Fucked North Indian Lady in Ahmedabad

Hi, This is S D once again from ahmedabad, last week I had talked abt an experience which happened a few years back, this time I will again narrate something that had happened a few years ago. I stay alone in satellite area of ahmedabad and ladies are welcome to get in touch with me at [email protected]

This was the time when I was staying in Vastrapur area. I had a neighbour who was from North India.Mr and Mrs. Sharma. Let me tell you a bit about Mrs. Sharma she would be around 35 at that time, i was 27. Typical married aunties figure, a bit fat at the right places but she was modern in her outlook and used to wear westerns frequently. From my window I could look into their master bedroom and I used to frequently watch but never was able to see anything except for her in blouse and petticot once. As usual I was getting bored and just hid behind the door and looked into their bedroom. Nothing unusual in that except that what made me stare was that I could see Renuka (Mrs. Sharma) sprawled on the bed with her legs wide open and I could clearly see that she was masturbating. I quickly dropped to the floor and peeped from the window. Renuka was spread on the bed. She was wearing a skirt and a loose shirt without a bra. Her shirt buttons were opened and her large breasts were clearly visible. Her legs were in a V and she was masturbating herself with what seemed to be a cucumber. With one of her hands she was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Seeing her masturbate made my cock hard. I crawled to my cupboard and pulled out my binoculars and crawled back to window. Keeping the binoculars on the window lower edge, I got a wonderful view of Renuka. The binoculars were now focussed on her crotch. Wow, what a sight I got. Renuka had a wonderful plump pussy and her cunt lips were swollen.

I had never seen such swollen cunt lips in my life. Between her cunt lips there was the thick cucumber and she was furiously moving it in and out of her cunt. I saw her clitoris pressed hard against the cucumber as she moved it in and out furiously. What a sight it was. The swollen pinkish red labial lips peeped out through the soft black pubic hair and clung to the cucumber and seemed loathe to part with the cucumber as she pulled it out. I could see her gasping and she quickened the motion of her hands. Suddenly she was still and she then seemed to orgasm as she pushed the cucumber deep into her and thrashed about on the bed. After a while she stopped thrashing around and lay sprawled on the bed with the cucumber jammed into her cunt and her eyes closed. She was breathing heavily. By now my penis was real hard and I had a tough time not to masturbate. Renuka’s husband was a business man and their nine year old son was studying in a boarding school.

Just two days back her husband told me that he would be going out on a business visit. So I guessed Renuka must have felt horny and was using the cucumber. I again peeped from the bedroom. Renuka had again started masturbating. I decided that enough was enough and I should help the adult lady next door. I walked out from my home and went to the Sharmas home. I rang the bell. After what seemed eternity Renuka opened the door. She was wearing the loose skirt and shirt. Her hard nipples pressed against the shirt and I could see that she was not wearing any bra. I smiled at her and said ‘Hi. ‘Hi Sanjay, what brings you here? ‘Do you know that there is a cricket match on between India and Australia ‘Oh yes ‘My TV seems to be having some problems…can I watch the match in your home I said. ‘Oh sure…come in…come in…make your self comfortable she said and smiled at me. I followed her and admired the sway of her buttocks as she walked. The faint smell of female sex was in the air. She switched on the TV as I sat on the sofa set opposite the TV. We got chatting as we watched the match but in my mind, her beautiful pussy with its engorged pussy lips and puffed out crotch were imprinted. I had to act. Just then I saw Parthiv Patel hit a four. Under the pretext of excitement I placed my hand on Renus thigh and said ‘Bet Patel will score atleast 50 runs Renu just smiled at me and made no effort to remove my hand. ‘He is a real cute kid…I wish he scores 50 We both then again got chatting. She adjusted her self to be more comfortable and her breast lobes were visble. My palms were now resting on her inner thighs. ‘You too must be missing your husband I said ‘Oh its usual for him to be away and I have ways and means to keep my self busy and occupied Renuka said With a cucumber I thought and smiled at her naughtily. She too was smiling at me.

Emboldened, I placed my hand over her crotch Renu by now had closed her eyes and had casually placed her hands on my crotch and was gently massaging my penis. I started fondling her crotch as we watched the TV. Fondling her crotch, it was apparent that she was nude below the thin soft skirt as I could feel her labial lips and pubic hair. I kissed Renuka on the cheek then gently turned her face toward me. She closed her eyes and drew her lips against mine and with my tongue gently ran it all over her lips and then finally felt her mouth open and her tongue came out to play with mine. Once she got started things happened quickly as we continued to kiss I felt her hand on my chest as she began to play with my hard nipple. I reached over and started to caress her, slipping my hands into her shirt over her breasts and started fondling them. My other hand moved down to play with her crotch area over her skirt. Renuka now moved her hands down from my chest slowly inching downwards over my stomach until she reached my crotch moving her palms up and down the swollen shaft of my penis. Renuka was now breathing heavily.

