Fucked On Terrace By Brother-In-Law – Part 3

Hi This is Rahul back, with the 3rd part of the story. Please check my previous sex stories. However this is not a real sex story and a fantasy of mine. Now lets come back to the story.

After my brother-in-law pounded on the terrace, he and his group of friends were fucking me regularly and making me their bitch. I was also loving it, and slowly and slowly was turning into a sissy gay. One day he was fucking me alone in his room, and that day he was a bit gentle with his poundings. I was loving it. When he was about to cum, he took his dick out and went to the bathroom. I was surprised and left longing for his dick in my ass. I stayed in my doggy position till the time he came.

After some time I felt a slap on my ass. I turned to see him, and smiled at him. He came forward and pulled my hair back, and said,”You want more bitch?”. I nooded yes. He then pulled me by the hair and took me to the drawing room, and sat on the sofa while I was on my knees in front of him. He took his phone, and said,”Suck me”

I eagerly took his dick and started giving him blowjob. In the meantime he started recording it. I didnt mind it,as I knew he would not stop and I was his certified sissy bitch. I looked deep into his eyes while sucking him while he continued to record it. It has been 10 minutes that I have been sucking. I tried to leave the dick for couple of minutes for rest, but he forcefully pushed it back. Defeated I continued to suck him. Next few conversations were crucial to what was going to happen in my life next.

The following conversations happened while he continued to record me.

Sukesh: “How is sister?”

Me : “She is doing good”

Sukesh: “And how is your sex life?”

Me : “No Sex life”

Sukesh: “Why?”

Me : “Because of you” (I said naughtily)

Sukesh (smiling) : “Ohh. Why me?”

Me : “Because you have turned me into a sissy bitch. I cannot get hard now without a dick in my ass”

He had a big smile on his face, and his dick grew even more. Even after 15 mins of sucking, he was not cumming.

Sukesh : “Ok. So how is she satisfying herself?”

I shrugged my shoulder.

Sukesh : “She needs a good big dick, right?”

I nodded yes.

Sukesh : “A dick like the one you are sucking?”

I stopped, and looked at him.

Sukesh : “What are you looking? Dont you want someone to fuck you and your wife together?”

Ever since I became a sissy, I always wanted it. But I tried to argue.

Me : “But you are her brother.”

Sukesh : “So what? You are my brother-in-law. And here you are sucking my dick. You are my bitch, understand”

I nodded my head.

Withing few seconds he incresed his speed, and he cummed in my mouth. I swallowed the whole thing without even asking him.

He just laid on the sofa while I started to wear dress. After I was ready to go,he called me near me and asked me to sit of his lap. I greedily went and sat on his lap. His dick was still hard as it was poking on my ass hole. He brought his lips near to mine, and gave me a good kiss. I just melted on his body.

After a long kiss, he said,”Go now. Day after I will come to your house, and make both of you my bitch”. I was a bit scared, and asked him,”What is your plan? Please dont do it. Please” He slapped me hard, and said,”You are not allowed to ask anything,bitch. You are my property now.

Day after tomorrow sister will be my bitch. How i do is upto me. Now go, or else I will upload your porn video on internet”. I got scared, and left his place quickly. On the way back home, I was constantly wondering what he has in his mind.

Two days later when I was in office, I got a call from my wife.

“When are you coming back” her voice seemed tired. I replied,”Leaving in an hour. Why?”. “Sukesh is coming and he is throwing a party. He will be staying overnight.” I immediately understood what this was all about.

He had made his plan, and his coming today to execute it. I became a bit tensed. I replied,”Ok. I will reach home in another two hours”, and disconnected the phone. I was getting restless, and left office in 10 minutes, and reached home in another 1 hour. When I reached home, I found my wife was taking bath. I let her know that I have arrived.She asked me to take rest while she completes her bath. I undressed and waited on the bed watching TV.

After 5 minutes, there was a whatsapp message on my wifes phone. I looked at it, and saw from unknown number. I got curious and started to read the messages. It seemed my wife was having an affair with this guy, and this was happening for the past one week. She has said everything correctly about her, like she is married, whats her age, her vital stats etc. She has also sent a nude pic of her to him. She has asked for his pic, but he has not sent yet.

