair. He kissed my ears. That’s my week spot, I feel very ticklish when I am touched there. I loved his kisses. He was kissing my back he pulled my pallu.

I stood there in front of him in just the blouse. I wanted to cover my boobs and I did with two hands. He liked it very much. He said he likes it when I act like a gal. That just got me a lot of courage and I left behind all my shyness. I was ready to please him. Man who made me feel like a real gal. I took his hand and kept it on my navel.

He started to press it and I started to bite my lips. He was really loving all those girly gestures I was making. He came in front of me and got on his knees and started to kiss my navel. I loved it to the core. He was such a good kisser. My navel was shivering like mallika Sherawath in murder. I was all involved in what he was doing. He moved up. He took my boobs in his hand and he was fondling it.

He went back again now he was kissing my spine and slowly moving up. He kissed my neck a lot and he pulled my blouse from my shoulders. That gave him a glimpse of my bra strap. He said nice choice of color. I said all for u. I put on my saree pallu and gave him a slutty look and I called him and ran to the bedroom. He came behind me. He liked the chase. I went and slept on the bed giving him a good view of my navel. He loved my navel a lot. Looking at it he was aroused. I got to know he liked it.

He came on top of me and went straight to my navel. He kissed it, licked it, pressed it and did whatever he wanted to do with it. I slowly removed his shirt. He had nice broad shoulders. Very fair and less hair. He was smelling good. He asked me to sit and he came behind me again he started lick my ears and he was holding and pressing my hands. He was complementing me slowly in my ears. He moved his hands inside my bra and was feeling my boobs. It is very soft.

As soon as he pressed it he said I really love your skin its very soft just like a girl. He kept on pressing it for a very long time. I asked him if he wanted me to breast feed him. He said yes. I asked him to sleep on my lap and I put my saree pallu on him and I slowly unbuttoned last two buttons of my blouse and I pulled my bra up, giving him access to my nipples. He started to suckle my nipples like a baby. I was in heaven. While he was sucking my nipples.

I started to rub his dick from his pants. I could feel it was big. When he was done, he said no woman has did that to him and he liked it a lot. He got up and I remove his pants. He asked if I would show him cleavage.

I made him sit on the bed. I removed my pallu and I pressed both my boobs. Trust me I get a very good girl like cleavage. I asked him to pull my saree pallu. He started to pull and he was laughing as it kept on coming. He really liked doing it. I kept on looking at him and we both were looking at each other. I now sat on his lap and asked him if he wants me to touch his dick he said yes.

So I removed his undie and I saw a decent sized dick which I could deep throat. I love foreigner’s dick they have nice white dick with a pink head. He had shaved his dick as I asked. It was very clean and smelling good.

I went down and slowly started from his shaft all the way to the top. I did that many times. Then I took his dick inside my mouth. It was nice warm and for that weather it felt really awesome it was drizzling outside.

He wanted me to hold his dick in one hand and suck him by looking at him. He wanted to look at my nail paint while I was moving my hand on his dick. I never sucked any one like that before. I just threw all my shyness outside and I was sucking him like a real bitch. Looking at him and making real slutty gestures. I then asked him if he would mind if I made a video of me sucking his dick. He said its ok as long as I don’t capture his face.

So turned on my cam on laptop and was sucking him real good. Looking at myself in cam. It was the best feeling. He was playing with my hair and holding my hair. I decided to go all the way. I said one minute and went to kitchen and got honey. I asked him if I could lick it from his dick. He was so excited and said ok. I poured a little honey on his dick and started to suck. I sucked him for a very long time. I slapped his dick on my face.

I rubbed it on my boobs and navel. When he saw my navel he grabbed me again. He started to lick it again.

I asked him if he wants to put honey on my navel and lick it. He liked the idea and there I was sleeping and he applied some honey on my navel and started to lick it. He said he wants to lick all my body. I said ok.

He asked why I dint wear heals. I said that’s for the next session. Now he started to pull up my skirt and he was seeing my thighs. They are really beautiful. I have got big thighs and they are very soft. He just loved it. He asked if I would mind if he sucked my toes. I said its ok if he liked it he can suck.

He started to suck my toes. It was a different feeling. No one has done that before I liked it. He started licking my legs my thighs. He was in love with them. He asked me to pose like a doggy and he started to lick my ass. He was such a good kisser. He licked my womanhood for at least 30 mins. I was in moon. I was moaning like a slut. He removed my skirt and blouse. I was in just bra. He kissed me on my boobs again and removed my bra. We both were naked.

Now he could get better access to my boobs. He started to fondle it and suck my nipples. We were hugging very tightly. I asked him to fuck me. He put on condoms and applied lubrication on my womanhood and he started to finger. I asked him how he wants to fuck. He said doggy. So I bent for him.

He went real slow rubbing his dick on my hole for a long time and sliding it in slowly. He asked me to wear bra again. So I did. He was sliding in very slowly. I could feel him inside.

Slowly he was pushing in. He was completely in before I knew it. He had applied a lot of lubrication. I was moaning in pleasure as he was in. I asked him to fuck me slowly and he obliged. He was kissing my neck and fucking me slowly.

I had loosened up all my muscles and I started to pull him closer to me. He knew I was ready. He started to move little fast. It was in heaven. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. He fucked me for good half an hour. Before he came, he asked if I would take it in mouth. I had never done that before. I had tasted my own cum before and I didn’t like the taste of it. But I didn’t want to disappoint him. So I said ok.