She slipped my shorts and pulled it down exposing me and I spread my legs wide and moved forward on the couch giving her open access to my penis longing to be fondled. ” I moved my hand under the hem of her skirt and rolled it up her waist exposing her hairy crotch. At this she left me and quickly pulled the skirt and shirt of her body. Wow…what a beauty she was. Standing nude in front of me, she was a sultry goddess.

Her slim body , milk white coloured skin, dark long hair, a peach face with juicy lips and ample sized breasts with dark black areolas and bullet sized nipples, set my cock throbbing. She had large hips with dark curly hair from which her swollen cunt lips were peeping out. I just gaped at her in amazement as my cock was now throbbing. She smiled at me coyly and asked if I liked what I saw. I stood up and walked to her, embraced her and kissed her deeply. She also kissed me hungrily and pulled me hard against her. My cock was now pressing its length along her belly. “I want to try …to feel it in me” she murmured. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and threw her into the huge double bed roughly .This seemed to excite her more as I fell over her. I ran my tongue over the underside of her magnificent breasts, making circles first on one and then the other as I gradually moved towards her nipple. She moaned with anticipation as finally I started sucking on one and then the other.

I lifted up her arms and started nibbling at her armpits .The strong earthy smell of her hairy armpit was fantastic .Then turning her over I ran the tip of my tongue over her spinal column down to her waist .She sighed with pleasure as I bit her fleshy ass. Frantic with anticipation she turned over and spread her legs in a V around my body and grabbed my penis. But I licked and sucked every inch of her voluptuous body. When I reached her slightly rounded stomach I dipped my tongue into her navel and at the same time ran my hand up her thighs to her moist cunt. She was hot and dripping. I brought my finger up and tasted her juices and also put it into her mouth .She licked my fingers hungrily as I. I now started kissing and biting her till I reached her toes. She had sexy ankles and soon I started licking and tickling the sole of her feet and sucking her toes. Then hoicking up her legs into a V I made my way up ,eyes closed and nose inhaling the sweet musky aroma of her womanhood while kissing every part of her shapely thighs. Soon I saw the forest of thick curly hair with moisture seeping out of it.

I dived in and started lapping up those juices .I alternately sucked on her clitoris and tongue fucked her fuck canal. She was going crazy and beating my backside with her arched feet. Her hands were on my head ,urging me on. I put a finger up her pussy, ,lubricated it in her juices and suddenly shoved it up her back hole. She screamed and suddenly a fountain of her juices pored out over my mouth as she collapsed on the bed. We lay like this for a few minutes ,she regaining her breath and me greedily sucking on her cunt juices. Satisfied with her orgasm she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and said “go on…take me, fill your urge deep into my body. I softly held her head and whispered that now I would pleasure myself as I had not fucked for three weeks. She smiled as I stood up and in one motion caught her ankles, spread her legs and pushed my throbbing penis into her crotch. My swollen penis head was all ready and was aching to go into her velvety cunt .

Any hesitancy my overworked cock had had now disappeared at the sight of that beautiful swollen parted cunt lips waiting for its entry . Renukas tight vulva looked delicious, peering at me enticingly between her thighs. I knew I was in for some good, long humping. I sunk an inch of my penis head into her womanhood. Renuka moaned out Abstinence of two weeks and my penis head almost an inch into her soft tight velvety cunt brought out the animal in me as I gripped her curvy hips and without any mercy, I slammed my cock hard into her vagina ” AAAAA EEEE EEEEEEEEEEE MMMMMAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA RRRRRRRRRRRRR GGGGGGG GGGGG HHHHHHH …. AAAAAEEEEEEEE .. NNNNNNNOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO screamed Renu. Brutally I was pistoning my lust engorged hard penis in and out of my beautiful Renu. She was moaning loudly ” STTTTOOOOOOOPPPPP……NOOOOOO ..FFFF FFUUUU UUUKKKKKKKKKK MEEEE EEEEEEEEE.. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS”. The fucking was relentless and urgent for both of us. My pelvic muscles were becoming tired from ceaseless humping. Renuka moaned as tears rolled out of her eyes.

