Lusty Lover

Hello friends! I am Ravi back with my new story. I am really thankful to all my readers for their overwhelming response. Please keep sending mails and I will always try to send you true stories of mine. The incident I am going to narrate has occurred recently when I got admitted in an institute to learn a software course. It is really great story about my oral and anal sex with a great mature lady. Our class strength was 10 consisting of 3 guys and 7 ladies. The class was for 2 hours each day for 3 months. Among all of the ladies, there was one lady whose age I figured was 26 years and looked somewhat familiar. I could recall that she was living in the lane next to mine. I am damn sure anyone can piss in their pants after just looking at her. Her figure is 38C-30-40 and name is Sunita. She is about 5 feet 3 inches in height and of milky-white complexion. Sunita generally comes to the institute with light-colored siffon sarees with sleeveless deep cut blouse with the MANGALSUTRA hanging around her neck. She wore saree below her navel which makes her looks sexier. Sunita uses red lipstick and her nails are polished red which multiplied her beauty. Whenever she entered the institute, everybody’s attention was drawn to her.

At the second class, Sunita sat closer to me during the practice session. I touched her body and I got a shock. It was electric! And I think she knew it! We chatted for a while and easily became friends. During the chit-chat, I came to know that her hubby wants her to join the software industry. He is working as an IT-recruiter and it is easy for him to push her. Sunita even disclosed that she has just conceived a lovely child. As we get up and down in the bus at the bus stop, I always eagerly waited for her. One day I went closer to her in the bus and started to put my dick exactly in her buttocks. First Sunita didnt recognize it; but she afterwards recognized and looked at me angrily. I simply smiled at her as if I was unaware of that. As it was very crowded, I gently squeezed her buttocks. The very next day, I saw her standing in middle of the crowd. I went close to her and stood behind her and slowly pushed my dick in between her ass crack. Sunita shacked slightly and stood there itself. I became bold and pushed my dick deep in her ass crack. I bent close to her and showed how much hot I am through hot breath in a turn. I gave a kiss in her cheek without knowing others in the bus. Sunita looked at me and told, “Look! I am married. Don’t disturb me.” I smiled at her and told bravely, “Even though you are married, you possess breasts to press and suck, and cunt to fuck.” She didn’t have expected these kinds of words from me there. Sunita scolded me, “Shut up you bastard!” and went away from me. In the practice class, I sat beside her. She stared at me angrily. Before she could say anything, I placed my proposal. In a slow voice, I told her, “Look Sunita. I love you. You are amazingly sexy. You are just unavoidable. I masturbate thinking of you in the night and make my bed-sheet dirty. I really need to fuck you before any other people seduce you.” She looked into my eyes and sensed the lust. After staring at me strangely for a while, Sunita giggled. And I got confirmed that she gave in. thereafter I passed sex comments to her and even shared sex jokes with her. We both liked company of each other. Whenever I got chance I squeezed her boobs, tickled her and kissed her lips.

