Peasure with pooja

Hi all readers. I am Sriram, 20 from chennai. Its been a long time since I wanted to narrate my experience. This happened few months back. I have a friend named Pooja who is from a rich family whom I met a few months back at my company’s party.We share a good friendship. One day she invited me for her b’day party. The day was Sunday and as I didn’t have any work in the morning I just rang her to ask whether she needs any help from me for the party’s arrangements.She said none of her friends have turned up yet and she would be glad if I could come early. I rushed to her home and found herself and her neighbor, Nikita aunty. She introduced me to her neighbor. In no time with my planning and quick wittedness we completed the arrangements.She thanked me for that and then She asked me to chat with Nikita aunty as she wanted to take a shower. I started chatting with Nikita aunty and I learnt that she runs a garment shop just to kill time as her husband is always on tour.Very soon we became friends and we exchanged our cell no’s. About Nikita aunty. She is 34 yrs old with a fair complexion and with a stats of 36-28-38. She was really so sexy that everyone at the party was staring at her. I never had any intensions so I was just relaxed.A few days later I got a call from Nikita aunty that she is getting bored and whether I can come to her house just for chatting. I went to her place and she gave me a warm welcome. After chatting for sometime she said her body is aching since morning.I asked her to take some medicine. She went to prepare coffee for me and when she got off the couch the devil in my mind started to come out. She was wearing a pink color night gown and I could see her bra and panties. I controlled my thoughts.We had coffee together and then

I asked her whether she needs a massage for which she readily agreed. Actually I am a great massager so started giving her massage. As I started massaging on her back she slightly moaned…uuhhh I asked whether everything is fine,she said your hands do a great job and she is enjoying it and feeling relaxed. I massaged her back and neck and then I came down and started to work on her feet and slowly came upwards but over the night gown only. I massaged her thighs and I didn’t go upwards but came down.After a while she went inside her bedroom and came back in 5 mts. While she was coming I noticed something different, her bra and panties were missing on her body and I could see almost everything.then she lifted her night gown up to her kneesand lied on the couch and said your massage is too good …….i again started to massage but this time on her naked skin I massaged her legs and slowly came upwards… she started to moan… her soft white skin was giving me a hard on.then I put my hands bit inside her gown and reached to her thighs she moaned uuhh after working for some time she lifted her gown bit more and I could see her naked inner thighs.I went upwards and touched her buttocks uuuhhhh a big moan came from her.. Now I couldn’t control myself…she asked me what are you waiting for….. This gave a green signal and I reached to her pussy..i fingered her a bit and she got up and we went to her bedroom…I removed my T and jeans and also her night gown….i kissed her on her lips and then on her cheeks…..then I showered kisses on her neck and licked and sucked her earlobes… she moaned then I came downwards to her and reached to her boobs…those were really round and soft… I started sucking her nipples and swirling my tongue around her nipples… she moaned …ooohuhhh and. Pressed my head against her breast… then I took the whole boob inside my mouth and started sucking it…and then slowly started releasing it … and when I reached her nipple I sucked it hard and pulled and Released it…..her breast stretched and reached at normal.. There was a sound tuhhh…. Just like opening A pepsi bottle…she moaned with pleasure….Then she lied on the bed and I reached to her belly button.. I sucked it and licked it………. Then I reached to her thighs..and started kissing till her toes….and then again I came back to her thighs… her pussy was waiting for the touch of my tongue and I could feel that…About her pussy, it was fully shaven and her pussy was pinkish and reddish mix in color.then in vertical angle I moved my tongue from her vagina to her clit by just touching her moist skin,just like tickling… this sent shivers to her body.And she cried rahul please lick my pussy hard and suck it and eat it…………I started licking her pussy and inserting my tongue inside it .her moans increased and I had a real hard on. Then I inserted my tongue into her vagina and started searching her G-spot.I stroked her G-spot with my tongue and she started moaning and squeezing her boobs.she pushed my head towards the sweetest thing on earth,pussy. She started screaming with pleasure and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and expanding and she exploded.Her juices tasted just like honey. Then I turned her around and started spanking on her arse. She was getting aroused again and started moaning. Then I showered kisses on her arse cheeks which were really soft and milky white. I pressed them and started licking her pussy.her moans increased and her hand reached to her clit and started massaging it. My 8inch long and 3 inch thick dick was dying to come out my jockey. My jockey was already wet with my pre cum. I released my dick from my jockey…I went on doggy position and I placed my dicks head over her pussy lips and started patting it … she started moaning…. Uuuuuh ahhh. Slowly I started entering her. She was really tight.i entered a bit and came out and again a bit more and came out…she was really enjoying it her G spot was waiting for my dicks touch…. But I didn’t enter her fully but just playing ….she couldn’t resist herself and said rahul enter me fully come inside me pls.. Then I entered her fully and started pumping my dick into her pussy….

My thighs felt the warmth of her arse cheeks as my dick was fully inside her pussy. I felt so nice at that warmth and started screwing her with a slow pace. She said fuck me harder… pls hard my hands reached to her tits and I started squeezing it hard and played with her pink nipples. And started pumping her in great speed….. She moaned uuuhhh yes faster.She was moaning with pleasure and was pushing her arse back to my dick in a rhythm. Come into me fuck me harder and suddenly she exploded again but I didn’t come yet.Well I have got good stamina. Then again I entered her from front side and started stroking her hard.. I cupped her arse cheeks by lifting her arse off the bed and when I am fully inside her and her vaginal muscles contract I squeezed her buttocks hard which she liked very much,I sucked her milky white breasts.she came one more time and after a few more strokes I also exploded in her hot pussy. Then I came over her and started kissing her softly, she was really enjoying it…. I kissed her cheeks, neck and moved my hand over her hair and back…..she was lying on my chest and was really enjoying it…. Then I lifted her and took her to the washroom and I we took shower together….after that we dressed up and then I asked her whether her body ache has vanished or not ??She replied it was my pussy which was aching… and we laughed together. She then gave me some money.She said its been ages since she had enjoyed so much…her husband never satisfies her.and she could get any guy if she pays but its not only sex its about emotions also.She said bit of emotions and caring is required to enjoy sex and she has seen the qualities when I came for the party and that’s the reason she called me …and it was a memorable experience for her. I said thanks to her.

She said she has all kinds of sex toys but the human skin is something which gives the real pleasure. I said its true. I kissed her and left for my home. Later we had sex a lot of times… hope you all enjoyed ….I will come back with the incident which happened later.pls post your comments to [email protected] contact me in my mail if you need pleasure.