College friend Isha

Hello friends Sandy is back with one more adventure. Please send me some response. So far the response is very bad my mail id is [email protected] I’ll take you 10 years back in my life.I play trombone in our college marching band. Last Friday, we had a big home game against our cross state rivals, and of course, the band director wanted to make sure we gave our best performance. We were exhausted but excited for the game. During the first half of play, I was busy setting up the instruments, stands, etc. And playing pep music. With the second quarter winding down, we got ready to take the field. As we began our show, I noted that I was marching right behind Isha, another trombone player. She is a year younger than me, and she is gorgeous. She is average height and had perfect curves and shiny blonde hair. Even though it sounds silly, our ridiculous band uniforms accented her looks. I watched her cute, tight ass move back and forth for the entire performance. It was one of the last hot days before fall moved in, and when halftime was over, everyone was exhausted. When we got back in the stands, I couldnt keep my eyes off her for the rest of the game. When the game was over (we won, by the way), I was packing my trombone in my case when I heard someone come up behind me. “Hey, do you think I could have a ride home?” I was a bit startled and spun around, but it was Isha. “Yeah, sure, hold on a second.” I said, finishing putting my instrument and uniform away. “Lets go.” We walked out of the school, and I opened the trunk and we both threw our cases in. I had known Isha for a little bit, and I knew where she lived. Her house was near the school so there really wasnt much time to talk. When I got to her house, I noticed that all of the lights were off, except a light over the side door. “Hey, it doesnt look like anyones home.” I commented. “Uh, no, I guess not. Oh yeah, my parents are at the cottage for the weekend.” Wow, I thought to myself, thats great, but

I did not want to impose myself on her. “Well, thanks for the ride. Hey, youre not doing anything now, are you?” she asked. I quickly thought to myself. “No, no Im not, actually. I dont have any plans.” I responded coolly, trying to hide any excitement. This could be my chance! “Why dont you come in, then?” she said with a giggle and a cute smile. She was a beautiful girl, illuminated in the lone light, still wearing her band uniform. I parked the car on the street, and followed her inside. We both flopped down on a nice, comfortable couch, and Isha flipped on the t.v. “What do you want to watch?” she asked. I replied that it didnt matter to me. We were sitting apart from each other on the couch. The whole house was dark, save the light of the television screen. On my reply, she flipped to HBO, which was showing some sort of Adult film. Not much was happening when we turned it on, though I was a bit surprised by her selection. Isha was intently watching the movie, and I had one eye on the porn and one on her. Then she stood up and said, “ive just got to take this silly uniform off, its so stuffy.” I had taken mine off at school, and now, because of the high temperatures and because our band uniforms are wool, I was freeballing in some mesh shorts, and a t-shirt. I diverted my attention from the t.v., which was still showing little action, to watch Ishas semi-striptease. As she took of her jacket, I noticed that she was wearing only a small, tight t-shirt underneath, which is understandable for the heat. She then began to loosen the suspenders, and drop her pants, revealing tight and very short spandex shorts. A lump began to form in my shorts, which the mesh could hardly contain. Isha then sat back down on the couch, and asked how I was enjoying the movie. I said that I liked it, and we continued to watch.

At that point, the plot of the film turned interesting, and we were both watching intently. My cock was getting very hard, and I noticed Isha rubbing her crotch from the outside of her spandex shorts. This continued until the couple on screen had finished their business. It was getting very warm in the house, and when the main scene was over, Isha flipped off the t.v. And said to me, softly, “Now its our turn.” We then moved closer to each other on the couch, and began to passionately make out. We were completely engulfed in one anothers arms and I loved the feel of her soft lips. We continued like this until she broke off, and said, “You must be just sweating in that shirt, here, lets get it off.” She removed my t-shirt, and tossed it on the floor, and we continued to kiss, Isha letting out small, occasional moans. Then slowly, without breaking the kiss, Isha began to slip her hands off from around my shoulders, sliding them smoothly downward, until they were around my waist. Noticing the growing bulge in my shorts, she slid her hands in and began to massage my cock. “Ooo, this is hard.” she said. After enjoying this for a few seconds, I slid my hands up under her shirt and began to fondle her soft, smooth breasts. Isha began to moan, and as I continued to massage her tits, she shifted down to the floor,and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. I lifted up my feet, and she tossed the thin covering away. This also gave me the opportunity to lift her shirt up, and she obliged by putting her arms up in the air so I could do so. Her breasts bounced free from the confining garment, and I continued to caress them, especially now that they were right in front of me. Isha was now on her knees, and she spread my legs apart, giving us both better access to what we wanted. Her tits were bliss for me, and she was giving me a great hand job now, running one finger up my shaft, slowly starting at the root, and moving up the sensitive underside, and circling around the ring under my head, and then rubbing the head of my penis, and moving back down. The other hand was massaging my balls, first one, then the other, then both together. I had stopped rubbing her breasts, and was now giving her a shoulder and back massage.