One day Sunita wanted me to accompany her to the theatre as her hubby was moving out of station for an off-campus drive. Sunita had already booked two seats at corner. It was an evening show. I visited the movie with her and sat beside her at the proper place. As the film initiated, I looked around the hall. As it was not crowded, I planned a mischief. I thought to seduce her right there in the darkness. I slipped my hand into her saree and caressed her tummy between her waist and blouse. As Sunita didn’t utter a word, I moved my hand to her busts and fondled them over her blouse. Sunita turned to me, leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered me, “Ravi! What are you doing? It is a public place. We may get noticed. Let me watch the movie!” I immediately replied, “Don’t worry Madam! Everyone is busy watching the movie. Cover your chest with the pallu. Don’t disturb me and I will not disturb you.” Sunita answered, “You are simply crazy, Ravi!” Thereafter I undid her blouse buttons one by one. Now I could feel her bra and its outline. I kneaded them for sometime and then removed her bra-strap. Her big melons sprang out of the captivity making me doubly horny. I pressed and twitched them at my will. I rolled her tits between my fingers gently as it could spill out the milk. Sunita got turned on and clutched my hand. She requested me to stop. As she started to tidy up herself, I gently hoisted her saree along with her petticoat onto her thighs. I thought Sunita could sense what I was going to do with her as she said to me, “You are very naughty!” when I touched her fat thighs and ran my palm on them, Sunita began slip her left hand into my pants to grab the shaft unzipping my trouser. I had attained a strong erection as I was playing with her boobs. Sunita pulled it out and fondled it in the darkness with the foreskin moving to and fro. Then I touched her panty and when I inserted my right hand inside it, I found it was clean-shaved. I pinched her pussy lips for sometime and then dragged the panty onto her knees. Sunita helped me in raising her hips to do so. Then I made my fingers wet with my saliva and pushed 3 of them into her love canal. I then massaged and teased her cunt lips expertly and probed for her clit through her parted legs. I thrust my long fingers into her cunt and in response she masturbated me. Sunita put the edge of her saree into her mouth to stop the yelps coming out. I could feel wetness as her love juices began to ooze and her panty was sopping wet. My finger tips massaged her g-spot applying the right pressure and rhythm. I continued mauling her entire crotch with my palm and was ruthlessly squeezing her moms. I could feel the warm sensation emanate deep from her womanhood as it spread up her hips and body. Sunita was going to attain orgasm. She squeezed my rod firmly when an extremely powerful orgasm rocked her and the vulva muscles clamped hard on my fingers. Her absolute shameful orifice (pussy) oozed a lot of juice that flowed freely along her ass-crack and drenched the seat as well as her petticoat. I pulled out my fingers and tasted her gel as it was intoxicating me. Within the intermission, Sunita attained her orgasm twice.

Then we enjoyed the last part of movie together and returned to our respective houses. The very next day, when she came to the institute she could not look into my eyes out of shyness. Sunita invited to me to her flat after the class was over and told me to reach after an hour coz Sunita had to send her maid out and I could avail the opportunity of her loneliness. I followed her instructions and reached at her in time. The door was open. When I called her, a shrill voice came, “Just come in and bolt the door.” I guessed it was Sunita. I did exactly as she wanted and moved straight into her bedroom following her voice. When I entered into her room, I found her feeding her baby. Sunita was in a transparent gown, which showcased her pink blouse, sexy navel & red lacy panty. She has no bra on and that shapes really mad me. Wow! Sunita was really beautiful. I closely observed her body, especially her upper shape as I had not observed completely in the darkness of the theatre. Oh what a big boobs they are and unable to adjust in blouse. In the side view, I have seen wetness due to oozed milk from nipples. My body completely filled with lust and my trousers got tightened due to heavy pumping of blood in my rod. I feel uncomfortable with heavy oozing. When the baby was fast asleep, she kept her child aside and returned to me without hooking her blouse. Damn she has very big melons and the nipple is like one rupee coin. Sunita said her breasts had been heavy since the birth of her child and requested me to drink some milk to avoid this uneasiness. I agreed to breast feeding and with no time I hugged her. I was with out any words and kept my mouth shut, expecting the excitement and I removed my shirt. Sunita kept her child in sofa as the kid is in deep sleep. I was controlling my self as my rod is keeping me in pressure. “If you help me, I will help you later?” Oh god saying this she bent down and hoisted her gown. She removed it passing through her head and slowly threw aside her blouse by dragging it. Oh what a site it is? Really the two loved ones are like big melons!!! In hurry I kept my hand on left boob and pressed. Oh the milk was coming and forcible felt on my face. “Don’t waste this sweet milk dear and don’t press another boob also.” she said. In full madness a kept my mouth near to her nipple and closed. Then she pressed her right boob slowly for the sweet milk to come. For one suck at least considerable amount of milk was coming. Doing this I opened my mouth and remained four inch away from her right boob. She was laughing and pressing her boob slowly; the milk was coming and forcibly filling my mouth. She was in rhythm pressing her boob so that I could make good swallowing. Suddenly she kept another hand on left boob and pressed. Both boobs are oozing sweet milk at a time filling at a time my mouth. Really she was right! The milk was coming like any thing. The more I was swallowing, the more it was oozing. Hurriedly she stopped pressing and kept one hand on my head pressed towards her right boob forcibly so that white sweet tasty milk entered my mouth without gap. I was sucking as much as I could. She whispered in my ear, “SUCK… OOHH… DEAR SUCK… I need your help dear. Please empty my melons OH… SUUUU… OHH ABBA SUUUUOOHHH… She was supporting her keeping her elbows on my shoulders. And I was sucking her melons one by one and fondling them with one hand where as my other hand was busy roaming and kneading her ass cheeks.

