Megha the lonely sex godess

Hi Raj Hare, from Kolkata with a sudden unexpected experiences of my. I have changed every name here as its a confidential matter, with her permission I can only disclose story without using the real names. Let me introduce first, I am Raj, a 26 years old young business man, am doing business related with finance, am describing here a story with a wife of my client, Her name was Megha, clients name was Atanu. Atanu was a 43 years old business man, he stays around 15 20 days in a month in business trip. Megha was Housewife rather boarded housewife with no issue in the age of 38,she was fair, rustic, tall, slim typical Bengali housewife with a pair of large tits, always smartly dressed in the traditional Bengali dress of Sari. She knew she had big tits (my weakness) and used to show it around by wearing low neck dress and most of the times-no bra. So one could see the size and the jutting nipples under her dress. I was a frequent visitor to their house and was warmly welcomed at all times. Megha & me became very close friend as she was lonely and I as a friend also was accepted by her husband too. We used to discuss everything under the SUN. She liked me quite a lot and always had a good word about me, I was always helping them if there is any difficulty in Atanus business.

Now I am coming in the original story as it was happen, In one fine morning I have received an call from Atanu, after sometime when I have gone to his house he told me that he is going to a one month trip for business purpose so asked if I can take care of her family then he can go without any worries, I gladly accepted his proposal and said he can fly freely. So I visited her every day afternoon asking if Megha needed help and spend sometime till evening there chatting with Megha on one of those afternoon, it started raining rather heavily and on my way to her house I got drenched. When I knocked at her door, she opened and quickly let me in and asked me to change otherwise I could fall sick. She gave me Atanus pajamas and a shirt. She wanted to help me change quickly, so she got busy unbuttoning my shirt and then also took of my vest. Then she asked me if she could remove my trousers as well. Saroj was in such close contact with my half naked body that I started getting the sparks and my penis, began showing signs of life. I always wanted to have her, so I suggested OK, please help me get out of this wet trouser, which was clinging at me. She unbuttoned my trouser, but because it was wet it was difficult to take of, so she asked me to lie down on the cot so she could pull my trousers off. She pulled my trousers alright, she also pulled my briefs along with the trouser and I was stark naked, with my 8 inch cock pointing its head towards the ceiling.

While I was a bit embarrassed at this nakedness and an erect cock, Megha was quite amused and gripped my cock in her hand. She asked me why it was erect and what could she do to bring it down. Well I told her, I had the hoots for her and that I wanted her body. She admonished me by saying, Oh I am like your Bhabi, how can you have such feelings. I said, no problem, I like you and you are not my bhabi and if she really didnt like to fuck, she should release my cock from her grip and allow me to dress and go away. But she didnt let my cock go and instead said, frankly I also want a fuck, my man is always away and in such a lovely weather even my desires rise. Saying this she bent down and took my cock in her mouth and gave it a long suck, without moving her head, just my cock in her mouth and she was sucking working her tongue around my cocks head, which by now was becoming inflated. When after couple of minutes she took my cock out of her mouth, my cock was bigger than I knew its head red with fury of passion and ready for action. I asked her to remove her clothes so that we could show my cock the way it has to go… She did so promptly. Her legs were long and nice, a little heavier on the thighs but thinning down around her butt. She had a small flat stomach but all this sliminess disappeared when I saw her breasts she must be at least 40 inches and had long big pink nipples. Her pussy had thin short hair.

Her nipples hardened when I moved my hands all over her body. She was few inches taller than me, so I had to raise my lips up to hers to start a kiss. Her lips were full, hot and very eager to meet my lips. She moved her tongue inside my mouth and her hands got busy on my cocking, lightly stroking it. I touched her breasts lightly and gave each nipple a short but loving suck. We were fully aroused and we both wanted to get down to fucking. She lay herself on the bed and I got on top of her and began sucking her breasts, while playing with her other breast and nipple and alternated between the two tits. Meantime my cock was jumping and raring to enter her pussy. She also grabbed my cock and tried to guide it inside her cunt. So I sat between her legs, spread her wide, caressed her crack and felt her clit, which was rather small and hidden in the flesh. Her cunt was hot to touch and easily allowed my finger inside. I stroked her choot for little while and when she was wet, brought my cock at the entrance of her cunt and placed the head of my cock and pressed it. It went in half way and I pressed again and the whole cock was inside her. She moaned in delight and asked me to suck her nipples and brought both her legs around my waist, pressing me to her and even dug her heels into my bum, to fully take my cock inside her choot. We were closely and tightly joined. I continued to suck her nipples and after being motionless for couple of minutes, tightly embracing me she began moving in a circular motion first in clock wise and then the other way round.

This was new for me and she told me in this manner she could come quickly and many times. My didnt move an inch in or out, but clasped in her choot enjoyed this new movement she did with her hips. She occasionally also cupped my hips with her hand and moved me up and down without taking out my cock. I could feel her nearing her orgasm, I then started moving my cock in and out and bringing her more ecstasy and excitement. She came within a minute or two, I could feel her hot juices on my cock, her choot had become really warm and tight and moving my cock in and out was also giving my a great pleasure. She continued her circular movements even faster now and grasped my head and took my mouth to her nipple, signaling me to suck, my hands were all over her body rubbing her roughly and gently. She responded in every manner and came again and again I also pumped away and after about ten minutes I also came inside in her choot. She didnt allow me to take out my cock and instead after a stoppage for few seconds, after we had enjoyed the heavenly fuck, she again started her movement, gripped my head and brought my mouth down on hers, she probed my mouth with her tongue and then sucked on my tongue, all the while lightly moving her hips, rubbing my cock with her already wet pussy. Talking to me nicely and telling me what I nice fuck we had, she brought my cock to erection again. We started to fuck, though this time in a more customary manner, with my moving my cock in and out of her choot and she brings her hips up to meet the thrust of my LUND.

We fucked like this for few minutes and I came again inside her pussy. She hadnt cum so she looked at me and asked me to keep my cock right there inside her choot and not dare to move out. I was quite amused; I a 26yr old guy, this woman well into forties, but sex drive was simply fantastic. As order I stayed, right in there. She worked up another erection (though I must admit, her choot was a bit messy, with all that cum) and asked me to bang her hard. I did that, though it was a bit slippery, still brought her to her cum and I came as well for another time (three times in one hour). I was dog tired and in fact wanted to go away. So I quickly washed and got dressed in my Atanus clothes, picked up my clothes gave Megha big hug and smooch, pressed her tits for the last time on that day and returned to my house. She was very happy and asked me not to forget to come again the next day. Which I did for next some months. I knew once Atanu would come back I could continue this relationship. I liked to fuck her was the one in which she lay under me, her legs around my waste, my mouth on breasts and fuck, fuck and fuck away. After returning from that trip Atanu shifted another town from our locality, so now days we meets after long span, but when we meets we use those moments fully. If anybody want to share their experience / comments / or interested to meet me could email me at [email protected] Bye until next.