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Hi everybody I am sumit from mumbai I would like to let u know how I seduced my beautiful maid servant. In our house myself, my wife and 2year old kid and a beautiful 17 year old servant made are living. She was brought from nearby village. She used to go to her home monthly once and come back. She is having beautiful figure good-looking, having handful size boobs, long legs with fleshy thighs, lenient waist with a small mouth with juicy lips. Totally she is very attractive and tempting. Since she joined I am getting horny, but no chance to take her in my fold. Two months passed. One day I decided to dare. My wife complained sever headache in the night I gave her two pills, one is for headache and another sleeping pill. With that effect within half an hour my wife went into deep sleep. It was around 11pm. I came out of my bed room, before me myself confirmed that my wife is in slumber sleep. I just walk into the servant maids room, where she slept in deep sleep on a mattress on floor. I stood by her side and masturbate myself, my dick erected. I removed my dress and slept by her back side. I stretched my hand over her and took one boob and put my leg over her waist. At this position my erected dick directly hitted her round ass. I pressed my dick to her ass and gently fondling her boob. She woke up and get shocked and tried to move away. I tightly caught her and kissed her. She wore chudidar. I forcibly penetrated my hand under chudidar and catch her boob and started squeezing gently.

She turned flat I immediately climbed over her and pressing hard dick on her thigh joint. She protested a lot and threatened she will shout and call my wife. I just smiled and told her to do that and also threatened her that I will announce that she was fucked by me as a result nobody will marry her and also I threatened her that I will file a police complaint saying she theft in my house. With this she afraid and started requests me to leave her. I paid a deaf ear and increased the speed of squeezing her boob. I stretched my hand under and removed her pant knot and pulled it down up to her knees. Now my dick is pressing her cunt over the panty. I ordered her to remove her top. Again she requested, but I had not heard. As she found no other way she opened her top, in the meanwhile I removed her panty also and made nude. We both became nude I immediately pushed my hard dick into her pussy. I found it difficult to enter because she is virgin; I felt very happy and decided to make my slut. She cried with pain, I stopped pushing. Just one fourth of my penis entered. I started making her horny be sucking her boob and squeezing her boob slowly. I kissed her lips and taken into my mouth, after a while her pussy started secreting juices and I found easy to enter. I pushed my dick fully into her pussy. She hugged me tightly and requested to do slow because she is getting paid. I obliged and reduced my speed for some time. I slowly pumping her pussy later on I increased my speed she too responded positive by giving reverse strokes. I started jerking my dick into her pussy.

After sometime I filled her pussy with my jeweses. Her beautiful small pussy filled with my jeweses and blood. Thus we finished our first round. We both went to bathroom she cleaned my penis and balls. I cleaned her pussy. She smiled at me with full satisfaction and told that I had not had this type of heavenly experience till now. And expressed thankfulness. She commented my dick so large and thick. She asked do you madam daily, I said three times a day. She surprised and said madam is very lucky for having a husband like you. I said you are also lucky because you also can enjoy. She accepted with a smile. We returned to bed and slept together nakedly. She stretched her hand and took my pennies and stroking. My pennies partly erected. I am squeezing her boobs and kissing her juicy lips. I am enjoying her lip jesses, she increased stroking speed and my dick erected full. Now I guided her towards my pennies and made her take my pennies into her mouth. She started sucking my pennies and playing with my balls. Now I got horned and made 69 position. I started tickling her clut with my tongue and enjoying aroma of her pussy. She is stroking my rod with her mouth. We both got aroused. I made her lean in doggy style. She is looking surprisingly because she wants to know what I will do next. I came her back took my hot rod into hand and pushed into her pussy from back. She surprised and praised with pleasure, because my pennies touched the edge of her inner whole. I kept her waist with my hands firmly and giving strokes with jet speed. Her boobs are swinging with caused me horny more. I am pumping her pussy deeply with jet strokes. At last we reached climax and cummed her pussy full. On that entire we slept together nudity; I fucked her again and again. I proposed her to be with me until her marriage as my slut. She happily agreed my proposal we are continuing our affair. Any girl,bhabhi,woman love to have hardcoresex mail me to

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