Slowly I worked on my cloths and removed my trousers. After great suck I was able to empty her right boob and took little sigh and again turned to left boob. Meanwhile Sunita lost her control and passed her hand to my nap. There it was like red totted iron rod which resembled like iron rod from fire. She pressed her hand on the bulb by peeping the skin. It was like red bulb with small opening on it keeping high. She released her hand for a moment and again grabbed slowly. I moved my tongue all over the nipple of left boob and still the milk was coming. As I was sucking in mood, I immediately took some milk in my mouth half full and dragged Sunita and spitted on her mouth. Oh she swallowed the milk mixed with my spit and said, “Darling you are great.” Again I went to boob and made this game four times. She enjoyed very much. Oh I was not in a position to control my self and begged Sunita that I would finish the suck job while doing remaining work. She could realize my meaning and shouted in low voice, “WAHA! WHAT A FIRE!” Then I got up from the bed and kissed her passionately. I gasped when she put her tongue in my mouth; but I sucked it in plenty. She dropped her hand and grabbed my swollen cock. Now I had a hot, horny lady in my arms holding my cock, sucking my earlobe and who was essentially begging me to fuck her. As I was swooning, she relaxed her grip on my manhood and took a step back. I was still holding her around the waist and just tried to regain my composure. She put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her, grinding her crotch into my cock. I moaned as she humped me and we made out just like kids, rather than the mature adults we actually were. As the buttons on her blouse were already undone, the front closure exposed her luscious breasts. She went straight for my underwear and got it down in a flash. As my mouth was open, she kissed my tongue and sucked. She said she has deep intention to be tongue fucked but her husband was not interested. She was twirling her tongue in my mouth.

She felt on the bed and loosened her lacy panty. She opened her legs wide. Oh God! What a beautiful site it was! Really my desires were coming true. Immediately with out a second thought, I felt on the cunt and opened the real mouth. Yes, it was so great that I can not explain. It was reddish with spot fully erect. She was having a clean shaved pussy. I told her that she was looking very sexy. I moreover added that her pussy was incredible. She just smiled and simply replied that she had shaved the day before yesterday only coz she knew that this thing would be going to happen. From the other side, Sunita moaned, “Come on darling, enter your mouth to my deep under lips and lick it. I made her lie on her back with tummy upside and parted her legs and inserted my tongue in side her cunt on first touch she gave a terrific jerk and a loud moan AAAHHHHHH… AAAAAA… and then slowly I started to lick her cunt. She continued OHH… OH… OHHHA… SSUUU… OOH… She is moaning like snake, “Fuck… Fuck with your mouth and tongue. Yes darling move fast. Oh yes deep.” Her eyes were closed and she was moving her head sideways. I was deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling the cunt juices which made me mad. She was raising her mound high with excitement and grabbed my hair with her hands and pressed my head towards the cunt. I was eating her pussy and inserting my tongue in and moving back and forth and my hands squeezing and caressing the upper part of her body. I was breathing high as it was also difficult to me; but my tongue fight continued. Oh immediately she asked, “Come up move and immerse your rod. Come up.” she kept moaning AAAH… OOOHHH… PLEASSSSSEEEEE RAAVIIIIII, DO IT FAST PLEASEEEEE… I can’t bear it anymore!” and I smooched her clitoris. Now she was going to heaven. She began to moan like AAAAAA… SUCK IT… PLEEEASE… Dont stop AAA… OOWWWW… Then after 10 min she suddenly let out a loud scream and pushed my head into her pussy grabbing my head I between her fat thighs. She collapsed with huge orgasm in my mouth, and I drank all of that. And she took my head towards her face and kissed passionately some of her cunt juice spread all over my mouth. I let her tongue wander in my mouth as she longed to taste her own cum from my mouth. She licked all over my face and said, “Oh really I never enjoyed such an orgasm!”

