Sex with Pooja -1

Hi all ISS readers. My name is Akshay & I’m from Pune. I’m also a regular reader of reading so many stories, I finally felt like telling u my true story which happened two years back. At that time I was just 26 yrs old & was staying in Mumbai. I was working with a private company. I received a call from a girl asking to apply for credit card. Her name was Pooja.I told her to send the person to my office. After that day she used to call me on regular basis just only as a friend. May be she loved my behavior. At last we decided to meet.On the meeting day I was waiting. She came from rickshaw & directly said hi to me as she has seen my photo. I was stunned to see such a beauty. She was wearing a White Salwar Kammez.She was fair with 5ft tall, 30 sized boobs & beautiful eyes. For about an hour we spoke about different things. She told me that she is married & have a kid who is eight years of age & her husband & in laws were torturing her in every possible ways. For which she is staying with her parents since a year.Actually my eyes were stunned on her boobs.I gently put a hands on her shoulder & tried to console her. Then I thought to brush up her breasts I started caressing her back. As if reading my mind, she suddenly took my hand & kept it on her right breast.

I was surprised by her move. I tried to remove my hand but she tried to press it more on her breast by her elbow & with a smile on her face. She said “Feel it Akshay feel the heat of my breast. It’s been so long that somebody has touched my breast”. I started playing with her right breast over her dress & also kissing her on her lips. She closed her eyes & started to give small moans.Now I inserted my hand inside her dress. She wore a white color bra inside. I was playing with her breast. Her nipples were erect. I stared pressing her boobs, sometimes pinching her nipples & sometimes kissing her on neck, on lips & even on her cheeks. Suddenly she slipped her left hand on my trousers. She started caressing my cock over & above my trousers. I also put my left hand on her thighs & started caressing her thighs. Slowly my hands reached over her poss. Started caressing her pussy over her dress. By now she had already opened the zip of my trouser & started to caress my cock from inside. She quickly opened the knot of her salwar & let me enter. I put my hand inside her salwar & first time felt the touch of a pussy I touched she shivered with enjoyment .I slowly started to rub my hand over her pussy.She closed her eyes & was eventually giving small moans. After about 15 minutes on finger fucking she cummed on my hand. There was a look of satisfaction in her eyes. She said ‘Akshay I love you.’ We kissed each other & then left.This is my first story & there are bound to be mistakes. Please feel free to share your views & comments on my email id.Any girls or bhabhis looking for pleasure can also mail me on my email id.The next installment in this story will post only after your comments. My email id is [email protected]