Getting More Cocks Rajan And Dilip

I was having a great time as both Vineet and Suresh were giving me great fucking experience every day and I was getting at least four times a day. One afternoon when Suresh was not in the room, Vineet had fucked me three times in a long one hour session and I was very satisfied and tired. Vineet kissed me gently and asked,”Chintu, are you happy and enjoying this fucking? I said, “Dear Vineet, you and Suresh are giving me so much pleasure and I am thoroughly enjoying this great fucking of my ass by both of you every day”.

Vineet said, “Some of my friends also want to give you this pleasure, what do you think?” “Have you been talking to others about this Vineet, this is very naughty of you, I will be in trouble”, I said. Inwardly I was very excited that he has talked to others as well and I could get few more cocks for my ass fucking.

Vineet said, “No no there will be no trouble, I just spoke to my close friends Rajan and Dilip and if you agree they will be very happy to give your ass the taste of their cocks. Both of them have large and fat cocks. You will have great time as you like to be fucked with large fat cocks. But I will tell them only if you agree”

“I am totally indebted to you for giving me such pleasure and I will be willing to get fucked by any one if that pleases you. So if you want to please your friends I would love to let them fuck me and ravish my body.” I said.

“Thanks a lot Chintu, you are such a sport. I am sure you will enjoy fucking by their strong fat cocks as you enjoy with me. I will fix it up and let you know”, Vineet said.

At 6 p.m. Vineet told me that Rajan will meet you on the roof at 8 p.m. Please meet him there.

I was very excited that today I will get another cock in my ass and was expecting a cock as strong as Vineet. My plan to get fucked by many more batch mates was getting executed. I was full of lust and excitement and hardly ate dinner and quietly through the staircase I went up to the room at 8 p.m.

It was dark and after my eyes got adjusted I realized that Rajan was standing in a corner. I approached him and reached close to him.

Rajan looked at me for few seconds and then hugged me hard. Oh….Chintu, you are such a darling. I have been dying to have you for last four years. You are so beautiful, especially full rounded ass of yours and these beautiful baby boobs. I have been lusting to fuck your beautiful ass since last four years. He then placed his lips on my lips and started kissing me passionately I moaned. Ohhhh… yeeesss… Rajan, I also lusted for you and wanted to get fucked by you hard. You are such a talented boys and it would be my pleasure to get fucked by you. OHHH, MEREI GAAND THUMHARE LUND KI BAHUT PYASI HAI. He pushed his tongue is side my mouth and I started sucking it. Then he sucked my tongue and we were like this for next five minutes.

Our tongues were lashing as our hands started exploring each others bodies after a few minutes of passionate kissing, he squeezed one of my ass-cheeks and said lets take this to the room. Eager with anticipation, I immediately got up and let him lead me to his room. He sat me down on his bed and leaned me back as he began kissing me again.
This time, as I kissed him, my hands ran slowly over his cock. I could tell he was starting to get hard. I got off the bed and kneeled down in front of him. I slowly slipped his shorts off him and out sprang his fully-erect tool. It was just like how Vineet had described it: about 9 inches long, uncut and of an appropriate width. OHHHHH… RAJAN, AAJ BAHUT MAJA AAYEGA. KYA MAST LUND HAI TERA… AAJ MERI CHAHAT PURI HO JAYEGI He then took off his tea shirt and he was completely nude. He took off my tea shirt and pulled down my short and underwear in one swift motion and I was also fully nude now.

I carefully looked at his naked body. He was very well build with strong arm muscles, well developed muscles on his chest and stomach. Strong legs with powerful thighs and well developed calf muscles, his 9 inch long and 4.25 thick cock with well pronounced large bulbous head and two large balls he looked very powerful. He looked like a body builder having great strength. I was glad to see he was fully shaven. I knew with such a body he can fuck me hard with great power. I wanted to have a long fucking by this great body and therefore decided that I should make him ejaculate once before he starts fucking me so that he can give me a long fucking as he will not ejaculate quickly later if he gets orgasm before he starts fucking my Ass. I exclaimed, “What a great body you have Rajan! I want you to fuck me for a long session. I am going to enjoy this very much”I grasped the base of his cock with one hand and slowly started to work it. He moaned a little and smiled at me. I smiled back and lowered my head to give the head of his cock a little kiss. I proceeded to take the head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it while my hand kept working on his shaft. He was moaning ohhhh…. Chiiiintooo Soooooo…. Nice… ohhhhh…. Suck me hard…. OHHHH.. TO BAHUT EXPERT HAI, AAJ MUJHE BHI BAHUT MAJA AANE WALA HAI I played with the head for some time and then felt one if his hands at the back of my head.

