My Didi Anjali

I stay with my Didi Anjali and her two childrens. My brother-in-law stays abroad. My parents house is very near to my Didis house. Since she is staying alone, I use to sleep at her house in the night. Early in the morning I used to go back to my house and from there to the collage. My Didi was having problem of walking and talking in her sleep. One day I was sleeping in room next to her bedroom. She came to my room in her sleepwalk and got inside my blanket. Didi was wearing only bra inside her nightie and I was wearing lungi. I felt like some body was touching me. So I opened my eyes and saw my Didi was inside my blanket and telling to forgive me my jaan.Her one hand was on me and her whole body was touching me. Suddenly my lund came in position. First I thought she is my own Didi. Then my manhood and lust for sex did not allow me feel her like Didi. I also moved my hand between her thighs and with other hand I started rubbing her choochi. Within a minute she opened her eyes and saw that she was in my room and that too inside my blanket, but she didnt tell anything. This made me bold and I unhooked my Didids bra. Now in front of me were my Didis lovely choochis. I took one of my Didis choochi and started sucking her nipple. Within no time her hand was massaging my back. This made me comfortable and I started kissing her lips. She gave a good response to my Kiss and started pushing her sweet tongue in my mouth. After some time she broke the kiss and asked me to lock door from inside. I woke up and moved to lock the door from inside. By this time she had removed her nightie and bra. Now she was full naked. This was the first time I was seeing a lady totally naked that too my sexy Didi.” Indi, mere Rajaaah, Kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai? ” Didi asked in her sexy voice.” No Didi.” I said ” This will me my first agar aap mujhe chodene dengi.” She asked me to follow what ever she says. I agreed. She asked me to lick her choot. I started to do it and she was enjoying. ” Bahut maza aa raha hai mere rajaah. Jara aur jorse meri chudasi choot ko chooso. ” I was doing in same way I saw in the movies. Then she stopped me and took my hard rock lund in her hand and started sucking it. I never had that feeling before. She took my 8″ lund in her mouth. And she told me to lie down on bed.

Didi came up on my lund and started moving up and down. I was enjoying a lot and she also saying that your jiju had never given this pleasure. Then we changed our position to normal. I was on her and was unable to put my lund in her chudasi choot. Didi took it in her hand and said itna bhi nahi aata and showed my lund in her choot. Then I started thrusting my lund in and out of Didis chudasi choot. I started to push harder and harder. I was fully loaded and was ready to cum. I came in her choot. Next morning when I woke up she was in kitchen. Didi was preparing tiffin for her children. I told my Didi that Im going home and went to my house. About 10 oclock I started from my house and went to her place. I knocked the door. My Didi opened the door and I went in. She was not making eye contact with me. She asked me that why I have not gone to collage. I said, ” I want to you Didi once again.”” We should feel shame about last night ing. It happened only due to my night walk. You should forget it. I am you own Didi and 8 year older to you.” She said.I said, ” I will forget it Didi only if you allow me to you once more.” I went to bedroom and started TV. I knew that yesterday she had enjoyed ing. So somehow I have to start it. After few minutes she came in room and sat beside me. ” Are you sure you will never demand again.” I said “yes.”She started rubbing my lund and started to open my pant and shirt. She asked me to remove clothes. I removed my clothes and then I removed Didis blouse and bra. I started rubbing and pressing her choochis.” Didi your choochis are so lovely,how jiju can stay Without you.” and start kissing and sucking her pink nipples. Then she removed her sari and petticoat. I was able to see her choot, clearly it was wet. Now she started sucking my lund. Tumahra lund to mere patti jaisa hai.”” Didi, meri rani, mujhe apna patti samjho.”Slowly I took my hand to her ass. It was round and tight. Little big in size. But was very good. Then she said lets do doggies style. By that time her choot was wet. She lied down on bed and lifted her ass. Then I got hold of her ass and placed my lund at the enterence of her choot. With my one hand on her shoulder and another on her choochi I pushed my lund in didis garam choot in one stroke and then started ing her.Then after some time we changed our position. I asked her to lie down on her back and I mounted on top and started ing her. My both hands were squeezing her choochis and sometime I was sucking didis choochis. She was moaning loudly in her ecastasy. I ed my didi for more than 10 minutes in this position. I said lets change our position. She said no it was giving her good pleasure and we continued for 10 more minutes.I was ready to cum. I said I am Cumming she said take it out. I did and she took it in her mouth and drank my cum to last drop. After that we had sex many times and her in different positions. / /