Now it was Sunita’s turn to reciprocate the favor to me. After 10 minutes, Sunita told me, “You drank my orgasm. Now let me taste yours too.” and asked me to stand. When Sunita removed my underwear, my rod jumped out side as it was trying to escape from inside. Sunita whispered “WOW! How beautiful it is!” She caressed my rod slowly with her smooth hands. Then Sunita kissed on the mushroom head of my rod. She sucked it slowly. Sunita was an expert I could say. I was in the seventh heaven by that time. Sunita moved towards me, kissing my throbbing ‘thing, AHH… rod, with her ruby lips MMMAAOOOAAAAAAA… Then she put my rod in her mouth inch by inch. The next thing I knew, Sunita had placed most of my rod within her mouth, and started to suck on it UUUUUUMM… MMMM… Soon it fully become in her mouth. I could feel her tongue circling around the shaft, and tracing itself up and down. My body started to shake; I found myself duplicating her moans like OOOOOOHHH… OOOOOOWWW… UUUUMM… OOOOOOFFF… YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS… and didnt know why exactly. Sunita began to move her head up and down. She also started to fondle the two mounds underneath my rod, touching them gently with her fingers. I got more pleasure that never got before. Sunita also was enjoying. It was all a blur of kissing, sucking, caressing, and fondling until Sunita sensed that I was just about ready to cum. I tried to take my rod from her mouth. But she didnt leave it. Sunita whispered “give me your hot juice, Im thirsty, give me, quick”. I was so shocked. I am 24 years old, and always love to have a blowjob. I just moaned as Sunita stroked my engorged cock and she went down on me. It was so fantastic I thought I would die. I pumped all my hot juice in her mouth. It felt like I was spewing gallons of cum into her mouth. Sunita swallowed it fully and sucked my rod dry up to last drop. I shuddered and shook as the orgasm subsided until no more gushing from my rod and then pulled her up so I could hug and hold her. I held her so tightly, Sunita had to break free and ask me if everything was alright. I had never had oral sex done to me before.

I just lied beside her in the bed being exhausted. Sunita was looking at me and smiling. We rested for ten minutes and I lied over her smooching her round boobs which out my reach. We rolled over one another like wild animals. I smooched her lips. We continued kissing for around 5 minutes. I put my tongue in to her mouth. I caressed her buttocks with my both hands. It was very soft. Then I laid over her and began to kiss all over her. I saw her erected nipples. It was brownish color. I sucked it very passionately until it got reddened. I hugged her as our lips were still locked and just let my fingers move through her long hair slowly and then touching her upper back gently massaging with my palm and fingers. I was slowly kissing and biting her lower neck and ear lobes and lips while my fingers running all over her back from neck to waist and then slowly moved my hands to her butt. I placed my hand over her butt and gave it a gentle squeeze and Sunita moved towards me involuntarily. I pulled her closer and could feel her nipples getting hard. I just moved her a bit and made her lie on her back and now stopped kissing her and started moving my fingers and palm on her tummy and slowly moving the fingers up. After around 5 minutes of massaging, I approached her birth-hole. Sunita opened her thighs bit more to give me more access and now I was massaging her cunt. I inserted first one finger and then two fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her, in between I moved out my fingers and pinch her clit by my thumb and fore finger, Sunita was trying very hard by closing her lips not to moan. I could imagine how difficult it is for her to do so. Sunita wriggled her body out of ecstasy. I was my finger in and out of her pussy. Different amazing sounds like FUCH… FUCH… PUCH… PUCH… KACH… KACH… were coming out of her pussy which made me move my fingers violently. I could feel her muscles squeezing my fingers. I was in a mood to insert my palm inside her and liked to feel the inner core. Suddenly Sunita was sitting on my rod with her legs folded on my sides. Then I took my 6 inch rod in my hands and I deeply entered in to her cunt forcibly. I grabbed her boobs in my hands. Sunita began moving up and down very fast. Her hips gyrated rapidly sending me to ecstasy. I could hear the rattling sounds of the cot as her body was bouncing on me. My fingers dipped hard in her boobs. Sunita turned around facing my feet and continued the action for minutes together until she fell over me exhausted. I patted her lovingly. Sunita rose up from the shaft and lay beside me. Once again we embraced and fondled each others body.