I grasped the base of his cock with one hand and slowly started to work it. He moaned a little and smiled at me. I smiled back and lowered my head to give the head of his cock a little kiss. I proceeded to take the head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it while my hand kept working on his shaft. He was moaning ohhhh…. Chiiiintooo Soooooo…. Nice… ohhhhh…. Suck me hard…. OHHHH.. TO BAHUT EXPERT HAI, AAJ MUJHE BHI BAHUT MAJA AANE WALA HAI I played with the head for some time and then felt one if his hands at the back of my head.

I took that as a sign and plunged my mouth down on his cock. I can honestly say that of all the cocks I had ever sucked, this one was the finest to have ever entered my mouth. He gave a very exited groan.. grrrrr…….. ohhhhhhh…… I found myself bobbing up and down his cock, pushing it all the way in till my lips touched his balls. Soon he had both his hands at the back of my head as he guided the speed with which I sucked him off. His moans were full of lust and loud now…. Ohhhhhhhh….Chintoooo, you are soooo… good….. oh…..fuuuuckkkkk…. I looooveee iiitttt……

His hips started thrusting up so that with every thrust his cock was shoved all the way down my throat and made my eyes water. For some respite, I took my mouth off his cock and started licking his balls. I again took his cock in my mouth and started sucking his large bulbous head hard. He again started pumping his cock in my mouth. This carried on for two minutes and he started moaning “Ohhhhh…Chintuuu…yes suck me…suck me hard…, Ohhhhhh you are expert…..” His pumping increased and he almost shouted, “Ohhhhh… yes Chintoooo,….Ohhhhhh.. Aahhhhhhh…. I am coming” He pushed his cock deep in my throat and I felt his cock pulsating and first gush of his warm semen hit the back of my throat. He came in long spurts for about a minute and I gulped his semen completely. It was thick, salty and gave me great taste. I continued sucking his cock and sucked the last drop out and licked him clean. Rajan Said, “Oh Chintu, that was gooood…. I have never come so much… This was fantastic experience”. His cock had now become flaccid.

He felt disappointed and said, “Oh no how will I fuck you now, my cock has become flaccid?” I said don’t worry, we have lot of time and I will make your cock ready again soon, so that you can fuck me for a long period with your strong body and long cock. I wanted you to ejaculate before the fucking session so that you could hold for a longer time and give me a long hard fuck. He said,”Chintu, you are an expert, now please help my cock regain strength so that I can fuck you hard”

I now lied on the bed and asked him to kiss me. He came on top of me and started kissing my lips then moved down and started sucking my baby boobs. He moved further down and gave the head of my cock a little lick. I didnt have to wait long as I found his lips wrapped around my dick. He didnt have his technique perfected like I did, but I could tell he was no stranger to sucking cocks. His enthusiastic sucking was making me really hot. I was moaning…Oh…..Raajaaaan….. yeeessssss…..of Fuuucckkkkkk….. He gave my dick a few more licks, then got up and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you now; Chintu my LUND is ready now.” ABHI TAK TUJHE KAPARE PAHAN HUYE HE DEKHA THA PAR THERE NANGI GAAND TO BAHUT HI MAST HAI, AAJ MEIN ISE PHAR DUNGA.

