Delhi wife goes slutty-2

I guys i am back with more of Anamikas adventures in public places and hope you will enjoy these please read and comment. It was a Saturday morning. Kamal was out playing twenty, the kids were at the pool for their swimming lessons and she had an hour before she needed to go pick them up. She had just gotten home from shopping at Lifestyle and she was horny and hotter than hell. She had worn what she considered her “slut suit,” short skirt, low cut blouse with no brassiere on under it and high heels. She got a hell of a kick out of slowly walking the aisles and generating hard dicks and knowing that every man who saw her wanted to fuck her. She wondered if the day would come when one of them would. She knew one who wanted to and who was determined to. At least she thought he did. She hadnt heard from The Watcher in three weeks.She was in her kitchen looking out her window at Akshay who was busy cutting the grass in her backyard. Akshay was the twenty year old son of their next door neighbors and Kamal had hired him to take care of the yard so Kamal would be free to play golf on the weekends. She watched him as he moved back and forth across the yard dressed in only shorts. She wondered if he had boxers or briefs on under those shorts. It didnt seem fair that he could get away with walking around in only shorts. It didnt seem at all fair to her that men could walk around almost naked while women had to cover it all up. She grinned to herself as she thought, “Well, not all women. Some of us let a little of it hang out” as she remembered her train rides and her visits to Wal- Mart.” She wondered again where her exhibitionist streak had suddenly come from as she wondered if Akshay had ever seen naked beasts, ass or pussy. She wondered what Akshay would do if she let him see her like The Watcher saw her. She got a warm and fuzzy feeling as she thought of letting the young lad see her goodies. What would he do? How would he act? She giggled as she realized that she knew exactly what he would do. He would find a private place where he could get rid of the hard on she had given him. Could she make it happen so she would be where she could watch him stroke himself?He was a good-looking boy and she wondered if he was still a virgin. Had he played with any of the young girls he knew? If she let him see her would she be his first naked woman? Oh my , wouldnt that be a rush. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to make it happen.

She wanted to expose herself to him. Oh my she thought as she realized that the idea had her pussy dripping. She looked at her watch; she had enough time before she had to pick up the kids. She wouldnt let him see her nude that day, but she could tease him a little. Thats what she would do, tease and escalate. A little that day, a little more the next time and even more the time after that. Make him want to see more. Make him sneak around, looking in windows, peeping to see if he could see more of her. All she would have to do was find things for him to do around the house and then ‘carelessly and ‘accidentally let him see more and more until she let him see her in all of her naked glory. No better time to start then right then.She hurried upstairs to her bedroom and dug through her drawers until she found just what she wanted. She undressed and put on the short skirt that she wore on the train and then put on the worn halter-top she had taken from the dresser. She leaned forward and got the effect she was looking for her breasts were fully exposed. Next she took off her panties and sat down on the bed across from the dresser and looked in the dresser mirror as she moved around to find what position she needed to be sitting in for Akshay to be able to see up the skirt and get a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy. She combed her hair, put on some fresh makeup and headed back down to the

Kitchen.She made a pitcher of lemonade and then went out to get Akshay. He had finished the backyard and was doing the south side of the house when she walked up to him. He was a tall boy, at least four inches taller than she was and he had to look down when she was talking to him. He couldnt help but notice her breasts and she did notice his eyes widen a bit when she leaned a little forward and the loose halter top let her breasts float free.”Its hot out here Akshay and I noticed that you are all sweaty. Ive made some lemonade so come on in the house and take a break and cool off.”She turned and headed for the back door and she could feel his eyes on her tight little ass so she put a little more wiggle into her walk. She had him sit at the kitchen table and then she poured him a glass of lemonade and bent forward at the waist to hand it to him. That gave him another chance to see her breasts. Did he notice how hard her nipples were, how they stuck out like stiff miniature erections?She took the chair on the side of the table rather than the seat across from him and sat down with legs wide to give him a chance to look up her skirt. She leaned forward, giving him another look at her breasts and then asked:”As a teacher Im curious; what are your favorite classes in school.””Math and chemistry I guess. I like the lab work we do in chemistry.””How about science or biology? Dont you do lab work in those classes?””Yeah, but it is yucky. Who wants to cut up frogs.””What about sports? You going to go out for any?””Im going out for football.”His glass was empty and she leaned forward to take it from him. She grinned as she saw his eyes lock onto her exposed melons and saw the tent in his trousers. She yearned to reach out and touch it, but she didnt dare. As she refilled his glass she thought about the men on the metro train and giggled as she remembered what one of the men had whispered to her one night. “We are going to rename the tunnel for you love. It will be called Blow Job Alley.” But what she had been doing with them over the last few weeks she couldnt do with Akshay.

