A train trip Mumbai to Kerala

I had planned my trip to India with the help of a good friend who had a business contact in India. I would be travelling alone so I was interested in having a guide and companion with me to translate and keep me company. I placed an advertisement on the net for expats asking for a guide and companion for my trip from Mumbai to Kerala. I had to fly to Mumbai as there was greater choice of flights that suited my needs. I did not want to fly down to Kerala as I felt I would see more of India from a train. The journey time was long over 18 hours with one stop but i felt it worthwhile. Booking a cabin was complicated and without my contact in mumbai i would not have been able to accomplish it. I managed to get a 1st class ac carriage and in order to ensure my guide would be with me i booked the whole cabin. It wasn’t ideal but my contact managed it but not without some difficulty first. After lots of replies and some chatting on the net i managed to get 5 guys who looked ok to be my guide. After my contact in mumbai had checked them all out for me i settled for a young guy from kerala. He was 26 and was working in mumbai to gain experience. He was going back to kerala to work in the tourism industry there and my trip would be ideal for him as it would pay his travel back there and he could be my guide and practice for his future job. He spoke good english and sounded really pleasant on the phone. His pictures showed a nice fresh young man, slim with lovely dark skin. I found him suitable and attractive. My contact had all the necessary checks done on him and even managed somehow to get his medical record but of course this is india and anything is possible. I flew to mumbai arriving tired and in need of a good bath. I then spent the next 3 days being nicely entertained by my very hospital contact in mumbai and his family and friends. I met my guide who i will call a the day before we were due to leave and he didn’t disappoint me. He was a pleasant polite young man and attractive too. On the day of our departure we spent it together and he took me shopping and we generally got to know reach other. He was surprisingly worldly wise with knowledge of life outside of india which was not how i found many india men but of course he was of the modern generation and had the internet to get information. He was pleasant company and was soon relaxed in my company despite our great age difference. I liked him and was sure he reciprocated. The train was due to leave late that evening and so we went back to my hotel to have a meal and clean up. I had lots of bags to take and we arranged transport and set off early along with my contact to the station. All was in order although there was a part when it looked like they had messed it up but my guide and contact soon sorted that out. The carriage was clean considering its age and they had split a 4 berth into a 2 birth for us. There was a basin in the middle just under the window and it was surprisingly roomy. The ac made it pleasant inside but was not too chilly. We stood in the carriage looking out of the window watching a wonderful mix of indians walking past on the platform going to their carriages. Suddenly there was a shout and a started waving his hand. I saw a young man approaching. They shook hands with warmth and were very pleased to see each other. I could not understand what they said but it was clear they were old friends. A introduced me to his friend (i will call him b) and told me they had been to school together and knew each others family. B hade been in mumbai for a few days and was travelling a shorter distance to us. I shook his hand. He was more stocky than a and had a ready and cheeky smile. He rushed off to his carriage in 2nd class waving as he went. We stood as the train pulled out of the station then went into our cabin. We chatted for an hour or so sitting on the lower bunk which had already had the bedding placed on it. A then asked if it was alright if he went to find his friend. I had no objection although i would have liked his company so off he went and i locked the door after him. I changed out of my clothes had a wash i the basin and put on my bathrobe. I was sitting reading my book when there was a knock on the door and a called for me to open it. I got up and opened the door he popped his head round and beamed at me asking if his friend could join us for a while. I enjoy company and readily agreed. We chatted for ages. They were totally curious about life and the us and the world and asked me all about the places i had been, what i saw and how the us was. I sat on the bed a sat beside me and b sat on the floor facing us. They were cheeky fellows and often said things in their mother tongue and laughed. They soon go bold and began asking questions about women and men and relationships. India is an enigma when it comes to relationships between men and women. They told me they were both virgins which i laughed at and told them i didn’t believe them. But they assured me it was true. They told me it was very difficult enjoy women there due to the culture and aids. We had a good discussion and emboldened by my open attitude they soon progressed to asking about my sex life. They were curious to know if i still enjoyed sex at my age. This surprised me and i asked them why it should be different for me. They thought women of my age didn’t want sex. I told them it varied but many women like me enjoyed a very active sex life into their old age and that i certainly wasn’t old. They laughed and getting really cheeky asked if i had had an india man. I explained that as a young woman i had had a sikh lover. “my god” they exclaimed “a sardar!! They are wild in bed” and they both laughed. I laughed with them. I asked what kind of things they did to find relief. Embarrassed they didn’t say a thing and just looked at me nervously. I chuckled at their embarrassment and said “do you masturbate?” They looked at each other awkwardly and nodded yes. I told them that that was very natural and good. They relaxed and the questions flowed again. They told me most of their knowledge of sex was through western pornography. I said that was not the best guide of but it would give them some good knowledge.