I saw that his cock had again grown to full glory of nine inches and his large bulbous head looked larger and shining purple. I responded with a kiss on his lips and said RAJAN AAJ MEIN TUJHE BAHUT MAJA DOONGA, MEIN BHI CHAHTA HUEN KI TO MERI GAAND PHAR DE GHUSA THEY APNA PURA LUND MERI GAAND MEIN. I laid him back on the bed; he reached over the bedside table, pulled open a drawer and brought out a bottle of lube. I licked his cock a few more times. As he lay back, I took a bit if lube and massaged it into my ass. I then leaned over and kissed him, while I took some more lube and oiled up his cock. Our lips parted as I slid back into the cowgirl position, with my ass hovering over his cock.

LEY RAJAN, AB MEIN APNI GAAND TERE LUND KE HAWALE KAR RAHA HUN. I gently lowered myself onto his cock and felt the large bulb of his cock on my puckered rose bud hole. I pushed a little and felt his large bulbous head extending my sphincter. I relaxed my ass and pushed again felt the head pop in. It was simply amazing. I held it like it for few second and Rajan said, RUK KYON GAYA, AB PURA ANDAR TAK DAL NA. He tried to pull me down. Once the large head was in rest was going to be easy. I started pushing down again and felt his hard, thick rod entering my ass. It was rock hard and the friction of his thick and hard cock with large head penetrating the depths of my ass was generating burning sensation that sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. I sucked air inside as the sensation was too much to control.

I was trembling with lust and desire. Soon he was completely inside me and I felt his large balls on my ass cheeks. OH…RAJAN LE AB TERA PURA LUND MERI GAAND MEIN GHUS GAYA HAI. Just relax I will give you great pleasure now. His cock was buried deep in my GAAND and my rectum muscles were clutching it hard. It was a great sensual feeling, the warmth of his long and fat LUND were sending waves of pleasure in my ass and I was trembling with lust. I moaned OHHHH… RAJAN …..OHHHHH…. you are so big… you have filled me completely… I Looooveeee your big LUND deep in my GAAND. I now slowly started riding his cock, alternating between short and deep thrusts. I found his hands on my hips, while my hands explored his manly chest. He was moaning. OHHHHH…. CHINTOOOO… you are a perfect GANDU….. BAHUT MAJA AA RAHA HAI…. Tere GAAND TO BAHUT MAST HAI, AISA LAGTA HAI JAISE MERA LUND KISI BHATII MEIN HAI…. KYA GARAM GARAM GAAND HAI TERI. AB JARA JOOR SE KAR NAAA…

I started picking up the speed, I was quickly raising my ass up so that his whole cock would came out except his large bulb and then pushing it down in one stroke so that his cock penetrated my ass to the hilt. I was now humping his cock hard and kept trying to have deeper and deeper penetration of my ass. He too started thrusting his hips in rhythm and I found his cock getting buried deep inside me. On every thrust I was moaning OH…..Yeeessss… OH….. Fuck….. It was the best feeling in the world and then out of nowhere, he gave a massive thrust and raised his butt of the bed, lifting me into the air as well. His cock was buried as deep as it can possibly go.

I arched my head back as a loud moan escaped my mouth as sweet pain mixed with pleasure. . I screamed OHHH….. Raaaajannnnn…. Yeeeesssssss…. AUR ANDAR GHUSER DE…. BUJHA DE ES GAAND KI PYAS He did it again, and again. By the fourth thrust I was begging him to fuck me harder and not stop. Ohhhhhh….. Rajan…. Fuck me hard…. PHAR DE MERI GAAND…..OH….Yeeessssss. Jusssst don’t stop nowwww….ohhhh… eyyeeeesssss…..

But stop he did. He made me get off and laid me on my back. He raised my legs into the air and pushed them back till my knees were almost touching my face. Ley CHINTU… I will fuck you really hard now get ready for this. His eyes were wild with lust as he took his cock and pushed it back in my hole in one push. His cock surged through the velvety ass of mine and was buried to the hilt. He started fucking my ass in long fast stride and I was groaning with lust on every thrust of his. Yeeeesssss… Oh…….. Fuckkkkk me harder. AUR JOR SE RAJAN Ohhhh….. Deeper…..He was fucking me in this weird missionary position and I absolutely loved it. His every thrust was fast and deep as he almost pulled his entire cock out before thrusting it back in again. Yeesss Rajan……ohhhhh….ayiiiiii… you are suuuchhhh a great fucker…. Oh…. AAJ MAJA AA GAYA. My one hand was firmly gripping his ass-checks, egging him to go deeper.

