From Adarsh To Catherine Part 3

Hello, everyone!! So here comes the third part of the sex story and as I had said in the last part, those who dont know have a clue about the story read the previous ones. Also, dont forget to mail the feedbacks on / / (special preference in replies to Keralites ha ha)

So finally I have reached the apartment of David and well as I guessed it was a Porsche one. So as David had told me earlier what to do I just followed it and got into his room. I could see that it was already arranged for a romantic evening.There were dim lights which produced a slightly pinkish lights. Wild aroma of some room fresheners that will make even the most saint horny.I thought of calling David and enquiring when he will reach so and so.

Me:- hello handsome.

Dav:- hey bitchy babe. Cant wait to eat your bubbly body. Keep it fresh…Ill reach there within 10 mins to taste the meat. (he said in a dominating tone)

I cut the call and checked my dress,applied the famous purple CK perfume and took a look into the fridge, just to check whether anything is available to satisfy hunger after the Hungama in bed and switched on the tv and put some Hindi romantic song on it.

15 minutes later I heard the calling bell. It was like a thunderstruck to me. The excitement was at its peak and I rushed to open the door. When opened the door I saw David standing there with an alpha smile on his face wearing a denim t-shirt and jeans. He was well dressed for the occasion and it was really a hard on to see his rippling muscles that seem to protrude through his shirt.

He was scanning me from top to bottom and there was a huge polarity in our expressions. He was in his macho look and its easily understandable that he is the one in control there from his look, not even flinching a bit and scanning me while I was giggling n shying away from his look like a girl. He came inside hold me by my waist and pulled me towards him

Dav:- hi Catherine I didnt know you look this hot in saree. You look more slutty than many of my hot lady colleagues.

Before I can say anything he began kissing me. That liplock was amazing, he began exploring my mouth with his lips and he was doing it so well. He was literally eating my lips and his biting was a bit intolerable as well. He also was pressing me towards him and it was a bit uncomfortable for me.

But I was helpless against it masculine strength and was shivering inside his hulky arms.He was squeezing my ass cheeks like anything. My buttocks which are buttery soft are being crushed by his rough hands.He quickly uncovered and removed my saree and inners (why was he so adamant I should wear those things if he wants to remove it within 2 mins!!) now I was completely nude in front of him and he was using my soft body like anything, kissing,biting,pressing, squeezing and what not.

“Its softer and bubblier than a girls. You will surely make every bombshell a run for their money if you were a girl….Well actually even now….Will make even the straight men a hard-on” he complimented and I gave a thank you moan.

For the next 10-15 mins, he was doing whatever he wants with my body. Now he asked me to be on my knees and demanded to show my skills with tongue and lips.

I gave a lusty smile and keeping eye contact with him began unpacking his tool. It was 8″ long muscular dick and I was mesmerized by the hardness of it. It was brownish and had all the veins etc in it with hardly any hair anyone with a feminine mind will love to blow it. Even before I did anything it was rock hard.I held it in my hand and squeezed it. “Use your mouth slut.I dont need it in my mouth anymore” he ordered again and I obliged. Kissed the dick from top to bottom and I put it in my mouth,well it hardly fit inside my mouth. Rolled my tongue and began blowing it.

He was surely in 7th heaven as it was clear from his expressions. I used my lips and tongues effectively. He was adjusting his seating all the way which gave clear idea that he was loving it.

After 10 mins he splashed his cum in my mouth and finished. I got up and tried to his him, suddenly he grabbed my throat and told with an arrogant and dominating tone, “Know your place whore, what do you think you are my gf….You are just my fuckdoll, once your mouth touched my dick you are no cannot kiss or bring that slut filthy mouth of yours anywhere near my face understand? Your body is mine to please with not the other way around” I nodded submissively.

He told me to grab him a drink and I asked what he told me. Now he didnt ask about how we should enjoy this night or anything like that. “make my dick hard again slut” that was his next order and I was really enjoying a man commanding me as I this whore ooo man I loved it.

I began rubbing my ass cheeks against his dick and continued a rhythmic movement and I sensed it began getting super hard in just a few minutes I was actually rubbing my whole body against him but seems he was interested in only my ass.The softness of my buns brushing the manly tool my 4-inch limp dick was harder than ever…Well, I realized Im in for a really long night and he wont stop going hard on me.

The twist that could change my life was about to happen and I had no clue of it at that time.

To be continued…