They were now in full flow and i had inherited the name of aunty. It seems this is what they call mature women like me. I didn’t know if it was a compliment or an insult really. They asked me if i preferred big cocks or small. I explained that for me i like them big and nice and thick but more importantly i like them really hard. They wanted to know if i preferred young men or men my age. I surprised them by saying i really enjoy young men but don’t measure things i just enjoy each experience. Every man is different and they all enjoy differing things sexually. The guys were getting excited and wanted a drink so we sent b off to get some beer from the buffet car. A was sitting really excited now looking at me. I was conscious of his look and it excited me with all the talk and his obvious arousal. He was standing by the door looking at me. I asked him if he had ever seen a naked woman other than in films. He said no. I stood up feeling very aroused and just dropped my bathrobe. I stood naked in just my heels. “ohh god” a exclaimed “you are naked, soo hot your boobs are soft and big ohh aunty i want to touch them and you have hair below” i went over to him and he cupped my breasts making me sigh as i was now very aroused . I put my hands on his hips and we came together. I kissed him deep and instinctly his tongue probed into my open mouth. I pressed against him feeling his hardness through his trousers. His hands were stroking up and down my body his breathing hard and fast matching mine. “ i want you to fuck me baby i whispered, do you want me?” “yaar!!” He immediately replied. In our lust we had forgotten about b and we had not locked the door. The door handle suddenly turned and the door partly opened pushing a forward and in seconds b was round the door and in the room. He stood transfixed as i stood naked in the middle of the cabin . “ohh god” was his identical remark and he looked me over with out any shame. I managed to tell him to close the door which thankfully he did. He had 2 beers and a fanta orange for me. I didn’t try to cover up now he had seen it all. They were chattering away in their dialect obviously exchanging views and getting the information of what had transpire. B came over to me and with out any shame slipped his hand between my legs felling my very wet pussy. “ohhh yaar she is hot man her pussy is wet like a river” well i though not that bad but yes i was aroused a lot. I was at a disadvantage being totally naked whilst they were dressed and b was now beyond being polite and had removed his cock from his trousers which was standing hard and upright. He pressed himself against me and pushed his cock down so it slipped between my legs and along my wet slit. I sighed “yaar aunty you like that yes?? You are a hot bitch” with his other arm he pulled my head to him and began to kiss me rather more expertly that i thought a virgin should. He was making gentle thrust with his pelvis making his hard cock slide back and forth along my slit which felt fantastic. I was sighing with every small thrust and kissing him passionately in return then he suddenly grabbed my left leg and pulled it up ad his cock slid into my open hole. I moaned at the wonderful sensation of penetration then as he began to thrust i cried “no, no please don’t wait” but he was into me and so i had to wriggle hard making his cock plop out. “ohh no why why??” He cried. I told him to wait and pulled back getting my little travelling back. I took out a condom and gave it to me. A was standing watching us transfixed at my wanton behaviour. I went over and kissed him gently telling him i wanted him after his friend and did he mind. He was more than happy to wait and then i whispered to him “i will take you without condom especially for you!!” “ohhh thank you thank you” he whispered. I returned my attention to b. I lay down on the lower bunk and beckoned to b who need no encouragement his rigid cock covered with a condom he climbed between my open legs and guided his cock into me. His first thrust sent wonderful waves of pleasure through my body and i had to stifle my moans of pleasure as he began to pump into me his lovely hard buttocks rising and falling rapidly as he rode me hard towards his release. I felt him stiffen and he thrust hard into me and held it there crying out “ohhh god ohhhh god aunty it is wonderful thank you than you” i pushed