We rested for 10 minutes and then Sunita asked me to fuck her. By that time I regained my hardness. I put a pillow behind her ass and inserted my 6 inches tool in her cunt. As soon as my dick slid into her, Sunita cried loudly AAAAHHH… AAAAHHHH… PLLLLLLLLSSS… RAVVIIII… NOOOOO… NOOOOOO… I WILL DIEEEEE… I WILL DIE PLSSSSSSSSS… I was surprised to see that a mother of a kid still had a tight pussy. I forced my tool inside her. Sunita again cried loudly but slowly she started to enjoy the rhythm of the sex. “SSSSSSSSSSSOH… FUCKKKK… FUCKKK… COMEEE… MOVE LIKE AN ANIMAL, YESSS! I NEED YOUR FASTNESS AND QUICK JUMP. YESSS! OH… OHHHH… SSSSOOOOH… FUCK…”, Sunita was yelling. She was moving like any thing. I was propelling my mound in jet speed. In the mean while I tried to empty her left boob. Sunita was pressing her left boob and milk was scattering on my face. I immediately bended in the left boob and started sucking. From one side my rod was penetrating deeply in the Sunita’s cunt and at the same time Sunita was feeding her sweet milk. Really it was a fantastic experience. Sunita was shouting, “FUCK DARLING FUCK. TODAY YOU MUST TEAR MY CUNT TO HALF YES. SPEED UP… MOVE FAST… Fasterrr…” Sunita was encouraging like any thing. Sunita even used filthy language in reply to my words. I was working on her like at jet-speed and I found that something was building up inside of me. I told her that my fight was coming to end. Then Sunita said not to pour my juice in her cunt as she might be again pregnant. Sunita asked to come on to her mouth as she wanted to taste my testicle juice. After 20minutes of vigorous fucking, I quickly took my tool out of her vagina and moved up to her mouth and pressed with hand on bulb. My white lava entered on her wide opened mouth. Sunita took my tool in to her mouth and sucked like any thing. I could hear her swallow whatever it was; I never had this happen before to me. After a few moments, the feeling subsided. There was no more gushing from my rod. I looked down to her and saw that Sunita was smiling. I was a fish out of water. My eyes closed for while with real sensation. Oh. The game was over. We laid there naked, hugging and kissing each other. Sunita told me that her hubby never gave such a pleasure to her. Sunita was dying to have this type of sex encounter.

