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First i will tell you about my back ground i am savita 35 years old married woman with a 8 year old son.i like “indian sex” and sexy stories very much..i am more opt towards the sex as i was not satisfied by my husbandi am a average woman ,medium complexioned and slim.i have big breasts and big ass.they are very attractive. My interest in sex is very high and so the requirement. During first four years of our married life my husband was not that bad in sex. He is basically a shy and soft in nature. Though we were having sex his actions were very passive whereas my requirement was hardcore sex and frequently.he was fucking me just like a duty, without bothering about my satisfaction.anyhow i got a child,which is 8 year old now.gradually he started losing even the little interest he had.whenever i tried to attract him his response was poor.rarely when he had sex ,he had the problem of premature ejacuation which frustrated me further.then at one stage i took a decision to cross the limits, as i did not want to lose the enjoyment and pleasure of sex which i love to the core.i decided to have safe secret affairs for fun and sexual pleasure..i was looking for an opportunity. But the big problem is my cousin brother who is now staying with us.he completed his b-tech in this year in electronics and searching a job in it-field. As my hubby is a business man he frequently visit tours but at the same time my cousin brother at home.he oftenly goes for an my greatest desire is as soon as he got a job and leave my family alone so that i can frequently live with my delicious life.but now i was very desperate to have a cock in my cunt since it was a long time i had sex with my hubby(nearly 6month).so i decided to find a guy who can give me a lot pleasure.i searched for a nice guy in the net.after few days of search i found an information posted by a guy named sunny from jammu at the end of a story, when i read the story i feel that this guy was as honest as he(i feel after meeting also)that sunny was such a person that no one get upset with him and always desire to sex with him for life time.sunny had included his i am sending my sex desires to that guy and receives a good i am waiting for my sex luck.and soon the day will come,it was the month of august i found that, day after tomorrow my hobby is on a tour and my cousin brother have interview at i decided to tell the situation to that guy and i mail to that guy.he agreed and gave his cell number.

The day i got alone i call that guy. I was waiting eagerly to get connected to him.the ring went and so i got excited.then the call got connected and asked him whether he could come to my house.sunny readily accepted and then i gave my address.he said that he will come after an hour or so.i got dressed up and was anxiously waiting for him.after sometime exactly at 10:15 in the morning i heared the door bell ring.i went to the door opened it and found a guy standing at the door.he said hello and introduced him.then i welcomed him in and gave him some soft drinks. About that guy i think sunny was 5.6,whitish(look like indo-asian)weight 60(i guess).and the most amazing thing is that any woman can make a company with him as sunny was so cute and handsome and i think everyone has a desire to have a friendship of that type of guy and roaming with him here and there. I felt that he was very i sat near him and asked him to relax.he said its ok and then we talked about us for sometime. It was 11:00 and now i decided to start the session.i asked him to sit for a while and went into my bedroom.after few minutes i called him in.sunny came and sat on the bed.then i sat near him touching his thigh.i kept my hands on his thigh and caressed it.i could feel his cock bulging inside his i asked him to take off his clothes.sunny obeyed me and removed his shirt and his i asked him to stop.then i put my hands on his underwear and pulled it down.wwwwwwwwwow i was astonished to see his penis….it was almost 7 i moved the foreskin and i could see the brownish head of his cock.i then took the cock in my hand and gently squeezed it.he screamed hhhhhmmmmm.then immediately i took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it vigorously.his cock struck my throat constantly as i swallowed his entire cock in my mouth with lots and lots of lust.i didnt leave him until he cummed inside my mouth.i drank all his cum,it was of nice taste. I was amazed , i gave him a kiss on the cheek. He then responded with a kiss on my lips and now we were trying to explore each others mouth with our tongues. He then put his right hand on my right boob through my clothes. He started fondling and caressing it and at the same time kissing me passionately. His tongue was roaming inside my mouth. Now he started to fondle my boobs. I said “wait and startd to remove my saree,blouse and my petticoat. He then cupped my boobs with both hands and squeezed them simultaneously. Now he removed my bra and squeezed my boobs.all the time i was moaning hhhhhhhmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.he then put his lips on them, i felt in heaven. He started sucking on my tits.

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