Aunty showed me heaven

Hi,first i would like to thank this website for helping me to share my name is rohan,27 and i live in mangalore. This happened when i was 22 years. I had a girl friend in my x,but never dared to touch her private parts.moreover, i loved aunts with big boobs.i think having sex with an matured woman is better than having with girls of my age.i kept looking at all ladies,but never liked one.this happened in my x.i was roaming in my school for searching a peon.suddenly my eyes saw a beauty.i could not see her face.she was teaching maths.i later came to know that her name was shalini.she was looking like a sex bomb.of course i never had a hard-on on seeing ladies in their saries.i was a bit mature(i believe)as i had seen lots of bfs.i used to go to theatres with my friends(lamba was my favourite).soon i noticed that this beauty lived in my colony.i also came to know that she takes tutions for all classes.she was our maths lab incharge.i got introduced myself to her.i wantedly asked her is she knew someone taking tutions . She said that she takes tutions for 3 hrs at her house.she asked me to come to her home that day.i went at 6 to her home.i was good at maths,but wanted to act as if i know nothing.i was startled to see the way she was taking one was reading sincerely.i came to know later that she was least caring about the studies of students.she asked me to join.everyone sat on the floor and she on the sofa.she was wearing a nightie and was looking .

Gorgeous.her boobs were very big.i sat close to her on the ground so that i could see her cleavage when ever she bent.this didnt happen that day as she told me to sit on the sofa and asked wat chapters i was having doubts.i gave her the list of was big as i wanted her to know that i knew nothing.she had a little daughter whosso naughty.she used to jump on everybody.i was surprised to see everyone playing with her.i started asking her doubts.then i came to know that she knew nothing about those chapters and she pretended as if she is masters in it.i too pretended.she had a big bulge in her chest area(i told u earlier that she had big boobs).from that point of view i could see her breasts between her buttons.that made me crazy.but i didnt know whether they were breasts or not.from that dayi acted very well.i cracked jokes for her as most of the other students do.moreover i was the eldest one of all.that made my job easy.that day i was playing a lot with her daughter.she was familiar with me.when ever she sees her mother saying doubts to me she jumps upon me from day she jumped suddenly on me.i felt upon mam for the first time.later i noticed that i kept my hands on her laps for was extremely good feeling.later she was wearing dress for her daughter.she had to bend.then i saw to big globes packed.

In a bra.that really made me horny at that moment.i thought of some how seduce her.oneday i bought wantedly two tickets for matnee show.she readily agreed to come as her daughter wasnt there.we had to travel to balanagar by bus.we went through the side where ladies stand.we didnt get a seat as it was fully packed with passengers.she stood in front of me facing the other side.i stood back.i got a plan(i read in iss stories).i rested my body on her slowly and frequently just to arouse her.i kept my fingers hanging just back of her ass.slowly when she moved backwards her ass brushed my hands.i was getting damn hot.this happened through out our journey.she treated me as her son everywhere.while getting down she extended her hands for help.i caught her hands and got down.we went to the cinema hall.till then we had several touchs which i too didnt bother.we got sidebyside seats.her hand was touching mine through out as we both were resting hand on the seat.that made me closer to her.slowly she began takingspecial classes to me as per my demand.she was sitting so close to meevery part of her hip area was touching mine.i didnt get any idea of seducing day she was wearing saree.i just got in her room suddenly.seeing her in that state made my mind tense.i was slowly getting a hard on.she told me to sit on the bed.mean while she was not getting her jacket worn as the works were tight.she called me for help.i went and noticed the boobs which were hanging hard inside her jacket.she asked me to keep her hooks.while keeping i could feel her breasts.i think from that time onwards she was getting aroused.she was revealing her boobs from that time day i asked if i could sleep in her house as i had exam the next parents also agreed.that night was the memorable night for me.while getting into her bedroom for sleeping,she jokingly said that anyone who sleeps on her bed should be in their underwares only.i was startled.i couldnt believe my dream was becoming true.she immediately took off her dress and was in bra and head was going to break at that time.i never saw a lady nude.i too took my clothes fastly.she first slept on the bed. I too slept close to her.i started crying wantedly.she asked me the reason.i said that no one cares for me at home and i felt good being with you.she told me to come close and took me to her chest.i was feeling her breasts.i started licking .she was brushing my head inside………sry i dont have time to write.but i will post it in few days.ladies,girls,aunties of any age contact [email protected]