After a while Sunita got up and moved towards the kitchen to bring milk for me. I also followed her up to the kitchen was lustily watching the movements of her ass-cheeks. When Sunita entered into the kitchen, Sunita poured milk on a pan and lighted the fire of the gas by a matchstick. I grabbed her and suddenly started to squeeze her boobs and Sunita started to moan AHHH… AHHH… AHHHH… OOOHHH… UFFFFF… which was making me more and more horny. Thereafter squeezing boobs I turned to her cunt Sunita was telling me that she had her periods last week and she was now very hungry. Sunita gave a moan again AOOAAAAAAM… when I relentlessly pinched her nipples hard. I make her sit on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Slowly I started to caress the inner walls of her cunt. It was wet as Sunita was going crazy. OOHHAAA YES OOOHH IT IS SO NICE OOOHHHHHAAA… Sunita cried. I bent down and started to lick the inner walls of her wet cunt moving my tongue up and down the sides she tasted so good. “OOHHH HONEY COMEEEE YES IT FEELS SO NICE AAAAAOOOHHHHH…” I shoved my tongue in her cunt hole moving it in and out this drove her to attain orgasm. “OOOHHHH… AII… HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS OOOH… NOW FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK PLEASE OHHHH…” Sunita cried. I shoved one finger and moved in around inside her cunt. Sunita was crying with pleasure OOOHHHHH… I AM COMONG AAAHHHHH… She came and jerked like a mad women then I could not wait. Sunita got down, put off the gas-stove and made me lie on the floor. Sunita came on top of me, held my cock and said, “I WILL FUCK YPU NOW. JUST LIE STILL”. Sunita guided my hard cock in her wet cunt. It was tight and MMMMM… it felt great. Sunita started to move up and down and slowly. The moves got faster and faster. “OOHHHAA AAA YES AAAAAOOHH YES I LOVE IT OOHHH FUCK OOHHH”, I shouted. I was in heaven as she was kissing me and biting my lips. Both of us were breathing heavily, moaning and groaning MMMAOOOAAAAAA… My cock went deep in her cunt and Sunita was so hot from inside that my cock was melting. I was excited like a bomb shell. Sunita was panting with all the fun. Her excitement rouses to the highest levels. I was busy kneading her swaying, bouncing boobs; crushed her nipple badly by teeth. Sunita saw the mark of my teeth on her boobs and said I was very sexy. Her whole body was vibrating throughout. Sunita was now shouting loudly because of great pleasure & pain, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH… OOOOOOHHH… OOOOOOWWW… UUUUMM… OOOOOFFFF… YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS…” I took my cock out of the wetland and made her stand. I guided her down the shelf and made her stand facing the nearest kitchen wall. I lowered her hips a little so that they became perfectly aligned for my dick. I immediately entered her pussy from behind. I started fucking her like a hell. Our motions became quicker and quicker. After 10-15 minutes, finally I began to emit the jets of my ‘cum again; OOOPS! At last, I also came inside her pussy. I guessed this triggered something in her, since Sunita cried out “My GOD IM CUMMING!!!” Both of our bodies became lockedfluids were flowing from both of us and intermingling. Both of us got a heavy sweat-bath and were damn tired. We rested for 10 minutes in that condition. After that I drank all the milk and both retired to bedroom.

But I was not still satisfied. I was getting ready for another 2-3 rounds because screwing a mature woman was very difficult and I was also afraid that I might not get a chance to rape her later. So I started sucking her big boobs like anything. Sunita made me suck her under her arms & boobs & was moaning “AAAHHHH… OOOOHH… UUUMM… & so on with pleasure. We decided to go for 69 postures. Sunita started sucking my black cock entering it completely in her mouth. Sunita sucked really hard & it was paining me a lot. I broke off the posture and made her sit on a big stool nearby parting her legs. I was on my knees with my face exactly straight to her pink pussy & started sucking her sexy pussy entering my tongue completely in her pussy. Now Sunita was moaning with great pleasure “AAAAHH… OOOOHHHH… UUUUUMM… YYYEEESSSS… OOOOOOFFFFF… OOOOOOWWW… YYYYEEEHHH… I LOVE IT YAA… GOOO… I LOVE IT. SUCK IT HARD YOU GREAT FUCKER & DRINK MY CUMMMM…” After few minutes Sunita pumped out her cum which came really fast & I drank that without wasting a single drop. Sunita put her thighs on my shoulders & was pushing her pussy on to my mouth. I started fucking her hard & hard. Sunita was now shouting loudly because of great pleasure & pain “AAAAAHHHH… OOOOHHH… OOOOWWW… UUUMM… OOOOFFF… YYYYYEEESSSSS… TEAR MY PUSSY YOU GREAT FUCKER, TEAR IT LIKE ANYTHING. I WANT TO DIE WITH SUCH GREAT LOVELY PAIN. YYAA… GO AHEADDD… WHAT A PLEASURE IS THIS! AAAAAAHHHH… OOOOHHHH… UUUMMM… I LOVE YYOU YA GO OOOOWWW… WHERE DID YOU LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE? I WISH YOU WERE MYEEEE… MY HUSBAND UUUUOOO…” Meanwhile Sunita was riding on a heavy orgasm. Suddenly Sunita burst and her juices started oozing out from her cunt. Sunita’s body was trembling and I had to hold her tightly in order to not let her fall on floor. I kept on licking her juices till her cunt was dry. Sunita kept like that for around 5 minutes and then moved ahead to kiss me.