With other hand I jerked myself off and we gazed into each others eyes as he kept fucking me hard and fast and I knew that he was perfect for me. I screamed ooh shit! Im gonna cum! He started pounding me even more furiously and I could hold it no more. I came in huge spurts all over my own chest and face, even managing to catch some of it in my mouth as I came. My ass tightened around his cock and I could hear him saying, “Oh Chintu baby, you are so tight. He continued pistoning me for 15 minutes and his strong powerful body did not relent and his strokes became stronger and stronger.

He now got off me, pulled me onto the floor and made me kneel in front of him doggy fashion and thrust his cock in my Ass from behind in one single stroke. He was now fucking me with long powerful strokes. His whole cock was coming out and going into the depths of my Ass like a railway engine piston and his hands were pinching my boy boobs hard. It was a great lustful and sensual experience. I was pushing my ass back so that his cock goes even deeper in my ass. Oh….. yeeeesssss Rajaaaaan… fuck haaaaarrder…. Ohhggggg… yesssss… yesssss… ohhhhhh….He continued to drill my ass without any respite and I was getting great pleasure, this continued for another 20 minutes. Rajan was fucking me for last 40 minutes and this was the longest I had ever been fucked by anyone.

Fuck yea! Im going to cum and I heard him scream with the next thrust. He gave one hard push and held me very hard in a strong embrace and stopped his thrusting. He was pressing his cock deep inside me as if he wanted to enter completely in me. I felt his cock pulsating deep inside my ass, I heard a loud moan ‘Ohhhh … yeeeesss…. Ahggghaaaaa…..” and felt the first stream of his hot cum hit depths of my ass. He ejaculated six times for about a minute with large wads of thick sticky semen filling my ass. He started thrusting again and every thrust afterwards came with a moan and a fresh stream of hot cum deep inside my ass. He shuddered as I contracted my ass muscles to squeeze the last few drops of cum from the tip of his penis.

He stopped thrusting now and we stayed unmoving for some time with Rajan holding me in his tight embrace, his cock buried deep inside my ass, still pulsating. Both of us were breathing heavily. “Oh……. Chintoooo…. That was a great fuck… you are really great and have given me such pleasure”. I said, “Rajan, you are so strong and have given me the longest fuck ever, I thank you for this. The pleasure you gave me was fantastic and you have given me great satisfaction. I wanted to get fucked by you for a long time and today you have fulfilled my ambition. You can fuck me whenever you want now, just let me know.”
His cock started becoming flaccid now and he withdrew it from my ass and his semen started flowing out of my ASS. He took a towel and very caringly cleaned me and again kissed me softly and said thank you.

He wore back his shorts and T Shirt. I was still lying naked on the bed and felt very satisfied and tired. He gave me my clothes. As I was getting up to dress up there was a loud knock on the door. I started getting up quickly. Rajan said don’t worry, this would be Dileep and he opened the door and Dileep came inside.

He looked at my naked body and said now it is my turn. Are you ready Chintu? I wanted to say yes but as I was tired and had a great fuck I said, “Dileep I want to give you also a great time. I am dying to take your strong Bihari cock in my GAAND but I am tired right now and also not fresh and clean. I want to give you great pleasure as I have given Rajan, but I need some time to regroup myself. Right now it is 9.30, I will go back have bath and come back here at 11.30. fresh, clean and bubbly to get a great fuck from you.” Rajan said, “Dileep he is a great fuck, I have never had such a great and pleasurable fuck, let him go and come back later.”