The men on the train were grown adults while Akshay was just a boy. She could tease, but she didnt dare touch. But she did want to see his young cock and she did want to expose her naked body to him so she would just have to find a way to make it happen. She was just getting ready to sit down again when the pone rang. She took the call and suddenly everything changed and there was a sense of urgency to make what she wanted to happen with Akshay happen. Suddenly she had a limited window of opportunity.The phone call did give her another opportunity to tease Akshay. She got up and sat on the kitchen counter while she talked and when Akshay looked her way he could see straight up her skirt. He could see her pussy and she wondered if he could see how damp it was and would he know that his looking is what was making it damp? Was the lump in his trousers more pronounced? She thought it was and she shivered knowing that she had caused it. She really, really wished she could see his cock and maybe even touch it just once.When her phone call ended she slid off the counter, hung up the phone and then turned to see Akshay getting up. “I need to get back to cutting the grass. I have to be done by eleven-thirty because I promised my dad Id help him move some things. Thank you for the lemonade.””Youre welcome Akshay,” she said as he went back outside. She watched him go and she was already planning the next timewhen Kamal got home she told him about the phone call.. “We have an offer on the house. The couple that looked at it last Saturday have offered our asking price if we replace the cracked patio or get an estimate for having it done and subtract that much from what we

Want. Also, we need to finish working off that list of items she gave to us, thats part of the deal also. I told Neeta Id have you call her back on it.””Why didnt you just tell her to consider it a done deal?””I did, but you have to call her and let her know which way you are going to go. You talked about doing it yourself, but if you dont and we use a contractor we need to have a time frame for him getting the job done. If we go the estimate route we need to get Neeta the figure so she can get started on the paperwork. And, we have to start pushing to get the new house finished because our agreement with Neeta is that we would be out within forty-five days of closing.””ill go call her now.””Oh, and I need you to talk to Akshay for me.””Why? What did he do?””Its what I want him to do. Im going to have to start packing and Im going to need some help getting things down from the attic and up from the basement. See if you can hire him to help me.””Shouldnt be a problem. Kids his age are always looking for a way to make some spending money.””One of the items on the list that Neeta gave us was cleaning up the ratty looking flower beds across the back of the yard. Can you get Akshay to weed them?””ill have him do it tomorrow. Im going to the boat show with Ted. You interested in going?””No. Ive some things I need to get done here. Things I have to do before we move. Ask Akshay to check with me when he comes over. I might have some things I want moved.”Sunday, as soon as Kamal had left for the boat show she had gone to the bedroom to get ready for Akshay. She put on her tightest T-shirt and the same skirt that shed had on the day before. Again she went with no bra and no panties. With no bra her nipples poked the T- shirt and made sexy little pimples for anyone to see. She knew the pimples would be bigger by the time Akshay arrived; the excitement she was feeling would see to that. They would be positively stiff.The doorbell rang and she looked through the spy hole and saw that it was Akshay.

She rubbed her nipples one more time and opened the door. She said, “Hi Akshay” and watched as his eyes locked onto the peaks trying to poke through her T-shirt.”Come on sweetie,” she said as she turned and walked away from him, “My list is in the kitchen.”She knew his eyes were on her ass and she put some extra wiggle in her butt. In the kitchen she picked up her list and then ‘accidentally dropped it. Her back was to Akshay and she bent at the waist to pick it up. Her short skirt rode up and at the very least Akshay got a good look at her partially exposed buns. She picked up the paper and turned to face Akshay and was gratified to see from the bulge in his trousers that she was having the desired effect. She looked at the list and then said:”The real estate people are bringing a couple by to look at the house so the first thing Id like you to do is clean out those flower beds at the back of the yard. While you are doing that Im going to take a shower. Ive been working up in the attic and Im all sweaty and yucky. By the time you get done with the flower beds I should be done and we can take a look at some of the other items on the list.”She hurried upstairs and pulled the drapes open and pulled the blinds up on the window that looked out onto the back yard and then stood back out of sight until she saw Akshay at the flower beds. She moved to the center of the window and presented herself in profile and as she did it she remembered the last time she had done it and felt an electric charge surge through her as she thought of The Watcher. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Akshay and as soon as she saw him turn his head towards the house she threw her arms up and, as she had hoped, the sudden movement caught Akshays attention and he looked up at the window. She slowly pulled the T-shirt up over her