Sunita was shivering, I then lay over her in the bed without applying much weight on her body and held her in my arms slowly kissing her neck and lips deep again and running my fingers gently all over her back and sides. Then with slow movement rubbing her legs and thighs with my feet I moved my lips to her lower neck and slowly to her chest in between the two milky breasts. Sunita hugged me tight and started caressing my back with her hands. With my face still in between her soft breast, I moved my legs along hers and tried to part her soft legs… Sunita didnt resist, in fact moved her legs along mine and bent her legs with knees upwards and I was lying over her in that position. I licked the boobs and chewed the nipples. My hand ran over and into her long and thick black hair. I slowly moved my face side wards and gave a soft bite to her left breast, Sunita moaned in ecstasy. I moved further and kissed her now hard nipples and Sunita shivered and tightened her hold on me. With me, lying over her and her legs slightly apart and knees upward. I opened my mouth and took her breast fully in my mouth. Wow, it was incredible! The soft milky ball was fully in my mouth and me slowly tasting them and enjoying completely. Sunita too was enjoying it now. She moved her hands to my lower back touched the sides over my waist and then with her fingers slowly moved up touching the side from waist upwards until my arms. Both of us were very aroused. I took my mouth off her breast and took the other breast in and sucked it for sometime and both of us touching and caressing each other’s bodies freely now. Now I pulled her hands up and started kissing her armpits slowly and sometimes biting it and teasing her. Sunita was not shy anymore and pulled me towards her slowly. I stopped and instead went down inspecting her belly, naval and her mount itself and kissed her naked pussy. I could see her legs get lifted up while Sunita hung on my shoulder. I slowly moved her legs further apart and kissed her pussy lips.

I placed my cock right over her pussy and gave a slight push to get the head in. Now Sunita let out the cry; but this time it was different. I could see pain in her eyes and face. I took it easy and started whispering some romantic things and assuring it will be all right while I kept the pressure on her pussy and slowly moved in inch by inch. There was both pain and pleasure in her eyes. I wanted her to relax and enjoy it along with me. With all the foreplay, Sunita was wet so although it was painful it wasnt that bad for her. With major part of my cock inside her pussy, I gave one jerk and pushed it in fully. Allowing her to relax a few seconds and then I began to move back and forth and her soft tight pussy griping my cock with right amount of lubrication. Sunita was responding freely now as pain subsided and she was getting the pleasure. I continued pumping her for about 10-15 minutes and then I realized that pressure was building inside me. I knew I was about to cum but I didn’t want it to happen so soon, so I slowed down and pulled it out. Both of us were sweating. I asked her to get up and lay on four, with her knees and easily on bed. Sunita did it and I went from behind and started squeezing her breast and slowly positioned my cock at her pussy entrance from behind. Sunita suddenly said, “NO! I CAN’T DO IT.” She thought I was going to do anal. I had to go closer to her ears and tell her that I was not going to pop her anal cherry too, it was just doggie style and then Sunita agreed. Then I entered her pussy again and started pumping her from behind. It was getting in deeper now and both of us were enjoying it. It went on for a while and then the pressure started building up inside me again. This time I didn’t mind Cumming, but before I could, Sunita screamed again and came. It was her second orgasm, first one from having sex. In her wild movement my cock came out of her. Now I made her lay down on her back and pulled her legs above my shoulders and entered her pussy again. I started pumping fast and within 5 minutes my cum gushed inside her pussy. I came. It was like never ending. I was pumping my cum into her pussy while kissing and biting her slowly all over breast, neck and lips. I pulled it out and we lay there in each other’s arms until I was about to retreat.