my pussy up against his cock letting him stay deep inside of me gently whispering for him to give it all to me. He lay on top of me his cock still hard inside. I looked over at a who was standing his eyes fixed on the scene before him his hand in and involuntary action cupping his cock. I pushed b up and he pulled out the condom full of his sperm. I sat up and peeled the condom off his still hard cock and securing it placed it in a safe place. I then asked a to undress. I wanted to see that sexy young body. He looked wonderful naked his skin was smooth and dark, his buttocks tight and shapely and even better his cock was a good size certainly over 7 inches. I was going to enjoy this. I could see he was very aroused so i lay back and pulled him to me and whispered to him as i pulled him close “fuck me you lovely sexy young indian, i want you now inside me” a needed no further encouragement and i felt the warmth of his hard cock slide all the way in accompanied by his very deep moan of pleasure as he entered his first pussy. My moan matched his and i thrust my pelvis up to get him into my naked pussy nice and deep. This movement and his high state of arousal was too much and with cries of “ohh no ohh no sorry, sorry!! I felt the hot wetness of his release inside me and then i lost all sense of places as i felt a wave of electric, sensational pleasure sweep up from my clitoris to my breasts and my nipples went tight and hard and i cried out grasping him with my thighs and arms to keep him inside me as my orgasm took over my body. I thanked him over and over again gripping him like a vice as it went on and on. I heard faintly b calling out but couldn’t make out his words until it subsided then i heard him say “god she makes a noise like a pig man she is one dirty white bitch for cock” the words of seeing too many porn movies but not far wrong in this case.

We all sat naked now taking on what had happened. The boys were still hard and wanting more. They lay me back and studied my open pussy dripping with cum they pulled it open and rubbed my exposed clit enjoying my reactions, and sucked and rubbed my nipples and soon b was clad with another condom and pushing my legs back with a encouraging him he began to ram my hole hard wanting to make me cry out his lust taking over. The wet noises from my pussy and my accompanying moans and cries prompting comments from them none, of which i understood but it didn’t matter as the balance of power had moved from me to them and they began to use me to satiate their lust and need. B said something to a as he thrust into and a moved over to my head and pushed his cock to my mouth. “suck it bitch” b growled as a pushed it in to my mouth. It tasted of my pussy and his sperm and he pushed it into my throat stifling my moans. B rammed my hole hard looking down at me enjoying my expressions as a’s cock filled my mouth. Tiring of this game b pulled out and pushed me onto the floor telling me “on your knees aunty whore i am going to give you a dog shot” and he got behind me pushing my head down as he guided his cock to my hole. He was into my now stretched pussy easily and began to ram hard. His hips made slapping noises as he thrust hard against my buttocks and i realised to my horror he had removed his condom. I begged him to stop and put one on “no bitch take it naked in your hole you like it too much” no i begged but he just kept thrusting deep into my buttocks shuddering with every hard thrust enjoying his power over me. A sat watching naked his cock hard and thick. B went on for ages. My knees hurt on the hard floor my breasts were tender from swinging with each hard thrust of his cock and his hands hurt me as they gripped my thighs in his passion but finally he released into me. We stayed there as his cock softened and plopped out of my now dripping, swollen and open hole. I got no rest and a rolled me on my side and shoved his thick cock into me again excited at what he saw. He rammed me for ages his eyes locked on my face as he enjoyed my pleasure and then he too released into me. I was used into the early hours of the morning. They were young and insatiable and never seemed to tire of using me in every way and finally b had to leave as his stop was coming up. They both left and it gave me time to apply cold water to my battered breasts, and clean my sperm soaked pussy before a returned.