Smita and I

Hello to all the ladies who are reading this writing of mine about my pleasures and experimentation with the most loved word called ‘SEX’.

To give you a snap of what I am like, I am cool dude (of course not my real name), my age 31, I live in the twin cities of Hyderabad and secunderabad, I have an athletic body, fit in terms of health and most of all a very happy person with a positive attitude towards life.

That’s about me, I have had the fortune of having a nice time with a two women in my life and this is what I wanted to share, I did take a long time to share this but as you all agree most people read and a few write, I thought I should post my pleasure and hopefully any lady who likes this kind of luv making could contact me over my email and we can take it forward and see if we ever can meet without troubling each other in a society like what we have in India but for those who would like to stay in touch and exchange mails and hopefully meet down the line my email id is [email protected]

All right this was what happened with a colleague of mine, she was new to work and during her interview I did find her very capable at work and had no ‘sexual’ feelings, she was 5’3, medium complexion, slim and had a big butt ( I observed this when she was leaving the interview…but had no sexual feelings). She was on the job and life progressed, got to know her a bit, she was yet to be married and over 2 years got close to her, there used to be the usual shake hand and sometimes a hug( during her b’day or mine) it was during my b’day that it all started, I hugged her and felt softness of her breast against my chest and as we separated from the hug she had lowered her eyes and was blushing, I was over the moon, I was feeling nice and just relaxed and stepped out for a cup of coffee and I lit up a smoke ( I smoke rarely, maybe 3-4 ciggs a month for the pleasure) she walked out with her phone she was speaking to someone and passed me and all I was doing was trying to get her scent( u know what I mean ladies!) I was enjoying my smoke and she came back after her talk and was generally speaking she asked so cool dude what is the evening plan on your b’day, I told her (smita-lets call her) SMITA nothing much just wanted to be alone and maybe enjoy a beer or watch a movie, she said that very different from what all ppl do I said well that me, I am different and we chatted, I asked her why don’t u come over for dinner with me maybe I can skip the beer and we can have dinner, she readily said lets go to a place where you can have dinner and a beer, I said ok and we decided on the venue, she said she will get home and reach the venue at the scheduled time.

I too went home stripped off my clothes had a cold shower and wore jeans and a white shirt with the buttons open in the front so that I could show off my hairy chest ( I was told it turns on women a lot) I reached and waited for her at the entrance to the PUB, a few women passed me and one of them was staring at me and I too could not take off my eyes off her( I am sure all of you know we get eye locked sometimes).i felt someone tugging me from behind, it was smita, she was in a long skirt, white tee shirt and I felt it was a size or two smaller than what she was, it was yummy( know what I mean don’t u?)

I said smita u first and followed her and inside pulled a chair for her and once she was seated I sat down and said smita thanks for coming, she said well you are a gentleman I know for 2 years and today I felt like coming out with you, I said so nice and then asked her hey smita any curfew time for you to reach home as its already 8:30pm, smita said why dude u want me to leave soon is it, I have just arrived, I said don’t get me wrong but I asked out of courtesy, I am willing to host u all night if needed.( I uttered that and kind of bit my lip…what the heck did I say types….)smita said hey that’s nice of you to ask, she said no problem on time as all her family members are out of town for a week and she’s the princess at home. I asked her what she shall have she said a breezer I asked for a beer and we were speaking, I was staring at her sometimes, she was noticing and she said whats up cool dude, never seen a lady like me before, I casually answered I have but never thought I will get this close to you, smita said what do you mean …I said we are out together like we are on a date and its a nice feeling. She smiled and said that very good, she said I never thought u can speak a word like ‘date’ ! I said now that we are on a date, I propose a toast to SMITA my girl. Cheers…….. she said lets dance, we went up to the dance floor and were dancing, I was holding her and she too was and it was getting hot, I slowly moved my lips to behind her ears and slightly kissed her there, she said cool dude that’s a nice feeling, I did more and whispered cannot get ourselves hot in a public palace like this and stepped back and finished a drink and paid the cheque and headed to my car parked in the basement.

I opened the door for her and she sat and I closed the door and sat in my seat and said let me help u with your seat belt, I did that on purpose as I wanted to touch her more, I pulled the seat belt and in the process caressed her boobs and over her thighs, she in turn pecked me on my cheek. I asked her where do we go, she said lets eat a burger and head home, I said whose Home, she said mine. We had a burger and I was staring and so was she at me, she gave me the directions to her home and as we approached I got off and held her door open and she gout out and hugged me and said in my ears, happy birthday cool dude and she slowly whispered, come on in I wanna see u in your birthday suit…I thought she was drunk and was speaking nonsense.

I parked my car and locked it and got into her house as I called for her she did not respond……I closed the front door…it was 11:30 pm…I wanted to pee as the beer I had was on its way out and was desperate for a pee…I found a loo and relived myself.

I came out to see her standing there in a nighty it was that short one above knee height it was blue in color and transparent…..i was able to make out the impression of her nipple in that light of the hall…..i don’t know what happened I went and started kissing her and she too responded……I said smita today is not my birthday but rebirthday as I found you……..she said I wanna see u naked…..i said smita come on I can do it slowly. She protested and said go take a shower and got me a towel, I has a cool shower and came out wrapped in only a towel and hugged her and in the process she was feeling my manhood over the towel. I gathered courage and sat on the floor she said what happened I said smita sit on the sofa and spread her nighty and started licking her thighs, they were milky white and smooth, I slowly went towards her panty specially to the V area and sniffed her she loved it and said u are turning me on, I then opened my mouth and with my teeth tried to pull the panty down at her hips and it was tickling her, I did on left side and right and as I moved between sides at least 20 times I used to brush her ‘V’ with my mouth. As the panty was down a bit I saw a bit of that fair pussy with lil pubic hair and started licking with my tongue and she took off her nighty and we were in heat, I said smita I want you to suck my cock, she said come on the sofa, I stood and she said hold and licked my balls first then she touched her tongue to the pink tip of my cock…it was a sensation I can feel even now( some sensations are like this) she went on and then I slowly went into 69 and it was fun, I then said I like women dominating me sometimes in bed, I asked her to sit with my cock in her pussy with her tits rubbing my chest, she entered and it was bliss……she moaned she was loving it….. as she sat connected with me with me in her vagina I said hold on to my shoulder and as she did I carried her and slowly started lifting her bums which were in my hands as if I was carrying a bag, she started to scream she said ur a very talented fucker, I am luving it and in 2 mins I was exhausted as it’s a tough position (but when ever I make luv I do this for 2mins as both the women and I enjoy it) we went over the car[et in the hall and I asked her for some honey she got that I smeared it over her boobs and dipped my cock in it we were so sticky with it and sweat and we began IT ALL….We licked each other at all places on our body for 20 mins and after that I fucked her in a doggie position and while doing so held her hair (on the head) as if I was riding a horse….. we then fucked in missionary and she had a loud screaming orgasm, she rested for a min and then I said I wanna cum too but what’s the address for this cum, over ur carpet? Or in your face? or all over your breast? Smita said seed me….i said WHATS wrong with you? she said I am on a pill and then I started humping her and in 10 mins I shot all my cum into her honey pot and lied over her and was exhausted…I woke up at 6:00 am and she was wearing her clothes, I pulled her back and we had a quickie……

Awaiting your mails and if you wanna give me a feedback on how u felt reading smita’s and my story please tell me [email protected]