Dileep agreed and I wore my clothes and went back to my room. Vineet was in the room. He asked me,”Hello Chintu, how was it. Did you enjoy the fucking by those two strong studs.” I said, “Vineet I thank you for your help, I had a great time with Rajan for last hour and half. He is so strong and powerful. He fully satisfied me. I still have to enjoy my session with Dileep as Rajan took all this time. It was a great fucking session. I thank you once again. I am looking forward to fucking by Dileep. I am resting for a while then have a bath and go back to their room at 11.30. You will be able to fuck me very late tonight after I come back from their room late at night. They are your friends and I have to look after them.” He said, “That is fine, you go and have your session with Dileep and I will wait for your return and will have a relaxed fucking session in my bed.”

I closed my eyes and slept for next fifteen minute and then went to bathroom to take a long bath. I cleaned my ass with lot of water. After 15 minutes of bath I felt nice and relaxed and toweled myself slowly, wore my clothes and reached back my room. I lied down on the bed and relaxed for a while. I was now fresh and was feeling tingling feeling in my body in anticipation of another great fucking session with Dileep.

I was looking forward to it now and was fully ready for the great fuck that I was anticipating. It was 11.28, I got up went towards Rajan and Dilips room. I knocked and Dilip opened the door and took me inside. He told me that Rajan has gone to Pankaj’s room as he wanted to enjoy me alone. I felt nice that he wants to relish me alone in privacy. He said, “You are tired and I want to freshen you us by giving you a body massage first and then we will enjoy each other.”

It was an interesting suggestion and I agreed. He slowly undressed me, gently caressing my body. Once I was nude he made me lie face down on the bed. Dilip said,” Oh…Chintu, you have such a beautiful sexy girlish body. This slender waist, big rounded full ass cheeks, long slender thigh and very prominent small boy boobs. You have such beautiful eyes, full cheeks and very sensuous lips. I am going to love enjoying this lovely body.”

Dileep uncapped a bottle of baby oil and with his warm hands, smoothed it into the skin of my back. He straddled my hips and rubbed more oil into my back, my neck, my shoulders my arms. Every stroke felt wonderful, every word he spoke was peaceful and kind and calming. My tiredness left me as he soothed me. He moved down and oiled my legs, stroking and massaging.

Now he spread my legs and knelt between them. He had more oil, massaged my feet my calves, the backs of my legs, my hips and then the cheeks of my butt. His massage turned more to a caress, his fingers delving and probing, the oil easing his progress as his fingers expertly explored the cleft between my buttocks and toyed with first my pink rosebud and then the full sack of my scrotum. His soothing touch and his soothing words of appreciation of my body felt so new, so expert and so welcome to my desiring body. Then he rolled me over and leaned over me, his eyes taking in my willing body.

Parting my lips for his kiss seemed the most natural thing in the world. His tongue invaded my mouth in such a strong commanding kiss that my mind was lost in the feel of it pushing and probing, his lips caressing mine, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth, his wiry moustache a constant reminder of his masculinity. Dileep broke the kiss and continued to massage and caress my body, this time my chest and thighs, my mind whirling as he pinched and pulled at my tight nipples. I was now moaning, “Ahhhhhh….. ohhhhhh .. Dileep, Oh…. Yessss… Ahhhhh…. and then his hand closed in on my very agitated hard young cock. He knelt between my legs and leaned forward and kissed me again as his hand encircled me. How I did not come right then I do not know, but his expert hand stroked me slowly as his tongue again dove between my willing lips.

He continued his caresses as he knelt back up, spreading my legs as he looked into my eyes, he was enjoying me and wanted me to know it. His oil soaked hands caressing my cock then the tight sac of my scrotum and down into the cleft between my legs. Lifting my legs up onto his shoulders he kissed my calves and caressed the cheeks of my ass, his fingers repeatedly spreading my cheeks and slipping between them. He leant forward again, this time bending me almost double as his lips again found mine. His crotch was crushed against my ass as his strong body pinned me down in another hungry kiss. I could feel the length and breadth of this thick cock, now hard in his shorts as he ground down into my spread buttocks.