She reached orgasm after orgasm, each time she pressed her rump hard against me, trying to get my cock as deep inside her cunt as possible. My balls had quickly cooked up some more sperm for her, and after probably three minutes of rapid relentless brutal fucking I moaned as I began to release my pulsating stream of thick warm cum juice inside her. She sensed the ejaculations splattering in her womb, because she rocked up against me and pressed her crotch into me, milking my penis as I shot in my load. The sweet sensation of orgasm radiated through my body, and I gripped her soft breasts as my cock emptied its load in her vagina. Her tight cunt lips milked my balls dry and her legs were clasped on my back as she held my penis deep in her. I felt our juices dribbling out of her cunt on my balls. I kissed her and licked the tears. After lying in each others arms for a minute, my penis started stiffening within her vagina. She must have felt my penis stiffening in her cunt as she looked at me in amazement, smiled and silently she turned around on her hands and knees on the floor like a bitch in heat and thrust her swollen crotch up at me. She spread her thighs and leaned forward on her forearms and reached down to spread her cunt-lips open. I could see the dewy beads of our juices on her pubic fuzz dribbling down her thighs.. “Cmon lover , I can see that you are really starved of sex.. fuck me…fuck me hard..fuck my sex starved vagina… my cunts begging for your huge lollipop!!!” she grunted.

I dropped to my knees behind her and pressed my cock into swollen folds of her cunt lip. She felt my cock-head at her cunt and promptly bent forward and spread her cunt-lips for me . Slowly, I squeezed my cock-head into her. Renu gasped as my penis speared into her womanhood. I groaned and flexed my buttocks, thrusting deep into her. Her cunt was a hot, wet vice that cramped and convulsed on my penis. My head arched in pleasure. Gritting my teeth, I swung my hips forward and thrust deep into her. Renu cried out loudly as the swollen penis pierced into her vagina. Her breasts were hot and swollen and we jerked and jiggled as I rocked into her. “Cmon … take it!” I gasped. The obscenity aroused her. Moaning deliriously, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. Her cunt ran up and down the length of my shaft, impaling itself on my cock repeatedly. I took several deep breaths to regain control. I waited patiently on my knees behind her and caressed her back. I watched her cunt slide up and down my rigid penis and the sight aroused me. I slid my other hand under her belly and flicked her gorged clitoris back and forth. She gasped and whimpered, her back bowing and arching, her body jerking and rocking under me.

Her breasts swung with her motions and I squeezed them hard, rolling her rigid nipples in my fingers. Renukas head snapped up and she moaned. Her cunt and breasts were fiery with lust. She moved faster. Her body rocked and jerked before me, her buttocks slapping loudly at my strong thighs. my balls pressed to her cunt-lips and I could feel the hot flow of her cunt-juices on my groin. “Yes! Cmon … cmon, … take it! Take my cock … yeh! Take it all! Harder, ! Ohhhh yes! Yeh! UNHHhhh Yes! Ohhh god yes,” I grunted, forcing her to go faster and faster, jamming her cunt back on my prick. “Ohhhhh uhhhh OHHhhhh uhhhh OHhhh yes ohh god yes yes yes!” she responded. I moved my fingers off her clitoris and with my hands gripped her hips firmly, began to pound my penis into her vagina. My hips rammed hard into her crotch and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust probing her cunt. I rolled my hips savagely and she gasped and moaned as my cock ran into her cunt from all angles. It rasped against her inflamed clitoris, and she felt my heavy balls swinging at her cunt-lips. She stretched a hand between her thighs and squeezed my balls. I moaned and fucked her faster and harder. my balls were on fire.

Renuka chunnered. “Chodh mujhe … jorse chodh!” She orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. I was magnificent. Grunting with tension, gripping her buttocks, I fucked her furiously, ramming my hips up and down beneath her. She cried out, her head arching as the cock slammed in and out of her cunt. Her breasts bounced as my hips thumped against her buttocks. I gasped loudly as she slid her cunt down onto my cock and flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly. Her cunt seemed to chew on my penis. She swung her buttocks round and round and she fingered her clitoris. I watched her, deeply aroused. Faster and faster we moved and her cries rang in my ears. “Yes … yes … OHhh yes … fuck me … fuck me hard, motherfucker, fuck me hard! Chul, bhadva! Ragad ke chodh mujhe, saala madarchuth!” “Hanh, rundi chul! Lele! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Le mere lund ko! OHHHh yeh! Cmon you whore! Take it!” I replied. Her buttocks caromed and bounced off my thighs, her cunt a hot, wet, greedy vortex of intense pleasure. I bucked furiously into her, making her groan and cry out in lust.

Renukas cunt blazed with heat and she soared up towards another orgasm. “Screw me hard!” “Yeh … take it you whore … take my cock,” I rasped. Stretched over her on outstretched arms, my cock still pushing into her constricting channel, gasping and making her moan in delight as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her, I fought to steady myself. My cock throbbed ominously, and the jizz roiled in my balls, aching for release. Steadily, I drove deeper and deeper into her until I was fully embedded in her cunt, my cock in to the hilt. I was fucking her furiously again. my head arched back and my buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down, up and down, my penis stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt. Renuka moaned deliriously, her head whipping ecstatically from side to side. “OHHHhh god yes yes ohh yes yes … ohhhh yeh thats it … cmon fuck me lover …. yeh …. take me …. ohhhh yes!” “Take it bitch …. yeh cunt … take it all yes!” I returned. She began to orgasm again and I kept fucking her, forcing her on to another orgasm and yet a third. She moaned and cried out, her body heaving and writhing and thrashing joyously under me. Now I wanted her for my own pleasure. I jerked out of her and fucked her again, this time lying on my side and thrusting quickly into her from behind, lifting one of her legs high in my hand. I fucked her rapidly, one arm around her leg held on to her hips while the other around her breasts, jigging her furiously up and down on my cock.