Head and arched her back just a touch to push her breasts out. She let the Tee fall to the floor and then she cupped her breasts with her hands and rubbed the nipples with her thumbs. Still in profile she raised her arms and ran her fingers through her hair.Akshay hadnt moved. He stood there staring up at the window and she saw him rub the front of his trousers and she gloried in the knowledge that she had given him a hard on. Her knees were trembling as she moved away from the window and fell on the bed. As she attacked herself with her fingers she knew she had to find a way to let him see her totally nude. Looking up from the yard at the bedroom window would only allow him to see her from the waist up. If she were naked in the family room he could see all of her through the large glass patio door, but what reason could she have for walking around nude in the family room? Then again, did she really need a reason? No, she did not! So what if Akshay figured out she was deliberately flashing him. That would make him look all that much harder. Yes! The next time he cut the grass she would prance around the family room naked for him. But that wouldnt be until next weekend and she didnt want to wait that long. What could she do between then and the next weekend? She was staring up at the ceiling trying to get herself off with her fingers when the idea came to her. It might work.. It could happen. She put on a robe and hurried down to the basement. Kamal had built a small locked closet where he kept his hunting rifles and shotguns. He had built it out of scrap lumber and a lot of the boards were warped so when he installed the pre-hung door he ended up with some gaps. He had never gotten around to finishing the installation by putting trim around the door when he sheet-rocked. She unlocked the closet and went inside and looked out through one of the gaps and saw that she could see almost half of the basement. It should work!

There was a small ladder behind the furnace and she used it to stand on while she piled up a couple of boxes so the top ones were too high for her to reach without a ladder and then she put the ladder back behind the furnace. She went back up to the bedroom and stood where she could watch Akshay work. When it looked like he was almost done she went back downstairs and called him into the kitchen. She was holding her robe closed with one hand and it was allowing the robe to show the upper slopes of her breasts and if she leaned just a bit forward Akshay could see all of them including the nipples. When Akshay came in she bustling around the kitchen and several times she moved by him and gave him a quick show. “I have something I need you to do for me in the basement,” she said. “Come on down and ill show you.” She led him over to a pile of boxes and said, “When we move a lot of this will go out with the trash and some will be given to Goodwill. I cant reach those top boxes so I need for you to get them down for me so I can go through them. Then I will need you to carry the stuff Im going to toss up to the garage. Id like this one first.” As she said that she reached up to point at one particular box and when she did she let go of the robe and it opened up. She saw Akshays eye go wide as he got the full front view of her body. He saw her breasts with the stiff, oh so stiff nipples, the flat tummy and the freshly shaven pussy before she said, “Oops, sorry about that” and closed her robe. “Can you do that for me as soon as you are done with the flower beds?”Akshay said he could and then they walked back upstairs. She had noticed the hard lump in his pants and now all she could do was wait and hope. She watched Akshay from the window and when she saw him put the tools back in the shed where the lawn mower

Was stored she hurried down to the basement and got into the closet. Five minutes later Akshay came down and walked over to the pile of boxes. He looked at them for a few seconds and then walked back over to the stairs and looked up as if he were listening for something and then he went back to the boxes. Apparently satisfied that he would hear if anyone started down the steps he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Anamika had a clear view of Akshay from the closet and she caught her breath as she watched him pull on his cock. It was a nice looking cock and she wished she was out there in front of him on her knees and offering him her mouth. Her fingers went to her pussy as she watched him work his cock. She thought of all the cocks she had sucked on the train and she wondered what a young boy would taste like. But she wanted so bad to find out. Akshay was stroking himself hard and fast and Anamikas fingers were plunging into her pussy and rubbing her clit and then she saw a rope of cum shoot out from the head of Akshays cock and fall to the floor. The sight of it set her off and she bit her lip to keep from screaming out as she had her own orgasm. She watched him milk the last drop from his cock and then he pulled a hankie out of his back pocket and wiped his cock off and put it away. He knelt down and used the hankie to wipe up what was on the floor and then he put the hankie back in his pocket. He took the three top boxes down and set them on the floor and then went up the stairs and she heard him go out into the garage. She came out of the closet and was headed for the stairs when something caught her eye.