His control over me was fabulous, I had no desire to do anything other than be his plaything. Always on top of me, he kissed me and caressed me and rolled me over and over, rubbing his strong manly body against mine as he brought me closer and closer to an amazing orgasm. He stroked me in his hand, lying half on top of me, kissing me, watching me, slowly tantalizing me with gentle strokes closing in on relief, letting me know that his hand and therefore his will controlled my pleasure. I reached up to kiss him, my hands now around his broad back and then he stroked me harder, faster holding me as my body exploded and released a torrent of cum onto my stomach and chest. My hips jerking hard up into his thigh as I writhed in the pleasure of the wildest orgasm I could imagine.

I was spent, he laid with me, whispering to me as my breathing slowed, his hand still caressing my now shrinking cock. He cleaned me up with a hand towel and kissed me some more, his ardor still not slated. He now got up and started removing his clothes. I saw his naked body now. It was well built and strong and I knew he will give me a great fuck. He had a long curved cock about 9.5 inch long not as fat as Rajan’s cock but probably slightly longer. I was still lying on the bed naked and somewhat shell shocked from the experience. Not at all sure that I was ready for the next step, the pressure and desire released now leaving me all too aware that what I was doing was well outside the parameters of my previously entirely heterosexual life.

He was naked now and he wrapped me up in his strong arms and leaned down, kissing me again. He was considerably taller than me and his moustache again raided my senses as we kissed, asserting his masculinity. I willingly accepted his tongue, kissing him back, our tongues dancing over each other. I kissed him eagerly. I kissed his mouth, his lips, his cheek, his neck. I felt his cock hardening against me and I dont remember how I started the downward trail of my kisses but I willingly arrived at the heat of his groin and the thick long cock that jutted out of there.

I enveloped his cock with my lips and started sucking it. Then I started fucking my mouth with his cock. I found a rhythm that excited him and stayed with it, thrilling at being able to read his body and the urgency in him. “Ohhhhhh…yeessss Chintooo….. suuuckkkk me….. Aaaahhh…. Yeeesss…”. I fucked my mouth with his huge cock for 10 minutes and I felt him harden further, his breath coming heavy, the thick shaft almost like steel between my lips as I eagerly fucked my mouth onto his cock. He screamed with pleasure, “Ohhhhh…. Chintoo…. Yooou arrrree… soooo.. gooooddd…. Aaahhh….. here I am cuminnngg… Ahhhh….” He started to cum, his legs went rigid, his shaft convulsing between my lips and his thick semen started spurting hard into the back of my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, slowing my motions until he finally slipped from my lips, drained and cleaned of all cum. “Youve done it” he said as he lifted me up and kissed hard again.

He laid me down on bed again and soon his hands were again roaming over me, on my arms, my chest, rubbing and pulling at my nipples, stroking my hips and ass. His fingers found my asshole again, this time helped with the baby oil. He kissed me lying on our sides facing each other, his oily finger slipped into me. He rolled me onto my back; kneeling between my legs, he eased one then two fingers into me. The feeling was amazing, I moaned loud, “Oh Dilip…….yeesssss…. ohhhhhh…. Coommeee….. inside me deeeeper…I felt stretched and was wonderfully centered on the friction his movements were making.

Looking down into my eyes, he watched me revel in the feelings, my inner struggle with the newfound desire. He fucked me with two fingers, then one finger from each hand, and then I felt another slip inside me. All the time he was murmuring to me, telling me how much he loves my body, telling me how hot I look, telling me how slutty I am lying there letting him fuck me with his fingers.”Ohhh… Chintu, my slut….how much you enjoy my fingers inside your boy pussy just like a girl, I loveee…. you, I lovvvee your beautiful boy boobs, you are soooooo… hot and I love your boy pussy…

“You never imagined it feeling like this Chintu, did you? You like this dont you, slut?” he asked as my hips rose to accept the thrusting of his fingers as his other hand slips teasingly over my cock.

“Yes, Dilip, I like it sooooo much.. ohhh…..” I moan

‘You want more, dont you Chintu..!”

“Yes, Dilip..yeeessss.. please give me moooooore .”

“Chintu…. It feels good, doesnt it, these fingers deep inside your ASS,” He slipped three fingers as deep as they could go.

