Making Love Part 2

Hi, I am Raveendra. I am thankful for all huge response from you. As I promised I will publish next part based on the feedback. Please read the first part of the sex story.

Now let me introduce again. I am Raveendra. My age is 22. I completed my B.Tech from reputed college in Mumbai.It might be lengthy but a real story. Please read with patience

After the foreplay, she kissed me on my lips and said that it was late for home. As our houses are near to each other. I accompanied till her house. Later I got fresh up and I completed my work. Then she texted me in mobile.

She: hai baby.

Me: hai

She: completed your work.

Me: yeah!!!

She: what are you doing?

Me: thinking about you.

She: acchaa, nowadays my boy becomes too naughty.

Me: thank you.

After some time she sent me sorry.

Me: why?

She: on yesterday when you cuddled me at down.

Me: its ok.

She: actually why did you do that ? I didn’t expect such a behavior from you.

Me: don’t you like it.

She : can I call you?

Me: yeah.

She informed that is tomorrow is the last date for preparation and day after tomorrow is the presentation. We practiced well for ppt. We kissed and we parted for home.

Then she called me @ 10 pm.

She : hello baby. Ready for presentation.

Me: yeah.

She: what are you doing?

Me: just want to relieve myself.

She: by thinking of the way you cuddled me @ down.

Me: no, the way I kissed your breasts.

She: you naughty.

Me: I really like them they are too soft.

She( blushing): stop it.

Me: ok. I will prepare again because it was not east to get 8 marks out of 10.

She: ok.

She cuts the call. After 5 mins there is a text from her.

She: if you perform well tomorrow, I will give you a moment with both of them(breasts).

We scored 8.8 /10. Madam praised my g.f for her good leadership. I know she might be floating on air. Later she called me and said come to Swetha’s room immediately.I waited there when I entered in the room.Suddenly she hugged me and kissed me. Meanwhile, I am going to have lunch. She suddenly hugged me from back.

Me: in shock; what happened?

She: you forgot something.

I immediately caught her breasts.

She: aah.. Slowlyyy……

Slowly I started kissing her lips, neck, and ears. She was slowly moaning slowly.

Me: baby you look so happy today.

She: yeah its because of you.

I slowly started to suck her breasts.

She: baby enough!!!! Its time for lunch.

Me: ok. Let me enjoy my feast for some time.Please.

She: ahhhhhh .. Okk …… but slowlyyy.

After my foreplay, we calmed down for a bit of time. Then after some time, I started to open her pants. At first, she said no. But at last, she allowed me.

Me: let me make you happier.

She: but please complete in timeee babbyy

She: haaaaa … hmmm …. Harderrr babyyyy ..

After a little amount of time.

She:I can’t take it anymore,I am about to cum. Please leave meeeee.. Pleaseee.. haaaaa

Meanwhile I increased my pace.

She: haaaa…. Babyyyyy .. Leavee meee.. Its time for us.

I stopped and looked at her in a sad mood.

She: aaaahhhh ….. Please leave me baby. You can get it whenever you want.

Its your baby believe me. I will offer it to you @ Sunday after my parents out of my home.

We calmed each other breaths.Then we went to class.

After a long gap of months. She called me saying that you can come to my home.

It was Sunday. Her father was in foreign. Her mother was out of state. As you people it was a good time. I went to her house.

She: c’mon baby.

Me: thanks.

She: there was great return gift for the favor you did to me.

Me: oh.

Suddenly she jumped on me. Started to kiss me. I know that why she call me. But I thought she called me for talking purpose.Then I started to her hard. Then

She: babyy please take them in. They are waiting for a long time.

Then I started to suck her breasts

She moaned like aaahhhh.. Haaaaaa.. Harder babby…….

Then we kissed after some time. Then I thought we did this for many times. She might send me home. But suddenly she said baby go down.

Me: ok.

Then I started to lick her harder. She started to moan like babbyy harder babyyy, aaaaahhh …… haaaa… hmmm…. Heyyyyy…..

She : I was about to cum..

Even though it was a little awkward in taste. Because of love on her, I took it as a elixir. She cummed in my mouth completely. Guys let me tell you something, it was not fantasy to explain the fig of my gf. Actually, I want to share an incident with you. Even though I licked her down. She didn’t even suck my cock even one time. Even though I love her. Because I love her character, superiority not because of pleasure.

She: I am sorry dear.

Me: its ok. What do you want me to do leave it every time or to continue?

She(in shy): continue…but ?

Me: what?

She suddenly grabbed my cock and kept inside her mouth. She was not all experienced. So, I didn’t enjoy completely that blow job at all. Then I cummed in mouth. Then she washed it.

She: baby now make me yours completely. Show me your love my boy.

Then I started to insert my cock, but as she was virgin,it was so tight we both started to feel the pain. Especially her.

Me: are you sure?

She: yeah!!! Dear, make me yours, I want to feel your love.

Me: but its paining to you!! I think you can’t bare it. There is a blood between yours legs.

She(in tears): please proceed.

Then I started to push with full force.Then gradually pain turned into pleasure for me. But for her, she was complete tears. I know she want to stop due to the pain. But she wantedly bared it. We finally cummed. We slept for a long time. I woke up, but I don’t want to wake her up. But she suddenly woke up.

She: thank babyyyy….You fulfilled my destiny.

Me: its ok. Can I ask you one thing?

She: yeah.

Me: why did you proceed to further when you had soo much pain.

She: because you took so much pain for me.

Me: I gave a shy look.

She: can I ask small question baby?

Me: ask me anything?

She: whom did you fuck well? My step mom or me?

Me(in a serious tone): its you. Because I truly love you.

She: oh really.

Me(in serious tone): its you who told me to do that.

She(in smiley mood): I just asked you casually. I know you love me a lot. That is why I gave myself to you baby.

She hugged while wrapping a blanket around our bodies.

I know after reading the sex story you might have many questions. But let me give me you an answer. Yes! She wantedly trapped her step mom by my help. I am not a virgin, when she herself submitted to me.If you know want to know how we trapped her, wait for next part which be based on feedback@ / / Please forgive me,if there are any mistakes.