Kavitha had a high sex drive

Hello dear readers. I am Kannan from Chennai. I have always had a great lust for sex, but this lust has not always been for young teenage girls, rather more for married women. The day was Sunday, a public holiday. I had gone to visit my uncle. While returning back for my home, there is a long dark road which leads to the main road, from where I was supposed to catch a bus for home. Along this road, there are few residential buildings. As I passed one of these buildings, I noticed that a car just came out of the parking lot onto the road and stopped. I turned for a second, and noticed that there was a guy and a lady sitting in the car and some talk between them is going on. I didn’t give much notice and continued my walk, while smoking a cigarette. I had hardly taken ten to fifteen steps when I saw the same car come near me and stop, the guy lowered down his window and asked me where I was going. I told him that I was going to Royapuram. He offered me lift saying that he too was passing that way and can drop me in the way. I thought for a while, and said to myself that a female is sitting with him, he wouldn’t do anything and opened the back door and sat in. The guy’s name was Kumar, and he then introduced me to his wife Kavitha. I greeted her and told that my name is Kanna.

Then general talks started. I asked him about his occupation. He replied saying that he is a businessman and has his own textile business. He himself then told me that he had recently got married 8 months back to Kavitha. He asked me about my occupation. I told him that I work for the computer networks, and do some part time jobs like helping people in buying computers in the evening. He was really impressed with me and my efforts. Kumar stopped the car at one medical store, to buy some medicines. When he stepped out to buy the medicines, at that time Kavitha turned back to me and asked me only one question that is how much I knew about computers. I replied that I knew computers to a great extent. She just shook her head positively and turned back in front and waited for her hubby to return. Till this time I had no ill intentions for Kavitha, in fact I was respecting her and didn’t even try to look at her, rather looked out of the window.

When her hubby returned back to the car, she told him about my knowledge of computers, and told him that I could help them in purchasing one. Kumar agreed to her idea and asked me if I could help them in purchasing a computer for their home. I thought for a while and agree to help him out in buy a system. He immediately asked me to come over the next day, but as I had my own work, I told him that Wednesday would be feasible for me. He agreed for Wednesday, gave me his visiting card, and asked me to come over on Wednesday at 10:30 am. In the mean time, my stop came and I dropped out on the main road. Wednesday came and I reached there to the meeting point and called Kumar to pick me up. He was at his way to the office and said that he will call Kavitha and she will come to pick me up in 10 minutes. So I stood there waiting for Kavitha. When she came to pick me up, she was dressed in orange and red mixed tight shalwar kameez, which was sticking to her body, making her curves and features really prominent. Well we drove back to her apartment for that time.

She offered me breakfast, but as I had already done my breakfast so I just asked for a cup of tea, and then after that we left to buy the system. She offered me to drive her Honda City. As I drove the car, while changing gears, Kavitha thighs came in contact to my hand a couple of times, but instead of removing her legs, she brought her legs closer. As money was no problem to them, so I took them directly to the Inbox systems outlet. We placed an order to them and then while returning back she started asking me question about my friends, girl friends if any, and then she got me stunned by asking me about my opinion on sex, and then following with a question that have I ever experienced it. I tried not to say anything and continued to drive back home. After parking the car, in the parking lot, when I asked for permission to leave, she asked me to come back home for a drink and a little rest and that I can leave after half an hour.

I came with her up to her apartment and after giving me a glass of cold drink she sat on the sofa in front of me and started telling me the whole thing that why had they given me lift that night. The main reason to give me a lift was that Kavitha had a high sex drive, whereas his husband was a useless, and was least interested in fucking females and always thinks of money. Kumar married her to keep his parents happy and only to extend their generation, but Kavitha never ever thought of having sex with a third person coz she respected her husband a lot, and even Kumar even though not interested in females cared for Kavitha a lot and always tried to keep her happy. So they both stopped the car, to decide whether to give me a lift or not, coz if he did give me a lift, and if Kavitha would make him agree to have sex with her, she will have to make me agree to have sex with her husband. After saying all this to me, she started weeping and tears started running down her cheeks. I felt very sorry for her and asked her that if any way I could help her in this regard. At this point, I think now I should not keep you waiting and make you bore more. Well Kavitha was a girl which I bet every one will long to have sex with. 5.6 feet of height, with long hair up to her back. White complexion, natural juicy red lips, with an equally awesome figure to go with, 36C, 29, 32. Well I tried to calm her down, but to vain she just wouldn’t stop crying. I then pulled her face up and kissed her on her juicy lips for a second.

She stopped crying and then asked me whether I could satisfy her. I told her that I was not an experienced person and this would be my first time and that I don’t guarantee her satisfaction. She gave me a smile, caught my hand and took me to her bedroom and then on entering closed the door behind her. We kissed each other passionately for 5 minutes, exploring each other’s mouth with our tongue. While kissing my one hand was exploring her back while the other hand was busy in massaging her tits. After 5 minutes we broke the kiss and started to take off our clothes. Once free from our clothes we both were now only in our under garments. She wore a sexy nylon bra with a matching pair of panty, which did show a little sign of wetness on the private area. We both then again started kissing each other and I then threw her on the bed and jumped over her. I pulled her bra like a mad dog, and started sucking her breasts like a hungry baby, while she just caught my hair and pushed my face more into her breasts.

After getting up from her breasts I sat up on her tummy and looked at my watch, which said 12:30. I remembered of an appointment with a person at 1:30 pm so stood up hurriedly took off my underwear. Kavitha, seemed to be pretty happy to see, She hold it for a few seconds in her hand and then took it gradually in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. After a few strokes only I pulled out my tool from her mouth and made her lie on the bed. Put her legs up on my shoulders and started entering her pussy, which was really flowing juices at that time. Though wet, it was still tight enough to refrain me from entering. I gave it a hard push and managed to get 1/3rd in, but Kavithas face turned red of pain, I kept to tangle her shout by kissing her. Then I gave her another push and I managed to get 3/4th of my cock in. Then with the third push. I managed to penetrate it completely. I stayed in that position for a few minutes kissing her, then after getting a green signal from Kavitha, I started pumping my rod to and fro in her pussy. I continued fucking, varying my speed, and then changed position. Then I fucked her for 10 minutes into doggy style, before she made me lay on the bed and started riding my horse. After 15 minutes I cried, that I was cumming, she kept on jumping over me with her huge really hard firm tits jiggling in front of me, said to cum in her love hole. I shouted as I let my cum flow in her pussy.

We then laid into each others arms for 15 minutes, with my dick still in her pussy. It came out on its own after growing small. Kavitha then licked me clean, wore her gown and went to arrange some food for me, while I went into her bathroom for a bath. When I came out, she was upset that she couldn’t take a bath with me. I gave her a passionate kiss on her lips and asked for permission to leave. She gave me ten thousand rupees in my hand saying that it was a token of reward for giving her such a nice time. I kissed her again holding her tightly in my arms near the door and promising her for more such pleasures. Then the next time, we had a threesome. The third person was not her husband, In fact her 30 yrs old maid I am still in contact with her and visit her once in every week. Any ladies interested in such sexperience can contact me or email me at [email protected]