First Gay Experience Suraj Took My Anal Cherry

My name is Chintu and I am sharing my first gay experiences with you. My uncle suraj was three years elder than me. Suraj use to stay in sitapur and I at dehradun with my parents. Every winter the family use to go to sitapur for two months. It was winter time and we were visiting sitapur. All children use to sleep in one room with and suraj me on one larger bed. Suraj and I use to share one quilt. I was a teen and was beginning to think in terms of sex and was very curious about the sex. I had a good slim body with a very pronounced and big ass and my nipples were also a bit bigger than normal. I was always curious about my big ass and use to fiddle with it. I also use to put my pens in my ass hole and fuck myself with it with the help of some oil. It was my desire to feel a real cock inside my ass and getting fucked by someone and till now I had never experienced it. I always use to fantasize getting raped by a complete stranger in a moving train.

One night we slept around 10 p.M. I was wearing pajama and undershirt. Late at night I suddenly got up and felt suraj’s hand on my thigh. We were facing each other. I felt exited but felt that suraj is in sleep and I left the hand on my thigh. After sometime I felt his hand slowly moving on my thigh. I was feeling strangely exited and thus kept pretending as if I am asleep. After sometime, suraj held the string of my pajama and pulled it very slowly and the knot opened.

Then suraj moved his hand very slowly inside my pajama and started caressing my thigh. The first touch of his hand directly on my bare skin was very thrilling and I started to feel exited and my fantasy of getting fucked by a real cock came to my mind. Then his hand moved to my lund and he started massaging my lund. I was beginning to feel very excited and my body was trembling and I did not know what is going to happen now. I was feeling little scared and excited at the same time as my lifelong fantasy was about to become a reality.

Suraj was now playing with my lund and I started to have an erection. I was full of sex desire by now and as I had the dream of getting fucked in the gaand, I was filled with powerful sexual lust and did not want to miss this chance of getting fucked by suraj in my ass. I wanted to tell suraj clearly that I am awake and enjoying it and wanted him to understand clearly that I am ready to get my ass fucked by him. I quickly pushed my pajama down to my knees and turned around to present my big, beautiful and naked ass to suraj.

Suraj did not expect this but realizing my action whispered in my ear, oh…chintu, maja aa raha hai na!!! Wahh.. Kya baat hai, gaand bhi marwana chata hai!!, don’t worry mein bhi teri gaand maarna chahta hun, par mujhe ye pata nahin tha ki tu gaand marwaney ke liye itna bekarar hai, main to bahut dar raha tha. Chal ab bahut maja aayega hum dono koo. His hesitation now disappeared and he started moving his hand freely on my ass cheeks and pressing them hard. He then started feeling with his hand between the cheeks of my big ass in the ass crack.

He pushed his middle finger in the crack of my ass and tip of his finger ran along the smooth sensitive skin all round my tight virgin asshole, around the small puckered rose bud of my ass. He started rubbing the rosebud and I felt a wave of sensation and excitement spread through my whole body, I began to shiver slightly in anticipation. I gasped aaaaaahh …. Suraj ……. Suraj was moving his finger round gently scratching my asshole, holding my rose bud between his finger and thumb and I was enjoying it very much.Suraj now applied saliva to his finger and two three times rubbed the rim of my asshole with his finger tip making it wet.

He whispered in my ear okay, chintu, I am going to try and slip my figure into your ass now. Just relax your ass as much as you can, I know it will feel strange at first and you will not want to let anything there. But trust me, if you relax and let it slide into you nice and easy……. You are going to love it. I said oooohhh… okay suraj and I tried to relax my ass as much as I could. Suraj then started pushing the tip of his finger into my asshole.

My virgin ass was very dry and tight and the finger was not going inside, he then applied more saliva to his finger and applied it to my asshole two or three times and then again pushed his finger at my asshole. This time the finger went inside giving me a sharp pain. I tried to pull myself away but suraj held me tight and whispered in my year, just relax chintu, relax, everything will be fine. Two knuckles of his middle finger were inside my asshole. By now my sphincter muscle relaxed a bit and the pain subsided very quickly.