She even mentioned that her husband(me) was not a man, and she wants him to satisfy him. On this, the guy had replied that he will make us(me and my wife) their bitch,and fuck us both together. On this my wife responded that he should make us his bitch. The guy even sent her strapon pics, and asked her to fuck me with a strapon. She seemed to like the idea, and will buy a strapon and use it on me. They both seemed to like the idea.

Then after some more texts, he asked “Show me the strapon that you bought”. On this my wife posted a pic of huge strapon bigger than any dick I have ever tasted.I was really scared now seeing the size of strapon. I knew I was doomed now. He was continuously requesting my wife to send a pic with the strapon. My wife obliged and sent him a pic. It felt weird seeing my wife wearing a strapon, and I had an instant boner. He really liked it, and said,”WOW.RAPE HIM TONIGHT”.

He then send his dick pic. I closely looked at the dick pic, and instantly recognized it. It was Sukeshs dick. He is executing his plan. My wife loved his dick, and sent a kiss emiticon. On the question of pegging tonight, my wife had replied,”Cousin is coming tonight. So not possible.” The guy reply “Ohh. So fuck him in front of cousin. The bitch should know his place in the marriage”. And then there were few more chats, and it seemed to me that my wife was so horny that she might agree fucking me and fucking her cousin.

I kept the phone away, my heart racing due to anticipation. I got a call on my phone from Sukesh.”Have you reached home?” I answered,”Yes,Master”. He replied,”Good. Am reaching in 10 minutes. Wear pantie.”, and disconnected the phone. I quickly took a red pantie and stuffed it in my pants. I knocked on the bathroom door and told my wife to hurry up as Sukesh is reaching in 10 mins. She came out after couple of minutes naked.

I went to the bathroom, and took bath, wore pantie and trousers over it. I wore a t-shirt and was all ready. When I came out, I saw my wife getting ready. She wore a top without any bra, and short skirt. I told her that without her bra, her nipples are visible. She didnot seem to care, and proceeded to apply makeup.I tried to reason that she should not wear without bra infront of her cousin.

She said,”So what if he sees my nipples. I dont care. He is an adult, and she knows that I have breasts, and pussy which have not been touched and fucked for a long time now.” Clearly she was frustated. I tried to reason,”What if he forgets that you are his sister, and tries to misbehave with you?” She replied,”I will handle that, as I have done earlier”. I was surprised when she mentioned “Earlier”. I was about to ask her what she meant, when there was a door bell. She went to open the door. I went after her.

Sukesh was there with a bag and he was looking dam handsome. He looked at both of us from head to toe,and came in. He sat on the sofa while both of stood in front of him. We were exchanging pleasantaries, when he said the reason for him to come tonight. He said,”I have got a good job, and I am moving to bangalore.

So wanted to throw a party to both of you”. We both congratulated him. He hugged his sister, and shake my hands. I was a bit upset as I will miss his dick in my ass now. He saw the disappointment in my face. He took a bottle of whisky from his bag, and asked his sister to bring 3 glass. She smiled and went to the kitchen. He ass wiggled in her tiny skirt.

Sukesh saw it and bite his lips, and grabbed his dick over his pant. He then pulled me toward him, and gave a kiss on my lips, in the process biting it. I quickly stopped him, otherwise we will be caught. He left me as soon as he heard her coming. She put the 3 glass on the table. Sukesh opened the whisky bottle, and poured little in each glass. She then again asked my wife to bring some plates, as he has brought simple Chinese food as part of dinner.

As soon as she went, Sukesh took some pills from his pocket, and put one each in each glass. It dissolved quickly in the whisky. I asked him what was the pill. He replied with a wicked smile,”Sort of viagra to make all of us hungry.” I understood what it was for. I too smiled at him. My wife returned back with 3 plates. We all sat on the floor, and had dinner along with whisky. We all drank little as all of us were social drinkers. We were in our senses but were getting horny due to the viagra.

After dinner, we were all chatting when my wife asked Sukesh,”Why did you not tell about the job earlier. We dont get to know anything nowadays.” He smailed and said,”So lets know each other tonight” My Wife asked,”How?”.
“A game of truth and dare”. I immediately understood where this was heading. My wife was reluctant, but after persuasion she agreed.So we cleared everything and sat in a circle, and the game started.