Her breasts bounced and she cried out, her eyes closed, whimpering tiredly. My enormous cock was relentless in her cunt, thrusting angrily in and out of her cunt, my balls slamming against her buttocks and thighs. She came again and I swore violently, my cock jerking into her over and over. I struggled for control. Somehow, I managed to hold back. She bowed her head, panting and gasping, awed by my stamina and staying power. She sensed my desire and she satisfied it willingly. I was burning with lust. Her vaginal muscles spasmed around my throbbing shaft and I cried out, my head snapping back and rammed my cock into vagina. Renuka screamed softly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain and lust as the huge, fiery rod seared up into her vagina. She dug a hand into her crotch and began to masturbate her clit frantically. “Yes … yes … fuck me … fuck my cunt… fuck it hard…end its thirst…cmon.. fguck me hard with that monster!” she gasped. “Maar meri chooth ko! Jorse maar!” Overpowered by lust, I ram-fucked her cunt, jerking and slamming my hips back and forth, forcing my cock into her again and again. It was burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsed feverishly on my penis. I felt her orgasm and her vagina clamped almost painfully on my dick. I cried out and rocked into her savagely and finally lost control.

Renuka mewed in pleasure and joy when she felt the sharp sting of my cum geysering in a searing flood into her vagina. . She moaned, and her breath came in heaving, rattling gasps. Her head bowed between her arms. I chuckled softly and squeezed her dangling breasts. She groaned as my penis continued throbbing in her. We lay in each others arms with her stretched cunt lips gripping down hard on my cock “Well, like it? Had a good fuck?” I asked. She lowered her hands to my balls and fondled them. Renuka kissed me, holding my head in her hands and thrusting her tongue hungrily into my mouth. I laid down on top of her. We both rolled over to our sides and she snuggled herself into me hugging each other tight. We must have dozed off as, after about a couple of hours, I felt the soft palms of Renuka massaging my penis.

It was pitch dark and was raining heavily. I started fondling Renuka’s breasts and I gently squeezed her breasts. She arched her back and pushed my head to her breasts. I sucked them gently, then sharply. She groaned and pushed my head lower. I kissed her belly and nuzzled her crotch. Her legs spread wide, hooking over my shoulders. I thrust my face into her cunt. “Come on, loverboy … suck on my cunt … shove your tongue into my pussy! Chaat mujhe!” I pulled her cunt-lips open and slid my tongue into her crack. She groaned and closed her eyes, tilting her face up. my tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy, rippling through her sodden slit like fire. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, moving my head around in her groin with the other. Renuka whimpered her pleasure. I tongue-fucked her steadily for several minutes, savouring the heady taste of her cunt juices and my own gunk. She moaned and whimpered happily, her hips jerking and writhing under my face. I straightened and climbed on the chair and gave her my cock to suck once again. She took it in her mouth greedily and sucked and licked it lasciviously, her tongue working its magic on the penis. I fucked her face unhurriedly, pumping my hips back and forth, rocking her head with one hand, bending my head to watch her suck my penis. She sucked harder and harder, moaning and whimpering in her throat.

I hugged her and she clutched me tight, her bullet like swollen nipples thrusting into my chest. My mouth reached for hers and we kissed hungrily. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and gently chewed on it. Well, I thrust my hand into her crotch and started squeezing her labia.

I started massaging her clit with my fingers and started masturbating it gently. She ground her crotch into mine sucking hungrily on my tongue indicating her urge too!!!. By now she had responded to my ministrations, and was moving her cunt slit and down the shaft of my penis urging my penis to penetrate her sweet swollen folds . My hands slid up her waist to her mounds of flesh, gliding over them before lightly pinching the nipples. We kissed, our tongues tying knots. I kissed down her neck, as I nibbled her ear. She moaned, her hands slid down my back to rest on my ass. “Oooooh, sooo goooood!

She moaned, and slipped a hand down to her clit. She screamed, her juices flowing freely as she orgasmed. She curled her self into my arms and kissed my neck. I pulled Renuka to me and kissed her long and deep. I lay there enjoying the feeling of her in my arms and her breast against my chest and my penis buried deep in her warm velvety cunt. I could feel both of our hearts beating, her head below my chin her right leg across my waist. We lay like with my penis buried in her cunt till we dozed off. After this episode. I and Renuka used to fuck regularly when ever the opportunity arose.