She went over and looked and saw that some of the cum that had spewed out of Akshays cock had hit one of the boxes. She reached out and scooped it up with her finger and brought it up to her nose and sniffed it. It didnt smell any different than Kamals and without even thinking she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean and then she suddenly realized what she had just done and she moaned and then rushed up to her bedroom. She was lying on the bed and using the hairbrush to fill her aching pussy when the phone rang. “Hello?” “Hello slut,” said the unmistakable voice of The Watcher, “Have you missed me? I was out of town for a bit, but Im back and still looking for my chance. I wont join the line for the tunnel because I going to take your cunt and your ass. Soon slut, Im going to have you soon.” He disconnected and she dropped the phone on the bed, moaned “Oh God, he knows about the train. Is there anything about me he doesnt know?” and went to work with the hairbrush. Anamika went over the list of things she had to get done with an eye to those items where there was a possibility of being able to expose herself to Akshay. She had no idea why she got such a rush from letting the boy see her, she just knew that it turned her on and she loved that turned on feeling. The item she was giving the most consideration to was the wall between the upstairs bathroom and the kids bedroom. The kids at one time had done a number on the wall with crayons and finger paint. She had scrubbed and scrubbed the wall, but had never gotten it totally clean so it was going to have to be painted. Her bedroom door was just opposite the wall and if she had Akshay paint the wall she could be in the bedroom with the door opened just a crack and give Akshay a show. The wall would need two coats of paint and that meant she could tease him for hours. But she was running out of time. She needed to get it done soon.

She put the list down and got ready to go to work. Sever cut business suit and shoes with a two-inch heel. Hair up in an unbecoming bun and almost no make up. A last minute smile as she put her underpants in her purse and then she left the house.There had been a change over the last week. It was almost as if the men who rode the train with her every day knew that she would be moving soon and wouldnt be taking that train anymore. Three days ago, for the first time, the men had moved in on her on the morning ride and she had given her first west to east blow job as they went through the tunnel. It was as if there was a sense of urgency on the part of the male riders in her car to get as much as they could in the time remaining. Now she had a cock pushed in her mouth going to work AND coming home.Other than the very first one she had done she didnt know who was using her. She had no idea if every man in the car had pushed his meat in her mouth or if some turned away in disgust. She kept her eyes on the floor when she entered the car and closed them and kept them closed after she was seated. And she smiled at the thought that there always was a seat for her. She could tell when they got close to the tunnel because the men on either side of her would move closer and she would sense someone moving in front of her. Her ears heard the sound of the zipper and it was like Pavlovs bell, the sound made her mouth open and seconds later it was filled with cock. Hands went up her legs and she spread them wide to let the fingers find her pussy and then she was finger fucked as she sucked off the unknown man. Sometimes the man shot off a blast of cum down her throat and sometimes he didnt get off, but the unwritten and unspoken rule was that the cock had to be put away before the train surged out of the tunnel bore.

Her eyes stayed closed until her stop was called and then, eyes to the floor, she got up and left.That morning had been like the prior three days. The man hadnt gotten off, but the fingers working in her pussy had gotten her off. There would be no east to west blow job that night because Kamal was going to meet her after school and they were going to a cocktail party put on by one of Kamals customers. She kept several changes of clothes in a locker in the girls locker room and when she got to school she changed into something a little nicer than her sever “cock sucking suit.” She touched up her make up in the mirror and headed for her classroom and sat down at her desk just as the bell rang.Students came into the classroom and took their assigned seats and her work day began. She looked out over the classroom and thought of how much she disliked her first hour. The class was eighty percent female and she got no enjoyment out of teasing girls. Her second and third hours werent much better. Her favorite class of the day was her fourth hour seventy-five percent boys. Plus she had an hour break between her fourth hour and her last class of the day and when the ‘mood struck her she would ask one of the boys who didnt have a class the next hour to help her ‘do some things. If the boy were at all observant she would see to it he got an eye full. She was looking forward to the afternoon and she had already picked out the lucky boy and was making plans when Anita from the front office came and got her.”You have a call in the office.”She followed Anita back to the office and Anita told her that the call was on line three.”Hello?””Hello slut. Just wanted you to know that I havent forgotten you. Make sure your cell phone battery is charged. Ill be calling you tonight.”Her plans for the day were shot. She could barely

