My Upstair Aunty

Hai readers of, iam pradeep working as a cafe manager in banjarahills hyd,Iam a regular reader of this site and all the stories in this site make me facinated. Icame to this site accidentally and from thenonwards iam a regular reader of this site. This happend to me just a week pepole believe it or not it was some thing facinating experience.Well guys I am going to tell you a story, how I fucked my tenant. Well it happened like this that my father got a good job offer and my parents had to move to Banglore while I had to stay back as it was my 10th standard, you know how crucial it is. My parents were not agreeing to leave my brother and me alone so they got some tenants. A new couple came to live on the first floor of our house. My parents left. Well at first I was not interested in my tenant but you know I can resist everything but temptation. So then I realized that my tenant won’t be bad. She was not that sexy hot lady like anna kournikova nor had she got boobs like pamela anderson. She was just like the girl next door. Sweet and simple. Now my vacations were going on, my brother had gone to college and my tenant had to his office. Everything was going fine when suddenly my cable got off. I was getting bored so I decided to go upstairs to check the wire. There I realized the sound of water fallin! G. At first I could not make out, but then I realized that might be my tenant’s wife would be taking a bath. Then the devil in me urged me to see her having a bath.Then I arranged of a stair and then through its helped started to peep in through the window. I got a good reward by listening to the devil in me, I got to see her nude. She was gently applying soap on her body and caressing her boobs. My tool was getting hard. Now I started to see her with full concentration she was applying soap, her eyes were closed, oh! Got I was getting horny. Soon she was to come out. I got down and to my room. But there I could help but of think about her, I masturbated thinking of her but still the view of her boobs appealing my eyes did not leave me. Now I was thinking of fucking her and started to make a plan. Then the phone rang, it was her husband so I went to call her, then I came down and she followed, I went to my room got on the computer on the net and was seeing some erotic sites with damsels. But I left the door open, now I was getting more horny and thinking of my tenant and started to masturbate, in the meanwhile she came to ask me why w! As the cable not coming, she saw me doing what all I told you. And she got astonished to see my 7″ prick in my hands. But she did not utter a word and ran back upstairs.

Well I got scared about what will happen next? Else but to make a plan and trap her and you know do what. Then after 3-4 days I went upto her and gave her a card stating sorry. She teared it, I gave one more. She repeated her action and I gave one more and than I fell down on her knees and told her until and unless she forgives me I am not gonna go. And then guyz she could not resist and said alright, ‘maaf kiya’, main kya ‘sorry hai’. She smiled and said come in, I! Went in with her. She came out with a coke and asked me, ‘why do you do it?’. I asked “kya” she said ‘muth’. I spilled whole of the coke on her dress in surprise. I could not understand what to say, she said you should not do it, it is not the right time for all this, and whatever came in her mind then in the last she said something to which I could not believe my ears. ‘you should not stare people when they are having a bath’ was what she said. And then she went to change her dress as I had spilled coke on it. This time she had left the door open. And I could see her shadow of removing clothes and then getting on a fresh dress, it was tight and in hurry she came out wearing the wrong side up. I did not say anything but then we resumed talking and continued her lecture on right and wrong. I was getting bored. I was looking on the floor below the sofa she was sitting upon, I noticed a magzine lying there, my god that was sex magzine, I wanted to catch her red handed, so I said! ‘well apki ki dress ka design thoda alag sa hai.’ She looked down and said ‘oh! Maine yeh ulti Pahan li’. And rushed to change and then I shouted from behind ‘darwaza bandh kar lena varna …’, and I stopped in between to see that she came out in bra only to ask ‘Varna kya?’. I started laughimg like mad and told her you know what and she said ‘Oh ! God this boy is crazy. I rushed to the sofa and took out the magazine, ‘wow man’ said I. I started to read it there and then. I had not seen such a good mag ever in my life. She came out in a very beautiful but yet tight dress. She saw that mag in my hand and ran to me like the prick chasing the pussy. She tried to grab it from me, but I did not give it to her. And in order to snatch it she was trying her best, in that hastel she came as close as she could and my strong and hard prick was touching her pussy. I was getting excited and started to put my hand on her boobs, her dress was tight and I could feel her boobs. In the meanwhile ! She grabbed the magazine. And pushed me away. Now I was in command of the situation and said ‘mujhe to kitna sunaya aur khud, you yourself do read and watch this and then shout ones like me, I continued to shout on her. She said ‘I am sorry’. I pretended I am not listeneing so she came close to my ears and shouted again. I said it will not do and said do it in Australian style, she said you want me to smooch you, I said yes and she came close to me and put her beautiful, soft and pink lips on mine. I realized this is my only chance to influence her and make her realize that how sexciting I am. I was kissing her and then put my tongue in her mouth and now our tongues were playing with each other. I started to caress her back and unhook her bra, she was enjoying it to the top of it, and was insensitive to my removing her bra from beneath her dress. We kissed each other for long and by then I had removed her dress from above her boobs and then I went down and suck her nipples. She was enjoying this, I continued to play, caress and suck her boobs. Then I started to feel something strange on my prick, “oh God, what a whore she was she had unhooked my pant and removed my underwear and was holding my prick and I didn’t even realize it. I pushed her away and said I was wrong about her she not a good woman and then was to move off. Then she caught my hand and said please sit. I sat down and she told that her husband was a very dumb man as far as sex was concerned and did not knew much of sex, she said he wants sex once in a while and just enjoys sleeping and is not able to fulfil her desires. So she has to masturbate by reading these magazines. She said that today for the first time she was enjoying a man after her marriage. And said that she did not wanted to spoil me but when she realized that I was crazy about her and sex so she laid a trap to have me.