He then pushed his finger further in my ass and his whole finger was now inside my ass and his palm was touching my ass cheeks. Suraj said, that’s it chintu, you have got it now. Puuri ungle andar chali gayi hai ab kaisa lag raha hai. I moaned aaaahhhh…. Suraj…..I am fiiinnee ohhhh … I love it. Suraj whispered- chintu keep your gaand nice and relaxed, I am going to move it around a bit now and he started moving his finger round. Then he whispered again – oh chintu, that’s it…. Now feel it go in and out of your asshole oh yes… just get used to it….

And he started fucking my ass with his finger. Suraj then started to slowly spin his finger in slow circles inside my ass. As his finger entered the depths of my ass and touched my prostrate I was overwhelmed by the excitement and felt that wave of pleasure were running through my body, I wanted that finger to go further deep inside my gaand. I was moaning ahhh….. Ahhh… suraj oh….. Yeeeesss ….. Ohhhh.. Yeess .…. Aur andar dal.. He then started rotating his finger around to loosen my ass hole and I was in heaven and was enjoying it. Oh…. Suraj I love you aahhh…. Oh ….. I love it, yeeess .. I also started roll my hips against his invading finger.

Suraj then caught my hand and took it to his lund and whispered in my ear – chintu chal ab ise pakar le, ye hi teri gaad ki pyas bujhaega. I held his hot tool in my hand and suddenly realized that it was very thick as my hand could not circle it completely. It was thick like a big muli about four inches in girth and was at least nine inch long. My own lund was about three inches in girth and seven inches long but this was a monster.

I suddenly felt very scared thinking if the entry of finger was so painful what will happen when this thick and long lund goes in my ass. I panicked and my erection vanished. I was filled with fear of pain. I told him suraj ye to bahut mota hai, I can’t take this inside. Suraj whispered don’t worry you will enjoy. I said no firmly and turned around pulling my pajama up and covering my ass.

Suraj was also interested to fuck me thus he kept his cool as he did not want me to panic. But he wanted to ensure that I get full of lust and become ready to get fucked by him. He said never mind I will not fuck your gaand but I want you to enjoy other pleasures of sex and kissed me on my lips passionately and continued sucking my lips for some time.

He then moved down towards my lund and pulled my pajama down and took my lund in his mouth and stared sucking it. This was a totally new experience for me and I felt waves of pleasure run through my body. He started pumping my lund with his mouth and I could not hold and ejaculated shooting in his mouth. He drank it all and using his tongue cleaned my lund. He came up and said you are very tasty chintu.

He then pushed my head downwards and I understood that he wants me to suck his lund. I was still very excited and wanted to enjoy it. I went down and took his lund in mouth. I was having difficulty in taking it in mouth as it was so big. But I continued to suck it and used my tongue to lick it. Suraj was getting exited and said yeesss … chintu yeess… suck me hard. I want to fuck your throat now. He pushed me down further and asked me to look up so my neck is stretched.

He then started pushing his lund in my mouth, I felt that I will chock but after few strokes his lund started entering my throat and I realized that his whole 9 inches was getting inside my mouth. After few stokes his speed increased and then he came gushing inside my mouth. He ensured that I could not take my mouth away and I was forced to gulp his cum. He tasted salty but liked it. Suraj said chintu you are very good. Let us sleep now.

We then slept. Next morning suraj gave me a smile and winked. That day some guest came and me and suraj were asked to move to outer room on the takhat. Remembering the last nights experience I felt very excited that now only two of us will be sleeping alone and also felt scared about the thick hard lund of suraj.

Suraj realized it and told me don’t worry. We will enjoy the night. Suraj brought a rajai and then went away. When he came back he had a box of vaseline and a screwdriver with a round cylindrical handle that was about six inches long and three inches thick and made of pink coloured plastic having a very smooth surface.

Suraj switched off the lights and it was dark in the room.

He now came to the bed and made me sit and put his arms around me. He then kissed my cheeks and then kissed me on my lips. I was shuddering with excitement. He asked me to open my mouth and inserted his tongue inside my mouth swirling it around my tongue. I was feeling extremely excited and sexual desire was making me tremble. He then asked me to put my tongue in his mouth and sucked it. Our saliva’s mingled with each other.

He then took off my undershirt and pajama and I was completely naked. He then started pressing my breast area and sucked my prominent nipples. It was very strong feeling and my lund became very hard and erect. I now wanted him to fuck me with his monstrous lund but was still scared.

