Seducing Fathers Friend Part 1

Hello everyone, my name is Sameer and I am 23 years old. I am from Jabalpur, M.P.

This is my first sex story and please correct me if I will go wrong anywhere.

I actually dont know when I discovered that I was interested in men. But I remembered it all started when I was a teen.

Now, lets start the sex story.

This all started when I was in class xii. I never had any feeling for manish uncle (my fathers friend). One day I went to his home with my dad and he was washing his clothes outside the bathroom. He was in a towel, when I was him washing his clothes, I saw a glimpse of his 7 inch cock which was hanging non erect but was very thick. It reminded me on a horses dick.

Then I started thinking like when I will have the pleasure to touch or suck such cock. But I cant even think of having sex with my fathers friend as manish uncle is very old family and a very decent person. So thinking of sex even in dreams is not possible. Then I came back from his home and but whenever I used to see him, the only thing I can think about is of his 7 inches cock.

So finally the night came when I seduced him. It was year 2007 month of march when me, my father and manish uncle were going together in my fathers bike to attend a function. When we were starting our journey it wasnt even in my mind that I will have to seduce him, but I dont know how it happened.

Ok, so the journey started, my father was driving the bike, then I sat behind him and then manish uncle. I was sandwiched between the two of them.

Suddenly my mind clicked that I should to seduce uncle as this is not a direct approach and since its we are going on a bike this is very normal.

But then also doing all this thing with my fathers childhood friend that too when my father is with me it a very risky thing. Then also thought to give a try and will see how it goes. Either I will be successful or either my father will get to know about it.

So what I did was I pushed myself a bit back so that my buts can touch his crotch area. I adjusted myself and now my buts were touching his crotch area. He ignored it. I tried it several times but all went in vain.

I made my next move then, he was resting his hands on my legs, which is a normal thing as there is nothing wrong in that. What I did was I kept my hands next to his hands and start rubbing my fingers on his hand. He noticed and removed his hand.

After 10 minutes I again tried the same thing, slowly I again took my hand and kept near to his hand and started rubbing and it worked this time, he also started rubbing his hand as well. I was like finally what I was trying to do has been accomplished.

The next thing he did was he got a hold on my hand and was rubbing his fingers all over my hand. But I was not feeling anything on my butts as his crotch area was near my butts and the size of sock he have I must have been harden by now.

So, to check whether his cock is solid hard or not, I took my hand back as if like I am feeling a bit itchy near the tailbone and then I started searching for his cock and after a bit of struggle I finally got as hold of his cock.

It was like a sold hard cock 7 inch in size and 2 inches thick. Wow, I was simply not believing that whatever I have just a few seconds ago was real. It was like a dream come true for me.

Then again I took my hand back to the initial position as it was since my father was with us and if he got to know about all this then it will be very big issue. I again tried to touch his cock but this time I wanted to touch it naked, I want to touch its skin and want to feel it. How long it is, how hard it is, everything.

So he understood that I want to feel his cock, what he did is he unzip his pants by sitting in back only, I got to know about it.

I took my hand to see if I can touch his cock as he unzipped his pants, but this time also I was unsuccessful as his zip was open but cock was under his underwear. I tried to get the cock out of his underwear and after a bit of struggle I was finally able to do it.

Wow, man what a cock it was fully clean shaved, a bit of public hairs at testis. If my father wouldnt have been with us at that time, I would have stopped the bike then and there and would have sucked it as it was a very huge cock.

I started masturbating him by pushing the cock back and forth. The experience was awesome. And what he was doing was kissing my neck and biting my ears which aroused me a lot, it was very difficult to control, I controlled it somehow.

Finally the moment came when out of all this thing which was happening during this journey, he ejaculated all the juice on his pants. I wasnt knowing that he is done with his work but he suddenly stopped doing everything.

When I tried to hold his cock he zipped his pants again and I felt a liquid thing on my hand from which I got to know that he has cummed on his pants only.

And this is how this steamy session ended.

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