Concentrate on her classes as she wondered about The Watchers call and why he would be calling her that night. Anamika caught a cab to the address Kamal had given her. It was a hotel and the cocktail party was being held in one of the ballrooms on the basement level. There were some people there she knew, people who worked with Kamal and who she had met at his company Christmas parties and other cocktail parties. She and Kamal circulated and socialized and she was introduced to a half a hundred people who she promptly forgot since she knew she would never see them again. She had been at the party for an hour and a half when she heard her cell phone beep. She knew who it was before she even took the phone out of her purse. She looked at the display and it read “Private call.” She just wouldnt answer it. She would not play his sick games; she just would not take the call. But as the phone continued to beep she felt her pussy dampen and with a sharp little cry of what was probably despair she pushed the button and said:”Hello?””Good evening slut, are you ready?””Ready? Ready for what?””You know what you little cock-sucking whore. Go to the elevator and take it to the fourth floor.””Why?””Because I will be waiting for you slut. It is going to happen. You and I both know it will happen, so lets get it over with. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Do it now slut.”He disconnected and she stood there looking at the phone in her hand. He was there! He was there in the building and somehow he had known that she would be there at the cocktail party. Who was he? How did he know so much about her? The answer of course was on the fourth floor.She glanced around the room and saw Kamal in conversation with a couple of men. She dropped her cell phone in her purse and walked over to the doorway to the ballroom. Just opposite was the bank of four elevators, any one of which could take her to the fourth floor, take her to the answers to her questions. Her pussy tingled, she could tell that her nipples were stiff inside her bra and in her minds eye she could see the form in the window across the alley with his hand on his cock as he watched

Kamal fuck her on the hotel bed. So simple, just walk the twenty-five feet and push the button. She remembered his hot breath on her neck and the way his fingers felt in her pussy and she shivered when she remembered the way he had called her “slut.” She had just taken her first step toward the elevators when from behind her she heard:”There you are. Are you ready to go?”She turned and saw Kamal walking toward her. She cast a glance at the elevators and then said:”Yes dear, Im ready if you are.”On the way home she told Kamal, “There is no school tomorrow and ive already asked Akshay to help me around the house. Do you have anything you need done?””No. Just clear Neetas list is all I can think of. Ive decided to go the estimate route on the patio. I have a contractor coming to give me a bid on it Saturday. I should be home from the golf course before he gets there. What are you going to do to morrow?”Move some things from the attic out into the garage and sort through them and have Akshay paint the wall between the bathroom and the kids room.”She slid over next to Kamal and her hand went to his fly. She pulled down his zipper and worked his cock out and then bent her head to take it in her mouth. She almost giggled at the thought that she was giving out her going home blow job after all.She had the area taped off and a plastic drop cloth covering the floor when Akshay got there. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts that were cut so short that her pussy hairs would have stuck out had she not been clean shaven. With the shorts she wore a very loose halter top and she wasnt wearing

A bra. Akshay would definitely get an eyeful that day and that would just be before she took her shower..When the doorbell rang she ran to open the door and let Akshay in. She gave him a big smile and a big surprise when she took his arm and practically pulled him into the house. She pulled him to her and gave him a tight hug. She pressed her breasts into his chest and hoped that he could feel her rock hard nipples and then she pulled back and kissed him on the cheek.”I just want to thank you honey. I really do appreciate all the help you are giving me. Let me grab my list and we can get started.”They spent the next hour moving things from the attic and the basement out into the garage and then she showed him where the paint and brushes were and took him upstairs and pointed out the area she wanted painted. “While you paint the wall Im going to take a quick shower.”She went into her bedroom while Akshay went back out to the garage to get the paint. She very carefully left the door open so that there was about a two inch gap between the door and the door jamb and then she went to the middle of the room and looked back at the gap. If Akshay could see as much looking in as she could see looking out he was in for the tease of his young life.She took a quick shower and when she came out she could see him setting up to paint. She walked out to the center of the room and stood there, in profile, as she used a towel to dry off her body. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him standing there, still as a statue, as he looked through the gap at her. Moreover, she could see him rubbing the lump in his pants. She thought back to the day she had watched him jack off and she wondered how she could arrange to see him do it again.Her body dry she went to work toweling her hair. Standing there with her arms up as she toweled her head she knew that her breasts were thrust out and she could feel his eyes devouring her. She tossed the towel aside and walked over to the dresser and got the body lotion.

