Moms friend rena aunty

I am writing my experience with rena aunty who is my mummy’s friend infact colleague and aged around 34 years. I am happy these days that i am getting lots of chances to fuck ladies. My mum and dad arrived from banglore and bought lots of gifts and dresses for their respective friends and colleagues. Coming to the point, rena aunty works with mummy in the office and comes to our house quite frequently. Mummy had bought a jeans pant for rena aunty, but kept it at home saying that she will come to our house and pick it up on the following sunday. Let me give details about rena aunty, she has good round face, fair, and has a good shape with 36-28-36 figure. Isn’t that a good shape, mouth watering? I always thought how lucky her husband was and he must be fucking her night and day. It was saturday afternoon, i was at home watching tv, i got a call from my dad’s mother’s house that my dad’s mother was serious. So i called up my mum and dad and gave them the news. They came back immediately and left for cochin. While going my mum told me that rena aunty will be coming tomorrow that is sunday to collect the pant and few other things. I was so excited that i will be all alone with rena aunty and prayed that i get a chance to fuck her. I couldn’t sleep well dreaming about rena aunty. At around 11am, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, to find my dream queen rena aunty standing in a light blue sari and white blouse. She gave a pleasant smile and touched my cheek and entered the house. Rena aunty is quite jovial and sometimes used to pull me to dance with her. She went and sat on the sofa throwing her arms wide exposing blouse-covered breast. What were doing naughty boy she said. I said nothing. You seemed to have not slept well dreaming about me she asked jokingly. She asked me whether mum has cooked something or i wanted her to cook something. I am going to stay for the afternoon with you she said smilingly.

She got up from the sofa and switched on the tv. I watched her carefully, her sari was tied below her waist, i could make out that she was wearing a red color bra inside her white blouse. Her arse was a invitation to fuck for anyone, but i hold my nerve b’coz she was my mum’s friend. Then, she told me that she would like to change her dress and proceeded to my mum’s room. She is quite familiar with the rooms and where things were. I was following her, suddenly she turned back and asked me for the jeans pant. I went along with her to the room and removed the pant from the cupboard and gave it to her and left the room. I wanted to be there when she was changing, but i was afraid. Just has i sat on the sofa, she called me, richy come here. I went immediately to see if i could get some part of her body naked. I saw her standing with only blouse, her petticoat and sari was removed. The jeans pant was pulled on, but she was unable to put the zip and button of the pant. I could see her crotch area and saw that she was wearing a sky blue panty. She said please richy, put this on for me. My heart was pounding and cock was hard and hot. I knew that this was the chance and the heat was on both sides, no matter what happens, i am going to try and fuck this woman. I went close by and turned her back towards me. Her arse was touching my crotch, infact my cock. I put my arms around her waist and raised her zip first, while raising my middle finger pressed her panty covered cunt. My face was closed to her neck and i could feel her breath and closed her eyes. I then put the button and sat on the bed. She looked herself on the mirror and turned towards me and asked me how she looked. To arose her sex feeling, i pulled her closed to me, hold her waist and turned her round seeing arse portion, crotch portion, then with all

Guts i touched her crotch portion. I was shocked she showed no resistance or anger, but closed her eyes and was biting her lips. As i was sitting on the bed, i bent down towards her crotch and licked her pant. I rubbed her arse, feeling the outline of her panty she was wearing inside. I removed the button of the jean and pulled zipper, she was lost in her own world. I pulled the pant down exposing her milking sandalwood thighs. She was wearing a lacy panty inside and aroma of the cunt was exciting. She pressed my head against her crotch and telling me, richy, lick and fuck me, you are doing so well, and you are a great lover. Such things do excite me a lot and my cock was ready to freed from its cage, i mean the shorts i was wearing. I then got up, kissed her earlobes, neck and lastly kissed her pink lips; we were kissing like mad dogs. With both hands i was pressing her boobs, then gradually started removing the hooks of the blouse. She spread her arms for me to remove the blouse, but not breaking our kiss. She stopped suddenly, and pressed my head to her breast to suck her nipples. I reached for the hooks behind and unhooked the bra. Her boobs were round and hard. I didn’t wait for a second and immediately took a nipple in my mouth, while rolling the other nipple with my fingers. I slowly place her on the bed and carried on my sucking. She was busy putting her hands inside my t-shirt, reaching my back and rubbing it and playing with my nipples. Now, she reached my crotch, pressed my cock along with the shorts, and managed to drop the shorts. I was not wearing anything inside. My cock was free and she was playing with balls.

She said something in my ears and again she said b’coz i was busy with my work. Come on richy, let me suck your cock and you lick me she said. I stopped and looked at her face, she said you naughty boy, my lover, and hugged me. We remained like that for few seconds. I made her sleep flat on the bed and i removed her blue panty, which was wet at the crotch area. I went down towards her cunt and my cock was near her mouth. She positioned herself for a 69 and started sucking my cock. Ahhhhh, what a feeling i was having. I was in paradise. She had a clean shaved cunt;i inserted my finger and felt the warmth of her cunt lips. She sucked me in such way, that i feared i might cum in her mouth. She was an experienced lady, so she soon changed position and came on top of me and buried my cock inside her cunt. She was going up and down on my cock, in between offering her boobs to me to suck her nipples. After few pushes, i put her flat on the bed and trusted my cock inside her pussy. I gave hard pushes and she was making noises. Ahhhhh, nice it is, richy, come one tear my choot. After few strokes, we both reached climax. I fell on her and she was kissing my whole face. We remained in each other arms naked for some time. She told me that husband never bothered to look at her and neither fucked her. She thanked me and told me to do the same inside arse. You like my arse, don’t you she said. My cock was hard again and she asked me to put on a condom if i had. I had no fear, and i brought a condom from my room and requested her to put it on. She first kissed my balls and then licked the cum and pulled the condom on my tool. She placed her hands on the bed projecting her arse towards me. I widened the hole of her arse and gave a hard push, and my cock was half inside and one more, that’s it was inside her arse. She was screaming in pain. Its paining richy, ah its paining. My cock was hard inside her arse and started to give slow pushes, and now she started to enjoy and few pushes i told her that i was cumming, she told me to remove and pulled the condom from my cock and sucked my cock drinking all the hot semen. My cock was dry and she licked her lips. As she licked she looked at me and smiled and said i love you baby . Sex is some thing very divine .share your opinions and comments at [email protected]