As I was fully aroused suraj asked me chintu do you want me to fuck you, I will fuck you only if you want me to. I was overwhelmed by sexual desire and told him yes suraj I would very much like you to fuck me and fuck me hard but I am scared. You are too big and fat, it would pain too much. But I do want that big lund of your completely deep in my gaand and want my gaand pounded to the depths by that monster lund of yours again and again but I am very scared. I was shivering with lust but was scared of pain at the same time.

Suraj said don’t worry I will prepare your lovely and sexy virgin gaand for my lund and you will feel little pain and certainly great pleasure. But you will have to do whatever I say without hesitation. You have to trust me that I will not hurt you but will give you great pleasure. Chintu you are so sexy and your gaand is so beautiful and big. I wanted to fuck your gaand since I saw you naked in the bathroom two days earlier. I am very happy that now I will be able to do your chudai and make you mine. I said ohhh…. Suraj I love you very much.

Suraj now said ok put this rajai under your stomach and turn round and take doggy position. I obeyed him he then asked me to arch my back downwards so that my ass came up. He then came behind me and started caressing my ass cheeks and then started massaging my ass hole then he spit on my ass hole and lubricated the surface and then pushed a small part of his figure in my love hole.

He then held my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and I felt his mouth reaching my ass hole. The he started licking my asshole with his tongue. I felt a great wave of desire pass through my body.

Then he lubricated my ass hole with his tongue and pushed a finger inside and then second finger of other hand and in between pushed his tongue inside my ass hole and started fucking me with his tongue. I was getting heavenly feeling. I enjoyed a lot and started moaning hard like amm! Ahhh!, surajhhh ..Ya come in more inside me have a tour of my world.

Suraj then took some vaseline on his finger and started applying it around my asshole. He then lubricated my love hole and inserted his middle finger in my ass. It went easily without giving any pain. I said ohh.. Suraj this is great.. Yeehhaa.

Suraj then started moving his finger round to loosen my ass hole and I was in heaven and was enjoying it. Oh…. Suraj I love you aahhh…. Oh ….. I love it, yeeeess .. I also started to roll my hips against his invading finger suraj said yes chintu feel this go in and out…. Just get used to it as my lund will do the same later. My lust and desire was beginning to take over my fear and I said oohhhh .. Suraj I am dying to get your big fat lund to fuck my virgin ass, you will be the first person to fuck my virgin ass.

You are doing very well chintu, now let us try the other finger, just relax and he slipped his index finger next to the middle finger. My tight ring stretched to accommodate his second finger.

With two fingers side by side, suraj started to slowly fuck my ass with them. My gaand quickly got accustomed to the size. Suraj pushed two fingers all the way into my ass and then drew them in slow teasing circles as he explored the moist hot walls of my gaand for next few minutes. Aaaaahhh ….. Surajhhh…. A hiss of pleasure came out of mouth as suraj skillfully caressed the tender membranes inside my ass. Suraj said ahhhh. Chintu now you are ready for more and he inserted his ring finger against the other two. My elastic ring stretched more and accommodated the third invader easily.

Suraj formed his fingers into a little pyramid and started to slide them back and forth. Ohhhh. Suraj I moaned as my tight ass ring was getting stretched as the tips of suraj’s fingers got further inside me and the widest part at the base of his fingers got closer to my hot little asshole. Suraj was doing it gently and within few minutes his three fingers were sliding in and out of my ass easily.

Suraj asked me- chintu… how do you feel? I said oh…. Suraj you are expert, you are giving me such great pleasure, I don’t know when will I get the pleasure of your lund in my gaand? My lust had completely taken over my fear and I was full of desire now. Suraj said, just relax chintu, wait and see I will give you great pleasure.

After fucking my gaand for five minutes with three fingers my asshole had become quite loose. He then took his fingers out and picked up the screw driver and applied vaseline to it to make it very smooth. Then suraj said chintu now lie down on your back and lift your legs up. He placed the rajai under my back and kept both my legs on his two shoulders. He then came forward that made my ass lift up.

