The New Job Part 1

Hi I am Vimal Mirchandani, I am 29 years male sissy, this is my sex story about how I got it on with my boss (who I now called daddy)

So I have been a closet sissy since I was 18, when I first experimented with wearing female clothes, I loved how I felt in them, after I moved away from my family for further studies I explored the world of sissification more and more, with little help from my hostel room-mate (wink wink! Story for another time perhaps) I loved being the girl I really was on the inside!

This sex story is of when I was 24 recently been working at a corporate office, I used to behave like everyone else while I was in office, used to wear normal guy clothes on the outside but inside I used to make sure I had my panties and my bra on!

Coming to my story this was the last few days of my manager as he was moving on to a different job (as I got to know later, I would move with him).

We were in his cabin I had brought him a going away present, it was a champagne bottle, as I go into his perfect wooden cabin he greets me with a smile as I offer him the gift, while the gift was perfect, opening it up was not as I tried to get the bottle opened up to pour it into the awaiting glasses, it opens with a pop and the champagne pours out drowsing my white tshirt with champagne. Normally it would not be a problem except for the mess but then, my wet t shirt became almost see through exposing my undergarments pink shades to my boss.

Realising my secret my boss grins and calls his secretary “Let no one disturb me for half an hour.”
“Close the door!” as he looks at me.

I closed the office door nervously. “strip!” he commanded. My quivering hands starting to undo my shirt revealing the pink padded bra underneath. He chuckles, “hurry up bitch” I remove my shirt completely and move on to my pants.

Soon my pants were off too, now I was standing in front of my boss in a pink padded bra and a matching thong with my clitty tucked between my legs. He inspected my hairless body with eyes of a predator, “turn around!” I did. I feel his hands then on my lower back signalling me, bending me over, as my ass is pushed to him

spank spankspank spankspank spank spankspank spankspank

As I finch at each hard slap to my ass with a slight but very girly “aaooooww”. I feel the sting on my ass cheeks but also a sense of excitement, may be the girl inside me liked being spanked for being so naughty in office, suddenly he gropes my cheeks with both hand, giving it a hard squeeze, now that turned me on!

Slowly my clitty begin to grow inside my thong as his hand kepy being rough with my ass starting to peak out from my skimpy thong. Of course he noticed!

He reached down with one of his hands to hold my balls while his other hand still on my ass. I let out a soft moan/yelp as his hands cupped my balls! “oooh the slut likes it.” squeezing my balls gently,

He gets up and stands behind me. I then feel a giant bulge in his pants against my ass, all excited and girly I push my ass back as a sign of acceptance of being in his service.

His hand reach out and grab my hair, which he pulls roughly to then whisper in my ear. “you are going to my personal slut secretary from now on, I am gonna call you vimla, and you are gonna call my daddy. Do you understand?”.

“y..Yes!” I replied.

He pulls on my hair harder “yes???”.

“yes daddy!”

“good! Vimla now how about you please daddy with that dirty little slut mouth of yours”

As he sat back in his comfortable office chair grinning, I turned around going down on my knees in front of him, I pull out his cock, out of his pants.

For a sec I look at it, gently stroking it with my hands, I bring my lips to the cock, kiss it gently on the side, then on top, slowly kissing all the way down to the shaft.

As I reach his balls, I slowly suck on his balls one at a time, playing with them using my tongue, I then lick his shaft all the way up to top before taking the head in my mouth. He puts one hand on my head encouraging me to take it in my mouth. “ look at me vimla while you suck my cock!”

I look up to him from between his legs, with his cock in my mouth and his balls against my chin, as I sit there in my pink bra and thong. He sits looking down on me, grinning from pleasure and the feeling of power over me.

As he pushes his cock in and out of my mouth, his strokes starting off slow and slowly increase in speed, soon I was sucking his cock, like a cock hungry cumslut (which I now realize I always was).

My clitty hard from the experience peeking out of my tiny thong, suddenly he asks me to get up. Which I do, he turns me around, bends me over the table. And I know whats coming next, I take a finger, spit on it, then reach back push my thong to a side, and lubricate my hole as much as I can. Then spread my legs and push my ass back inviting him

“Please daddy take my ass! I am your naughty cumslut vimla! And I want to please you”

He grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and starts teasing my hole with his cock, I reachout with one hand, hold his cock against my asshole, as he pushes in into my ass. My ass pussy stretches to slowly take his cock in, I feel electric as my own clitty twitches with excitement. He pushes his cock in and soon its all the way in.

Then he starts his thrust in the beginning he gives small thrusts, gradually building up momentum as he grabs my hair as leverage to push harder, room was filled with the sound of his balls slapping against my ass and my girly moans “ aaah.. Aah.. Aah” encouraging him with every thrust.

Soon I could feel his body stiffening, as with one huge thrust he unloads inside me, I feel the gush after gush of his warm cum filling me which in turn trigger my sissygasm as my clitty licks out its sissy juices without even a touch!

He lets go of my hair and sits down on his chair, as his cock slips out of my ass pussy, his cum leaks out slowly running down from my ass crack to my balls. As a mark of his dominance over me and end of my masculinity, from now on I was to be his cock hungry cumslut vimla.

I ended up resigning from the job at his orders to follow him into his new workplace, only this time it was as his personal secretary

Hope you guys enjoyed the sex story it is only the first part of my sex story adventures are to be continued in next part, contact me on my email / /

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