Isha was beginning to pump my shaft a bit, and as I started to rock with it, my sack would hit her tits as it swung forward, and I let out long, low groans, as this wonderful feeling pulsed through my body. Hearing my noises, Isha said, “Hold on, big boy.” and then, on her knees, began to give me the best blowjob ever. Continuing to jiggle and caress my sack, she started to flick the head of my penis with her tongue. Then she moved to the root, and licked from the bottom, up the tender underside, and ran her tongue around the head, and over it. She then stopped juggling my nuts as she ran her tongue in a spiral pattern down my shaft. Then she took one nut in her mouth, and sucked on it for some time, while massaging my cock with one hand to keep it hard. Then she switched to the other testicle, and then to my surprise, took the whole sack in her mouth and went over and over it with her tongue. It was like a french kiss, but better. She then let go of everything, and began to take my cock in her mouth. She first sucked on the head, and then with each following gulp, took more and more of my throbbing penis until she was taking all of it, and I could feel the head hitting the back of her throat, and my balls bouncing off her chin. I was shuddering with pleasure.I began to feel swelling in my balls and I knew I was about to cum allover the place. Isha was still taking me deep, and she was really getting into it, so I figured, what the heck, and as she bent her neck in line with her back to take all of my cock, I shot a big load all the way into her throat. She happily gulped it down, and she slowly slid off my cock.

“That was so great.” I said. “Youre so tasty.” she replied with a devious smile. She climbed back up on the couch, her now firm tits jiggling as she moved. We began to make out again, and I could tell she was getting more and more horny and aroused. She continued to pet my cock, which was recovering from the state of ecstasy it had just reached, and was growing hard again. I began to massage her thighs up and down as we kissed. Isha was again letting out short moans and she grabbed around my waist, my penis now rock hard again, and pulled me into her, her firm breasts pushing against my chest and she began to hump me. I could feel her getting more and more excited so I began to work her spandex shorts off her. As I did, I could feel that her pussy was already wet with excitement. “Oooh, this is going to be fun.” Isha giggled, glancing down at my fully erect penis. She the pushed me backwards on the couch so that I was laying lengthwise on my back, and she mounted me, straddling my legs. However, when I lay in this fashion, my feet stretched over the end of the couch. I was in no place to complain, but it wasnt the most comfortable position. Isha, who had been playing with my cock a bit while preparing for her next move, noticed this. “Lets go upstairs to my bed.”she suggested. “ill just hold onto you like this, and we can walk up.” So, I got up, with Isha grappling onto me with her thin, but surprisingly strong legs, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She continued to hump me, now at about my stomach, and I held onto her tight ass as I walked upstairs, my stiff boner pointing the way. “Last door on the right.” she directed. As I said, all of the lights in the house were still out, but my eyes had pretty well adjusted by this point. I came to the door, which was closed, and I backed into the room. Ishas big, comfy bed was situated right in the middle of the room, and I fell back upon it. So much better! I thought. “Ahh, this is nice.” I said. Ishas breasts bounced as we fell backwards, and she sat up, still straddling me, and humping my mid section. “I wanna fuck you.” she giggled.

“I want you in me!” And with a laugh, she enveloped my cock with the soft, wet warmth of her tight pussy. She took it a little bit at first, but I couldnt take the teasing much longer. My cock was almost throbbing, so on her second push, I thrust my hips forward, causing Isha to gasp, but putting a big smile on her face. She then began to ride my cock, bouncing and riding it, letting out long, deep moans and giggles. It was most pleasurable. She began to thrust deep and hard, and I could feel her beginning to shake with the building orgasm. Isha started to wail very loud, and she was riding my cock hard and fast, her tits bouncing up and down. Isha was now happily screaming, and I too was letting out deep moans, and I felt my balls tensing up, and I shot a huge load of cum deep into her pussy as she simultaneously had her orgasm. I looked at Ishas face as she began to slow the tempo, and she was nothing but smiles. “Oh! Oh! That felt sooo good!” she said. Isha dismounted, and we both lay side by side on the bed, sweaty and tired from our activities. We caressed each other like this for some time, she rubbing all over my body, and I focusing on her soft breasts. They were the best feeling things in the world, and I couldnt ignore them. I could tell Isha wanted more, and so did I. “Youre so cute.” she said to me. “Im glad you came over. Its not often that I have the house to myself.” “You want to keep this up?” I asked. She looked down at my somewhat softer penis, and nodded yes with a smile, her blonde hair and tits bouncing the answer. “Ok,” I said, “but it will have to be my turn at some point.” I said. I figured I had laid back and she had pleasured me to my hearts content. It was the least I could to take the initiative this time around.