The first 5-10 minutes there were some boring question and andswers. And all of us were horny as hell too. Sukesh suggested that we play the game boldly and ask anything that came to our mind. We agreed. It was time for my wofe for ‘Truth or Dare.

Sukesh : “So sister, Truth or Dare”
Wife : “Truth”
Sukesh : “Have you had anal sex?”
Wife was surpised, but she still replied : “No”

Next was my turn.
Me : “Truth”
Wife : “Did you had sex before marriage?”
Me : “Yes”
She was surprised and was asking who it was. But I did not answer. Now it was Sukeshs turn.

Next was Sukeshs turn

Wife : “Truth or Dare”
Sukesh : “Truth”
Wife : “Are you a virgin?”
Sukesh : “No. But have not had sex with a girl till now”, and winked at her. She was again surprised, and blurted,”Gay sex? With whom?”. I was very nervous as I felt Sukesh will tell the truth. But he didnt answer and asked my wife about my choice for Truth or Dare.

Wife : “Truth”
Me : “Whom did you kiss for the first time”

Wife seemed hesitant, and said,”Dare” as she didnt want to answer the truth. And she dared us to give her a daring task. Without much thought I said,”Remove the top”.

She looked puzzled and angrily at me. I shrugged my shoulder and said,”You only said all of us are adults here, and we know what body parts we have.” She angrily took of her top, and threw it away. Then grabbed her boobs and said,”Happy?” Sukesh cheekily replied,”Very happy.” My Wife gave a shy smile at him.

Next was my turn.
Me : “Truth”
Wife : “With whom you had sex before marriage”
Me : “Dare”

My wife said,”I have the perfect dare for you.” I looked surprised at her. She then said,”Give blowjob to Sukesh”. I was stunned at her openness. She continued,”You are no longer a man, SISSY” I was stunned and excited at this. I went to Sukesh, took his out of his pant, and started giving him blowjob. I looked at my wife, and saw that she was disgusted. After couple of mins blowjob, I stopped, and said to my wife,”Done. Happy?”

Next was Sukeshs turn.
Sukesh : “Truth”
Me : “Who was your kiss with?”

Sukesh told my wife name. I was stunned, and looked at her. She just shrugged her shoulder and said,”I only kissed him, you gave him blowjob.”

Next was wifes turn.Since she has already chosen Truth twice, she had to choose Dare this time.
Wife : “Dare”
Sukesh : “Get nude and wear the strapon that you bought”

My wife was horrified that Sukesh knew about the strapon. She looked puzzled at him, when he took his phone out and showed her the whatsapp chats. She realized that she was sex-chatting with her cousin. She went in, got nude, and wore the strapon. Probably the viagra and whisky was taking control over her.

She stood before us. Now it was my turn. I also chose Dare.
Sukesh : “Remove your trousers.”

I knew removing my pants will expose my pantie. But I had no options. So I removed it. The look on my wife face to see standing there in panties was something I will never forget.

Immediately Sukesh said,”I choose Dare”

Wife looked at him,and then me. She then had a wicked smile, and said to Sukesh,”You said that you only had gay sex till now?” Sukesh nodded yes. She continued,”Ok. I give you the dare to fuck my sissy hubby right now in front of me” I was surprised by the dare, as was Sukesh. But we were both happy, but I tried act as if I dont want it.I pleaded so she came toward me and slapped me and said,”Get on your knees. You are wearing panties. You deserve to be fucked.” Saying this pushed me toward Sukesh.

He held me tightly and winked at me. I understood, and tried to act as if I dont want it. Sukesh took me to the bedroom and threw on the bed. I was now lying on my tummy, while both of them entered room. I looked back,and saw my wife watching me while pressing her own boobs. And Sukesh got completely nude and tore my pantie in one go. He then lied on top of me with his dick poking on my ass hole. I was happy internally but acted to stop him.

My wife kept him encouraging to fuck me. He didnt need more invitations, and he pushed all his dick in one go. I let out a soft moan as he entered me. She seemed surprised by my soft moan. She was expecting some crying. Seeing her surprised, Sukesh showed her the video he took last day when I was sucking him and told her everything like how he fucked me on the terrace, how my juniors gangraped me first time, and after that how he and his friends have made me their bitch.