He then asked me to hold my ass cheeks and spread them apart. He then placed the tip of the screwdriver at the rose bud and started pushing inside. He just pushed three inches inside and then asked.. Hey chintu kaisa lag raha hai. Dard to nahin ho raha hai. I said nahin dard nahi hai, bus jaldi karo, suraj ahhhhh! Mujhe tumhara lund chahiye apnai gannd mein. My desire had taken over me completely and I was now getting desperate to get fucked without bothering about the possible pain.

Suraj then pushed whole six inches of the screwdriver in my gannd and started fucking me with it. He was rotating it sideways also so that my ass hole becomes loose to accommodate his lund twice the size of this screwdriver. This continued for five minutes and then along with the screwdriver he also inserted two fingers inside that made my gannd pretty loose.

I was now very excited and was trembling with desire and I was moaning ohhhh.. Suraj now please this is enough and please now fuck my gannd with your royal lund, please give that hard lund to me. I was now burning with lust and desire, my whole body was shivering and trembling. Please aab kar tu meri chudai aur phar to meri gaand, please suraj ab saha nahi jata, please ab maar de meri gaand ghusa they apna karak lund meri gaad me aur nikal de mere muhn se bahar.

Suraj then took out the screwdriver and his fingers, applied more vaseline in my gand and applied vaseline on his lund that was hard and erect. His lund was now shining and was at full glory of 4 inches girth and nine inches of length. His supara was bright red and was swollen and was thicker than the rest of the length. He said, chintu get ready, stretch your ass cheeks and be prepared to take me inside.

I pulled my ass cheeks so that my asshole became bigger. Suraj then placed the tip of his lund on my virgin love hole. The sensation of that touch sent shivers of pleasure through my body. Suraj asked chintu are you ready, do you still want to do it? I said yeess .. Suraj please I want it, this has been my life time fantasy to get my gaand fucked by a real lund.

He then gave a slight push and my rose bud started stretching and enveloping his supara. He continued the pressure and with a pop his supara entered my virgin love hole. He immediately stopped pushing. I felt sharp pain and said oh…. Suraj bahut dard ho raha hai. Suraj said chintu if you don’t want I will take this out but this pain will go off soon and then you will get the pleasure of life time.

By now I was beyond caring about pain and was full of sexual lust and desire and I said no..Nooo do not take it out I want your big lund deep inside me but just slowly. Suraj held his lund there with only his supara inside my virgin love hole.

After two minutes my virgin love hole adjusted to the thickness and the pain went off and in my lust I wanted it all the way inside to the depths of my gaand.

All my feminine actions started coming out I started licking my hands and saying ohhhh! Suraj come in I want to feel you deep inside me…please fill my gaand with your lund.

Suraj said yes chintu take it and he gave another little harder push than before no wonder, my mouth was open and eyes went white, I realised 5 inches of his dick had gone into my virgin love hole.

My virgin gaand has been invaded by suraj’s monstrous lund, suraj had taken my anal cherry. I said ohhhh! Ahhh! Suraj you are so big I feel completely filled, ohhhh! I love you. I thank you for taking my virginity and making me a gandu with this superb lund of yours.

Suraj now said ohhhh! Chintu abhi ruk abhi to aadha hi gaya hai abhi to aur maja aayega and he made another big push. I shrieked as I felt that my ass is about to be ripped as his whole 9 inch of lund had gone deep into my gaand and I felt his balls against my ass. I shouted ohhh! Suraj phat gayi gaand, please nikal le mein mar jaunga. Suraj held me tight and said just relax, chintu relax…..It is all right ab to pura lund andar ghus gaya hai le tere man ki murad puri ho gayi ab.

After few seconds I felt that the pain was getting replaced by this lovely feeling of getting completely filled and fulfillment. I had now become a proper gandu with nine inches of suraj’s hard lund fully inside my virgin gaand. My dream fantasy had come true. I relaxed now and started loving this feeling of getting filled.

I now wanted that large monster pounding my ass completely. “Oh god, suraj,” I said with a deep moan. “It feels so big and powerful inside me. Its like youre filling me right up. Do you…..Do you think youd like to fuck me with it now?

“Would I like to fuck you with it?” suraj asked incredulously. “Id love to, chintu.” he took a firm grip on my hips and slowly started to withdraw his rigid cock. My tightly-stretched ass-lips clung lovingly to his withdrawing shaft as more and more of it came out. The intense friction of the hot moist walls of my rectum was incredible as it seemed to grip and clutch at his retreating erection as if it never wanted to let it go. He pulled back until the thick supara pulling on my tight anal ring, and then drove his hips forward.