Then I grabbed her round and smooth thighs, kissed inside of it. Sunita slowly started caressing my manhood. I fondled her boobs with one hand and buttocks with the other. My hand probed the crack of the butts. Sunita trembled for a second. I pressed her shoulders down to make her kneel, brought her face near my dick. Without any hesitation Sunita parted the lips to take the shaft in her mouth. But it was too much for the little mouth. Still she tried hard to take in maximum and worked in and out with it. I jerked with the kind of pleasure that I had experienced for the first time. I could see her holding my butts tight and her fingers going in, perhaps touching my anal cavity which made me crazy. I took her flat in my hands and positioned her gently on the velvet covered bed. I climbed on her from her head end. After stretching her legs wide apart, I began licking her pussy while caressing her boobs with both hands. Her head swayed to sideways indicating the pleasure she experienced.

As Sunita was missing sex, she pulled me up on her suggesting that she could not wait and she needed me in her. I wasted no time and moved up. I climbed over her. Now my dick was still bigger and harder. Sunita held my rod in her hand, which was more than she could hold, and directed it to the heavens. Sunita jerked and swayed her hips while I inserted. When it went down fully she was groaning. I lied fully on her embraced and kissed her lips. I rose up and began pumping. Sunita swaged, pressed me hard and kissed me all over. My pumping became faster and faster. In a moment we turned around with the dick inside and she came over me. I slept over my back with my both legs folded upwards and with her nails Sunita started tickling my cock and testicles. Sunita also tickled my thighs and the area below my testicles with her long nails. “AAAAAAAHHHH… It feels great, Sunita!” I uttered. Sunita started rubbing my penis on her boobs and told me that my love tool was really hot. She massaged my cum on her body moaning in great pleasure AAAAHHHH… AAHHHH…

Then I turned her upside down and climbed over her back. I slid down to her round protruding butts, kissed and bitten them lightly. I then pulled her up by the waist and made to crouch on the bed. I came back to her butts with my 6” rod and pushed in her. While I came over her back and caught hold of the tits, her hands reached between my legs and hold my balls. I began with slow pushes while keeping my hands busy with her boobs. Then I increased the pace and I also started panting. I started pumping as vigorously as possible. Sunita supported me with her hip movements. The rim of her asshole was also wide. This went on for about 5 minutes. Even after making love for more than half an hour my dick was rock hard. Sunita was sweating highly. After fucking completed by back, she told me, really I am not able to seat properly for some movement but I really enjoy this pain you don’t fuck me by front now only back and back it give me real enjoyment.

Then I planned for another posture. I invited her for another round over the dining table. Sunita agreed and threw herself flat facing the roof. She was lying on the table with her legs spread wide and I was standing in between. I started pumping hard into her. Soon I withdrew the dick and slept besides her in 69 positions. I took her by the legs. Sunita supported herself with her hands on the table. She stood on hands with head down. Sunita put the legs on both sides of my neck, I hold her at her hips. In this position when my mouth worked in her pussy, Sunita took my rod into her mouth. Her one hand massaged my balls and other the buttocks. As this was going on suddenly I pushed her away and somehow the perplexed women stood on her legs on the floor. In no time I shot. I could not control myself. As a result the juice fell all over her body. I could see drops on her belly and most part of the pussy. I was embarrassed at this. But with some shyness Sunita smiled and slowly wiped the juice from her pussy. She took my dick in her hands and rubbed on the pussy and wiped of the remaining from its head. Then Sunita threw her hands around my neck and kissed passionately. We locked ourselves sometime like this and proceeded to bathroom. We continued our sexual play for one hour more in different positions and styles more and more energetically. At the latter minutes Sunita was getting more vigorous and demanding. We both reached our climax together.

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