Male And Wife

I am an American white male married to a woman Sanju from New Delhi. She is 52” 100lbs 29 years old and very light skinned. I was never really told why she moved to the US but something about her and married men, she probably didnt know they were married but doesnt matter in India, her marriage prospects were slim after those events, which I still am not entirely filled in on.

So anyhow, she was attractive and we got married after a quick engagement. We have no kids.

Now generally she is always coming home from work with ideas from her friends (we gotta do this, that etc) and usually shell forget about the idea in a week, so I just dont listen much anymore.

However one of the things she did bring up, she started mentioning again this year. Taking Yoga classes. One female friend at work said a Yoga instructor made house calls for $10 per hour. Seems really cheap, especially in 2009 but like I said, I didnt give it much thought.

Anyway she mentioned it and I just said go ahead and before I knew it is Saturday, and she said the Yoga instructor would be there at 1pm. I was shocked but then again I was hoping for some nice woman in a nice outfit to look at and then head outside to run some errands. I had told her just call me on my cell when the instructor leaves and Ill come back.

Well at 1pm sharp the bell rang and I answered it for the instructor, but was shocked when I saw an older Indian (?) guy, maybe 45-50, very hairy, very dark, had some hair bundled up and about 6 feet tall and very fit, but I guess thats the yoga. My wife came down and wasnt shocked it was a man, but I couldnt very well bring up the topic if front of him. But considering his older and hairy looks I didnt think he would be any kind of appealing guy. And my wife wasnt looking sexy or anything, her hair as up and she had bulky sweats and hair up, no makeup. For the first time she was not obsess with looking good so I left to run my errands. He put his gym bag down and shook my hand goodbye.

I get a call about 90 mins later and I came home. She was just as she looked before, only she had been saying some parts ache. I kidded her about getting old and then I noticed some white cloth materials, very thin and transparent. She said Aakash (sp?) had told her she needed to wear something as unrestrictive as possible and as his new student he gave her a few as a gift, in case she wanted to meditate at home or something. Since I saw her dress in the morning I knew she had a black bra and thong on, so I was wonder if she wouldve removed them or risk them showing through the material. I didnt even know if she changed into them. If I wanted any details it would have to be through random questions thrown in through light conversation and joking.

The next weekend I left before he got there and I didnt have anywhere to go so I just parked down from my complex and saw Aakash leave but didnt get a call till about 15 mins later. Dunno if she was showering but she still could call before she got in. Why should I wait, its my house too? I tried to get her to have sex but she said her legs were sore. She soon took a nap.

Next weekend was a holiday so she had Friday off as did I. I figured I would park in the same spot and see if she would call me as soon as he left. Then I would know if it was a one time thing or whatever.

Maybe I was overly suspicious cause after her shower I saw she had a bald-waxed pussy, she had always shaved before sex caused she knew I liked it, but this was definitely waxed, something my ultra-conservative wife would never ever do, I thought.

I waited for Aakash to say hi this time, and when my wife came down she seemed overly friendly to him, but I guessed maybe she was just more comfortable after a few sessions. I left and went to the adjacent parking lot.

He left about an hour later, and I got a call about 35 minutes after that! I made a light joke about the session running long and she said the stretching and positions and breathing had become more advance and he didnt want to rush her so she wouldnt pull any muscles so it took longer. I didnt know so I just said “Im heading home now”. I drove around for 10 mins and then got in. Next time I was just going to walk in and surprise them and make up some excuse for returning if nothing sexual was going on. Since it was a long weekend and only $10 a pop she asked if it was ok if he came back Sunday since next weekend was her period and she didnt want to do the exercises bloated. Perfect, I wouldnt have to wait long.

After thinking I decided I would rather find out, and keep it to myself until the proper time. So I decided to put my Camcorder in my bookshelf and hide it, I couldnt be sure of getting any decent angle so I had to use a wider shot, but I figured it would at least pick up the video. But knowing I would have to wait till Monday to watch it killed me. I also planned to come home before she called (after I saw Aakash leave, I could always say I saw his car leaving) and worse case I could re-stash the camera, best case I catch her half-naked or cleaning up.

Monday — my cock was hard all night, I called in sick to work as the video was just short of 2 hrs (another long session) and I didnt usually have that kind of time to myself inside the house. Plus I wanted to plug it into the big TV so I could have a better look and I had to be sure no one was coming for that.

First I couldnt believe Aakash. He had no shirt, hairy but muscled chest and stomach, and a thin white bottom with obviously no underwear on. I was shocked to see my wife choose the white halter type (loose on the boobs but she wasnt concerned) and only skirt length. When she sat with her legs crossed the skirt was half-way up the leg. I knew she didnt have a bra, but maybe she had white panties I couldnt see.