“Aaaahhh,” I let out a loud gasp as his plundering cock surged deep into my steaming guts. He fed it all the way into my ass in one firm motion until his balls slammed up against my soft round ass. As soon as he touched bottom, suraj quickly retreated until the broad head was tugging once again at the sensitive inside of that tight clutching ring of my gaand. He gripped my hips tightly and pulled me back against himself at the same time his hips slammed forward.

“Oh fuck!” I wailed as suraj powered his big thick dick into the depths of my fully-packed gaand again and again.

We started to work together rhythmically as I started to move my ass back and forth against him at the same time as suraj was driving his throbbing cock in and out of my ass. Soon my molten hot ass was rolling and squeezing his invading dick as I wantonly shook and slammed my full and big tight gaand against him.

Suraj said fuck, chintu, tu to bahut mast hai. Mujhe to kuch kam he nahin karna par raha hai kyonki to apni khoobsurat gaand ko itnei teji is upper aur neeche karke mera pura ka pura lund apni gannd mein andar bahar kar raha hai tu to pakka talented ganndu hai kyonki teri gannd mere lund ki barhiya massage bhi kar rahi hai. I was groaning constantly now and panting like a runaway steam engine as our mutual pleasure escalated.

As he continued to drive his pistoning cock back and forth in my virgin ass, suraj reached around until his fingertips located my fiery engorged lund. He took the stiff little rod (as compared to his huge lund) and started humping it slowly. He then held my balls between his thumb and forefinger and started pressing them.
Looking at me suraj started moving his cock in and out of my hole…..

Again I started moaning, ahhhh!, hmmm! Suraj… thank you, oh suraj yeeesss! Fuck me.. Suraj said that oh chintu teri gannd bahut tight hai, mujhe bhe thora dard ho raha tha, after few moves my hole became more loose and now it was smooth movement so he started riding me hard……my moaning was increasing as his too. I moaned ooohhh suraj, yeeesss aur jor se maar meri gand, aaaahhhh … phar de ise … ghusa they pura andar tak. He said ooohhh… chintu teri gand bahut tight hai aur isne mera lund khoob jor se pakar rakha hai. Aaahhhhh… maine itni tight gaand pehle khbai nahi mari…ahhhhh …chintu I love you, bahut maza aa raha hai.

He was passing some comments like ohhhhh! Meri jaan chintu, teri gaand bahut mast hai jee karta hai main pura andar chala jaau aau kabhi bhar nahi nikalu……main tumhe bahut jorose chodna chahata hun …..And I replied to him haan suraj….. Ohhhhh … meri gaand tere liye hi hai jitna chahe chodo, jab chahe chodo. Jahan chahe chodo… ohhhhh. Yeeessss … aur jor se ….Yeeeeeh … suraj phar dal ise. Ohhhhhh …. Yeeees s… suraj ab ye gaand tere ho gayi jab bhi chahe chod lena. His lund was moving like a piston in my gaand and I was wondering how nine inches of thick lund was getting in and out so smoothly in my virgin gaand.

Every time he pushed inside his balls slapped against my ass. His strokes were becoming faster and faster and he was mumbling ohhhhh…. Chintu, aaj mein their gaand phar dalunga, ise bosara bana ke chorunga. I said han suraj han phar dal meri gannd, chod mujhe aur jor se chod. Bana le mujhe apne randi jab bhe chahe aisey he chod mujhe.

Now he started giving jerks and I realized that he was trying to withdraw his cock from me which I didn’t like I held his hips tightly and said suraj janmo janmo se meri gaand tere pyaar ki pyassi hai apna land bahar maat nikalo mere gaand ko apna pani pilaoo.

Listening to me suraj said le chintu le ab main lund tere gaand se bahar nahi nikalunga, le pura andar dal diya phir se and he started fucking me hard with long strokes taking out his lund almost to the supara and the pushing back whole nine inch up to the hilt in my gaand in one stroke as if he was riding the horse…… and I was moaning… to give him more pleasure… hey suraj I love u very much mujhse shaadi karo mere pati ban jao aur mujhe din raat chodo mere pati parmeshwar ohh… yeeess … ohhhhh. Fuck…

Suraj was masturbating me vigorously and my orgasm was building inside me. “Oh god ….. Oooohh…. Aaaahhh,” I let out a long gasp as my orgasm shot through me.

