Heights of pleasure

Hi, Everybody. I am an avid reader of all the stories in ISS. Infact i also shared one of my experiences and the response was good which infact is pushing me to share one more experience. I am from Hyderabad and after my one afternoon stand with my neighbor for a long time (a Month) i could not again think of her cos i was very busy with my work and probably she too couldnt make it due to her engagements (with husband). It was once again on a Wednesday she called me on my mobile and told me that her husband was going out of station for 4 days from Friday and would be free cos their daughters too are going to their Grand Parents. I told her this time we would go to a farm house where nobody would be there except me and her. Come Friday evening we both left for my friends farm house about 40 Km from Hyderabad. It has all the amenities of a star hotel. All the while when i was driving she was massaging my cock with her right hand and playing with her pussy with the left hand. The farm house is looked after by the local guy and when we reached the farm house we were given keys by that guy who arranged everything and left. It was about 8 in the evening and in the mean time she put on the geyser and made the water warm for us to have fun in the bath tub. Since it was winter and it was cold i said i wanna hava drink first for which she said that i could have while taking bath. Now my friends farm house is having a big bath tub and i can say its 4×6 round shaped one. I enjoyed the warm water and she handed over me my drink. I asked her whether she liked to have a sip for which she said yes and had a sip. Since it was Vodka with 7up she liked it. We both were in the tub and she was playing with my cock which was in the water which by now was hard.

She asked me to stand for which i did and she took the drink from my hand and gulped more than half and just dumped the rest on my erect dick. My word it took me by surprise and cos it was alcohol it was burning and before i could say anything she took my erect dick into her mouth and started sucking me hard. I was dumbstuck by that experience which i cannot describe. It was best feeling I had. I caught her head with both my hands and started pumping her mouth. It went on for a couple of min and i told her i wanted to suck her pussy by which time it was swollen. She sat on the wall of the tub and spread her legs. I enjoy sucking pussies which are shaven and my word this was clean shaven pussy. I played with her pussy with my fingers and slowly started kissing her inner thighs and then her pussy. She caught me by my head and started pumping my face. I too wanted her to have a solid orgasm so i slowly started inserting my right hand middle finger into her ass. That sent her into a frenzy and she pumped fast and hard and started screaming with pleasure. I could not help feeling happy for her and continued my licking and sucking and when she came finally it was with a big groan. I lapped all her juices and stared kissing her deep tongue to tongue entwined. I adjusted her legs in such a way that i could push my cock deep inside her cunt and started fucking her. Since we were on the floor she felt uncomfortable and asked me to come from behind which is our favorite position. I made her kneel on all fours and i pushed my dick inside her wet and hot pussy. I kept banging her pussy and say after about 7 min she started to scream like hell. I lifted her ass with my strokes and finally i told her i was coming and she took my cock in her mouth and started to deep throat it. I once again caught her head and started pumping her mouth and within few seconds i came and my spunk was all over her boobs. She licked me clean we both kissed each other and had a solid bath for good half hour cleaning each other. Then we both had dinner. Hey after dinner is continued next week. If u enjoyed the story and wanna enjoy more stay in touch on [email protected]