“Fine.” Isha replied, trying to remain serious as a smile crept across her face, “but first we have to get that going again.” she said, nodding to my cock, which was now beginning to get stiff again. She began to pet my growing rod, and I continued to fondle her breasts, giving special attention to one hardening nipple, then the other. My penis was now totally aroused again, and Isha was clearly ready to go, as she had started to rub her crotch with one hand, while juggling my balls like two dice with the other. From our position facing each other, I rolled over, and mounted Isha. I did not want her pussy quite yet, though. I wanted to share the sensations my fingers had felt on her boobs with my cock, and I slid up and began to breast-fuck her. Isha was giggling, and she pressed her breasts together, covering my large shaft, which was working in her cleavage. My dick was clearly thankful as it grew harder and bigger, and I nearly came on her chest. I then began to inch back down rubbing her tits with the palms of my hands to let Isha know we were moving on, my hard penis wiggling on her stomach, causing her to release a short moan. I moved down, and let my cock bounce down into the gap between her legs, but I still wanted to hold out a little longer from her soft, tight pussy. “Lets do it doggy style.” I said, and Isha obliged by getting up on her hands and knees while I knelt behind her. I first felt around with my finger (dont forget, its pitch black!) For her asshole, which would certainly be tight. I found it and began to loosen it with my finger, then putting one, then two, the three fingers in the hole. I proceeded to poke my dick in, and her tight ass accepted. I began to ram her, and she let out short yelps and barks like a dog. With every thrust, my sack would slap up against her butt cheeks, and I was really getting off. We both felt my balls tightening, and Isha barked “Empty yourself in my ass! I love it!” At this point, her will was obviously my command and I again blew a big shot of cum, this time in her ass. The combination of her cheeks hitting my abdomen and my sack slapping against her ass was great, and after I let my load off, I backed out, but neither of us was finished. “Here, ill hold that for you.” Isha said, taking a grip on my erect penis with both hands. She began to jack me off until I was stiff as an iron post. “Youve got stamina!” she exclaimed. Isha continued to pump my rod until I said, “Lets go!” Isha squealed her reply: “Fuck me! Fuck me! I want all of your big penis!

“With that, I got on top of her, and lowered my cock near her wet pussy. She grabbed a hold of it and directed me to her soft love-spot. I began to fuck her, softly for a second, then harder and harder. We were both horny as hell and we knew it. I was grunting with each push,and Isha was wailing and moaning. “Ooohhh! Oooohhh! Keep it coming! Ugghhhhhh!” she screamed. She had also lifted her ass off the bed and was working her pelvis in motion with my thrusts. I was pounding harder and harder, and Isha was screaming even louder “Aiehhhhhh! Ayieeeee!” We were both shaking with pleasure, and we kept banging as hard as we could handle. My ball sack was slapping up against her asshole, which only added to the ecstatic feeling. Finally, with Isha screaming and me grinding and panting, her orgasm came when I shot a hot stream of cum deep, deep into her pussy. The pumping slowed tempo, and Isha was moaning low and relaxed, “Ahhhhh, oh, mmm.” We were both smiling ear to ear, and we basically collapsed and fell in each others arms, my softening cock just out of her pussy. I awoke with sunlight streaming in the windows, getting my first glimpse of the house which had been all black the glorious night before. I looked down and saw Isha gently sucking my penis. When she saw that I was awake, she looked up and smiled at me and said, “Well, I guess wed better collect our things (we were both, of Course, still completely naked). My parents are coming home this afternoon.” We walked downstairs, side by side, and collected our things which were strewn about the floor. As I was heading out the door, I remembered her trombone, and said “Hey dont forget your instruments in my trunk.” We both got dressed, and Isha followed me out to the car, where I grabbed her trombone. “No.” she said, “Your trombone was in my trunk.” We both chuckled and she continued. “Next week my cottage is free. Maybe we could head up there for the weekend, after the game.” she said lustfully. I could only smile as she was walked back into her house, swishing her ass from side to side.Don’t forget to send me responses my id is [email protected]