Savita Bhabhi Episode 18 : Tuition Teacher Savita

It was a normal day at Ashok Patels house. Savita was preparing dinner for him, and Manoj the servant boy was helping Savita out with her work. However Ashok didnt know that Manoj did not just cater to Savitas household chores but to her other needs as well.

“Umm…Manoj!! When I asked for help in cooking, this is not what I meant!!” Savita said as Manoj suddenly grabbed her from behind and started fondling his bhabhis breasts. He started kissing Savitas neck and his one hand was soon inside Savitas blouse and massaging her boobs.

“Mmmm Bhabhi… we havent done this for some time. I think you could use a ‘special massage right now!”

Savita started moaning as Manoj played with her nipples and her hand soon found its way to Manojs hard cock inside his shorts.

“Ahh…Manoj! Youre right! Ashok can have dinner a little late tonight!”

But before Savita and Manoj could move their special massage to the bedroom they were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Savita was feeling annoyed now.

“Umm…who is it now!!” she said with a frown and went to open the front door.

“Oh Shweta! What a surprise! Come In.”

“Hi Savvi, this is my brother Suraj.” said Shweta as she introduced Savita and her brother.

“So, what brings you here, Shweta” asked Savita once they had settled down in the living room.

“I need a favor. Youve always been good in maths and Suraj has a college exam next month. Could you tutor him? I remember you used to get a As in Maths during college!”

Shweta did not know that her friends grades in college were more due her superior cock-sucking skills than her maths skill. However Savita was already checking out the cute boy her friend had brought along and an idea seemed to form in her mind.

“No problem. I have 1 months office leave so he can come every afternoon”

“Thanks Savvi, he is also very shy of girls…so maybe this will help him be bolder around women”

“Oh dont worry! When Im done with him, hell see girls in a whole new light” said Savita with a smirk on her face.

The next day Savita got an old blackboard setup in the guest bed-room and cleared the space for her lesson with Suraj.

“Ok Suraj, lets start”.

“Damn, what a hot bhabhi!!” thought Suraj while he stared at Savitas hot body. “I dont think I can concentrate very well in this class if she continues wearing such low-cut blouses everyday”

After the lesson Savita sat near Suraj and slowly stroked his face.

“Shweta asked me to help you become bolder” Savita said with a suggestive smile. “So should I give you a lesson on that too?”

However Suraj was too timid and backed off immediately.

“Sorry bhabhi, it is time so I will be leaving”

“Oh, he really is too shy” “But I have an idea that will make him make him bold in a week.” Savita said while thinking of a plan to get Suraj into bed with her.

Savitas Plan MONDAY

The next day Suraj arrived early and saw that bhabhis dress today was even showier than the last one. Savita was not wearing a bra and the low neckline of her kameez could hardly hide her ample bosom from his eyes.

“Come on in Suraj! Lets start the lesson!” Savita invited him into the house.

As the lesson progressed Savita found out new ways to seduce Suraj with her body.

“Bhabhi, I have a doubt”

“Oh ok let me see!”

Savita came close to Suraj and bent forward to see his copy. As she bent forward Savita made sure to stand in a way that Suraj could not help but stare at the pair of milky white breasts that were so close to his face and imagine what it would feel to have his face buried in that deep cleavage.

“Looks like he likes the view” thought Savita while she took extra long to solve the problem and teased Suraj with her tits.

Savita couldnt help but notice that Suraj soon started having a lot more doubts than before and she was more than happy to bend over to help him. When Suraj left that day Savita was sure that her breasts would be what Suraj would be imagining that night when he jacked off at his home.


The next day Savita sat on Surajs lap while she helped solve his problems and made sure to squeeze her body against him so that he could feel her breasts against his body all through the lesson.

“Why dont you stay tonight for some revision?” whispered Savita into Surajs ear after the lesson and lightly bit his earlobe to entice him to stay.

“N…nn… No bhabhi, I will go home”

“Hmm hes harder to crack than I thought… maybe Ill have to turn up the heat even more”


As Savita reached up to write on the blackboard; her short nightie rode up her ass to expose her bare ass to Surajs eyes. As Savita wrote on the board she was sure Surajs eyes were glued to her ass which was just barely covered by the really short nightie she was wearing; and the thong she was wearing underneath hardly helped in covering her up.

“Oops!” She purposefully dropped the chalk on the floor.

As Savita bent over to pick up the chalk Suraj fidgeted in his seat trying to adjust his cock that was hard since the beginning of the lesson.

“Oh I think I lost the chalk. Well have to get another chalk from the loft. Could you hold me on the stool?”

“I cant believe what she comes up with everyday” thought Suraj as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Hold me properly Suraj! I could fall!”

Suraj realized what Savita wanted him to do and his hands soon dropped down from her waist onto her ass. It was the first time he was touching a woman like this and his cock was hard and poking from his pants and Savita smiled on seeing it.

“Looks like Suraj is starting to like my lessons!”


As Savita bent over Surajs shoulders to look at his answer her breasts touched his face and Suraj could see from up close that bhabhis nipples were hard and poking through her blouse.

“Oh, my pen!” said Savita and dropped her pen in Surajs lap.

“Umm…ah…b…bhabhi thats n…not the pen” said Suraj in surprise as Savitas had grabbed his erect cock through his pants and gently brushed against it.

“Oops, glad I didnt put the wrong thing in my mouth at least!” said Savita as she took the pen and nibbled on it.


Savita opened the door for Suraj wearing just a short towel around her waist.

“Oh God, what is she planning today” said Suraj imagining what Savita was doing dressed like this.

“Ah, I was just in the shower Suraj” said Savita and led him to his room. “Youre already here so lets not waste time & start studying. Ill change after the class”

Halfway through the class Savitas towel came loose and Savita made a clumsy and fake attempt to cover herself up.

“Ah…Suraj beta close your eyes”

“My dick is so hard right now.” thought Suraj “Looks like Ill have to go home and jack off for the fifth straight day today”


As Suraj entered the class-room on Saturday he was surprised to see many shopping bags lying around the room.

“Bhabhi; whats all this?”

“Suraj, no studies today” Savita said pointing towards the bags “I just did a lot of shopping. I want you to tell me if you think my husband will like what I bought”

“No peeking” said Savita as she picked up a bag and headed into her bedroom.

“You can come in now Suraj” shouted Savita out from the bedroom.

Suraj walked into the room to see Savita dressed in an expensive evening gown.

“What do you think?

“You look stunning, bhabhi”

“Thank you, and now I need your opinion on some special lingerie I bought. I need a mans opinion on whether its sexy or not! Close your eyes”

“So, what do you think?” asked Savita as she posed in front of Suraj in a see-through baby doll.

“It… it looks amazing.” stuttered Suraj whose cock was visibly poking through his pants.

“But I was thinking I should maybe only wear the nightie without the bra and panty” “Its not too transparent, is it?”

“No B…Bhabhi. You should take off the bra”.

Savita slowly pulled the lace lining of the dress open.

“Hmm, then will you help me take it off?”…

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Savita Bhabhi Episode 18 : Tuition Teacher Savita