Wife Gets Banged

This is Nikita, this is the true story narrated by husband. It is about how i first time got fucked my hubbys hot friend. My hubby now loves strangers fucking me silly after that. I ll let him continue the story.. As the monsoons arrive, I am reminded of another day a couple of years back, when the heavens opened up in a sudden downpour, and took us by surprise in the first rains of the season. It was evening, and I was sitting with my friend Josh, having coffee at home. My wife Nikita, who is an Air Hostess, had yet to return from work, when the downpour started. I got worried, as Nikita had not taken any rainwear to the airport. I called her up on the mobile, and she said she would manage her way back. So here we were, waiting . .Josh is a close family friend. Though himself a bachelor, he visited us often. He liked Nikita’s cooking, and often teased me for having such a beautiful and accomplished wife. I dare say we too liked Josh, and I have often seen Nikita making extra efforts to make our outings memorable. Suddenly, the door opened, and Nikita stood at the doorway, completely drenched. From where she stood, she could see me, but Josh was hidden by a partition in the living room. She was wearing her work clothes- a blue skirt, ankle length, and a white top. But she may as well have been standing there naked. The shirt clung to her breasts, and one could see the outlines of her bra. She must have run to get out of the rain on her way home, and so was panting. Her breasts were heaving as a result, and the rushing adrenalin had caused her nipples to stand out erect. At 5 feet 6 , with a fair smooth body of 34D-25-34, she stood there like a goddess. ‘What a way to get caught in the rain’, she exclaimed, as she walked into the room, absorbed in the need to divest herself of her clothes. ‘I am wet to my core, darling ,’she said. And before I could say anything, she took her shirt over her head to take it off.

Her flat stomach came tantalizingly into view, and her naval glistened with rain drops that had found a way through her shirt. Soon, her bra came into view which was hardly holding her full rounded breasts. And then the shirt was off. All this happened in a split second. It was only when she had taken off her shirt that we heard a sharp intake of breath, and she became aware of Josh. We all looked at each other in the embarrassing moment that followed. There was Nikita, dripping like a fresh mermaid in the center of the room, with her husband and another man looking at her. Josh recovered first, and attempted to break the awkward silence. ‘Gosh, Niki, you have a beautiful body’, he muttered. She smiled tentatively, and rushed out to the bedroom. Josh kept his gaze at her bare back, at her swinging hips. I knew what he was going through, the poor sod. We had dinner together. Things were normal on the surface, but when I saw the glances Josh cast surreptitiously on Nikita’s round breasts, and her demure manner, I knew things had changed unmistakably. The two had certainly ignited the odd pagan interest in each other, I could see that. Now I love Nikita very much, and we have a very fulfilling sexual relationship. However, at times, I have always thought I would love to see her fucked by another man. At that time, seeing what was happening, an idea came into my mind, and I set about my plan. I was confident it would work. I also felt safe with the idea, as I knew Josh, and knew he would no do anything that might hurt my wife. I got my mobile to ring a test call. I picked it up, and appeared disconcerted. Dropping the phone, I said there was an emergency, and my boss had summoned me to the office. Before they could protest too much, I told them to go ahead with their dinner, and slipped out of the house. I started my car, took it out of the driveway, and parked it around a bend. Then I ran back to the house, and peered inside at the dining room from an open window. They were at the table, but Josh was not eating much. In fact, he still had that trance look on his face.

I could make out the words from my hiding place. She asked him why he was not eating. ‘Seeing you today has ignited a different hunger, said Josh. This was a totally different Josh I was seeing, with his direct come-on. ‘Really? said Nikita. ‘Then I have a suggestion. Get out of my house”. This was unexpected. That was the end of my plans, and maybe a friendship, I thought ruefully. Josh got up from the table. ‘At least let me help you with keeping the dishes’, he said. Nikita glared at him, and then relented. They carried the dishes into the kitchen, also visible form where I was. Josh followed Nikita. I am sure her swinging hips and her wide ass, tantalizingly in front of him, combined with the events of the evening, totally turned Josh’s head at that point. As Nikita bent on the kitchen sink to keep the dishes, Josh grabbed her from behind. I could see Nikita’s back stiffen, and then she turned back, her breasts heaving in anger, and looking all the more voluptuous . ‘Get out’, she screamed.By now, Josh had gone beyond reason. ‘Not after such an invitation, you bitch’, he rasped. Things were turning serious now. From my hiding place, I wondered what to do. I had half a mind to shout, and call it off. But something held me back. I quickly ran around the house, and let myself in silently with my key. Josh had held Nikita’s wrists, and had pulled her out into the hall. ‘Let go’, screamed Nikita. ‘Not so fast’, said Josh. He managed to hold both her hands with one hand, and with his other, he pulled her hair and got her face close to his. She screamed in pain. Oblivious, he planted kisses on her luscious lips, her neck. ‘I want to see you naked, now’, he rasped. Saying that, he yanked at her shirt. A couple of buttons broke loose, before the shirt came away in his strong hands. Nikita was wearing my favorite lace bra, and the sight of that can turn on a statue. I could see the effect it had on Josh. He only gurgled, and yanked at the bra, which came off in one go. There was Nikita, still fighting to break free, her torso exposed. Josh still held her hands, and took her body in. ”Wow’, he hissed. ‘I don’t know how I have controlled myself all these years’. With one hand, he unbuckled his belt, and got out of his trousers. I gasped when I saw his tool.