“Yes, yes Dilip…Ahhhhhhhh…it does feel heavenly….”

And it does, it feels wild, Im stretched but it isnt painful, there is pleasure there. Pleasure I never imagined.

“What feels good, Chintu?”

“It all feels good Dilip; everything you do to me feels sooooo…. Good Ahhhhhh……goooood.”

“I could do anything I want to my little slut. Couldnt I Chintu?”

“Yes, Dilip…yeeeessssss….”


“Uh,huh. Yeeeessssss… Diiiiiliippp anyythinnnggg…”

“You know what I want Chintu, dont you?” His fingers were sliding teasingly into my ass his other hand was gently caressing the head of my cock, everything slick with the baby oil.

“Uh,huh, yeeesss… Dilip, I knoooow….. I also waaant the saammeee…. Ohhhhhh…”

“Chintu…do you want my cock inside your ASS?” Now his fingers were stroking between my legs teasing the entrance to my empty hole

I moaned a thin “Yessssss…. Dilip, I doooo…..”

“Are you sure Chintu?” I felt the head of his cock stroking down the groove of my ass.

I whispered “Yes Dilip…I amm ….sure, pleeeeaaee fuuucckkkkkk meeeeee”

I moaned loud with pleasure, “Ahhhhhhh….ohhhhhh. yeeessssss Dilip ….yeessssss” as the big head of his strong cock touched my rosebud. He pushed forward and the big head started to slip into me stretching my puckered hole.

It felt no bigger than the three fingers he had inside me but it started to stretch me, inside. Inside there was another doorway my sphincter and it resisted, but only a little, more of tightness than a restriction. Gently he nudges at me, gently he coaxes me,” Just relaaaxx…Chintu… it is fine… just enjoy” and slowly I feel myself open to him my sphincter relaxed and his cock entered my ass depths… His cock is hard like an iron rod there is nowhere to hide from its slow nudging invasion as he rocks his hips back and forth. He looks directly into my eyes as he takes me, the knowledge of what he is doing to me full in his eyes.

His cock is eased in through all the slippery tightness of my Ass, my legs spread wide across his chest, he coaxed himself deeper and deeper. I felt something else; I felt his cock stroking something deeper inside me, some nerve bundle that got thrilled to the stimulation. “Ohhhhhh… ayeeeeee…. Thiiisss issss sooo… gooooodd…:, I groaned loud. As my mind focussed in on this new amazing feeling, all discomfort was forgotten. All that existed was the sensation of his shaft stirring up the inside of this nerve bundle deep inside my ass.”Ohhhhhh….. Ahhhh ….yeesss …fuuuckk me……”, I was full of lust and desire now.

His rocking stopped and he leaned forward. “Put your arms around my neck.” My hands roamed his strong back, my fingers felt the heat of his strong shoulder muscles.

I was bent double as his lips met mine and his tongue thrust into me. I moaned into his mouth as his hips rocked forward pushing his thick cock even deeper into me. There is nowhere to go, the sensation is huge, all enveloping. I was moaning with desire continuously,”Ohhhhh….yeesssss… fuckkkk… me…. Dileeeepppp… ohhhhh.. you are so strong…. Your cock has impaled me completely. The feel of his huge cock deep inside me and over me and all around me was so intense. He now kissed me, his huge cock completely buried inside me.

“Oh damn, this is so good, you are so fucking cute. Your ass is so silky its like a pussy.”

He kissed me, his tongue playing games with me as we lay motionless. Then, slowly he began to rock his hips. The motion is so small to start with that it feels good, again I moan onto his mouth.

He started to take longer strokes. His thick cock slipping within my tight confines, pulling moans and whimpers of sensation from me. I feel stretched completely but amazingly my body wants it, craves it to continue. The whole sensation is overwhelming, I begin to moan uncontrollably, his cock is the centre of my world and every movement brings new sensation and the most fantastic deep pleasure I can imagine.

He drives into me with longer and longer strokes, pulling out almost all of the way before gliding back into my depths. I am completely lost; every slow slick movement of his wonderful cock sends thrills through me. Every breathy withdrawal makes me whimper and every thrust makes me moan.