I said ‘koi baat nahi, from now onwards I will fuck her whenever she want and will fulfil her every sexual desire’. And started with another kiss….Now my tongue was again in her mouth and I was caressing her back while she was holding my prick, we continued this way for long and then I pushed her on her bed, she was removing her dress, I then caught her hand. Started licking her fingers then her hand, elbow, soon reached her armpit and found no hair there but a very horny smell, so I sucked her there, she was getting horny and was slowly moaning, this made me excited. Then I started to lick her shoulders then her neck and now I could feel the warmth of her breath, I removed her dress from over her boobs, I had removed the bra earlier only and once again her brown nipple was in between my lips being cleaned by my tongue. I then started to press her other boob and suck her nipples hard, she started to moan loudly and this was making me horny so I now sucked her other boob. Now I started to move down licking her all over and simultaneously removing her clothes, I kissed her belly button and soon I was sitting on my kn! Ees and removing her panty.

I could smell her pussy juice and soon I touched her wet pussy hairs, Oh! God what a sight it was. Those black shrubs covering her most beautiful asset. I blowed my lungs out on her pussy and she moaned, the air removed her hairs from over her pussy and I saw heaven. I was getting mad and I put my tongue on her cunt, she trembled a bit. Then I started to kiss her pussy lips and lick them, it felt more than exciting and now she moaning loudly, and now I started to suck her pussy hard while put my finger in her cunt in order to finger fuck her. She was getting hot and as loud she moaned I increased my intensity of sucking the best part of her body, she also came in to rhythm and started to jerk her pussy. Finally I could feel drops on my tongue she was about to have an orgasm, she cummed in my mouth and I drank everything. Now she said it was her turn, and got on top of me and kissed the head of my iron rod. I had masturbated so many times but never d! Id it felt so good, she started to lick it and then took half of it in her mouth and then started to suck my prick, soon she was taking whole of the 7″ in her mouth. I was enjoying the soothing touch her of her tongue whenever my prick moved in. I told her that I will soon cum soon and she said ok and drank all of my white thick hormones. Now we placed each other in 69 position and we were sucking each other she and was good at it. Then again we cummed into each other’s mouth now she said she can’t resist any more and said please fuck me and send me into nirvana. So she opened her legs as wide as she could and placed them on the wall. I said wait a bit as to make her more hungry and again started to finger fuck her and then with two and soon with three. She was soon shouting on me and saying quite horny things so I thought I should give this bitch what she deserves.

I then said all right I would give that to you. And slightly inserted the head my junior in her and then started! To jerk her with it only and soon juice came out of her pussy. Now the path for my boss was lubricated, she begged me to put it in i.e. The whole of it in one jerk, ‘please meri chut phad do’. I then started to push my prink slowly into her pussy and she shouted ‘aaj meri saari khujli mita kar mujhe kush kardo’. And slowly I inserted my seven-inched junior in to the best cave god has made. I was very cautious as it was my first time and I did not wanted any pain, but till there is no pain there is no gain. So I jerked her and she shouted very badly, now I was giving her these jerks and started to kiss her again, she signaled me to suck her boobs so I again started to kiss, lick and suck her water melons. I was taking her boobs in my mouth one by one, again and again, soon I was about to cum. And I sprinkled my huge reservoir in her and she also had another orgasm and now these two fluids filled her pussy and it slowly started to drip down. I removed my self on top of her was lying beside her and trying to gulp as much air as possible. Then she gave me a smile as to saying thanks and gave me a satisfied look. I smooched her.

Now she got on top my and sat on my prick and then took it in her and started to move up and down, I was too tired to do anything but soon gained strength enough to get I into a rhythm with her. She was fucking me and I was enjoying it and this time I was moaning and that too badly. I said faster and faster and soon pumped all my juices in her and then she kissed me. But still we wanted more so we decided to go for doggy style.

She went down on floor and I put my lund into her chut that to in a go and we both shouted and then I started to jerk her and she also joined the pace. We were both feeling the pain but the exciting feeling soon took over and we were enjoying each other. I then kissed her back and placed a kiss on her neck. She was moaning in pain and enjoyment, which was making me horny. I increased the pace although it was hurting me but still and soon I came out and then fell down on her and were both too tired to even move a finger. After some time we got up kissed each other and took a bath together and I again fucked her in the bathroom under the shower then we went to sleep nude with hands in hands. Finally she was satisfied with me and said from now onwards she will only be committed to me. And we have sex daily and now I am a proud father of a baby boy and my tenant is my whore now, she loves me now and I also feel some thing for her. This is how sexual attraction got transferred to love. She is soon going to leave me as her husband has got a new job and since I am addicted to sex I want a new women or girl in my life. If any one is interested then please mail me. Or you can also send meyour feedback on [email protected] gals/women in and around hyd intrested in secret affair for longtiime/short time pls do mail me at ([email protected]) and guys if u r intrested in three some (me,u,& Ur partner) pls do mail me.