So he took it out and removed the condom and asked me to suck him. I started to suck him. I sucked him for 5 mins and he came inside my mouth. I looked at him. He pulled his dick out and came all over my face. Finally he again gave me his dick to clean all his cum. I wanted to be as slutty as possible for him so I took little bit of his cum in my fingers and licked my fingers looking at him. He got so aroused by that and he said he would make love to me all day.

Then we both went to bathroom and took shower together. I put on bra panties and covered myself in towel. He lay on the bed and was staring at me. I started to dance in towel. Giving him glimpse of my boobs, thighs and ass. But he had something else in mind. He asked if I would go out with him in his car and get fucked outside. I would have gone out with him but he wanted me to go out in girly cloths. That too in stockings and corset.

He didn’t want me to carry any other cloths with me. I was not sure if I trusted him enough. I was thinking what if he doesn’t drop me home. He said it was late in the night and nobody would see us and he knows a place where we can have sex. I said I am not sure. He said it was his fantasy from a very long time and he wants to do it with me. I still can’t believe myself how I agreed to him that day. But I did.

He asked me to put on makeup again and dress up. I got ready and he was waiting patiently. I had put on corset and stocking and high heels. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was looking like a porn star. But I couldn’t walk in heals. He asked me to carry it and wanted me to wear it when he was fucking me. I asked him to go out and see if any ones around. He went out and signalled me to come out. I locked my door and went out. It was chilling cold and it was raining.

He pulled his car and I got inside. He took off. I asked him where he is taking me. He said nothing to worry. It will be fine. Even if someone sees me, they can’t make out that I am a guy.

I had no option but to believe him. He took off and he said it won’t be too far. Our street was empty no one was there. But I was scared. Not because I am going out in girly dress because I had gone out before. But I was not sure if I could trust him.

He took many turns and he joined motor way. That’s when I got really scared there were vehicle on the road. I asked him to take me home. He asked me to relax. He said no one could see what’s going on inside because of the headlight. It took a while for me to relax.

I sat very silently there, then he again tried to comfort me. He said if I don’t trust him. I could take the keys and switch to the driver’s seat. That kind of made me feel better even though I didn’t knew driving.

I started to enjoy the feeling of going out so far in girly dress that too with a partner.

Now I started to feel naughty and I moved my legs up showing him my thighs and suspender belts. He was enjoying it. I unzipped him and started to suck his dick. I wanted to do this once in life time and I didn’t wanted to let this chance go. I wanted to make the most of it.

I asked him to stop the car and get down. He thought I was really going to drive. He stopped and came out. I too came out of the car. I let the door open. He came near me. I went down on him and started sucking him in the motor way. There were vehicle passing by. I bent down.

He knew what he had to do. He put his face between my legs and started licking me.

After a while I asked him to start the car. We soon took a turn and we were in some street. He stopped his car near a play ground. There was good lighting on the ground. But it was very big.

There were places full of tree on the sides. We got down. He was walking towards the ground. But I got up on the car and slept on the bonnet. I called him. I had my legs open and I had worn heels. Looking at this he came towards me and I asked him to lick me.

He started to lick my toes and my legs and finally my womanhood. I never thought this fantacy of mine would come true. But it did. He licked my navel and my whole body on top of the car. Then we got down and walked towards the ground.

By then it started to rain heavily. We were shivering and thought of going back. But he was disappointed I could make out form his face. So said fine lets go. We came almost to the center of the ground where they had light.

We slept there on the lawn. He removed all his cloths and got completely naked. He slept on me. He licked every inch of my body more passionately. Sucking his dick was the best feeling I had in that cold.

He was rubbing my body all over. Pressing my boobs. All this made my body warm up. I asked him if he wanted me to remove my stockings so he could fuck me. But he said no. He want to slide my panties and push his dick inside.

He had put on condoms and we both wanted a fuck in that weather. He started to fuck me. Getting fucked in rain is one of the amazing feeling. We both were warmed up nicely so it didn’t matter what was the weather. He fucked me for long. He asked me if I would run in that dress and we did. We ran all the way where there were trees.

I removed my panties and started to suck him again. I gave him a head for good 15 mins. I just loved sucking his dick in rain. There was a stone bench. We went there and I made him sit and I sat on his lap. He pushed his dick inside me and I was riding his dick like a slut. I asked him to fuck me near the car. So we went back.

While on our way back I asked him to lift me carry me till the car. He lifted me and I felt like a girl. We came to the car where I sucked him again. And turned to get fucked. He fucked me again. I asked him to fuck hard this time. It was so good. I finally asked him to pull it out before he came. He pulled it out. I removed his condoms and sucked him. He came inside my mouth. I was looking at his eyes. He was very satisfied.

I opened my mouth and showed him all his cum and started to suck him again and I swallowed it completely. We laid down there few minutes and we got inside the car and came back home. I kissed him good bye and told him he made all my dreams come true. He too said no girl is better than me. He asked if I would meet him again. But I told him it was a one off thing and I don’t plan on doing it regularly.

But he still gave his number and asked me to call him. But I didn’t. It was a crazy night. I couldn’t believe I did all that. It was a closed chapter in my life I never wanted to do that again because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist it and want to be like a girl for ever.