She listened to all this, and came to me, lifted my head by pulling my hair, and spitted on my face, and said,”So this is the reason why you stopped having sex?” I pushed my head deep in the bed out of shame. In the meantime Sukesh kept banging my ass very hard, and he was nowhere near to cum. I was very ashamed of myself by the fact that I was enjoying this humiliation very much.

After couple of minutes, Sukesh took his dick out, and asked me lie on my back. I did as ordered. He then placed his dick on my hole, and pushed it inside in one go. My wife was watching all this in disgust and she was swearing continuously. Sukesh pulled her toward him, and planted a kiss on her lips. She struggled,and tried to pull away, but was unable to do so.

After a long wet kiss, Sukesh let her go. She looked stunned at the recent events. Sukesh said,”What? You are behaving strange. As if this is the first time we kissed. Remember few years ago when you kissed me.” My wife didnt reply as I kept looking her. Sukesh continued,”Tonight I make you my bitch too. I know you are not getting sex as you have written in the text messages.” She thought for a while, then smiled, and then gave him another kiss. Sukesh was going to fuck my wife too as he promised.

He ordered me to suck her strapon and then lick her ass hole. He was going to bang her ass too. She did not mind it, and came forward, and pushed her strapon in my mouth, and started to fuck my mouth. This was something new for me. Getting banged in the ass, and giving blowjob to a strapon. But I was loving my complete humiliation.

After sucking her for sometime, she turned around and asked me to lick her asshole. I did as asked, and cleaned her ass hole clean. Sukesh asked me,”Is she ready?” I nodded yes.

Immediately he took his dick out, pulled my wife toward him, and made he sit in a doggy position. He then placed his dick on her asshole, and asked me suck her strapon. I quickly went to her, Sukesh pulled her back, and they were both upright on their knees. He still had not pushed the dick in. I took her strapon in my hand,and put in my mouth. She held the back of my head,and pushed it in fully gagging me. She closed her eyes and started mouth fucking me.

After a while, Sukesh asked her to stop,and asked me to get in doggy position in front of her. I took my position. Sukesh said,”Put your strapon on his ass hole, and when I say Go, push it in, and at the same time I will push my dick in your ass hole” She did as asked,and placed her strapon tip on my ass hole. I felt few deep breaths, and heard a ‘Go, and all my remaining masculinity went away as wife wife pushed her strapon in me in one go.

I even heard her crying and understood that her anal virginity was broken.She was asking him to stop, but he increased his force instead. She was not pushing her strapon in due to pain, but the fuck she was getting made her push her hip in and out, as a result fucking me too. She was crying loudly now, and Sukesh was getting irritated and said,”Look at your husband. He is taking it like a pro. You too take it like her.” This seemed to motivate her, as she started to bang me real hard. She was abusing me and slapping my ass. This went for a while, but none of us were cuming.

After 15 mins of intense threesome fuck, Sukesh took his dick out, and asked me to wear the strapon on my mouth. I did it. Sukesh asked my wife to ride my face, as the result the strapon entered her pussy. She was very happy and was riding my face. Within minutes she cummed.

Sukesh now pulled her out, and started to bang her pussy real hard, all the while abusing her and slapping her. She was crying due to pain. But the fuck was intense and she cummed again and fell on the bed. Sukesh then called me, and then fucked my brains out. This continued the whole night where he fucked both of us on multiple times and cummed in both of us. My wife also tore my ass even more with her huge strapon. We fucked till early morning, and then slept till afternoon.

We all woke up in the afternoon, and Sukesh got ready to leave. We are lying naked on the bed, with lots of pain and cum in our asses. He asked me give him a blowjob before he left. I obliged and gave him a perfect blowjob. My wife asked him when is he leaving for Bangalore.

On this he smiled and said,”I am not going anywhere. I have got two perfect bitch to satisfy my sexual needs. And for money, I can use you two to earn money.”, and winked and left. We laid there in his cum knowing that we are his slaves,and honestly we loved it. We were eagerly waiting for the next time he will use us.

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