It was at least 8.5 inches monster long, and much thicker than mine. ‘Suck me’, he hissed. ‘Never’, screamed Nikita. Without warning, Josh slapped her hard. Red marks were left on her cheek, and a faint dribble of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth. I was about to come out of my hiding place, when he sat down on the sofa, and dragged her to a kneeling position in front of him,. Holding her hair, he brought her face close to his cock, and brushed her lips with his crown. She still struggled, But Josh was firm. He started kneading her nipples with his hand. I could see Nikita’s nipples harden. Slowly, I could see her resistance wane, and I relaxed. ‘I can’t take all this in my mouth’, she said. ‘You’ll be surprised’, laughed Josh, as he pushed his cock into her beautiful mouth. She nearly gorged, but then opened her mouth wide to accommodate him. Now Josh was fucking my wife’s face, and I couldn’t but feel the excitement. His thick cock went repeatedly in and out of her face, like a piston. He kept massaging her back, and squeezing her soft juicy breasts. Soon, he reached a crescendo, bucked his hips and emptied his cum into my wife’s mouth. I could see her panic when he came, as she had never swallowed cum before, but she swallowed every drop skillfully. Now he made her stand up, and told he to strip. ‘Take off your skirt and do a strip show for me’, he hissed. By now, Nikita was fully into the game. She quietly slipped out of her skirt and panties. Standing naked in front of Josh, she switched on the music, and began to move her hips seductively. ‘Oh Baby’, whispered Josh. He soon regained his huge erection. He then went to her and with one swoop, gathered her in his arms and put her on his shoulder. Then he took her to our bedroom, onto our bed. I quietly followed, and stayed in the shadows. He made her lie On the bed, and lifted her legs, spreading them. His tool was massive now. He took a moment observing her clean shaven juicy cunt. Then without warning, he dove into her. ‘Owwwwww.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah’, I heard Nikita yelp in ecstasy. That seemed to spur him on. Thoroughly dominating Nikita, he rammed into her with that monstrous cock of his. Nikita gasped and cried, but soon her cries turned to moans. Despite herself, she was beginning to enjoy herself. She started screaming loudly.. Ofcource she was cumming heavily arund his cock. Suddenly, Josh took his tool out. ‘I’m not going to let you off so easily, darling’ he whispered. He quickly turned her on her belly, and lifted her buttocks up in the air. Now Nikita was sinnting like cat with her gorgeous round fair ass facing ceiling. Taking some jelly from the dressing table, Josh put one finger up the crack in her ass. ‘Aaaaahhhh…. That hurts’, said Rashmi. Josh responded by simultaneously stroking her cunt. Slowly, I could make out that Nikita’s ass was getting relaxed. Soon, Josh had two fingers in her ass. Then he held her slim waist, and thrust his rod into her ass. He went in slowly this time, making Nikita to arch her back and scream loudly with moans i never heard from her pretty mouth. Josh then increased pressure. Soon, the entire length started going in. Nikita was by now neighing like a mare. Josh pulled her smooth hair back with one hand, making her gasp as he humped her. He gave whacks on her fair ass with other hand leaving red marks. Josh was fucking my beautiful wife like a cheap whore and nikita was moaning like a whore turning on Josh more n more. After for what appeared like ages, Josh started banging in her ass hardcore. His balls were banging against her pussy. Both were sweating like crazy and their bodies were glistening with sweat. What a scene that was! Finally Josh grunted and Nikitas moaning almost broke windows. Josh bucked and started erupting his seed in her tight ass. Niki too finally screamed loud “OOOOOOOOOHH GAAAWWWWDD….FUCKKK” arched her back and came. He was cumming in my wifes ass for almost 2 minutes and finally rolled off her. They lay by the side of each other and sucking each others tongues, and I knew it was time for me to return officially. I ran back to my car, and drove it back to the house. I rang the bell, and a very disheveled. Nikita and a guilty looking Josh greeted me at the door. ‘Did you enjoy your dinner, Josh?’ I asked. ‘I hope Nikita’s pudding was tasty’, I further enquired, as he kept getting redder and redder. When Josh left, wanted to go off to sleep, but I was having none of it. The evening had set my cock on fire. That night, we had one of our wildest nights in bed. Next day she took off because she couldnt walk. I understood that this is just a beginning of a new chapter in our sex lives.How did u like my story?? Please send your feedback on [email protected]