Boyfirend humped me in office party

It was nearly 12 and the party was in full swing. After satisfying Sen Sir in the car I had changed before joining the party and now I was dancing on the floor in an extremely provocative red one-piece dress long with Rohit. Sen Sir was watching me from distance and we acknowledged each other with a cool ness that belied the fact that just 3 hours back I was sitting on my knees in front of him accepting his rock hard lund in my pussy. Now dancing with Rohit had made me horny as hell again.

“Babe forget the dance just lets get out of here and fuck,” he whispered in my ear while squeezing my ass cheeks firmly. My pussy juices had not stopped flowing since the encounter with Sen so I pressed myself to him and shivered. Rohit took that as a sign of accent and started to squeeze my ass more firmly while brushing his chest against my breasts. I moved our hand between us and found his lund getting hard through his jeans. I ran my hand on the length of it and whispered,” you are hard my bull,”

“Yes and what I need to reduce this is a good fuck up your tight pussy and your equally tight ass,” he said and slowly raised my dress up so that he could knead my naked ass cheeks.

“Rohit please pull my dress down people are watching,” I said while continuing my naughtiness with his dick.

“Then lets go someplace where people re not watching bitch,” He said and we soon left the dance floor in search of some privacy. We found it in the trash yard of the resort where there was complete silence and no lights. Perfect place for a good quick fuck. Rohit lifted me bodily and pushed me against the cement wall. His hands pulled the zipper of my dress down and ran his hand on the length of my bare back. Is shivered and helped him to remove my dress from my shoulders. Inside I was wearing another one of my trademark lacy strapless bra. That brute simply tore it off and squeezed my boobs hard. It was dark so he could not see the suck marks left by Sen or the bluish tinge that girl’s breasts get when they are brutally squeezed. He squeezed them in both hands and started to suck on my nipples while removing his trousers with one hand. He stepped out of them and stood up. I had a moment to admire his glorious dick. It was 9″ and thick like a cricket bat. I was slave to it. I massaged it a little and made it even bigger. Then Roghit lifted me in air and without waiting to know if I am ready he impaled me on his huge dick.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh maaaa Rohit, oh god.” I cried in pain as his thick took tore my pussy and started to buck. It was an intense pain that made me see lights. Rohit the brute he was he squeezed me breasts even harder and pushed his mouth in mine to shut me up. I scratched his back in pain but his strokes became even faster and faster.

“le le bloody whore le…..”he was now crouching like a weightlifter lifting my body completely off his dick every time before impaling it again. His balls were slapping against my ass making aphut phut sound. His hands were pinching my nipples till they were sore and hurting.

After some time He allowed me to set my feet on the ground and started to fuck me like squeezing my ass cheeks more firmly. I hooked my left thigh around his calf and pushed his head between my breasts. He was now slapping my ass in quick succession and I knew tomorrow morning I would find it extremely difficult to sit down. My ass would be sore and red tomorrow morning. Rohit bit my nipples alternately drawing blood out of them and continued to push his large dick in and out of me. Every time I would be near an orgasm he would pull out and slow down and then build the rhythm again. I was going crazy with plain and pleasure. My pussylips were bleeding since they were not used to taking such a large dick inside. Rohit was treating me with no dignity whatsoever calling me a bitch, whore and slut while slapping my ass and face almost at will. However, I was completely helpless against his riding manhood. I forgot all the power games and became a submissive madi of my king.

We continued fucking till four in the morning and for the first time I had to be carried to my car by another man I was so weak by morning. However, that and more soon to follow.

Happy new Year!