My Desire To Get Fucked Part 1

Hi, I am harry.Now I am 29 yrs old but this incident took place when I was 27 yrs.As you, all know how people have used me.I am not a full-time gay.But whenever I get this urge to get fucked all I can think about is a group of men molesting me and using me as their slut.I believe all gays must be aware whenever we feel this urge for sex.My nipples become pink and sensitive and all my blood rushes to my ass.

Moving on to my story.This is about those days when I was in Pune for a few days for some work purpose and checking few profiles out on planet Romeo for some hang around or fun.(you people know what I exactly wanted).Btw my nipples r erect now also as I am writing this story.So after checking out profiles for a long time I finally got some message.And requests to meet up.With some dick pics also.

So I shortlisted some profiles and planned to meet them. Actually what I wanted was a group sex or someone to molest me in a park or secluded open area.But things were not going right and most of the profiles that are shortlisted refused toy fantasy.Fed up with all those guys.I decided to move out on a trip to Lonavala on my bike.So that evening during twilight I started my journey.

Enroute searching for any adventurous incident.I stopped by a lingerie shop.And gathered all my courage to enter that and ask the sales girl for a ladies panty.And asked for something in thongs or g string of pink color of my size.

She was staring at me like as if I have asked her to remove hers and give it to me.She started showing me a few designs.And I saw the one g string style with knots on the side.So I bought that.My idea was to keep this conspicuous pink knots visible to all.So as to attract everyones attention and as no one knew me here so I was safe with my decision.

It was around 10 pm now so I stopped at a dhaba at outskirts of Pune to have my dinner.Ordered a chicken dish and roti.And waited for my order. Meanwhile, I saw an old truck driver checking me out and as soon as I got a hint.

I started seducing him.I showed him a glimpse of my panty and bent forward at times pretending to be stretching to show him my smooth ass crack.That old truck drivers eyes widened.And I can see that lust in his eyes.I was so thrilled and wanted him to fuck me for whatever it takes it didnt matter to me now if he is old lower cast truck driver or anybody.I wanted a dick in my ass now.

So after having my meals as I went to the shady bathroom to wash my hands I could see from the the┬ácorner of my eyes that this guy is following me.Seeing that to encourage him gave him an inviting smile.And oldie truck driver.Followed me to the bathroom.The bathroom was an open. Space and with a few taps.Where he came near me and seeing that no body is around he commented, “chorey chaddi achhi pehanti hai tune”.

I knew exactly what he is up to and said shukriyaa in a feminine tone to encourage him and started walking towards the piss point to urinate.He followed me there also and after looking around that no one is there I lowered my track pants down to show him my g string panties.And smiled and winked at him.Seeing all this the oldie said, “pata tha mujhey gaandu hai tu “.

I replied ” haan hun toh.Kuch kar saktey ho toh bolo “.Hearing this the strong old man came near me and grabbed my ass and said ” kamra dhoondhna padega “( will have to look for a room).For which I said ” mujhey khulley main hi chudna hai uncle” ( I want to do it in open ).

He asked how to do in open as people might see us.So I guided him to a nearby secluded area.As we reached that place he looked around and pounced on me and started lip kissing me.

Within no time he removed his lungi to show me his 7″ long dick.And my eyes open wide to see his manhood.To which he said ” gaand main lega naa.Condom hai mere pass”( ready to take it up ur ass.I have got condoms).At which I replied, ” neki aur pooch pooch ” ( with pleasure).

So firstly I got fully naked with just my g string on me.Which he asked me not to remove.So I obliged.Next, he saw me all smooth body and said ” ladkioon se bhi mast hai tu to bhenchod” ( you r even better than girls )

Saying this he started sucking my nipples.And these were my weak point.As soon as he did this I started trembling and falling into his arms and moaning loudly ” ahhh ahhhhh.Please fuck me, baby.Plz.I beg. Chodooo mujhey aaahhhhh jaan.Baby bicth bana loo apni.Ohhh”.Hearing this he became even hornier and made me bend taking support of a big tree and grabbed my ass and spanked me several times.All I was saying was.More plz.Aur karooo.

He finally took out that string of my panty from my ass and stretched it to one side of my ass to make my ass hole clear. Spat on my ass hole and started licking it.When he entered his young in my ass hole.I was in seventh heaven.And was moaning even louder.

That was the greatest pleasure I have ever had.He knew how to fuck a bitch.He has already put on a condom on his dick and now pushed my back further down to have full access to my hole.Applied some saliva for last time and inserted his tool.Boom it goes in my ass as I was so horny by now feeling no pain.And as such I am a pro now.So only pleasure is what I get.Started fucking me vigorously and noise of his thighs striking my ass and our moans filled up the area.

Without fearing that anyone might see us anytime.We were in seventh heaven of pleasure.Also, it was now my fantasy to get caught in such situation and get fucked by number of men.So was living my dream.And after a few heavy strokes, the oldie ejaculated.Before cumming removed his condom and sprayed the cum on my ass.And gave me a hard parting kiss and let all his saliva into my mouth and I too opened my mouth and took it in.

After our steamy session, we started dressing up after wearing our clothes.He asked me whats my name.So I told him he need not know that.Neither do I want to know his name? But he was a good fuck. For which he asked for my number and said: “tujhey randi banwaa dunga aur apne dostoon se bhi chudwaa dunga ” (will make you a whore and get you more customers) for which I said, “main mazey ke liye kartaa hoon paise ke liye nahi” (I do it for fun, not money).And then he asked me “ab kyaa karoge ghar jaooge” ( will you go back to home now).I said ” abhi to raat jawaani hu hai abhi toh pata nahi aur kitnon ke saath raat ranger karni hai”. Saying that I smiled and winked at him.He must be thinking what a whore I am.But actually, thats what I am.

So friends, this sex story and the adventures of this night will continue in my next story.And let me assure you every word and every dialogue for this story is true.People who have met me know what all I can do.So love you babies till the next part.You can leave comments on planet romeo.My Id is harry_brar120