Suraj held my balls and started squeezing them. I felt the rush of blood in my lund as I felt first rush of semen surge through my hard lund and started spurting out hot cum and came for one minutes. It dropped on my belly and started rolling down on both sides as I thrashed about and convulsed beneath suraj. My squirming body caused the muscles inside my ass to grip down on suraj’s invading cock and the intense friction drove him right over the edge.

“Oh fuck chintu …. Here it comes …” suraj wailed as he felt the delicious sensation as the first blast of semen starting to speed up his throbbing shaft. He gave one strong push forward and his lund penetrated the final depths of my gaand. He held me hard in his embrace and stopped humping. He was now shivering with lust and desire.

The bubbling seed shot out from the tip of his enormous lund deep inside my gaand like a fireball as it burst forth to paste itself forcefully against the hot moist walls of my clutching rectum. Suraj held his lund buried all the way inside my ass as the second, third and fourth thick ropey wads of cum ejaculated deep inside my virgin gaand.

“Oh god…. Suuraaajj …I can feel it shooting inside me,” I said as I kept twitching and shaking as my climax coursed through every tingling nerve ending of my body. Feeling the hot spurts of semen deep inside my gaand and ejaculating spurts after spurts of hot come from my stiff lund game me divine pleasure and I felt completely fulfilled.

Aaaahhhh .. Suraj, you are a great lover, you have fulfilled me today.

Suraj pressed himself tight against my quivering form as he continued to flood that hot velvety ass of mine with his scalding seed. Suraj must have shot nine or ten good sized wads of cum deep inside my ass as I let the exquisite sensations of my orgasm wash over me.

Our mutual climax continued for a long time and we were both covered in sweat from the exertions of our first anal fuck. His cock continued to throb and ooze his creamy semen deep into my ass as my gripping ass massaged and coaxed every last drop out of his cock.

Suraj finally almost collapsed on top of me and the weight of his body pressed me down flat onto the bed. My head turned to the side and suraj could see me gasping for air as I lay with my eyes closed as I trembled beneath him.

“Are you okay, chintu darling?” suraj whispered softly into my ear as he lay on my back. I lay quietly with my eyes closed. I slowly let my breathing come back to normal.

“Oh god….Suraj …That was so good. Im just exhausted,” I said without even opening my eyes. We lay peacefully in a state of pure bliss as we relished in the sublime pleasure that our bodies had just given each other.

As suraj lay contentedly on top of me, I felt his deflating cock start to slide out of my ass. At first it was happening slowly, and then my natural instincts took over and the muscles inside of my ass pressed down to expel his dwindling cock.

We both laughed as it slid rapidly from my collapsing hole until it lay half-hard between the backs of my spread legs. Suraj rolled off my back and lay beside me on the bed. I finally opened my eyes and looked at him lovingly.

“Suraj, you were right. I did love it,” I said as I let my fingers trace lightly over his chest.

“I loved it too chintu,” suraj said as he leaned over and kissed my sweaty forehead tenderly. “You were fantastic.”

“Do you……Do you think we could do it again?” I asked as I looked up at suraj with that devilish glint in my eye. I leaned over suraj and started kissing my way down his chest and as my fingers slid down over his stomach.

I leaned over more and took his almost flaccid lund in my mouth and sucked it clean. Hmmm! It was yummmy… All his cum started coming out of my hole making my thighs warm and sticky.

After that for one month every night suraj fucked my gaand and we enjoyed this relation. He fucked me in each and every room of the house and even on the roof.

He used all position. I lying on stomach and he on top of me, doggy style, he lying down and I sitting on his lund, he sitting on chair and I impaling my gaand with his lund by sitting on his lap, I lying on my back with my legs on his shoulders. We spent one night at his friends place and suraj fucked me there also whole night.

We continued this relation for twelve years and it was not only during winter but now he started coming to dehradun in summer and fucked me in all the rooms of dehradun house as well.

I will always remember suraj who took my virginity with his monstrous lund and taught me so much about getting your gaand fucked.