He increases his tempo, pinning my arms under his strong hands he rides me with powerful thrusts, the faster strokes making me gasp for breath. His fucking becomes an animal rutting, his control abandoned to raw lust as he pounds into me. I am loving it. It is amazing. I am completely lost in the centre of his lust, my ass afire with the heat of his pounding, the assault on my senses entirely uncontrollable. He looks at me with glazed eyes groaning “fuck, fuck, fuck, oh I love your ass, I love your tight little ass, I love your tight little pussy.”

Slowly he gathers control of himself. He slows his thrusting. He focuses again and looking into my eyes says: “You are such a great fuck, and you love it dont you?”

“Yes,” I gasp. “Yes, I love it.”

He leans back and changes the angle of his cock inside me. It hits the nerve bundle inside, sending delicious sensations all through me. He rides in and out gently sawing his cock along the length of that sweet spot, grinning at my reaction and my eyes that struggle to keep their focus.

He says “..and it only gets better, bet youre glad that you came back today, babe!”

“Yes, Yess!” I moan

“Youre having fun being my little slut now, arent you?”

“Ohhh, Yess!” I reply, partly in answer and partly in reaction to his cock gently finding that sweet spot inside. He rocks on his heels, nudging it, stroking it with the length of his iron hard cock.

“Youre going to let me fuck whenever I need, are you babe?”

“Yesssss” I whimper, on the brink of orgasm.

“This is where you belong now, isnt it? Youre mine now.”

“Yes, Im yours.”

“Good….. Very good, babe. You wont regret it.”

He rides me with long hard strokes, each one pushing me higher in a long strung out ecstasy beyond anything I have ever imagined. I feel like I am coming but stay so close to it for so long I begin to think I will pass out. His cock is riding the sweet spot inside me, sending pleasure all through me.

He rubs the palm of his oily hand across my cock. The slick strong stroke sending me crashing over the edge as his big hard shaft claims me as his. That one stroke and then he grips my cock tight as I spurt. I cum in a haze of pleasure, bucking wildly under him as he fucks me hard and deep. Im cumming and cumming in a blur of pleasure that exceeds anything I have ever experienced.

He rides me hard all through my orgasm and begins to cum deep and jerky inside me, hammering long hard deep strokes that shake me to the core. My own orgasm subsiding, he erupts in a cry of joy, grabbing my hips and slamming over and over into my willing hole. His cock seems even bigger as he floods me with spurt after spurt of cum deep inside.

“All mine, now, youre all mine now,” he coos as he settles down, his strong arms and legs around me, his fingers gently swirling in the pool of my cum on my stomach. I wallow in the afterglow, my body still reeling with the pleasure he has given me. My mind whirrs on, happy to relax with this wonderful man but still trying to process the extent to which my life has just changed.

We remained like this for a while, Dileep then kissed me passionately for a while and then with a towel cleaned me, wiping my body and wiping my ass clean. He did this very slowly and in a deliberate manner and ensured that I become clean. It was 12.50 now, I wore my clothes, gave him a kiss again and went back to my room.

When I reached back Vineet was still awake and waiting for me. He asked,”Hi Chinto, how was Dileep, did you enjoy it.” I said,”Thank you Vineet for giving me Rajan and Dileep. Dileep gave me such pleasure that I can’t describe, it was a whole new experience, I now have four strong cocks to satiate my desire”

Vineet said,”Fine, I feel good that you liked it. But now close the door, take off your clothes and come to my bed. I have been waiting for you.”

I took off my clothes again and went to Vineet’s bed. He made me lie down side ways and he was behind my back.

His strong cock was erect and hard. He embraced me and started caressing my boys boobs and I felt his bulbous cock head on my rosebud and then he slowly pushed inside my ass and continued pushing till he was inside me to the hilt and then he stopped. I was getting this warm feeling of being completely filled again. He now started caressing my body, my boobs, my stomach, my cock very delicately and slowly. I was quite tired and did not realize when I went into deep sleep.