Moving around as if she was totally unaware that the door was open she opened the lotion bottle and then started rubbing lotion on her body. First her arms. Slowly, taking her time, she did one arm and then the other. A glance out of the corner of her eye showed Akshay rooted in place and staring through the gap between the door and the doorframe. Her arms done she started on her upper body, paying particular attention to her breasts as she slowly rubbed the lotion on. She cupped her breasts in her hands and tweaked the nipples and then moved down to her belly. Another corner of the eye glance showed that Akshay hadnt moved an inch from where he was standing when she started. She caught her breath as she saw he had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking it. She needed to move so she could see without him knowing. She turned her back to him, spread her legs and bent at the waist to rub lotion on the backs and fronts of her legs. She looked back through her spread legs and she could see him working his cock. “Oh my ” she thought, “This is so hot” as she ran her fingers through her pussy lips as she moved her hand to spread lotion on the cheeks of her ass. She closed her eyes as her fingers stroked her pussy and imagined herself on the train going into the tunnel with Akshay standing in front of her. The thought sent shivers through her body. She heard a sound and opened her eyes and saw that Akshay was no longer in the hall watching. The door was wide open and Akshay was in the room and coming toward her. No!!! This was not the way it was suppose to happen. She needed to get up and run into the bathroom and lock the door behind her. He moved toward her, but she could not make herself move. She looked back through her legs and saw his hands reach for her.. She felt him grab her hips and

The, “No Akshay, dont” died in her throat as she felt the head of the young boys cock push at her pussy and she let out a long, low moan as his cock slid into her already hot and dripping pussy. He pushed into her a half dozen times and she felt him spurt.”No,” she moaned, “No, not yet” but it was too late because he already had. She turned and went to her knees in front of the boy and took his cock in her mouth. “ill get you back” she moaned as her lips locked around him, “ill get you back”. She had him hard in no time and she stood up and pulled him over to the bed. She got on her knees and moaned, “Hurry honey, hurry” and was almost instantly rewarded as Akshays hard cock lanced into her. She was naked and he still had all of his clothes on, but she didnt care. All she cared about was the stiff dick plowing her pussy. She urged him on, begging him to fuck her harder, to make her cum, and he plowed away at her. She did have one orgasm before he came and when he did she pushed him off of her, spun around and went after his cock with her mouth again. It took a little longer to get him back up that time, but as soon as he was hard she mounted him and fucked him again.She was lying there and folding him while he sucked on her breast and she said:”You know that no one can ever know about this right?””Yes maam.””Im serious Akshay, no one, not even your best buddy can ever know. If word gets out it could get back to my husband and he would put a stop to it. He would probably throw me out of the house. We dont want that do we? We wouldnt be able to do it anymore and you do want to do it some more dont you?””Yes maam.””Go paint the wall honey. Ill wait here for you.”

He got off the bed and rushed out to do the wall and through the open door she watched him as she fingered herself. She had to keep it warm for him, didnt she? She fingered her pussy as she watched Akshay through the open door. He looked so cute as she watched his naked body move back and forth as he moved from one end of the wall to the other. He kept glancing in at her lying on the bed, fingers busy in her pussy, and she could see his erect cock bobbing as he walked. Twice he had put the brush down and headed for the bed, but both times she had stopped him and had told him not until he had the first coat on the wall.As she watched Akshay work she wondered at the changes that had come over her since that night in the hotel room. She had never teased anyone before in her life. She had never felt any need to exhibit herself before then either. She damned sure never thought of giving head to faceless strangers on a train. She never had intended to cheat on Kamal either. The thing with Akshay was never supposed to be anything but teasing and exhibitionism. She still didnt understand why she hadnt run for the bathroom and locked herself in or why she was lying on the bed eagerly waiting for him to finish putting the first coat on the wall. And what about her mystery man, The Watcher. Would she really have taken the elevator to the fourth floor if Kamal hadnt come along when he did? She broke off her thoughts as Akshay came into the room.”The first coat is on.””Then come over here and get paid for it honey” she said as she opened her arms and legs to accept him.She dressed and sent him back to the wall to apply the second coat and then she went out into the garage and began going through boxes and sorting out what she was going to keep and what she was going to throw away. She was bent over a box when Akshay came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. She looked at her watch and saw that they had time and said:”Go ahead baby. If you really want it go ahead and pull down my shorts and give it to me.”