Not more than 15 mins in you could tell there were chemistry and no need to dance around anything; he would ply her arms and legs, working on muscles that came close to her bald chooth, definitely no panties now. I was sure they were fucking now, only question was what she does for him that she doesnt do for me. I know she mustve liked his bod but a guy 20 years or so her senior and hairy didnt seem her type.

5 mins later her legs were spread completely from side to side and that skimpy white cloth was over her head, just covering the eyes. Her arms stretched out above her head but not bound. Just the appearance of being helpless. Keep in mind nothing was said, and no touching after she was in the submissive position. He stood up, took of the white pajama type thing and his cock popped up in the air. Very hairy, especially the balls, but a dark black cock, uncircumcised but the purple head was starting to jut out. I have a thick one, but this was about as think but with maybe 3 more inches. Hard to tell with the angle I had and all his hair but the purple head was like a mushroom. Without a word he laid over her, but not touching, put a fist on either side of her breast for support and jammed that cock straight in her. No guessing where the hole was, he just knew and started to furiously fuck her. She just moaned and came over and over, never saying a word.

It was 11 min long on the tape when, without moaning or any indication of an orgasm, he moved his ass back until the cock plopped out and without jerking it or touching it, sprayed globs of cum over my wifes tits, neck and stomach. It was 4 thick white streams and then scatter dots all over her. A few landed on her cheeks. It wasnt the clear cum, but the thick white kind and a lot of it. It was still dripping from his cock, normally I would squeeze out that last bit but this guy seems trained in cumming.

He brought his cock, now with the thick purple head really dripping and shoved it in my wifes mouth. He then moved it so she could lick it all off, then sat over her and made her suck his hairy balls for about 3mins. I know she said she likes my shaved, and complains about the hair with me, but she didnt mind here. Plus his balls were huge. Then her tongue disappeared deep, she had to be under the balls or licking his ass, something I never would dream she would do.

He cock was still rock hard, and he used it to swipe most of the cum off her tits, it was thick so it stay glued to his cock head and shaft, and then he re-assumed the fucking position and shoved his cum-covered head right back in her.

This session was longer, I guess he needed time to re-coup. The only difference was he blasted his load right in her! We dont have any kids and doesnt use any control. She laid motionless while he lifted her legs up so the cum wouldnt drip. At least he cared about my carpet. After a few mins she used her hands to wipe herself and smear it all over her stomach, she got up and the rest just covered her thighs. Now they were both naked and standing, her legs cum covered, she grabbed his cock with one hand and jerked it and her other hand she grabbed his neck and began seriously tonguing him. His hands were all over her tits. I guess this was their routine. After 10 mins of making out she voluntarily went on her needs and sucked him for about 15 mins, grabbing his balls with one hand and massaging his chest with the other. I dunno when he came, I had to keep re-winding it to see the slight twitch in his face and since her back was to me I couldnt see her gulp. She when it was done it was obvious she had drunk his sperm, again something she never did with me.

I caught something on audio, about going to his place one time; again this took a few listens. And then they he dressed had a big kiss and he left. She stayed naked and I assume then went to shower.

Next appointment was on schedule as usual, but at the last minute she said he had a crowd, and it would be easier for everyone to come to his place. I couldnt believe she would be actually going to a real yoga class now, and since I heard on tape the plan to meet at his place I figured she slyly brought up the “last minute” change just to make it seem more believable. Only problem is I had no idea where this guy lived (only the town) but managed to it on a sticky note in her purse while she was upstairs getting ready. I told her I wanted to go get a video since I would be home alone (I really wanted to get to the address ahead of time to scout it out, see who was coming and going … maybe it was all girls). Only problem is I would never have a camera on the inside so all I didnt have much.

Or so I thought, I still never saw anything inside, but since I got there an hour early I never saw anyone resembling a yoga student but I did see 2 other Indian guys going in. Older, or at least as old. One guy had a huge belly, both hairy and dark and looked like the types going to gang-bang my wife. Now once a month she has her “yoga” at his place. I cant imagine her banging fat old men and swallowing their cum. Maybe even taking it in the ass, I tried it, and it was obviously the guys in India had her there…. but not me. But since she seems extra whorish with older dark, dirty men its possible. I just wonder how she doesnt get pregnant. I dont even enjoy sex anymore because I barely feel what a tight pussy was once. And then I think about her getting banged and I just cum. So I dont bother much anymore, there is no way she is missing it.

But I still have a recording of ever session at my place. Most are the same but I have to keep watching just in case.

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