He took her from behind as she bent over the box and after giving her two orgasms he came. She turned, hugged him and kissed him and then said:”Kamal leaves for golf at seven. If you get here early enough we can work some items off my list and maybe find some time to play. Would you like that?”The smile on his face was all the answer she needed. He hadnt been gone five minutes when the phone rang.”Hello?””I saw you slut. I saw you start for the elevator. There will be another time and you know it. When I call you will come and you know that too” and he hung up.Would she? Would she really go to him if he called and told her to? She remembered her first hesitant step toward the elevator that night and she shivered as her pussy started to tingle. Anamika wondered if she should see a shrink. There had to be a reason for the turn her life had taken, but even if she sought out professional help would she be able to tell a stranger what she had been doing? Could she tell anyone even a mental health professional how big a slut she had turned into? She doubted it. She looked back at the past week and wondered how someone would take a description of it. On Monday she sucked off two nameless, faceless men on a train and once at school she managed to flash a couple of different boy; giving one a nice look down her blouse and the other a pretty good look up her skirt. One Tuesday, Kamals bowling night, she and Akshay moved a half dozen boxes from the basement to the garage and then they had fucked for two solid hours and earlier in the day she had given out her two train blow jobs.On Wednesday she rode into the city with Kamal so she only gave out the one blow job on the way home. She was able to tease a few boys and then just before shed left work

Kamal had called her and told he would be working late so she had called Akshay as soon as she got home. She didnt waste anytime on the list, just pulled him into the bedroom where the two of them spent the next two hours fucking.Thursday and Friday were a repeat of sucking cocks on the train and teasing boys at school. And then there was Saturday. How could she ever explain Saturday to anyone? There were several really heavy items in the basement that needed to be moved up into the garage and Akshay had brought his friend Mukesh along to help. She had been disappointed because she had planned on some play time with Akshay, but with Mukesh there she had to behave.When they were done and getting ready to leave she had called Akshay back into the house for a moment. Akshay told Mukesh to wait a minute, that he would be right back, and then he had followed her into the dining room. She had sat him down on a chair.”We dont have time to do what I want to do honey,” she had said as she pulled down his zipper, “But I can give you a quick blow job.”Her head was bouncing up and down on Akshays cock when Mukesh walked into the room. He had gotten tired of waiting and had come back in the house to ask Akshay how much longer they were going to be there. He took one look at what was going on and had seen her gulping Akshays cum down and he had taken out his cock, walked over to her and put it in her face. She hadnt even hesitated she had leaned forward and had taken him in her mouth.Five minutes later she was on her knees on her bed with an twenty year old in her mouth while a twenty year old was getting rid of his virginity in her from behind. How in the hell could she tell anybody, even a shrink, about something like that?She knew she was out of control and that she needed to do something to get her life back on track. The move to the new house would be the first step in getting straightened out. The new house would take her away from Akshay and her

Commute would be different so that would eliminate the train rides. She would satisfy her urges by teasing the boys in her class and fucking Kamals brains out. She didnt think either would complain.I hope you all would have enjoyed but remember all these incidents are true and you need to believe it. I know a lot of couples and femles too read these stories on this blog but very few came forward to confess that yes they like and they do it!!!, its an request to all the hubbys out there that they should realize that we are living in a 21st century and like guys do require and love a change we should not forget that wife too wants the same thing and if you help them they are gonna love it and if not they will find a way to do it so please enjoy this life with your partner as this time will never come back. I wish if any female or couple needs my help to fulfill any of their sexual desire they will surely gonna love it. Please ensure you are clean and disease free and secrecy would be maintained at the highest possible standard. Please get in touch with me at [email protected]